Taylor Jun 2014

i want to get to know you.
i remember thinking that when i first met you.
i wanted to get to know everything about you.

what you look like in the morning, what you look like at night, what your hair is like if you jokingly put it up in a towel, what your family is like, what words you use a lot.
what your favorite scent of febreeze is, what color you describe the sky as, what you think of when you see something beautiful.
what your favorite creamer is to put into your coffee or if you even like coffee, what you look like at 2am when you're feeling alone.
how you speak when you are angry in comparison to when you are sad (so i will never get the two mixed up), what you want as a tattoo, what you believe in.

i wanted to know everything that i could fall in love with.
and i learned that there is no one else i would rather know, than you.
because absolutely everything about you is intriguing, from what you look like in the morning to what you dare to believe in.

Kate Lion Jan 2013

Does the beta know
About life in other fish bowls

Aashi Oct 2013

The wondrous mystery clings to the wall,
Vines curling in the dimensions of darkness and dawn,
Reasons behind songs of love,
Words from the letters veiled,
The unknown story, the hidden truth,
Intriguing the conscience, burning the desires of heart.
Calling me to dance to the rhythms of silence,
To repeat the ballads not heard,
To follow the sound of green and brown,
Into the dark valley of musings.
Intriguing the conscience, flaming the desires of heart

Nick Hall Oct 2012

Your poetry sucks

The sly smoke lingering upon the room
The door open, enclosing the broom
Calmly I sat,  on my wooden  chair
Reading the newspaper, under the sun's glare

Yet the phone soundly rang
A catchy tune it's speakers sang
In my mind, who could it be?
In the end of the line, a stranger greets me.

And such reveals the mists of mystery
He demands me to stay awake
This uncalled feeling of stressful misery
Is far worst than I could take

Written related to a story a friend of mine wrote, about a man who's called by a stranger. Quite devious.
Clindballe Aug 2014

Artificial      abracadabra
Gibberish        grammar
Intriguing       illusions
Confused        crowds

For Joe Cole
Written: August 27. -2014
Aashi Oct 2013

Intriguing the conscience, burning the desires inside the heart.

the reason behind the lie and the sorrow behind the words,

the warmth behind the blush and the summoning call„

the curls in the vines and the dark shadows,

the secrets and the treasure,

hell and fire,

or heaven and love,

the magic and the lullabies of night,

The righteous and the right.

Caught in the prongs of Thy,

Intrigued by the essence,

caring not to hide.

Inside my body feels like chaos.
There seems to be no sense to what is happening.
I am aware on a conscious level that something is going on inside my mind and soul,
but I cannot access it.
It's as if the things that torment me are lurking in the dark,
purposefully causing me pain,
luring me into the darkness,
tempting me with the idea that discovery is possible,
all the while knowing that they will not reveal themselves to me.
Rather they slowly seduce me into their realm of darkness
and begin to trick my mind that the darkness is the only truth that exists.

Darkness is a strange thing really.
On the surface it doesn’t seem very appealing.
It is something that holds fear and danger
and torments many people when presented in an external explicit way.
When presented in an internal way,
this fear and danger does not,
seem to send off the same kind of alarm bells that one would normally hear.
It would, in fact, appear as if the mind is somewhat
by the shadows within itself
that drift around like smoke in a breeze.
It is as if this intrigue
is enough to safeguard against the potentially sinister depths of a tormented soul.

I am not immune from this
as I too find myself perpetually drawn into the dark crevices of my mind.
I can only hope
that my fragile heart
remembers that it was not always shattered by darkness
– but rather
that it is held together by the Light that exists at the core of my divinely given being.

Brendan Thomas Mar 2014

Alas I've found another Muse
She knows not yet
But still it's true

For from inside
Inspiration again flows
Until that time
Like the rest she shall go

Kennedy Taylor Dec 2014

Like a siren; alluring.
Like a campfire; warming.
Like an addiction; captivating.
Like the sun; lustrous.
She was all of these things upon sight.

Like a good book; intriguing.
Like an idea; different.
Like the breeze; refreshing.
Like inspiration; reassuring.
She was all of these things upon conversation.

Like a dream; distant.
Like music; intangible.
Like an illusion; comforting.
Like the moon; unobtainable.
She was all of these things upon waking.

Like all of these things; Her.

Joliver Jan 2016

No one else's
A drop of sunshine
That lights my world
A delicate flower
Who has the most exquisite features
From her petals
To her thorns
The most intriguing part to me
Will ever and always be
Why on earth
Would this divine work of God
This lovely being of true beauty
The girl who is perfection manifest
Choose a lad like me?

gravygod Sep 2015

when is it crossing the line?
when I am in front of it all
laid out on the table
seeking a potent euphoria
constantly wondering if I have done enough
but it is never fulfilling
on a search for a meaning in this mess
yet never finding one
there's always suspense
wondering if I am secure
the thrill is so intriguing
and too hard to give up

Tehreem Jun 2016

His voice echo in her mind
Words engraving her being
The dark space between them
Where they entangle cryptically
Destined to the forlorn demise
Chained and shackled with curse
A sullen face with intriguing eyes
A withered heart and bruised brain
The sonnet of melancholic mess
The story of inconsolable loss
Damaged tenuous souls in worship
Connected with waves of thoughts
She craves annihilation into him
He is distant lost in himself
Two naked souls dazed in madness
Existing in a questionable state

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