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Lewis Hyden Nov 2018
We are already
Cyborgs. We integrate with
Our computer screens.
A haiku about technology.
#18 in the Distant Dystopia anthology.

© Lewis Hyden, 2018
Tammy M Darby Sep 2013
Of woman's strength
Feminine emotion
Novice poet of rhyme
Wandering traveler in time
A skilled hunter

I am an outlaw
Choosing not to embrace conformity
Or integrate into the system
Societies matrix
The definition of normal
Existing uneasily on the fringe

Confederate born
Southern bred
I fly my flag with pride overhead
Not out of hate
To represent the heritage of my birth

A scholar
Obscurity is my chosen environment
Connoisseur of the written word
The yellowed paper soon obsolete  

These are my many attributions
I will not dispute it
Indeed I am a maze of confusion
In the conscious world
I am a strange combination

All Rights [email protected] Tammy M Darby
All Material Stored in Author Base Sept. 2013
ight reserved
Arianna Dec 2018
Where do knowledge and theorizing integrate,
Or do they remain separate,
Illusions of realities reflected infinitely,
         Perpetuating mirror follies, endlessly,
                    Of enlightenment?

What is this, 'enlightenment'?
Is it but a presumption?

And how could it be, when so heavily weighs
The anchor of gravity?

For despite all the pondering,
The musing,
And reading of books,


It seems rare,
An honest thought to find,
Cogitated for its own sake
          independently discerned,
Neither of, nor about, nor for
The ponderings of another,

And thus,
Still I wonder
How to think freely, though perhaps
I'm just thinking too much.
In other words: "What does it mean to truly think autonomously?"
Softly Spoken Apr 16
If in this infinity of people
Something tuned to my existence
Is astonishing in nature
How do I reconcile this being
How do I integrate my heart
With yours so as not to tread on this wisdom
With all your light
Creativity and hard won insights to self
The heaviness I feel at attacks
On one so present with experience
And by nature such depth reveals itself
Touch points and connection
Art, architecture and aesthetics
I feel at points, touched with the recollection
Of the nights ardent caresses
Of its wit, and whispers
Of its easy smiles
Of its lack of duress
Of your scent
The weight of your gaze
As heavy as lead moving through me
Fireflies and electricity
You’re the butterfly on my shoulder
The taste of whisky on my lips
The fingers curled around mine
I see infinity in the gold of your eyes
As we walk through our kiez
I’ll walk life with you
This realness is so easy
So free
But for now, I float with memory
Maybe my muse has shapeshifted...
Derrick Jones Aug 2018
Part 1: Birth

There is only flow when I go to the unknown
I roam an abandoned home
It looks like ancient Rome, frescoes and domes
I call out, the echoes tell me I’m alone
No phone service, I am nervous
I wander through these haunted halls
The size of a million shopping malls
I begin to feel so small
A sudden flash and I am dashed to the realm of vision
A photon’s silent fission causes a collision in my eyes
Chemicals climb my nerves like vines
They activate my brain
I gain the gift of sight
I can finally see the light
Technicolor sprites ignite from the night
They surround me and confound me
Dizzy with the brightness
My body dissolves to lightness
I am one with a firework show
I am an ember, drifting to and fro
I am the spark, the flame, the afterglow

Part 2: Escape

This house that was haunting me
Is less daunting in reality
To my surprise, I realize my eyes describe a scene I can’t contextualize
I’ve lost my corporeal form
I’m tossed but never torn
I am the fabric of the universe
I fold, tesselate, invert
There is no ground, no up or down
As I fill this infinite space
My mind is racing
My self erasing
I am carved into a simple tracing
I am a thought confined inside a casing
Cut down to size I rise to the surface
Shot into the sky, I gain a purpose
I stream toward an enormity  
I reach escape velocity
I smash into reality

Part 3: Dissemination

I am a thought that was caught
Shot into the moment
Because I am where the mind went
Sent into the present
A representation of an inner mentation
A random rumination
A rogue communication
An intuition loaded like ammunition
Fired from a rifle
Too late to stifle
I ram through the fog of resistance
I slam into existence
It’s survival of the fittest
If I fail to catch attention
I will fall out of this dimension
I am rescued by a mention!
My salvation is conversation
I am converted into sound
I reverberate through air and ground
My vibrations travel through eustachian tubes and neural grooves
I move the chemicals in your head
Make you think of me instead
Now I am yours to spread
Exhaled like vapor
Written on paper
Cell phones are my savior
With digital capabilities
I avoid temporal instabilities
Evade deletion by replication
Copy and pasted
Then excreted
I’ve been tweeted!
I spread through the interwebs
Integrate into inner webs
And now I am a part of you
Weaved into the heart of you
There’s no reprieve, no undo
I will influence the future
A humble contributor
Whether I bring shame or glory
I am a part of this story
For more poetry and essays, follow my blog on Medium at
Thanks for reading!
Star BG Dec 2018
Yes sunbeam showers grace form
in dancing spirals that fall
to integrate with wind.
Oh how grand feels thy
As clouds meet the blue
As birds whistle tunes
As moments mingle with mind
feeling suns rainbow rays.
Ah! the self be warmed with grace
to bring forth smile on lips.
And darken clouds stay gone
for rains not be till night
Yes sun does shine so bright.
Onoma Nov 2018
your timing's so good--

you prove it doesn't exist.

a stand in testification...

unshakably watching what

gets carried away.

nothing will survive your

Bodhisattva gaze~that's

not willing to give it all away

in an instant.

the ground lights up as your

feet root pilgrimage.

you turn around to heed

the world's call, the world it must.

it's you who has the strength to

integrate such pause given.

what's that look like?

i mean, eyes are connectable...

usable in an act of faith.

i keep looking into your eyes,

and they'll never tell me you're

nowhere to be found...because

we look through one another

so well.
CT Wordz Feb 18
I wanna fight you,
I wanna protect you,
I wanna build you up,
I wanna perfect you,
Wanna ride,
Won't run and hide,
Wanna stand by your side
Won't neglect you,
Perpetuate you,
Integrate you,
Imitate the things you crave,
Lie down and be your equal,
For you I'll be a fool,
My heart and soul are cruel,
For you they burn until I don't know what to do,
My heart and soul are ice,
You melt me, warm me up, for a price.
Admission is admitting
The love you we in,
Or secede from this love treaty,
We'll both lose in the end.
Matt Shaw Nov 2018
I look to stronger people in my life
For better ways to hold myself.

I'm a spoiled rotten whiner with a melodramatic tongue,
Trying to snare my sloppy thoughts in lazily spun nets and throw them on the fire inside me.

You could read it on my face sometimes and catch it in my speech,
If you were really looking for it,
When I pause and my engine shakes briefly
Trying to find a smoother if not happier track.

These stronger people
They have tools I can study and take to my shop
Make blueprints and integrate into my machinery.
I want to be a better human,
Smile in the face of adversity
Make myself efficient and spur others on their way to heaven
And contain my personal catastrophe.
I don't want to atrophy.

— The End —