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Sabila Siddiqui Mar 2018
Verbalizing out her interests
attracted opportunities.

She planned to play with every insecurity,
learning, growing and blooming
with every opening.

She just had to take a chance
for the possibility.
Event hough she was dubious and stuttering.

But soon there would be rhythm and fluency
and there she would find unity in
a community.
SC Kelley Aug 2018
My interests include

Reading old love poems,
And reading the volumes in your eyes.

Writing new love poems,
And writing our future together in my mind.

Drinking hot tea in the middle of summer,
And drinking the words that your lips spin together like silk.

Listening to the late spring birds,
And listening to the heartbeat in my ears when you look at me.

Watching the stars in the dead of night,
With you in my arms and our bodies breathing together.

But my greatest interest above all else,
Is just you and every way you make me feel.

~S.C. Kelley
For my love
Ted Mar 2018
We met through proximity,
but didn't use that to convene.
We learned so much about each other through a screen,
But we've let each other truly be seen.

With our many shared interests,
and our vastly different pasts,
help us clearly see our paths.

How enchanting this has all been,
to now call you a friend.
Cassie Jul 2013
Fast food
Fast cars
Fast girls
Fast world

Fast paced
Shoes laced
Heightened heart rate
Don't be late

Sweat beading your being
Aren't you tired?
Your soul's taking a beating
Tweeting instead of reading
Face booking instead of looking up
Have you forgotten how to breathe?
Involuntary actions* now include refreshing your news feed

The best years of our lives wasted on the internet
Reblogging pictures that reflect our interests
Hoping the next follower is our next best friend
What happened to human interaction?
We're all connected by a single thread
Let's take a stand and realize this now instead of on our death beds

Look up
Look out
Look in
Lose doubts
Lose sin
Lose shame
Open your eyes
Forget the game

*autonomic functions
I read this at my school's poetry slam. I have horrible stage fright and closed minded peers to appease. I'm happy I actually went through with it.
violavics Jun 13
You can lift me
with merely a smile
my head tilts at the sight of you

I want you near  
stroking my hair
gazing through my eyes

Speak to me more
about you and your interests
anything you can possibly share

You can see me
in the days and nights
when my hand reaches out to you

I want you here
cradling my arms
submerging through my mind
missing someone who caught my eyes and mind
June 13, 2019
"I have your interests at heart...
...your heart is my interest."
Gemma Jun 2018
"Effortless" effort
To prompt yourself up for the time of your life
but you'd rather just forget it .
See her walking down the country lane,
Endless fields surrounding her vision ,
Places she wouldn't care to get lost in,
But upon the pavement there's a man checking her out ,
I reckon he's thirty years of age .
I don't think he's thought about how old she is ,
I know their interests upon one another are not the same.
Still, in this scene , she has the losing title
Cause he's entitled
To notice
And she might as well
Keep quiet.
Its vital to dress herself proper
so the incident doesn't occur again,
She was the one in the wrong here,
She's scarred by the complete fear
But as her mother once told her  

      "men will be men" .
Uzzie Aug 2018
Just like I would paint a picture in your mind and making you see the way i want you to see it, You will never know me.
I would take years and decades describing my favourite food, how amazing it would taste and how decadent I prefer it to be,
You will never know me.
I could express my emotions of love, pain, past, dreams, motives and all there is to be emotional about
Tell you what i most yearn for
how I want to be held
And play the woman you want me to be
whether its being a wife
Mother of your kids
Your one night stand
or your psychotic rock of emotions
I would invest all of my time
My energy explaining myself to you
Telling you how my day was , trying to acknowledge my actions for the day.
You will never know me.

How I cry
sleeping on your chest
Making you believe
The love that we share would FOREVER exist
Having you hold my hand
Watching you lead the way
Checking whether the street is safe for me to cross
our Souls meeting through our palms
The warmth of our blood meeting the touch of our hands
the senses, the feel's between us.
You will never know me...

exchanging our DNA's
exciting adventure that we love embarking
****, how we look foward to these moments
Passing "I love you,
You are my everything.
I don't see myself without you.
I will never leave you!!
You mean the world to me!!"
Trying to make you understand my heart and mind
Wondering what the world really means.

I don't know what life means
I don't know what my interests would be in the next hour
whether my favourite colour would still be black
Or it will swiftly change to pink.
You will never know me coz I'm still getting to know me too
Sara Kellie Sep 2018
I can't believe I bought them.
Is this the top scoop?
I've entered a raffle for
pea & ham soup.
I can't even eat it,
I'm vegetarian you see.
Won't you just change it to
tomato for me?

I don't mind the peas,
It's the ham that's no good.
They slaughter those piggies
screaming, covered in blood.
Eyes bulging, their throats cut.
It's really not nice.
There's so much more to choose from,
not just cakes made of rice.

Have you seen how they nugget,
crispy goujons and breast?
They've found faeces and gristle
in a food safety test.
So don't think that these people
have your interests at best.
Look it up, do your research
and I'll give it a rest!

Poetry by Kaydee.
Stop eating animals!
Gloom Says Nov 2016
Just another period poem,
Fighting the odds stained in blood
Detesting men with pen sword
building a throne of emotions
And ruling in the side of hormones

I won that war,
Without a single pickle ruined
Without a single stain on your sofa set
Without a single god offended

I did it alright
How it was supposed to be
I changed the blood carrier on time
I locked myself in the room alone
Without the gods, pickle and you

I left your perfect world
Where I was an impure bleeding ***** and
not so perfect human being, if any
I locked myself in the room
Without the gods, pickle and you

Then what I did I do you ask?
If it interests you so much then know
I put on my suit, business suit
Held my head high with the perfect eyeliner wing I did not cry to wear white
I wore grey with perfect shade of black
And entered the world
where I am your
boss that you ***** about
project partner you wish was not
colleague that you hate
friend whom you love but hates her boyfriend
cousin whom you try avoid at every family wedding

I am bleeding now
But you won’t know that
Because I won’t let you know that
I will be imperfect at work, emotions and love
But I will turn it around this time

I will win the war
the one I want to

I will do it alright
How I want to
Coming from a bleeding lady, working her *** off to claim the equal paycheck and convincing herself to be proud of herself
Chelsea Primera Sep 2017
The city spearheads the futures we sincerely sold,
As it pluckers your pennies and your coins of gold.

I felt poor amid the auras of their fearsome metals,
Cowering in the clothes of our daily struggles.

I am destitute enough
To bleach out the interests of my cards,
To shatter your savings for a disabled future,
To rummage the stock markets for apertures.

Yet within you exhales tentacles of the color Yellow.

Yellow as in,
The scattered stars that scorch the injured sky,
The mellowing voices of neon artificial lights,
The apex of fire alight in frostbitten nights,
And the yolk of hope my cheers rely.

So while you chase the sun
with your copper-clad hands,
remember but this:

all that glitters is not gold,
It’s the color Yellow in these eyes I behold.
Carter Ginter Aug 2017
From the day we met
I never felt the choking flutter of
a million wings in my lungs
So in our time together
I’ve never chased that feeling
While it may seem odd
their absence allowed me to love you entirely
without the distraction of
the ***** beauty of butterflies
Although I don’t understand it fully
I appreciate the rawness of my emotions
and how they had to travel steadily
before they became the flowing river they were always meant to
And when I tell you that my interests in others
has and never will alter my feelings for you
Understand that all they can offer me is a temporary flurry
Butterflies have a short lifespan
And our love is eternal.
Rise up high, or sink below
What you need, to succeed
Is what everyone should know
In the scorching heat around us
Or in the ice and snow
A master and his passion
Still leaves room to grow

In the eyes of an owl
In the lions heart and soul
The lion roars
The eagle soars
And the raven finds its crow

From the setting sun in the distance
The orange, yellow, and golds
Captured here in a moments time
Though it has no place to go

Nothing really matters
Anyone one of us can see
I came so close to drowning
That’s how angels earn their wings

Few out there shares my interests
I’m lonely and estranged
Everyone is different
Yet somehow all the same

When one of us is hurting
When it’s just too much to bare
Ask for help, and you will see  
Just how many of us care.
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