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Paula Lee Oct 2014
I know you were smiling down from Heaven
as  we had your Memorial Service Yesterday,
I know you were watching as we gathered in your name
Each of us sharing our favorite memories we had of you.
There wasn't a dry eye to be found
as we each mourned the loss of you in our own way.


I will remember you in the rising sun and its going down,
I will remeber you with each snowflake that gently
swirls to the ground,
And I will remember you, your soft spoken voice
The most beautiful sound.


No one can ever steal the beauty of you,
the love you brought to our lives,
Your Spirit Soars today with the Angels
but the memories will always survive,
My blood and yours forever intwined.

Ceeam Jul 2016
Biodiversity, an abstract term used in natural science,
Meaning diversity of life in a diversity of places.
Tonight I really feel all the compliance,
With this term occuring in my life in so many cases.

I have both positive and negative associations,
If I relate biodiversity to my own life.
It kind of explains all the complications,
On the road to when and where I thrive.

When I look at myself in the mirror,
I see the diversity in my face.
Both soft like a mother and severe like an emperor,
And my hair looks like it's from another race.

It is curly and it is dark,
While my skin is quite pale.
Blue eyes which sometimes brightly spark,
But other times greyish and frail.

Some moments I feel hyper,
like I'm going to explode.
I talk, walk, jump and stir,
and my brain says 'overload'.

Other moments however I feel calm and peace,
I lay down just quietly watch the sun.
Concentrated on every breath I release,
A warm ambiance like that of a mum.

Some mornings I feel like I'm the sexiest ******* the planet,
I take a red dress and let it slip over my hips.
Walk on 15 cm heels like my feet are made of granite,
And merely hope to use my red coated lips.

Other times even my jogging pants don't seem to fit,
I feel like the uggliest girl in town and only see disgust.
I watch useless YouTube videos infinite,
Because everything else feels like a must.

I can go on with this poem for a long time,
But it makes no sense.
It is just that with this rhyme,
I put on paper the doubts, thoughts and experience.

The biodiversity in me,
I like it and I do not.
But what I more and more see,
Is a swarm of different butterflies rather than an intwined knot.

Life is so **** special,
Intense and deeply exciting.
I think it is crucial,
Not to do too much hiding.

Enjoy the biodiversity in yourself,
Like a beautiful forest on a hill.
So many different species,
Crowded, changing and intertwined, but together, still.
thinandbruised Apr 2014
We were friends but i wanted more,
I wanted you whilst you wanted someone else.

I wanted you to touch my skin, more than you wanted too.

We could have intwined in the bedsheets together, but you were already in someone else’s arms.

I wanted forever but you wanted forever with someone else.

You left me with nothing but memories and the smell of you on my sheets.

You left a stain on my soul an ache in my chest.

I was addicted too you,
and i was a faint memory at the back of your mind.

I fell in love with you when you weren’t willing to meet me halfway.
I wonder if my clingyness, sadness drove you away,
to someone else.

And im still stupid enough to care, because you are you, because nothing else matters to me more than you.

You only cared to fill the space of loneliness from your last whilst you waited for your next.

You left a hole in my soul.

I left you with the satisfaction of knowing that i will always be there no matter what pain, suffering or upset you have put me through because i care too much to forget you.
Cindy Long Sep 2015
**** me
just **** me
I want you inside me
Oh how I've wanted you
dreamed of you
our bodies intwined
breathing heavy
You don't have to take it
easy on me
I can handle it
Put your hands on me hold me down and choke me
just choke me
oh please be rough with me
I wont fight you
I'll let you right in
Kiss me
just kiss me
flick your tongue against mine
kiss me all the way
down my body
oh how I long for you to touch me just touch me
touch me there
make me shake
and beg for you to stop
torture me with your fingers
get me all excited
And wanting
raise my hips to meet yours
and smile at me
that smile that makes me weak
And flustered at the same time
that one that leaves me wondering
I don't know
what you're going to do
to me
but it doesn't matter
just do it
I want you
to do it all to me
claim me
Just claim me
in every single way
release yourself on me
I can take it
I want it
give it to me
please give it to me
show me how much you want me
just want me
need me
love me
push me to my limit
take me over the edge
make me scream your name
press into me
sO hard
I can't breathe
oh how i long to feel you
feel me
Just feel me
close your eyes
and gasp on me
Lay on top of me
don't let me move
Take control of me
oh how I want to taste you
your sweat
your seed
gut me
just gut me
Cut me into pieces
splitter me
shred my innocence
open me up
And spread me apart
look at my insides
At how you make
my heart race
blood boil
organs tense
by the way
You **** me
just **** me
show me
how much you
love me
just love me
please just love me
-Cindy Long
Mr Mojo Risin Nov 2013
Oh sun in the sky you shine so bright
Oh sun in the sky your shine is my light
Oh sun in the sky you make me hot..
I want to be closer but your body says not!
Oh sun in the sky past the planets and the stars.. I dream such dreams that you don't seem far.
Sun In the sky.. I worship you so.. Like the ages gone bye.. You never seem old.
Oh Sun in the sky I miss you at night..
Your moon can't steal my love for you so I sleep all through it's light.
Sun in the sky.. Your the only thing that's real... Sun in the sky your life and ours are intwined.. For one day your body goes black and the earth shall have no shine. Oh sun in the sky.. God is calling you home.. To shine up the heavens and light up the throne.. Of man.. Of love.. Of hope and holy beings.. Sun in the sky.. No more youl shine on earths lonesome beings.  Oh sun in the sky.. My only real love.. You've always been over me.. Watching from above. I've always had you.. As you've had me... I will not go.. Youl always have me.
ElEschew Jul 2018
The sound of a sigh
From a lovers lips
It echos through the night
It reverberates through every cell
Creating a hum under the epidermis

Breathing gets heavy
The heart only speeds
When sweat forms on their skin
Adorn by salty appetence

This is the sweetest taste
Of lips on a secret place
Teeth clamped in skin
Lovers wrapped in sin
Bodies traversing what it is to couple
They'll lay quiet for quite a while
Bodies humming and hands intwined
Feeling forever  is this instant

Guiltless love
Uncontaminated by fear
They could spend eternity here
The day goes on
So do they
They hold forever
In their hearts and minds
Until after the end times
Juniper Deel Apr 2014
Our souls are intwined
Like the roots of a tree
Forever togeather, internally free
Our hearts grow as one
Like a small baby fern
And we fall in love as the leaves turn.
Paris Raine May 2015
Fall with me into sleep,
In dreams we will meet,
To find our peace,
Soft release.

The flight of wings into open blue,
Come with me; I'll follow you,
Forever intwined; eternally divine,
Soar into light.

I'll whisper into your ear,
I'll try to make it very clear,
Forever intwined; eternally divine,
Fall into light

Fall with me,
Soar with me
Lyrics from a song I perform with my band Tired Angels (PAEN)
Tammy Cusick Aug 2013
Shut away the promising key the queen united is the ruler to be,
overdose runs through her veins,
over and over the dosing pains,
give her substance to numb back to ease,
as the flowers willow she takes pictures of trees,
she's under the sun and kicking back to reign,
she met a girl who hated the world,
she used her body to sell her soul,
down on her knees she wept on the floor,
screaming "god hates me"
she wanted more,
tracks in her arms,
yeah, she's down on the floor.

You could say she's quite the catch,
luminous lies she's stirred up her batch,
yeah, she's confused promiscuous and self abused,
inevitable places she used and used.

When nights get cold she's back at again,
the queen of addiction when will it end?
She cleans up her frown and tries to pretend,
spat out the blood and began to grin.

She took her hand and kissed the scars,
broke the needle as they drove in fast cars.
They shouted and screeched "This world is ours!"
She's stays a awhile,
just a bit of time,
her hand in hers,
fingers intwined,
breaking addiction with this inseparable bind,
opening new eyes leading away from blind,
weary and shooken it comes back,
a train through her veins,
track after track.

Wondering where her lover is out on the streets,
the terror in her heart as it beats and beats,
stranger after stranger this girl meets!

As her star-crossed lover is on the floor,
she's out with a man making money for more.
shakin' and shook,
at the end of the track,
the train has left the station she's not coming back.

Lorry lover pouring out those places,
the stop of a car as her heartbeat traces,
man after man,
meeting new faces.
bends down ties up her tattered torn laces,
the queen of addiction in her presence it graces,
6 feet under her lover places.

A tear on her black slim dress,
the queen of addiction put to rest.
Oskar Erikson Oct 2016
We were twin-tailed stars,
bursting forth from the night.
Radiating our warmth,
revelling in delight.

We were gemstones- Geodes;
raw, intwined.
Silver faceted rings,
wrapped tightly in twine.

But as all atoms decay,
light dulls and fades.
Pulls that were closer now drift away,
Oh how I wish.

I wish you would stay.
I loved you
and such is the most succulent sorrow
to be written over like one scar upon another,
erased and retold, I can hardly remember
the way your fingers intwined with mine
and settled like the roots of the tree
resting in the front yard of our minds.
The gated iron face was weakening,
left, unattended by our neglect, our
endless longing.
The path was smoothed out for us.
I didn't desire to work in the coal mines
for you,
lungs, black and tender, to hold in
the weight of your laughter and me,
So persistent is the exit wound
between two broken ribs.
You would kiss the scar tissue.
Tell me all would be well and I would
weep because how could it ever be so
lovely as it was before my fears rose
to the surface like a bloated porpoise bobbing
with the current and I'd stretch out my arms like I am
declaring allegiance.
To the starlit collisions that illuminate
this fate we were committed to from the start,
to the god I dare to mock:
once I loved you,
and you, I.
Once I lied.
Martin Narrod Nov 2013
As men, we respond. With sticks, in garments wet with black anthologies of life
Which whistles out of us as thorns, and sticky eyes that point that way. Exact hours.
Despite lust, from what has taken us before- to that androgynous triumph that brings
Us tears as we undo our buttons. That rakes time over our backs with the needles of small
Trumpets the teeth of ghosts, blood on the stems, awarded to brass ballerinas dancing on
Wounds each quotient inside our breaths, terrified strips the branches from the everywhereness
In front of what we can't see. Or open our eyes. Or follow our hands. The legs that we used to know.
The pallid girl I called home, dusty eyelids with energies sharpened with the sweet water and gold Threads atop a haystack I burned in pyres of all the yesterdays.

Once I was human, but not for my breaths or my volume or my sullied attitudes. Not for the denature of
My rotten mood, or the noxious smells from some evil words, or noisome meat, or grueling and expired
Thoughts. Unrolled canvases cauterized with the silks shreds in a suitcase beyond. A caption unread Intwined at the bow of her hip, or the hems that dotted her skin. Black and blue staled songs a father Sung so long ago. The hill rolled on as our bodies clung to satchels we hid, each watery step we steeped In the mud, culms fell and I didn't think, I haven't thought; everything I forgot approaches the tines of my Nose once aching thews overcame the moors I'd undone, there acarpous hues were pried into me.

Everything I've seen, is a muse that disperses my lungs.
Is the incantation of the thoughts I don't spake. Intwined in the fingers I shook, at the people that I
Wanted to hate, I am steal the weight of their steps. This urgency, penury hides. The silt hasn't moved
From the cenacle place. While cloffined the ashes stuck to my face. An eroteme I still uphold
As if this rock inside of my chest, only wanes when I lay on her breast.
Marc Pruchnitzky Dec 2013
Words cannot describe that emotion in her eyes as her glaze casts upon the world. With an open heart she holds it, with an open heart she loves it, and with an open heart she lets it go but yet she wonders if she'll always be alone.

What is this emotion he wonders, what is this emotion mean to me? As the young man stares down the world. But nothing can hide the truth behind his eyes that wonders if he'll always be alone.

Just for a moment a moment in time two young hearts fall into gray. Blinded by distrust and dismay. But as they try to hold they are pushed farther from the real each day. Yet always they wonder, will I always be alone? Is there no one to call my own?

But one night he see's her and connects with her eyes. He knows instantly that there is something inside. But he has to be careful, because she has just fallen and her heart lay in ruins.

She see's him for the very first time and she's seen that look. It's like a hunger they hide.  She thinks she knows what he wants, so she just tries to hide. She gives him the shoulder, she turns him around, all in all she plain shut him down.

As he tries and tries, all he gets is denies. He won't quit though, he knows she'll come through. He wants to believe that she'll let him through. Time will not matter because he knows that this love is true.

As one heart yearns for his lost love, the other tries to mend its pieces. She tries to make sense of this strange crazy man. Why would he want her, why always hold out his hand. Why has he tried? Why does he not subside.

He will not hide he wants her, he knows that this is right! He pushes with all his might. Inch by inch he earns her maybe she has seen the light.

At last he has woo'ed her at last she has seen! He is not like the others, she just had to believe. The solemn man who has taken the day because he's taken the best she's his and his to stay.

She has opened her eyes, another day in this beautiful life. As she rolls over to the side of the bed she feels his arm grasp her and cups her sweet head. She lets him pull her close as they heat up the bed. At last she says  I'm no longer alone because I've found my own. I've found my everything I've found my all. He's just like me he understands it all. He reads my thoughts and through his whispers I hear the answers. True love is real and it's all because I've found you.

Two young lovers lay intwined. Two young lovers with love undying stay together forever more. For in the night the sky was alight as the world around drew new. Destructive weapons destroyed great intentions and ended the lives of so many to soon.

Time has passed but still that moment lasts of the two young hearts intwined stays true. For they are solidified by the light that ended their lives to soon. Perfect definition of each depiction of their love is true. Now if only the world could learn from this boy and girl that true love will always last through.

And Into the night you can still hear her delight as they dance through the stars and into the moon, and always they say that I love you.
-JCM- Jun 2018
Lips pressed
Casting spells
Tongues intwined  
Pouring potions
Leave me hexed
Be my jinx

1000 pieces of a puzzle
from 1000 different sets.
Hours of mutilating work
decoding an uncoded message
from a bottle that was broke
by a steel nosed pelican.
Senseless waves of awe
washed upon the shore
roaring with speechless sound
to destroy your ingenuity.
Brand new state of mind:
let the illusions run wild
through a forest of mystery.
Full of Trees of Creativity
that stimulate the leaves
that rustle with your ideas.
In lieu of staring at confusion
let confusion stare at you
and make sense to yourself.
Brand new state of mind:
let your intwined thoughts
rewind like a fishing reel.
See the puzzle for what it is;
not a contorted story,
but the story of your life.
Put them in perspective
and look in a kaleidoscope
to see the pieces of the puzzle
magnificently arranged together
to paint a splendid picture
engraved in your brain forever.
As the lights went up,
And consciousness creeped its way back in.
He found himself in a puddle of filth,
Mud, blood and other unspeakable things.
Trying to move brought a searing lance of agony,
Yet quite disconcertingly only through half his body.
Looking down he saw the shaft of an arrow,
Protruding from just below his navel.
Thats when he realized why he couldn't feel his legs.
Yet the more pressing matter was what seemed to be
A gaping hole in his chest, that slowly but steadily was leaking his life's blood into the earth. A bitter jolt of fear and panic gripped him, so tightly he could scant breathe. he couldn't remember where he was or what he may have done to come to this. He was young and had so much he would have liked to do with his life. A hitching gasp that turned to a sob escaped his chest as he remembered anne, he would never see her again. Yet as the cold of death crept into his body, he remembered.
Sunny days where he spent time on looking at clouds hand in hand with anne. the warm summer nights made all the warmer be their fire, and when the fires ebbed they lay intwined and would watch the stars as they made their slow steady way across the sky.these are the things that he clutched desperately to himself as he stepped into the darkness that comes to all living things. As the sun broke the horizon and sent its gentle rays floating across the meadow. the warm light found cooling skin, and on his face a small smile remained.
merry setter, merry go round of go-getters, attempting to lurch at the next bit of bread, the bourgeois making their bets, sat quietly at cafe at ate pizza, evening, middle of the day, lost track of time, bull wind, a time lapse of mystery novels all intertwining, at the very heart the mystery of new life, the anxieties building up around it, what's going to happen to it?  

in new york cars pass by and horns honk as the coffee brews and brisk is barely bearable, anxious to hear new news, anxious to get the next job, whats in store, whats in front, a song is thought for the next sell, car lots and cheap motels.  honesty is a feedback loop, existing out of time and space, making its way around the prongs of video games, the memory cards are stashed, and the men don't know where the next card to be had is at

The laptops rest and the lights of sleep purr, the reading glasses rest on top and not a soul in the house stirs, blank walls and blank faces, even frowns as it all brews down, the green light flickers here, the last bit of sunlight is the only constant, echoes from the freeway flicker and draw back a curse, of perpetual seriousness, of stoic enterprise, stuck out of time, once, and only, again
Megan Oct 2018
Snake eyes coloured caramel brown,
a bittersweet combination of liquid gold and sin.
A smile that made me melt,
disguising sinister intentions.
Snakes slither in long grass but this grass only reached my shins
and you still managed to deceive me.
Master manipulator?
Painted a smile on my face with cruel intent.
Leading me to believe pretty little lies
while you slept in my bed every night,
one arm around my frail body, the other with your fingers crossed behind your back.
You never planned to stay -
fooled me.
Now the snake eyes exposed
when I catch you in bed,
legs intwined with hers, bare.
You told me sweet words that morning,
then nine hours later you moved on to her.
This is not fair.
You do not get to create my feelings
and destroy them yourself.
Eyes now pitch black,
no specks of gold or hazel or caramel,
just depths of malevolence -
no remorse for shredding my heart.
Feeding me your "I'm sorry" after "I'm sorry"
but you still play the games.
Do not waste your breath
on words you don't mean.
It's okay, I can play too.
Devil eyes coloured ocean blue;
my combination worse than yours.
Fear me, fear me
for I look innocent and gentle
but a tornado lives inside me that can destroy souls and bring men to their knees.
You fuel my fire.
Now with each breath, smoke escapes my lips from the furnace ignited in my stomach.
Do not run from the dragon you created.
Do not mess with girls like me.
Girls with fire in their guts
and ice in their hearts.
Cunning, sly and out for vengeance.
Feel my fire, succumb to my smoke.
******* revenge.
AzealAngel Feb 2012
The spaces in between my fingers were made just for your hands
When intwined they fit together just like puzzles pieces
Your palm radiates warmth that flows into mine
The warmth that leaves me with that feeling of security
Then life continues and eventually you are forced to let go
Taking the warmth and security with you
Leaving me with a frosty feeling and loneliness
But there’s a glimmer of sanguinity because I know you will return to me
Restoring my peace of mind,
Giving back my feeling of security,
Completing me
Aparna Jul 2015
Glowing constellations and powdered snow,
Fingers intwined under the cashmere blanket.

I promise, I swear, whispered over and over,
The broken record, near the crumbling bodies.
Their bodies are dead, but the promises their souls made reverberate through time.
Florian Aug 2015
Do you remember the taste of my lips when we kissed
true those moment i realy do miss
when i held your face between my palms
so tender keeping yu from harm

Do you remember when we hugged
those moments when we were intwined
when your heart bet with mine
and every thing seemed so fine

Do you remember ma head on your thighs
and you held me like a child in a cry
those smiles
those moments should have lasted a longer while

Do you remember that stare that made you afraid of ma eyes
you were kept busy by the blue skies
watching time slowly fly
i miss those cute pupils ooh my!

Do you remember that ice cream guy
you don't remember the pinpop! Why?
and the candies that you gave me only a few
*** please don't tell me you dnt have a clue

Fine do you remember that selfie
the one i shared with a tag 'my future wifie'
smiles i will sure marry you
and the happines for our destiny; heavens have a clue

Do you remember when the sun went down
and that day we had to crown
the way we held hands and waists in town
they were jealous; you didn't see them frawn

Do you remember the Nairobi rains
with those poor drains
we got wet in love
we did like in the movies; laughs...

do you stil remember that day i got mad
you leaving early made me sad
heh we parted without a bye
and for another day i had to standby
to make up and make out
to talk sweet and refrain shouts
to let you know that i love you with no doubts
that point that you leave my world itl be all ouch!

Hope you stil remember the monument
it marked the end of my visit and my light moments
this memories are just a torment
but for a lifetym to stay they meant
Those kisses still quench my thirst
in your arms im safe that i trust
those rains still wash away my tears
for birds' chirps are still melody to my ear
candies taste exerctly as yua kiss
and for your face i have the night skies

Hope you remember you promises
for tomorow you wil stil be my princess
till mummy you become and a queen
i will love you handsomely that i promise
Amanda fancy Jun 2014
When I grow silent is when you should worry

My mind is everywhere, so much so,that everything is blurry

even if I wanted to forget....
Not even my mind can I find...

I know there will be better days to distract the emptiness , I dont expect anyone to clean this mess.
My heart will mend and my walls will be strong
To the top I go and feelings be gone.
Derek Miller Jan 2013
"Thou whose eyes unopened and unable to see
Still finds his one love, oh how can it be?"
"No need for these eyes when you have an open heart
Unfurled sight is what keeps two loves apart"

"Thou blind one, how did it come to be?
Two in one love, please explain this to me"
"Oh dear friend, to me, my love came
Heart encased in sorrow's ice, melted by her flame"

"Thou one whose heart is as open as the sea,
  How tender the love held by you and she?"
"Our love, I hold, like her soft, gentle hand
Intwined together, as is grass to the land"

"Thou deafened one who chooses only to see,
How much quality in the love, held by the hands of thee?"
"My love comes and goes like a migrating dove
How can I change to unsatisfaction of my love?"

"Thou one with no sight can show you to be
As loyal, caring, and loving as he
So learn to use your heart over eyes
Or else each love after the next is bound to capsize."
Samber Saenz Sep 2012
i dont think
That i’ve ever loved you more than when you turned away. and walked out of my life. i never thought that this life was possible but the sound of your voice was my music. a pathetic poet sleeping away memories of better days in a sun bathed bed crying out brilliant ideas. ideas of humid air and sweet tanned skin radiating heat and pool water. simple kisses and rough sheet pulling. strong arms holding a temporary happiness. the words wrapping around intwined bodies. *** passing time proving love. opening eyes to monsters we cant run from.
Joanne Fuda Jan 2014
I miss Your lips our kisses our legs intwined with curled up toes. Our grace. As the ocean is to the sea, you are home to me.
PixieWee Apr 2017
Clothes on the floor, Her hands on my skin

She intwined her fingers with the knots in my back

As the deep heat seeped into my skin

There was a sudden burn comforted by soft lips

The more I felt her lips the more it burnt

Her kisses burnt when our lips were one

But I continued to kiss her because I knew I wasn't done.

Olivia F Clarke Sep 2018
asleep on the walnut sofa bed, my body sprawled over yours, clinging maternally. with your mouth slightly open and your eyelids cracked, your skin tight and your hair- still short, intwined with my fingers, you pull me towards you, still half asleep. your lips touch my forehead gently, my hand now resting on your neck and my thumb on your jaw, doused in the feeling of safety, as you lightly whisper good morning. of course i say it back and you kiss me so blissfully, and you feel like the relief of finally coming home. me, still in yesterday’s t-shirt of yours, now watches you hand roll us both a cigarette- your red nails going back and forth with the cigarette paper with ease. we go in to the back garden and sit opposite each other on the small glass table by the corner and we share a lighter again. again, i watch you inhale and exhale as we drink our tea as the rain begins to fall lightly. strangely, you finish your cigarette first, and begin clearing the table for me. im still overwhelmed by everything and all of my thoughts are in my tangled mind and the words i speak do not compare to the things i think, you are exceptional and any synonym of that word also, you are rare and you are beautiful and something that can not so simply be but into words. as you get up to go back into the house, leaving me to smoke your cigarette until the filter, you kiss me and tell me you love me. i- frozen at the thought of this and overwhelmed by this, my heart races and my mind panics and my mouth blurts out a empty-headed “What?”. you dismiss it as nothing and apologise for the accident, you didn’t mean it. my heart is singing for you. i am in love with you.
JPaiva Apr 2010
It's time, I think
I'm ready?
How do I know for sure?
Laying on this bed with
emotions flowing through my mind;
What if I'm not ready?
A long breath fills up my
mouth as I realized what I
wanted to do.
"Let's do it." I said.

Did I just say that out loud?
I started to tremble,
scared of the pain, the pleasure,
the thought of it.
I started to feel his touch,
as he went straight to it.
Kissing me softly, I feel his
warmth, tingling my senses.
What is this feeling?
Why am I acting up?
Still scared but not wanting
it to stop.

The slow, soft feeling
started to increase rapidly,
as I felt his kiss shifting
all over my body.
Lick, the feeling of licking,
excited me.
It started to sting my body
marking its place
as I felt the fading
of the mist it left on
my smooth skin.
I lay there taking in the pleasures
he fulfilled,
the warmth of his sweet lips.

What is happening?
I started to breathe with
such force as he started
to feel the mist with
his fingers.
Slowly structuring my body
with his hand, his touch.
I felt imprisoned by his touch
and as I took in his delicious scent,
I was paralyzed once more.
A prisoner of my own heart
I let him take over me,
caressing me and pleasuring me
in ways that I never thought possible.

My heart, now beating out of my chest
I knew what was next or so i thought;
I tried to prepare myself mentally
taking deep breaths, somewhat panting.
Panting as i close my eyes,
squeezing it, as questions flowed
in my mind.
What will it feel like?
How will i react..
I already couldnt control myself,
feeling weak all over,
as he had me under his spell,
under his control.
What is happening?

There was no turning back now
I had already dug myself in way too deep;
I decided i'd take control,
as our lips danced our positions changed
I was the one on top now.
I had the power and as his eyes rolled back
I knew that it was satisfying.
A triumph of song started to
come through our voices,
louder and louder it gradually
Reacting in a way i never thought
I would be able to do.
The reflexes i had,
resulted in a new person in me.
Ssassy and passionate it indeed was.
Singing through the movement of
the wind.

I felt as though our hearts were now beating as one,
our souls connected through this intimate action
it was perfect, beautiful and amazing beyond words
I didn't want it to end, we were now in our own world
nothing else mattered, it was just me and him
two bodies, two hearts, intwined together to fuse
the perfect passion, the perfect love.
A love forming into an excitement
a feeling of pressure, and great pleasure
it yanked me out of my mind
becoming loose and feeling something,
something weird, something I've never felt before
faster, we moved, the wind blowing through
the flow.
What was entering my system, what has my body
engaged in creating.

With no control my body started asking
for more, more pleasure,
as it once more increased its speed.
our songs turning into screams now,
as the pressure was getting too much.
Too much for both of us, too much
to handle in one gesture.
"I think it's coming." he said
coming!? what's coming?
I started to panic,
what am i supposed to do?
But still, my body didnt want to stop,
it was ready for it,
but my mind was still frightened.
He started to concentrate on the movement,
pulling my body onto his, forcing me,
exciting me.

He started to growl, realizing
that it was coming.
I prepared myself as he pulled me
once more, with great pressure,
it got me to a surprise, as he held me tight
having the flow gradually separating in me.
We collapsed, side by side, breathing hard
in one sound.

We were both breathless but satisfied.
We lay there, without a single word leaving our lips
we knew that it was the beginning of forever
as we lay there, eternity seemed to pass over us
nestling my head into his neck
I breathed in his scent once more
and whispered soft words into his ear
this was it, he was the one
and then we fell asleep, embraced in eachothers arms.
*Co-writer: Rosa Lin.
let me go back and follow you into time again, your face is different
yet at a glance I know it’s you, you unfold in front of me blossoming like daisies  in the summer, you run past me and your laughter follows filling the spaces where you once were - you do not know me yet but I am a part of you, our souls are forever intwined aren’t they? I want to know how you laughed, what your hopes were, how you prayed or what you dreamed of, what are your dreams made of tell me let me know - before half your life was mine - before like the sun peaking after the monsoon you and I came to occupy the same space and time. your house, your eyes, your parents, parents that I will grow to love, what are their stories, are they too half of god walking around, do they too long for a home beyond the physical? the land where your feet touched, running through fields of yellow, your house half concrete half mud, did you think of me? in those short visions of the future, or was it only that moment that felt real to you. I want to become your braid, as it swings carefree in the wind, I would give my life to become but a paper in your half read books, to become the pencil held between your fingers, to become the dirt beneath your feet. I love you so, I love you so. I am but a loose thread on your brand new cotton suit - I am but the longing of finding a place without time, where you and I and all we love can dance again without fear. I love you so. I love you so. and we will work not for a day more when we return to ourselves, and there forever will be our eternal sun.
Devon Baker Aug 2011
Crippled creature broken in ballistic bone fracture about the blind tile,
freckled in blade licked flesh,
back strap shoulder blades quiver gaunt as skeleton wings
sprinkled in splashed satin fruitless reds and auburn oils,
the child’s insides splattered across the stomach of the floor,
limp muscle binding that of bundled circuitry,  
the boy only resembling needle and sticks
a mass of anatomy straightened out in lifeless splendor,
bone splinters clotted in saw dust muscle grindings
the face showered in locks and tangles,
galaxies and embered suns,
tassels golden simmered,
the creature’s hair a mane torn over his black socket eyes,
fierce in ferocity growling,
a monstrous roaring of prideful bangs,
Fallow face and cheek stomped to the floor as a rag
his form splashed about ground and surface.
Skin nearly bleached in cancer cell white,
a body folded as parchment, joints and ligament playing the part
lightless strewn as an idea lost in lifeless.
A white room hollow, muteness staling,
the busting of a boy broken in scaffold limbs torn
intwined amongst netted nerves wound about spindled bone
branched out in checkered blood stain
Shattered arms resembling puzzle pieced wings,
boy bathed in synthetic sunlight kisses,
But a watch crushed in brittle bronze shards about God’s feet
Sydney Victoria Sep 2012
Take Me In Your Arms,
I Want To Be Safe,
A Place Of No Harm,
I Need Your Embrace,
Take Me By The Hand,
And Look Into My Eyes,
You're My Man,
I Know You Don't Tell Lies,
I'm Tired Of All These People,
Who Try To Get In Our Way,
I'm Tired Of All The People,
Who Ruin Our Days,
I Want My Dreams To Come True,
Sitting On Hill And Watching The Sunset,
It Would Be Just Me And You,
Neither Of Us Would Ever Be Upset,
Put Your Hand On Mine,
Seal The Last Seconds Of Light With A Kiss,
Our Hearts Would Be Intwined,
Exchange My Worries For Bliss,
And As The World Around Us Gets Dark,
Let Us Enjoy The Natural Light,
Let Our Love Embark,
I Promise I'll Love You,
For The Rest Of My Life
This One Is Probably My Least Favorite Poems Of Mine Because I Wrote It When I Was Half Asleep But It's Worth Posting... I Think :)
You'll take me through the crowded malls
We'll sing our way along the halls
I'll dance with you until night falls
I'll think of you forever

I'll never pay my parents heed
We'll spin so fast our nose will bleed
You're never far in time of need
I'll think of you forever

Your smile brings to me delight
And seems to shine so very bright
Everything will be alright
I'll think of you forever

My love for you compared to none
Our souls are now intwined as one
My life has now truly begun
I'll think of you forever

On our day of a last hello
And when it's time for you to go
There's something I want you to know
I'll think of you forever

You broke my heart into the ground
Where dying love is often found
and even though my love you drowned
I'll think of you forever
My personal Favorite.
Zoe Nightshade Nov 2012
I can touch the stars,
you kiss my cheek,
the whole world is mine,
your touch begins meek.
As desire turns to love,
our fingers intwined,
I keep my heart hidden,
but for you, too easy to find.
I'm flying high above the birds,
they've got nothing on me,
as my wings taste the air,
I feel nothing but free.
but a flash of the truth,
and I can hardly breath.
cuz I know that too soon,
you'll just have to leave.
My lovers friend passed away
She feels him with her
The love he still has intwined
Laying on his grave singing
There was a ghost in my rear view mirror
Standing looking at me when I looked back
No one.  A blue shirt and dark skin gone
Still there in my memory as I looked for him
Meg Carpenter Oct 2012
lonely and hurt,
broken i remain
residing in hell,
living in pain

masked by lies,
i slowly fade away
the nightmare i live with,
each and every day

the meaning of it all ,
to which my mind attends
has not one answer,
that i fully comprehend

the bottom of my mind,
holds the answer which i call
i keep reaching towards it,
in this never-ending fall

"stay strong amd keep going,
it's never to late"
no one seems to realise,
that it's not worth the wait

there's no such thing,
as help outside if your mind
its you against yourself,
with your demons intwined

it's a battle hard fought,
but never to be won
either way you end up losing,
when it's all said and done

"too late came and passed,
and of me, nothing more
i wrote my own ending,
and shut my own door

"live life to it's fullest,"
thats what they all said
but what's the point in trying,
when you're already dead?
Zayani Bhatt Jun 2015
meet me at st prancras she said;

hair whipping as she turns just as he running, stops.

bag thuds down as she leaps


eyelids shut

lives, stories and colours ram into one spectacular collision as the world around them blurs.

meet me at st pancras she said

his eyes like orbs drink her in

their lips, so soft, cling for those precious few minutes.


desperate lovers hiding from the world,

begging for that safe haven -

of her.

meet me at st pancras she said

a few more minutes

he pleads

her curls shake as her turns away.


pauses, her heart splintering like glass on the cold stone floor.

"I can't........................."

meet me at st pancras she said

the words join their ancestors of the past

the only constant for these intwined hearts

that beat like drums in unison

as their fingers stretch out for




The train's whistle blows.
Tears fall like rain.
Anger at her parents stabs at her soul
as she whispers

meet me at st pancras.
St Pancras is a train station in central London.
Ashley Hope Feb 2018
You love my green eyes when they sparkle in the sunlight after a beautiful day,
But not when they turn marble and fill with tears when I lose myself yet again,
You love my hair when it is styled as I prepare for the evening ahead,
But not when it is ***** from where I first woke up after another restless night,
You love my hands when they are Intwined in yours and my nails are painted on,
But not when they're covered in my blood from where I wasn't strong,
You love my wrists when they're layered in jewelry,
But not when the scars can be seen,
You love my lips when I taste like cherries and they're pressed against yours,
But not when they are cracked from biting as anxiety kicks in,
You love my body when it's wrapped around yours,
But not when the sunlight shows how many stretch marks have formed,
You love my mind when it's dancing with happy thoughts,
But not as it slowly slips away.
wrote this a year ago when I  was in a toxic relationship.
Tsunami Jul 2018
257 days.
For the first time,
I don't want to shower him off my skin.

No need to scrub;
Your lips leaving delicate traces,
Your hands entangled in my hair,

No need to rinse
Feeling you,
Sending shocks down my spine
Fingers brushing against skin
Electric impulses

No need to wash the memories of;
Bodies intwined
Kissing shoulders and sternums
(whatever has been left exposed)
this doesnt make sense

— The End —