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Hadiy Syakir Sep 2018
setiap kota
takkan kekal abadi
dan yang ada
di dalamnya
hanyalah penghuni
yang kekal
selamanya ditemani
yang tak berisi
tiada puisi,
tiada seni
tanpa arah
tanpa erti
yang ada hanyalah
dan keuntungan
yang berpuing
di udara kota
yang berlegar
di pengairan kota
terasa muram
apa bezanya
hidup di dalam
lohong hitam?
Aleena Apr 26
Life is too short for us to be together
But life is too short for us not to be
So let’s skip the introduction
And make this the best of times
My type of caring is carelessly.
Too Gentleman like I must need therapy.
I apologize if your man show jealousy.
I will step back farewell to you and me.
Showed you part two and this is three.
There may be a four and five.
If this poem explores everyones mind.
And gets enough views to survive.
I leave it to you to decide.
I speak the truth over any lies.
I like that you view my poems with your beautiful eyes.
Just an Intro
Katey Jan 5
What is it called when you're so tired you can't feel?
     And what is it like to not exist?
If not for you my love, I would feel the latter.
     But no one can fix the broken.
I'll try to be better for you, but I can't make any promises I might break
Mikey Kania Nov 21
one hit right here
hit right here
hit right here

went through right

feel me?
hit up here n###a!

we really in the hood tho
we really with this ****

n###a this **** ain't for
play play this **** ain't
for fun we

really do
this **** we

really live
this life
youtube: "gzuz warum"
Don’t be a Yes Man.
You better start guessing.
You could make a choice.
Don’t let every lady steal your voice.
Your that person chillin in the back seat.
Yes! It’s relaxing, until you become obsolete.
You’ll feel less important...not complete.
pimiento angeldust,
where have you been
all my life?

though I wish
I met you sooner
let's not bemoan
days gone by

but start now
in agape mouth
with a thorough intro
upon eggs and 'cado

and this tongue
that loves you so
soft spoken intro

The tree,
With its lights,
***** and tinsel,
Garland, excitement,
Of these nights,
The mistletoe and a star…
See the candy canes,
And a door wreath,
On a cold,
Snowy Christmas Eve!  

Toys of Elvin-creation gleam, faces of the children they smile and beam, pitter-patter sounds of feet stomp -ing; it’s a cold snowy Christmas Eve!

A night of magic you won’t believe; it’s a cold snowy Christmas Eve!

Santa Claus and Christmas-time, sing a-long with our cheery rhyme, nothing ever feels so fine; it’s a cold snowy Christmas Eve!

A night of magic you won’t believe; it’s a cold snowy Christmas Eve!

Spicy scent of pumpkin pies, hear the reindeer when his sleigh arrives, toting presents that jolly guy; it’s a cold snowy Christmas Eve!

A night of magic you won’t believe; it’s a cold snowy Christmas Eve!

Santa, St. Nick, Sinterklaas, around the whole world in one night -no pause, and a childhood feeling that’ll never be lost; it’s a cold snowy Christmas Eve!

A night of magic you won’t believe; it’s a cold snowy Christmas Eve!
Tally-**! Jolly-fun! The night ain’t over till Santa’s done; a night of magic you won’t believe, it’s a cold snowy Christmas Eve!

It’s a cold snowy Christmas Eve!

A cold snowy Christmas Eve!
Matthias Aug 2013
Start with a hook sharp enough to catch many fish.
Move into a broad outline of topic.
Add some examples to peek the interest.
End with a sentence that captures your thoughts.
(Start the way you feel it should be).

Flavorful topic sentence to open paragraph one.
State in detail specific examples and definitions.
Follow with a reference or two,
This keeps suspicion off you.
Keep same format for paragraph two and three.
(Continue on the feel that increases how you started).
(Or retrograde and start a new direction).

Wake the reader back up with thesaurus found words.
State again the reason for your thoughts.
Honing specifically on what you want to say,
Without of course bringing in new info.
End with a memorable sign off.
(End with completing your thoughts).
(Or start a new idea entirely),
(Not leaving enough room for explanation).
Heavy Hearted Jun 2017
To hear the priceless sounds,
No medicine competes.
In the rhythms, I am bound
In success or in defeat.
through the tolling of the time-
With those quickening beats,
The sound invokes with clever rhyme
both privilege and a treat:

Light and easy, peaceful and bright,
Or Insidious, sinister, audio plight.
Sorrow, hatred; loss and gain
Drugs and *** and love and pain.
From Intro to Chorus, to Verse-Refrain
melodies tattooed deep in the brain;

Act as the sun, when it does rain
And as both dirt and soap, when life does stain.
free verse
A "first poem" is the intro to a writer's line of thought, color, touch, an expression in a line to accept, a line to action, rights to a write, a line to disconnect, a line in completion, a line in deletion, a line begging for acceptance, lines in need of protection.  Lines in words following a morning heartache, night cries, mood swings, a relaxed slow heartbeat, echo to silence,  a need for new things.   One "write" line can transfer weakness to strengths in one's character, rhythm to a rhyme, a forgiveness, a fall-out to survival to "move-on", "let-go", "forget-u-not".
The first line should always be the first tool  to "love me first" second hands...

Syeduhhhhh Mar 2015
I walk inside, and you turn to gimme a look,
Look who's talkin', homie, why YOU with your holy book?
I walk with pride, with dignity, I feel like I deserve it,
You think I'm full with violence, but where's that in my worship?
Jesus brought the bible, Moses brought the Torah, and Muhammad brought the Qur'an,
All those came from Allah.
I know one day you'll realize, the truth was in the Qur'an,
But by then... It'll be too late,
Imagine what you'll have to face,
Your punishment, in the grave,
That even the, snakes will hate,
But then they gotta tell you, you really deserve it,
And you still  say, that I'm talking B.S,
You make me shut up, just because of what I say,
But who'll go with you, in your grave,
You won't be able to blame your mistakes on those who just faked,
Did I not tell you, you were getting tricked?
Your ribcage will tighten,
All the people 'ready left,
Why would they care, of the punishment you gotta face?
This is just an intro,
My friend: listen to what I gotta say,
Hell will come into view,
Screamin'; You wouldn't have deserved this,
All you had to do was just worship,
All you had to do, was show Allah he deserves it,
All the love and respect, you just had to show it,
Not believe those who said, religion don't deserve it,
You said you're not an Atheist, or an Agnostic,
You said you're not a Christian, why didn't you become a Muslim?
All the things I told you, were for this day to come,
I wanted to make you, somehow convert to Islam.
Tell me: Do you crave that punishment?
Then why the hell you ain't gon' listen?
All I want is best for you, you just gotta pay attention,
You call for me, I can't do one thin',
You ain't callin' him, who gave you everythin',

Homie, this ain't a fantasy,
You can't go back in time,
You can't fix all those things,
You just said you had no time,
To worship him who created you,
But when I say this to you, you think that I'm insane,
Pray for your next life, not your worldly fame,
They came with the message, but you never accept it, you said you don't need it,
But now you'd say you believed it,
All you had to do was just worship, but now you don't deserve it,
Don't tell me I never told you: Just become a Muslim,
All those years I tried, told you, you really deserve it,
Now you're shredding tears only full of blood,,
Told you they ain't Islam, they were just F'N up,
Told you I was peace, now what you gon' do,
I always only wished, for what was best for you,  

Violence is not Islam,
Terrorists are not Muslims,
All they wanna do, is use up all their bullets,
Keep calm, 'cause I'm a Muslim, not a terrorist,
Hurry up, it ain't too late, look into Islam,
'Cause I know, you don't deserve ir,
You're so lucky, you have the truth in front of you,
You just outta accept it.
Please rate me... This is my first rap :)
This is just how im feeling in the moment i'm sorry to all those i have hurt

{Verse 1}
Yeah girl i admit i used you
But ***** all you did was abuse me
And for that you will loose me
Its a shame you had trust for me
And all that lust for me

Yeah momma i ain't the son you remember
uhh yeah dad i aint the son you wanted
Im sorry sister i ain't the brother you needed

{Verse 2}
I get so high i'm in the apollo
Just want a hollow point in my brain
Leave a stain on the wall behind
Deaths rain calling my name
Yeah PA!N is my name but yours and mine isnt the same


Yeah momma i am not the son you remember
Im sorry dad i was never the son you wanted
and sister i'm sorry i wasn't the brother you needed
First song  i have ever wrote so criticism WELCOMED so please feel free to tell what what you did/didn't like
Sam H Aug 31
You remind me of
Some indie films i've seen
Where the colors are warm and subtle
Every scene so intricate and perfectly written
An underrated classic that’s so well hidden
From the view of the public eye
Its a taste that only some can acquire

Your intro ****** and conclusion
Are independent on its own
A beguiling, marvelous illusion
A vision to which nothing comes close
Your music harmonizes
with the view of the terrain
The film puts my heart at ease
You’re a cinematic masterpiece
I wish
I could give you
experiences of mine:

the paranoia
outside my apartment
looking over my shoulder
scanning for the energy
I felt on me

the guilt
sinking in my gut
the moment laughter
escaped my mouth
on the tails of hell
and I swear
I felt shatter

and that time on the beach...
so many strange happenings
my energy was off the charts
though so confused, and it's safe to say
I'm still processing the karmic details
converging upon that crux of fate

but, most of all
I’d like to show you
the aftermath of my
kundalini intro

how knowing
what is possible
never went away

although he fell away
(to the tune of, I love you -
but like my little sister
into the arms of a co-worker
after I helped him get hired

I got a front-row seat
to watch him fall in love
with the girl he'd marry
my intermissions
were in the bathroom
churning tears out quick
then plastering on a veneer
of I-don’t-care

my heartbreak was knowing
that I went there solo
and to him it was just
a good lay, disposable

I was in love

with how I let go and opened
not hiding anything
because my intent to love
was absolutely pure
for the first time

his wasn't

after that I longed
to connect to the whole
in the arms of another
but it never came

not like that
not soul activation
not seeing the all as brethren
and my heart of compassion
reaching out to everyone
no judgment
just love

maybe I had
traces of magic
but mostly just
caring closeness
cloaking the lonely
flesh and bones

but God
wasn’t there

can't say I didn't enjoy
some of it, but my soul...
my soul always knew
always left hungry
not overflowing

until you

and I found out
it can happen
without knowing
without touching
without history
without building
much of anything
just these blueprints
already existing
reciprocity in seeing
intent so pure

words, words, words

the just-right ones
that pick soul locks
and fling doors ajar
not too hot, not too cold
that baby bear dose

I guess
the thing I'm trying to impart,
the reason I'm telling you this
is because I want you to know
I could never erase it

not after 15 years plus
not after the prettiest skins
not with substituting substances
for the real drug that is purest love

it was a gift
when the vivid memories
finally blurred into vague

but still,
the knowing, the hunger
never filled, never left

I wanted to
come home to God
but not like that, not alone

but with someone
riding shotgun...

and if you stumble across
that instant energy

you may just run swiftly
in the other direction, like I did
when I met someone
who reminded me of him
that night at the bar
same blue eyes
same major even

in hindsight,
I’m not sure if we had
instant connection, or I had
an instant memory and projection
then fled due to the pain
he awakened in me

the truth is -
the pain has to be dealt with
before we can let anyone in
who truly stirs our purity

and I’m fairly certain
it’s part of why I went cold
chilling our morning after
nebula explosions

and based on
the frequency of these things
I don't think there will ever be
another story quite like ours
where souls converged first
then imaginations merged
building a world upon
energy and dreams
no skin to be seen

there is - nothing -
more beautiful
than that

a winged thing, holy
undoubtedly worthy
of worship, out the gate

and I’m praying inside
to author on the outside
what I know is possible
if we do the work
and believe

stepping over
incinerated expectations
scaling serifed intentions
where real living, breathing
human possibility exists

upon grateful knees
for what has come and
whatever may be

in this cosmos of ours
that is truly

the rarest thing
Jerry Howarth Jan 2018
Intro. explanation.
As a high school-student, I worked for a slaughter plant after school cleaning up. At quitting time my boss would say, "Son time to quit, get ready for "Freddy". One time after he said this to me, I ask ,"boss who is this Freddy guy you're always talking about?" He said "Freddy? Oh he's the undertaker." And I replied , "Well boss,  I'm looking for the UPPER-TAKER"

   Get Ready For Jesus, The Upper-Taker
              ~~~~~~~ + ~~~~~~~~~
DO YOU KNOW that Jesus is soon coming
In the clouds of glory one soon day,
To receive from off this earth Believers,
Oh  my friends, are are you ready for that day?

In a moment men least expect it,
The dead in Christ will rise up from their graves,
And we who are alive will rise to meet them,
Oh my friends, are you ready for that day?

In a moment that men  least expect it,
The dead in Christ will rise up from their graves,
And we who are alive shall rise to join them,
Oh my friends, are you ready for that day?

Have you trusted in Jesus as your Savior?
And repented of self-righteousness?
Only Christ The Righteous One can save you,
So trust  Him, your faith in Him confess.

Oh my friends do you know how God loves you?
How on the cross He died for your sins,
How from the grave He arose in victory,
And soon He's coming again.

Oh how sad that many will be left,
When Jesus returns on that day,
For they failed trust in Christ as Savior,
But trusted in their own self-righteous way
                                         by G. E. Parson
The next great World, Wide, Frenzied, Turmoil, will be the Sudden
Return of Jesus, Invisible to the eyes of all who have ignored and failed to believe IN (not merely ABOUT) Jesus Christ .
de Negre Nov 2018
does the tree really fall if no one saw the
cliche intro into the poem where
          its self=awareness is not;
new(s) to anyone except those who

see the strange simbols and mispellyngs
did it really ;exists or swifts in this air
that movement of my poem. ending the re!
sentence right before the line

ends.(viceversaaswell). does art just
            steal from the originality that life
lacks? or do our questions stem from
a        false sense of identity in need           ing to


caustic frost bit, shaw slipped!!
His suit is taggered. Bullet holes and tears but finely pressed and clean. Still recognizable as a cop's beat uniform. He unsnaps his gun holster clip. No one uses the old guns anymore. Electronic laser weapons are the fad in the end times. I got a Desert Eagle .45 that has something these fancy tech-lovers don't. Two point three seconds...

You see, it takes a Lectro two point three seconds to charge-up and that happens to be more time than it takes a 'cowboy-movie-loving' quick draw to end you...

"Hi boys! You've got a Buzz here I see? Well...time to move along and let me buy the next round 'eh?" -I say

"Look, there's a drink shack right about a block up from here. Let me get you." -said with a wink

The three look rough as they all do out here in the runs. That's the wasteland roadways in the inner cities. Least that's what they are known as these days. If you're guessing the futures part of that wasteland you got it right. The last war was the Great War. The one that ended all government. Now we have two realities; the corporations large enough to maintain some order and the publicly disordered nightmare.

You'd a thought systemic breakdown would have released the minds of the many from their company masters but it was quite the opposite. Those left and afraid flocked to join the barons making them even more powerful. I work for one of these new titans; Altria Group.

The three look at each other with queer smirks and grins as if their figurin' on what move to make or perhaps figured it already? The middle one draws his Lectro-gun...bad idea.


Three down. I walk over them to make sure,

BOOM! last slug in the ringleader's face clears this route. These ******* have been hitting our trucks for weeks from this alleyway. My shots draw out more vermin...Chicago is a mecha for filth. Our heavy operators in the dozer-rigs clear the blockages but it's up to me to stop the vagabonds and hijackers. Only losers don't have a job.

"Well boys you had the chance to take this one to the bar and drink it off...instead you got a buzz still ringing in your ears!" -I tell their dead bodies while reloading my clips

That 'buzz' would be me, Buzziah. I'm The last cop in Chicago. Maybe the last one in America, who knows?


Down go two more ****...I hate sneakies. I lean down to make sure my body cam gets a shot of their faces. I get paid by the ****. My bosses at the cigarette company still want to see their faces for some reason. I never ask, I don't care, I'm just a camel cop...

"Sounds like a ***** joke..." -I say out loud

I know it's confusing. Reynold's used to make camel cigarettes. I'll light one up while my brain explains it for you. When it appeared that the U.S. government had lost control...the major multinational players took action on their own. Some of them, like my employer, they literally killed their competition. Thirteen years later they're the only game in town for smokes, jobs, housing, protection and food...and I am the only cop left. I stop a ****** running by,

"Hey you stop!" -I tell him

He freezes and stares at me shaking. I'm a bit of a celebrity in downtown.

"Do you like the uniform or what?" -I ask him

"Uh-uh-uh man, man just let me go I ain't after your loads?"

I chuckle deeply inside. It is a ***** joke after all.


I turn on my Beats-Sat uplink...

"All clear on routes a-go, all routes a-go..."

Switch the channel to the network Apple link...******* rap. I love it. I catch a tune on the heavy guitar riff and backbeat intro...

<Double forty-fives, double forty-fives>

<YO> -chorus

<Jumped out the War like G I JOE!>

<Landed gig/wid Nort Gruman.>

<Patrollin' my beat as-a-GUN MAN>

<Double forty-fives, double forty-fives>

<BLOW> -gunshot sounds

This feels so right. I hop on my motorcycle and tear-off.

Time for my buzz...

I am the Lord's Strength.

Buzziah Willis...remember it.

I run the streets of downtown Chicago.

I am the law here.

"Wanna smoke?"  He says to the air.
The Last Cop short story intro. Buzziah Willis.
Seb Tha Guru Nov 2018
Thinking you’re the man and the plug like you’re kool.
Until your kids and family are getting followed home from work and school.

Better get up on your night job.

Some will press you and not even want your work.
Just want to see if you're about it.
From the dirt.

They're putting my brothers on a shirt.

Not even in a casket or a Hearse.
They’re getting cremated, not even given back to the earth.

It's making me question my worth.
So I medicate.
When I should meditate.
How much for our souls?
That was even the intro for my mixtape.
And lately I've been falling out with friends so it’s hard to take.
Some can but most can’t relate.
These days there’s no need for a debate.

Experiencing and talking from this perspective couldn’t even make me whole anymore.
But, I’m still around.
I smile, learning to love what’s mine.
I guess it’s true what they say.
I now know that love is blind.

But never mind that.
We're back on that player ****.
Heart jaded.
Hanging wit the homies and getting hell of faded.
Intoxicated love.

I drove around the block twice, just to find somewhere park.
I stumbled, trying rush and get ahead of my already lucky start.
Acting dumbfounded but yet I’m smart.
I'm learning to be top shelf, and put myself on the chart.

However now,  I no longer care.
Stay in the house, and grow out my hair.
And truth be told all along, I was fully aware.

Trying to become the best poet.
However, my self esteem doesn’t show it.
While I took this time to write a new poem so no one, not even myself could quote it.

So now I read with my head down.
But after this, again I will lift it.
I had a conversation with fans, and they told me I was gifted.
Now look at all this weight that I done lifted.
Mims Feb 3
I'm not saying you made all the bad stuff go away!
I'm just saying!
You made me not care if it was there...

There was so much wrong in my head

I'd stare at the ceiling, lying in bed

Trying to figure out why my brain leaks out of my ears if I hear a certain song or
why when the sun hits me just right I get triggered for too long or
why in all my relationships I couldn't move on or
how the ******* priest thinks he can preach to me saying daddy never left and that's why you love buying Christmas trees


A word that fits weird in my mouth
a word with a different meaning behind it than everyone else

they say blood is thicker than water but they both run in the river after you jump...

hold the edge of the bridge

hold my hand

feel my ribs

look deep

jumping was never in my plans but death felt like the option at the end of the tunnel for me

just exist

don't get ******

let the love wash over you
let the fear and drama drive you

let it make you want it so much more

I knock on your door twice

I used to dream that it was his but then I realized he, wasn't it.

God, fought so hard, never did anything but kick up sand now I'm trying to fit the love of my life Into my 20 year plan

it changed so fast sometimes I feel my love lag he's moving onto the next episode and I'm not passed the intro..


That's all this is, is buffering.
And if you wait long enough.

You'll unfreeze

trust me I know,

and I never trusted anyone but me.
The light at the end of the tunnel is not in fact a glowing exit sign
Ainnoot May 28
Truth is, It’s stupid
I say it every day because that’s what we’re used to.

(Part I)
Maybe I just don’t trust her,
but I think I love her.
I'm just a little bit
way too close for my own comfort,
who knew that after all this time
and what I put people through.
I’d be the one feeling like number two.

(Part II)
We had a good thing, guess I wasn’t enough.
She made the call to place me on hold,
I need to wake up.
I keep seeing her in my dreams
So I’ve been fighting my sleep

(Part III)
I’m seeing her more
but less stars in her eyes.
she’s gotten closer.
I’m getting distant with time.

(Part IV)
Our kisses are bitter.
Still, I don’t know why I’m with her
I used to be revitalized by her fragrance
Now her scent gives me shivers

(Part V)
If I’m being honest
I’m regretting August
She keeps saying “I love you”,
like its a promise.
I invested so much of my time just
to watch someone else profit.

(Part VI)
My heart erupts because I fell in love
I still write about what she once was.
I still see her
and give the strongest of hugs.
I've been on the brink of insanity
and numb to the drugs

(Part VII)
Your tears don’t phase me
because I feel like you betrayed me.
We were never exclusive,
I gave it my all.
I can’t imagine what you give
I just wanted to share it because it just feels better than keeping it in my notepad.
RAO Jul 4
These days they couldnt live up to my ink stains.
drippin sweat upon a page with a heat wave, I been meaning to ask
what happens if you beat Isis in freezetag? ..But the Free stags backwards; - "'gats" pointed right at ya'.
Steps ahead of the game throwin spiral staircases.
If they got fourarms we eight em,  Put so much metal in yo mouth you'd think you got braces..
Aslan to simba, smoke afghan and channeling it through my pencil, quick flicks of the wrist swift like kimbo.
**** an intro, seen a red range rover and limbod, couldnt even see through his windows.
They wondering whos the target, Beam these drunks up but not like a martian.
Breaking every single law like i'm free balling through parlament. take a ****** out with an arbalest.
Lord of the Jungle, so many horns on my head - 'Staggering' the best, batterin defences
Tom Sawyers calling his henchmen, Bobby boy you're not all that impressive.
serpentine a flow rattling beats in-cog-nito, invading cellular structure, punching amoebas.
While these hoes get more D then "Carlos Mencia".. in the space craft with amelia, higher then helium.
Classy J Sep 2018
Used to have nightmares all the time, used to see demons in real life.
Used to think I had infinite time, used to be held back by strife.
Uh, elder made me a dream catcher when was young,
when my parents were too busy drowning in the ***,
so I admired the gangs who taught me how to hold a gun.
They told me guns was our only power, our only resistance, because reality is twisted and white man never going to give us
any **** assistance.

(Intro) How do I want to define my existence? How do I achieve My dreams? How can I love others when they scared of me and keep their distance from me? What’s the point of climbing the mountain when God struck me down before I was even half way up? How can I get over addictions when everyone else already gave up on me and won’t lift me up?

Climbing this myth, this illusion, this delusion,
trying to change but how can I?
When my people were put through crucifixion?
My mushim and kokum taught me the way of our people,
but looking back at it now I think I failed my people.

Learned different lessons like yin and yang from friends,
but it’s too late the balance is broken...
this is how our people’s story ends.
That’s just how I feel and with no home I can call my own.
So, I sleep on the streets with a bottle of patron.
Water was supposed to cleanse me, and fire was supposed to warm me, but this fire water is going to be the end of me.
When the colonists came they seemed so sweet like Juliet, but it was all a trick, got poisoned and it was revealed that Juliet was really Brutus to our Julius.
We trusted ****** and look where it got us,
we trusted the church and they molested us.
We trusted the education system,
but they beat us and told us our beliefs and cultures were blasphemous.

They spread their diseases to us, they extended court dates,
so we couldn’t defend ourselves or get reconciliation,
from past callous deeds that were pretty heinous.
Jesus save us, oh wait you brought them to us!
Pride was turned to shame, courage was turned to insecurity, yeah so much for diversity!

The ***** problem, the white man’s burden,
but we are told to just get over it and keep this **** hidden.
So yeah, my dreams and visions of becoming more is no more than an illusion.

Cultures collide and bring forth rigged constitutions.
So, a society develops assumptions and misconceptions,
and it didn’t help that my ancestors had to wait till 1960 to vote in pointless elections.

Elections to decide the next white privileged man to take power,
power that turns good man evil.
Most don’t see or want to see the levels of this status quo devil woe’s, **** ridden covert racist codes.
So, if reality is a nightmare on elm street I’d rather live life short and die quick, and kick the Lord off his high seat.
****, looks like this dream catcher turned out to be Charlotte's web.
Oh, the irony of this misdirect, I thought the dream-catcher was supposed to protect!

But I see know that when you throw out the ***** bath water you also got to throw out the crib!
So now you can see why I can’t get ahead, because white society set up an invisible blockade.
So, sorry if perpetuating the cycle is wrong,
but might as well take my token Indian status and put it into a broken arcade.
For this mountain I’ve been climbing was really a cliff all along,
and society made it pretty clear that I don't belong.
So, I have no choice but to sing my Farewell song.
For the time of the Indian is dead and gone!
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