rsc Jan 2015

I sit
at the
center of
one worm-
holed world,
wanting to
wave words like
"young" and
"skinny" at
women who
would want to
hear them and
I wonder,
with Williams
in my ears,
"What did I do
to deserve this?
Am I happy?"
Hair curls
down from
crown to
third eye to
throat to
heart and
I wince as
my solar
plexus sings
Celtic chants and
its songs
radiate out in
waves of
If you've
already heard
of me,
that makes
one of us;
I'm driving a
bus powered by
thunder claps and
electric jazz melodies
into the
cosmic sea
to meet up
with Pluto and
make myself
his mistress.
Chain me to
the baobab
trees of your
perceptions and
I will claw my
way to the
mountainous flat
tops of your mind,
laying my limbs
out like wet
laundry in
silent soliloquy
dedicated to
your soul
finding a
use for
the word
Your ice cream
cone dreams
may start to
melt deliciously
but forgo your fear
and lap them up,
then abandon
the drops for
want of
fresh fruit and
cool, cool water.
Be cool,
let the otter
make the
moonlit path to
paradise and
mount your raft
to ride it only
twice in
one life.
Keep your
eyes peeled
and put the
carrot skins
in the compost.
You are the
one you need

Arcassin B Aug 2016

By Arcassin Burnham

I am stronger than open seasons in red skies that burn as
Bright as the lies you tell me,
A sorry excuse for a friend that I will never claim,
You claim that you love me , your a fucking liar,
Not a fan of your attire,
Making bonds with a pedophile in your own digust and your
Taste for lust,
I can only imagine how you sleep at night,
The illusion that your love for me was valid,
But really not quite,
Your right! I'll never see the light,
I may not be perfect but this is way out of hand,
If you wanted to get back at me you could have dated my friends,
But your mind is that of a slow moving turtle or sloth,
I'm always two steps ahead of you when you tell me fuck off,
Now , don't say I ever told anything when he cheats on you,
I can't believe I wasted years trying create a life with you,
I have my reasons for why I am the way I am,
But you lack consistency in all the attention and glam.


Turn on the lamp and stray from the darkness within,
I don't know why we are all striked and covered with sin,
You're losing coverage from all the peers around you and,
Trying to kill some time without a single cringe,

°°°°°pull the wool from my eyes°°°°°
°°°°°Adventurous with demise°°°°°
( No matter what you dooooo) °°°°°have to-stay in the light°°°°°
°°°°°all your life , had to fight°°°°°
°°°°°african American boy with some weaknesses°°°°

Weaknesses that will get demolished and looked after
So they won't occur again with all the good progress I've
Been making,
I've been,
Putting guards up obtaining comfort in my own surrounding,
Looking after myself is the number priority occurring.

Amber Bowen Dec 2014

Did you need something?
Sorry, I'm raiding
And I have plans with a friend
To do some high rank arenas later
"I can't right now"
"Give me a moment"
And that moment turns into ten
Then twenty
Perhaps an hour that lasts a day
It's a horrible habit at times
But I don't regret where I spend my life
Twisted into the net
Immersed in this video game
Like an unhealthy addiction
Only it's not
It's my choice
You do your thing
As I hide behind this screen
Enjoying my time
Interacting with people
Over great distances
Whom I call friends
They don't judge
The way those around me do
Believe it or not
Just don't be fooled
By those creeps out there
But I promise
Good people exist
Over the net
You just have to find them

I'm incredibly sick of being judged
For playing video games
Look in the mirror
And realize
That I don't care
Ormond Mar 2014

Magic unrealized  .  .  .
Man, woman interacting,
Child just loves flower.

Rich KillJoy May 2014

Unlike most people I know who make friends everywhere they go;
I have trouble interacting with others.
It took me all long time to make friends,
sure people would talk to me but
I guess they’d got bored
cause they never tried speaking to me again.
I try to make friends once and a while,
but sometimes we have nothing in common
so I stop interacting with them.  
Either way I’m going to have to start to learn
how to make friends,
I can’t be a loner forever.
Or can I?

r Oct 2013

Persistent places
Sequent occupations of the landscape diachronically
Consisting of Action, Search, and Awareness Spaces

Action Spaces
The foci of people comprehensively
Interacting  with their place

Search Spaces
Where people go
To fulfill specific needs

Awareness Spaces
Those places people are aware of
But do not interact directly

These spaces that appear as palimsests
Accumulated layers of action, search and awareness
Comprehending persistent places is to understand the past

r  30Oct2013

Inspired by Dr. Lewis Binford's "Willow Smoke and Dogs' Tails: Hunter-Gatherer Settlement Systems and Archaeological Site Formation, 1980, American Antiquity, Vol 45, No. 1.
nivek Oct 2014

entertainment is at its best on the street
wherever there are two humans

R Saba Apr 2014

cars, trees and concrete flip by
like television channels, each one forgotten
by the press of the button
or the slow closing of my eyes as i grow tired
of the still-life patterns
and the constant sounds of humans
interacting with machinery

to tell the truth, it was different before

this morning, the buildings sped past
in time with my music
and i smiled back at the bus driver
sitting down with the anticipation
of standing up again
waiting to step down into that sunshine
waiting to shield my eyes from the sky
and wrap my vision around you

and you never disappoint

this afternoon, though
i sit heavy and sinking
into blue plush, silver metal and damp dust
as i leave the sunshine behind

call me dramatic, but leaving you
feels like the real thing

oh whatever, that's probably a good thing anyways

Have we lost our connection
with our partners
Playing silly board games
Relaxing without
Or the box
Do we make time to
Spend with those we love.
Or do we work to hard
Spend to much time
On Facebook
Or  just interacting with technology
By our lonely self's

Just playing a few board games
Who knows
What else might happen
Cold shower
Not telling
You can work it all out..

Shin Nov 2013

Let the seventh sorrow reach into

isolated dint; glower, I’m home.

zealots pleasure striking their coup.

Salivating over lustful tomes

all while the hypocrite’s contrition

levels all but a single man’s glare,

interacting with love’s first partition.

Mmm…or maybe; I don’t really care.

I don’t know, nor do I feel the sun.

Lo and behold I spy your visage

onward into my lovely dreams.

Violently these feelings aren’t yet done.

Energy released until I scream

Yet the soul contracts massage.

Opium your female mantis drains

Until we look and find the rain.

Amber Oct 2015

I never knew i could disintegrate so easily
not once but twice reduce in shallow
fragments , I decompse of you
Only to find myself in decay
The chemistry of a broken heart
slowly transforming itself
into poison is interacting
with you
on a level of hurt
I´m simply trying to infect you

Ahmad Cox Nov 2011

Rays of light
Suspended in space
Rays of light that float through time
These rays of light are in our hearts
Connecting us through time and space
We are all rays of light
Propagating through space
Interacting with each other
In different ways
Interacting with each other
So that we create this chaotic mess
That somehow has a beautiful order
And when you step back and look at it all
You start to realize just how beautiful
Our rays of light really are

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