Anonymous Dec 2014

You used to tell me how you didn't like the way I lacked a sense of intimacy,
How I wouldn't hold you the way you wanted to be held,
The way she held you,
I wouldn't kiss you much in public,
So you didn't give me a chance to get away,
You would hold me tighter and my escape was found within the lock of our mouths,
I liked it,
But I always wondered what normal really is,
Were you like this with her or was she normal,
Do you crave the touch of women who lack the intimacy you desire, or do you simply like playing our little game,

As of late I've tried to touch you more, say words which feel like rosebuds,
So sweet and elegantly delicate,
And the more I show this foreign concept if an intimate relationship,
The more I fall in love,
The more I fall into your trap of smiles and fingers running through my hair,
The more I crave your kisses, your touch,
What happened to me?
Because darling,
I'm afraid.

I'm trying really hard to feel comfortable to show how deeply I care for him in public. I think it's making him happy but my anxiety is going through the roof
Ashley Nicole Nov 2014

Kiss your lips
And inhale laughter,
Oh god, the way
Your mouth curls,
Eyes become
Gentle slits,
And the bending
Of your brow
Insists on
Every ounce
Of my soul
Says, "Yes,

Give me time to be intimate.
Thrust, myself deep into your thoughts.
Slow grind on your opinions.
Let my tongue pour into your pores.
Nibble on your ear
Light breaths caress your canals.
Euphoric exclamations, you moan.
I press on your frame
Hardening myself to your disagreement
Because bruises only remind you of past occasions
You moisten my hands with your SELF-worth
I fill you with my SELF-esteem.
Pulling on the dreams flowing from your head.
You cringe, nails hanging of the cliffs of my skin
limbs stiffen around our future.
You pull me close
I hear you whispers
While you think them.
You want to avoid
Submitting under,
Moans become muffled
Locked in by your teeth
Biting your lip.

Ophelia Jul 2014

Since you left me
I've become far more
With the small hours
Of the morning
Than I ever was
With you

~Christi Michaels~12/2014~

you with an onion
in the palm of your hand
pulling back layers
seeing just who I am

removing the papery
outer shell
the flesh beneath
holding slight color tan

folding back the next
begining to understand
sweet juicy onion
in the palm of your hand

brave to peel 
the next layer
spicey as onions can be
a tear begins to form
a tear just for me

now you are intoxicated
as only an onion can do
you pull back again
translucent flesh
coming through

sweeter and sweeter
I become
as you genlty find my core
you've settled in
found your way
what a delectable
delicious score

Copyright © 2014 Christi Michaels.
All Rights Reserved.

*Just a Little Ditty!*
Just Melz Mar 2016

There's nothing more romantic
          in my eyes
        Than holding your hand
   And talking about our lives
          Because in my mind
The only thing better than the fantasy
        Is the intimacy I feel
  When it's just you and me

Sapiosexual: Finding someone's intelligence to be their most sexually attractive feature.

For DaSH, the sexiest and smartest man I know. <3
Poetry by MAN Apr 2014

I long to Touch you
I close my eyes and feel
What is a touch?
Is it a feeling that's real?
Unless we hold each other forever in time
A touch becomes a memory that is left behind
Some we hold onto
Some we destroy
A tingle in the mind
A moment of joy
Is intimacy our purpose?
Through life we all rush
Holding onto to emotions we can never touch...

M.A.N 4-1-14
Alyssa Underwood Jul 2016

Jesus entrusts
the most luscious of
blessings and the rarest of
secrets to the most desperate and
thirsty of souls, for He delights to place
the loveliest of wings on the lowliest of worms

"You make known to me the path of life;
    You will fill me with joy in Your presence,
    with eternal pleasures at Your right hand."
~ Psalm 16:11

"'Blessed are the poor in spirit,
   for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."'
~ Matthew 5:3

Jimmy Solanki Sep 2014

A soft touch of your lips
Caress my ears
Pouring life into my veins
My soul brought back as redemption
The world swirls around you and I
Dropping all concern or restraint

I feel all that I could feel
I feel all that I ever wanted
Your eyes hold me down to this earth
Your eyes make me fly

Corey Dec 2014

I want you to brave, and hopefully save my personality
Personally, if you personalized your time with me
My persona would be cured to endure my insecurities

I want our shadows to share the kisses and blisses we share, so we can experience them from the outside
Our side is constricted, afflicted, depicted in a way that I've become far too used to

Show me that we can be infinite the instant we are intimate

Victoria Jun 2014

do you think

    pizza deliverymen

        get a glimpse

            of intimate moments

                in people's lives?

LockAndKey 1139 Apr 2015

Often it's a fine line. Elements of the two will overlap and intertwine.

Lust coupled with a prominent erection.

Longing, faith and need, founded upon an unexplainably true connection.

(C) 2015
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