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Tanay Sengupta Oct 2018
Shattered frames of ashes and dust
Remnants of our deeds,
Like the fruitful tree in August
Unaware of its seeds.
Claiming to be intellectuals
Ravaging on the weak,
Tied down by our own rituals
And the words we do not speak.

Divided by our views
Fake is what we feed,
Battered and bruised
We watch as we bleed.

Tanay Sengupta, Copyright © 2018.
All Rights Reserved.
Hello there, it feels good to write something after a long time. Hope you like it. Cheers!
Michael John Aug 2018

there does seem to be a lot of nosey parkers
things can rapidly become darker
a momentum of their own
soon,again,be traipsing across broad

fields of fresh bone..intellectuals are
usually the first to go the written word
suspect decadent art the smooth hand
and on till we are all looking over our

collective worshipped
lord what we believe in the name of
collective security and a bigger better


the goldfish in our park pond however
seem very happy together
they patiently wait their turn
and take a small bite as required..

they know they are many small smaller
all the various colours and the big ones
but there is the sun and there is suffice
they will circle love and say ola..

inspired by executing society
I shed tears of ink
For the voiceless.
I am the only link
To the hopeless.

For the poor I scribble
In love and solidarity,
to highlight the struggle
and do an anthem of poverty.

For the poor and marginalized,
I speak power to the validity,
I bring awareness for those victimized
to quench the thirst of brutality.

I can flow like a mighty fountain
In the face of mistreatments.
I crawl valleys and climb a mountain
In times of impediments.

I can leak useful information
In the cause of injustice.
I can write a memo for a demonstration
On behalf of disgruntled masses.

I am the defibrillator of broken hearts
and the hope of the downtrodden.
I can write love poems and draw arts
Just to motivate and embolden.

I have signed many peace treaties,
and declarations of independence.
I have been used to get properties
And I have been used for vengeance.

I am the weapon of choice for intellectuals
and the shield of protection against violence.
I am the stamp of instant rebuttals
and the glitch of terrestrial intelligence.

#IvanBrookspoetry ©  #Bassapoet
The pen is everything..
CeriseRed Sep 2018
The dying hero said
To his wife and his beloved children
"I obliged you not to follow the same path I took."

With those words,
His daughter inquired,
"Father, how come not if it was a beautiful path
with those roses and dandelions,
showered by a blazing yellow hot sun
glittered with cotton candy sky
and a bouquet of trees and a choir of angelical wind?"

The hero stared blanky at his daughter
His heart gasped a beat and mouthed the words,
"Singsong the truth without coated sugar,
the world needs the intellectuals
with skills and talents,
neccessary for humanity to survive,
be a doctor who cures the sick,
be an engineer who builds
be a lawyer, be a farmer or a fisher,
anything will do but not the one I am."


"They are nothing without words,
They are nothing but robots,
without the tune of the tongue,
without the ink of the heart,
the world for them is all but rigid,
round but pointed,
with air but not breathing.
Words can **** but words can also heal."

The girl paused, then stand.
"Father can crack the caramel paint
and reveals of what's the truth,
I am who I am
and I am what father can do."

It was midnight.
The hero died.
A dead man and a dead will.
His deed still lives in pages,
and in the veins of his female kid.
A rebel daughter was born.
Her words were nothing for an empty soil.
A dead will and a dead man.
He wrote poems.
DivineDao3 Sep 7
Woebegone are daily Thrusts when Life
Is happening.

Therefore - no need intices Us
To pour the Black or Bluish Ink
into the Whitest Indigo Alternative.

Yellow is Golden. Gold is for the Star Gods.

They are above our power, above and over the gender differentientia..

Só - - Love and Praise Love giving Light Illuminaries! Our Gods of Solar winds
and rain and floods and growing "things"
Do not care about Marakesh, Neo-nazis, pacifists or Vezuvian dust bites.

They Emanate, Emit and Emirate
Brilliantly To us  Offer-rings Divine - - Life manifested Love for All

Love for All!!!

... And all I have longed for ~'~
was your Embrace. ThatLove
transmitted and Enhanced,:;. I Thank Thou Pure~Intent§' *§
Thou lovely smiles of no names~lands, Thy clean, clear-fatial features.

Black Velvety Tulip should be heard-byyoutoyouwhispered (From Me to Thy Presence) from Near~nearnesses, when we love(d) each other in those summer pine woods. The playful shadows sometimes play with shinny colours and exchange the long day for a beautiful Night...
And I'll never forget The Love within Your Eyes.

Those soft words of yours, thy knowledge..
gentle raindrops upon your walking being I love and Love... and yet, why do you walk, like you were crushed, injured, remote, withdrawn in solemn thoughts - - How can I heal from you?!! Is your focus elsewhere 'cause the remedy you seek is not harmonious with pulse of my beating drum!!?
Wholenesses, Galaxies, Love, Lust, Pliè

The Europe has Been Unified in Mutual
It's religious Abode has been (stillis) Petratka's Dome for Torcherings, Muted People's Dreams doomed by some deeply perveresedPsychological Violence (of Elites?) The Red Violin's Obssessive 'A posteriori Mortem Lovings' , For Bombs and Boom Boom Bombastic *** Slavery Proclaimed and Approved so Innocently and Meekly By Accolades Gaining Genially Prolific Authors..

Let me ask Thou Hearts -_-not ThyMainBrain:"Who would ***** if not in vein,out of scrutiy and utmost struggle, pain!!!? Would you be pleased if circumstances were Turned around and you'd be the one who has to struggle for survival (perhaps not being able to the fullest point - as you are now?)
Would your human dignity be pleased, when others generous"humility" proclaimed so easily:
"If it's for the money, so what the hell, we both gain - me the pleasure and you the" golden "game"".
And yes - - Where's the check for our Ideas you MF Criminals!?!
Thy Heaven oh - Rich, Elegant, Arrogant, Arduous, Europeans and DarklyDeep Global Intellectuals.. Have you been of some help?!
To Whom do Do you Blow, For Who do Youperform, Who's the Ruller of Thy - <3
Hades for The Famined and Deprived
Artistry, Crafts and Different Cultures
Havana, Bahamas,
Chick Chorrea, No nausea, Sydney, Mauritius and a pig Guinea
Now Na na na na
The Europeans have Got The Wisdom!
Pragmatism reins!
Especially on billboards:for women no Harry no orangeries on tights, all noses that are not tiny as Mini mice it's oh - so ******* unnice: in Europe do not be too fat, do nať há Američan Indian, Arabic or Hooked nose - Listen - You'll be a Threat woman! They might mix you up for some mad scientist, for The Thinker for a man of knowledge and power... Do rather break thy brittle bones and subdue to infancy rhymed~~ rhythm and shuffle in your domesticated *** the poultry and look extremely lash fluttery flattering naive woman-forewa childfeaturedeffeverscentmeek

And we'll plan some tanks and bombs and missiles and Those fantastically Gorgeous Self Thinking Killer Robots To Erase

Inspiring smooth operating mediums Always on the run
Await for us within This Virtual Millennia
We can hide between white earrings
We can play with Identities,
We can **** as many **** of knowledge as we want The World wide Web
Whereas digits and Dots Resolve
The Forest's Loved Longitudes,

Whereas The Creatures Loveliness
Exposee is heard among the Jungle plantiful clustered Middle plants; Their Beating Hearts, and Veins and All those moving limbs, and joints and not only segregated Left/right Wings

But Whole Chivalry the Nature Can Provide

Do listen attentively:
Audio miraculously sly sounds of Winged Beings have Enchanted Me, as dots and Stripes and Patterns

Oh - The Sacred Symmetry of Natura Sans
Ad Homminem Dat Dost Dates

Poetic Poesy Perpetuum Pottery Wheels
Humming as Milton's Longing Blakes

When we observe Works of Art
Today O'night we forget the outer world.

We Laugh Out Loud in pleasant, cute and
Unstoppable Adorable Manner - That Hurts No-one, Nobody, None, not even
Opuss Magnum Max & BunkerNumb. 1

You see:)( :
We see many beings, Sterling's, Garrets, Chelloss, Storms and Diamonds in the rough
And Yet - How can we not be energetically

Borghes IS  (  The one and only mindblowin'ImpeccableEssays final~fantasy  ) approaching on Syberian Sybertooth Lion. S/he rides the FurryBeast with Nelly Furtado, Milla Jovović and Nipke.

I knock on Your door my Trustfully Neighbour's Friendofafriend.
Under OldTreeGiantTop no-one is ever Alone~Love

Whereas Truthful Threads remain Like
Utopistic Melancholy
Dreams Diseased
Divine Prolonged Prolegomenas
Being Grateful for so many Exceptional Persons, who may or may not ponder upon my Words.

The essence is God.
God is
AnonEMouse Aug 2018
What I fear most
Is that intellectuals and scholars have never been understood
And that I stand among them
Like a ***** in today's time
Unworthy and misunderstood
The slightest Infraction a death sentence to a meaningful existence
If, for only a second, they could see things how I do.
How grand it could be.
The sullied summer
The toil
Bring the ringing dead doorbell
Of bleeding angels like Lucifer
In Paradise Lost
Reigning in Hell, and lost in purgatory
Watching nowhere, however, down on me
Looking down on me, I mean
I mean, you ever have that feeling that you are walking in discomfit
That the perfect word that comes to you is in someone else's welcoming words
That's why we abuse like intellectuals, deprived of any wishful thinking

— The End —