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GreenTrees Aug 2017
Throw your stones into the sea
Casting away your fears and doubts merrily

Let the sky be your canvas of tranquility
While your spirit flies with the grace of divinity

Pile up your cares and worries and let them crash to the floor
Bury your fears and speak of them never more

Scale the insurmountable with just your thoughts
Toss away your coffers of regret, when you spend time, what is it that you 've  bought?

Pat away your tears and turn them into poetry
Let down your hair and fill your lungs with new life

Kiss your passion and hug your soul
Tread not the same place twice

Step outside and lift your gaze
Let love carry you into the golden days

Toil no more over broken glass
Fill your cup, not to be your last

© Karl V. (2017)
emeraldine087 Jul 2017
In our fast-paced world, many things have become easier:
   communication, information, food preparation, even study.
We have the internet, smart phones, tablets, emails,
   Google, Wikipedia, fast food, and instant coffee.

But have we ever stopped to observe just how
   things being easy make them seem more trivial, too?
For the things we’re after, we no longer know
   how to sweat, sacrifice, aspire, wait, persist, endure…

Maybe it’s made us cease to dream as well
   as everything is merely ****** upon us to take.
We have lost the values that only hard work, toiling
   and fighting through insurmountable odds can make.

And even then we never seem to have enough of what we desire,
   not enough sleep, time, knowledge, money, or power;
We find no contentment in what we already possess
   as our seconds, minutes and days are spent wanting more.

Perhaps we need to re-examine where we’re heading,
   take instruction from the numerous generations past.
That it is only that which we strive for, that which we cherish
   with all our hearts and everything we have, that can last.

*(c) emeraldine087
I loved her.

Before I even gazed upon her

I loved her

Before I was even dazed by her words of splendour

I loved her

Not for her ability to
charm others
as even though she just as often harmed others

Not for her straightforward intelligence
for she shared a forward thinking

And not for her beauty & majesty did I love her

Because not far from often, did she bring cruelty and calamity too others that I did love

And when I loved her, it wasn’t because of her bountiful spirit

For when one drove responsibility towards her
she was both accountable and idyllic
her innate strength insurmountable & prolific

And my love did not come from her humble yet dominating origins

Hunters and gatherers roaming in forests

Nor her families evolution, amongst changing nations
into cultural irrigation, harvesting & cultivation

Yet my love was neither superficial

wrought by a feverish desire for atypical minerals

As it is evident she grew up to live lavishly, as if she were a daughter of kings and pharaohs, emperors and regents

Far from superficial
it went beyond my own existence
‘tis was it deep

And watching her grow up
yet older and slowly darker
it flooded me with a sense of grief

For that was the only side she showed me, and allowed others to see

But beyond the seas and ravines, ridges & fjords, she beamed

And that is how it felt for a time
her happiness distant and far gone

Looking back it’s blatant she was far from dormant

But I believe during that time she was merely misled

It took time to connect her heart with her head

And for a time it seemed she was finally ready to proceed

And that was all but my dream
for her

But in my heart, I knew she would waver and ultimately capitulate towards the darker times

I think, even though she was mature and grown

not enough time separated her from her home

a family always wanting to dominate and roam

The precedence was set
The credulous to fret

And even though it’s in her nature to align with basic instincts

I awaited,
like those in scriptures
for a sign
that leads her to brighter precincts.

Of this hope

it was something I dreamt about
until I was left awoke

It was a scathing cycle, hopes festered
with a heart broke

And in the depth of my despair
I was still convinced,
that behind her “politics” & warring nature with others,

that the woman I loved & dreamt, was still there

And you know what?

She convinced me

Not deceitfully nor schemingly
but seemingly
through action

She was on a phase of exploration
visiting foreign nations
and establishing relations

Truth was
All of it was a ruse
corrupting & enslaving
it was just another way of experssing her roots

Since then, I’ve never been lead astray, I knew it was just one big game

Even though I never believed that’s who she wholly
was and is

I can’t help but fell this is the way it is

Her being at an unbeknownst
war with herself

One that expresses all she can be
charming, beautiful, full of majesty

That she is the most complex & admiring existence in this universe

And another of opposite birth

One that can be harming, full of cruelty and calamity

And of this side I fear brings the other to her knees

And it ladens me with tears

But of this side of her
I fail to recognise,
as the woman I loved,
and it’s the only failure
I won’t rectify

The woman I loved,
the beautiful glimpses of allure,
that sparks through the impure and demeaning

Is the only meaning I can find within myself to breathe

But I’m lost
Lost in her mystery
Lost in the past

Because, I don’t see her anymore
giving rise to my love in the past tense

For I don’t know where she lives or with whom she spend her time

But of the worst fear I hold within my heart
is that the woman I loved never existed to begin with

That the idea of her was just a figment
of my idealistic mind

That all these years,
I conjured a fallacy of this supposed
side of her
so I could forgive what she had

And that I believed & fought so fervently  
in her
because in hope
it would bring life to her

Whatever the reality
I will never put cease
to my belief
that I will see her


Because the person
of whom I am talking about


And she is the most beautiful thing I’ve known, regardless of her flaws
My take on personifying history X
DivineDao Jun 2016
You've proven exquisite excellency to the trespassing
Your vivid vocabulary has an insurmountable immesurable
Teach me how to use a wonderful the and when not.
I've felt a laborious zest for life on those exceptional
Days when you've been facing excess of a certain being reflecting the unexpected perspective upon
Similair quagmires of confusion.
A chaos has namely never severely spent its privledges and ruined your lostness.
If I'd have to choose a nickname for your high spirited fleur
It would be a dangerous mind. I've seen a finger of god in the clouds by the lake where the lotuses loom. There's no pizzas.
The forlorn wanderers are not self sustainable. The poetry is long deceased paradigm of invention. Symbols grown in  gardens of charm words and spells. I wanted to mention fauna, flora and fantastic news
... now, its upon you how our beloved words are going to sound ...
Chicken Feb 23
I can smell you
just like a rose
all your petals
so delicious.

A raw moment
with every part
every layer
I can't resist.

You are insurmountable
edging near
dare not start
no end in sight.

Might try to stop, but
I wont, it's too late
there is nothing
that I can do.
When ya got the hots for someone. and it's that type of hots that you cannot put off, no matter what you do. no matter what anyone tells you. the idea is crazy. still got insufferable hots.

Distraction all the way home.
Tiara I S May 13
its bubbly- it bubbles- it builds
the insurmountable urge to quit- it all
soft- whispy- sweet- a toxic treat
it is in the gaps my health falls
i wish I could up and combust
so much to do- so little fuel
its bubbly- it bubbles- it builds
the insurmountable urge to quit-
it all
my suicidal thoughts tend to be so soft and coaxing- such sweet temptation
Megan Jones Sep 2015
“Put pressure on it, it needs more pressure”
Holding your wounds shut
That senseless force is what took you away
Pressure- to be... whilst not desiring to be
You saw the clouds moving in greyscale
I saw the hills below scattered in shades of green,
Cavernous, shadowed, cryptic, familiar-

We were advised to go as the crow flies
I cried to a nameless God that your crow’s feet
Were from insurmountable happiness, not the pressures endured
I’ve forgotten much since the storm some-178 weeks ago
Though my body remembers yours over and over again
My skin has yours imprinted, correlated
Forged into one point on the axis between here and there
You the X, I the Y

The Earth crept between the crevices, curling
Through the distance between the Right radius and ulna
Elbows breaking knuckles, blood remains to be spilt
Blood doesn’t connect, if anything it merely separates

Scarecrows don’t help much when the crops won’t grow this year
Ants crawled out of the barrel of a shotgun
Observing the process of cleaning bones after tragedy

Follow the moss to find your way North with no direction-
Sometimes on the other side it’s not greener,
It’s more terrifying than ever before
Terrain untouched, unspoiled, sacred-

Climb up the trees with me, find your quiet
We won’t carve our names but we’ll find our niche
You’ll have quills and I’ll have armor
Not even the thought of stolen arrows,
Lost time through distance,
Or perhaps a slew of chemical imbalances
Can reach us up here
I chose to glue your pieces back together with mud and straw
Taken from the fallen, the loved and now distant memories

You may be an abandoned military base offshore
What was once used by many-
Witnesses life again, life of a different kind
The vegetation will ease its way into the cracks
Constructed when the foundation began to decay
It has a beauty of its own, one of self-sustainment
An everlasting beauty that connects itself
To the surrounding extravagance, often times ignored,
Death isn’t the only way to be forged into nature, remembered

Fear doesn’t always win, nor death do us part so soon
I hope your skin and bones remember before the end
Blue Orchid Aug 2018
We had a color you and I.
You were a tantalizing white, vibrant yet subtle. You had the power to magnify everything because of that silent manifestation you comprise when a drop of any other shade was splattered on you, making it incredibly vivid. You were what poets used as muse for there was nothing purer than the flawless white of that glorious spirit yet you were neither dumbfounded nor disappointed by it.

I was a disaster-prone black, ill-fated yet beautiful. I made the light seem brighter, more picturesque; a comparison for better accomplishment. I came out at night to walk the terrors of the hours of darkness, untouched because of this gloomy soul. I was what the holly book prohibits to touch, to indulge all sensations because to drink from me was to imbibe a gallon of sin.

Sadly, beauty and unpleasant have a curious way of finding each other. I don’t remember which of us found the other first; if it was I who saw you shine from miles away or if it was you who found me huddled in a corner.

We were gods you and I. we created a love that transversed worlds. We shamed Orpheus and Eurydice. We disgraced Torin and Keelycael. There was nothing more powerful than the passion we twisted and at the same time nothing was more potent. We came from different places, you from the havens and I from the shallow depths of hell; and everything we made became a freak of nature.   

 We created the color gray.

We created the color gray from our undefeated essences. We made an unremarkable and unloved color from our insurmountable selves for the reason that we were too prideful to give up each other and at the same time ourselves. We made an abhorred thing because we were never meant for each other.

I realized when I saw you walk away, that last dreadful night, the white in you was somewhat fazed and I looked in the mirror that same night to see the darkness in me leaking. There was a little bit of gray in both of us. That was when I realized we stole pieces of each other.

Yes, my love, we made a color gray.
Sebastian Macias Jun 2018
It's been several weeks
Passing on and on and on,
That the words don't come
Nature heals me,
The soft whisper of life -
Soothes my darkened soul
A smile makes me believe again
The words I read let me feel again
The words just won't come
Forcing them never work
Drinking is tortuous
The room of love has been
An empty oasis waiting in the sun
This seems insurmountable at times
Long, never ending battle against myself
Every time I try, it's a busy tone
Staring at the black keys
They mock me in plain sight
Only the tones of music hear me
Only my closed eyes let me see it
Dimitris Sarris Apr 2017
If life itself turns everything you gained into something
to look for then i think two choices remain to be made.
Mourn for what you are about to lose or fight and make it
yours again, make it clear.
Then again there are those who think that choice is an
illusion in this muddy world for life makes us face difficult
situations with insurmountable variables.
Well i believe that choice is not something to be underestimated
and the real request here is why we give up so easily when we
come in touch with the weird and problematic nature of
WA West Oct 2018
Fibre optic cables,
clipped conversations,

partial strangers,
networked communications,

keyboard ambiance,
anxious remonstrations,

system failures,
nicotine meditations

smudging frames,
hierarchical mediation,

computerised bleeps,
opaque mechanisations,

brightening windows,
verbose inflections,

silks ties,
limited reverberations,

exaggerated flirtation,
bowel eliminations,

pointless days,
power imitations,

numeric values.
insurmountable situations,

digital bleeds
eventual discontinuation
Kewayne Wadley Apr 2018
Due to popular belief. I believe that certain things are due to happen naturally.
Like all other things it's bound to grow. This thing, love.
We are due to become obese to this organic, homegrown feeling.

The initial look that begins as taste. Naturally we are starved.

Aroused by the scent that lures us close. This thing, love.

One thing we must learn is self control. To not over indulge in the primary reason it exists.

To selfishly take because it's there. This thing, love.

Effort exudes as it becomes habit. Being placed at a table readily available for what portion comes next.

This need becomes confused with want.

To please others before our need in unselfish manner. A straight forward response to habit.

The rising availability of also being taken for granted. The insurmountable outline that defines lust.

Our intake becomes higher attempting to justify the difference. Thus we become lazy.

Reacting in ways we normally wouldn't. This thing, love.

This scent acts as incentive,  instantly attracted by which we over indulge.

Searching for this thing, love.

It's a reasonable thing. Knowing when to reach. When to pull. When to give and sacrifice.

Almost always all of these happen, learning self control, vocalizing when we've had our fill.

Else we will continue to eat until there is nothing left.
Grown obese. This thing, love
Royalty and
Rivalry and love.
Humility and
Fruitfulness and
Beautiful beginnings
and achievements.
Countless glory,
rise and fall.
Fear and
and failure.
That's the story
of my greatness.
All manifest itself
in my life.
Today i stand
in that place
where yesterday
when i contemplate
the dark periods,
my eyes could
scarcely see.
Humbled by
long suffering,
with my back bent.
I summoned
the inner strength
to conquer the
harrowing and
painful experiences
which my mouth
could never express,
or even explain,
that infested my life.
It was not
all that rosy.
But today,
I'm still here,
I'm still right
here standing.
©2019,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
Sebastian Macias Jun 2018
Nothing beats the fresh mountain air
The coast and it's insurmountable elegance
Or the soft touch in the morning by loving eyes
Those are good cards to play when it gets rough
When the weeds of daily life erupt
So build up those memories
Keep them hidden behind your sore eyes
For life will know when it can test you best
When it can pull your through the dirt
Making a man out of those hands
As you lay there, lifeless, bleeding, and over
When you are most lost and you rather fold
Remembering each laugh, each kiss, each drink
And you can't grab hold of anything
Because the waves are just too hard today
Look into that deck of cards, my friend
What whatever chance you find
You go for that win, that last pleading hope
Bless Senora Nov 2018
The striking sunset
That I always try to chase.

The overwhelming ocean's deepest trench
That I swim so hard to reach.

The countless constellations in the sky
That I strive so hard to figure out.

Are the sunset,
Are the bottom of the ocean,
Are the constellations--
Insurmountable beauty,
Immeasurable vastness,
But quite frankly,

So darling,
Forgive me for trying so hard to reach you,
For forcing something that isn't there.
I think I'll just stay here.
I'll get used to adoring you from afar.
I'll be contented with the fact that I can never reach you in this lifetime.
For there's still some beauty
In cherishing you from a distance.
Written: August 2018
I have to say continues,
Chapter two loading our hearts embedded in unison,
And chapter three in the kitchen
Everything Cooking in The infamous  Maa,

Surmounting the insurmountable
The die is cast
Together we belong, the promised land we shall sajourn some day,
Soon or later,
But be assured we shall get there

The armageddon is  in our soles.
The deal has been made,
Made by the burning blood of I love you,
Anyone coming between,
A bitter cross they will carry,
Their blood shall be the prize,
That is the only detergent of my anger.
Nnaemeka Mokeme Jul 2018
See what we have become,
love has propelled us
to greater heights.
Greatness has visited us.
Mercy has shown up
and smiled at us.
Grace is at work.
His banner over us is love,
for the beauty of the spirit
shines forth.
Fortune is here to be taken
by all who are worthy of it.
Your faith is all you've got
to win in the down world.
Faith drives the body to conquer
the insurmountable.
Unshakable to withstand the storm,
for the mountain you carry,
you were supposed to climb.
The sword of the spirit drawn
against all craftiness and
manipulations of the evil intruders
who messes with you and those you love.
For the greater one lives and dwells in you.
To be in harmonium with ourselves is a
prerequisites for harmony to reign.
Immense help is available for the
ones who dares to seek for divine support.
To knock on the door unanswered
shows that you just need to push harder
for it to be opened.
For the one who asked is helped.
Remember that anyone who cannot be
counselled cannot be helped.
This is the new dawn.
Arise now and reset your life.
©2018,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
amber Mar 2018
You dug your claws,
Into my pale flesh.
No scream escaped my lips.
My eyes,
Grazed over your talons.
I never saw nails,
So sharp and long.

The blood gushing down my arm,
Was a beautiful scarlet red.
I looked up at you.

Over time,
The blood dried;
The initial wonder,

Day after day,
I stared at your nails,
Buried deep in my arm.
An infection brewed,
It dawned that they,
Must be removed.

I tried ripping one out,
While your back was turned.
You instinctively shoved it deeper.
Wincing in pain,
Rage boiled inside me.

Extracting them from my flesh,
Sent searing waves of pain,
Throughout my body.
The grip of the very last one,
Seemed insurmountable.

The gouges healed,
Scars remain.
Some days,
A wound reopens,
And I find a piece,
Of your nail,
Thriving beneath my skin.

But when I see one,
I rip it out,
And burn it.
******* flashback weak dependent abusive acceptance anger resentment strength willpower
Ami Sep 2018
In the time and place we are in with the world today, what moves you?

Where do your passions lie?
Where is your heart for the people?

How will you let this change effect you?
How will you let the world perceive you?

What is your dream for the future?
What does it all mean to you?

We live in a time where voices can be heard thanks to the movers and shakers of the past.

We can all stand united and keep the darkness of the world from driving us to being divided.

We live in a time where we have the power to stand up and make our voices be heard.

Our opinions are well deserved to be heard above the crowds of those who hate and discriminate against those they refuse to relate.

They speak in distaste, they're actions trying to displace all the love and grace, we as the human race are meant to facilitate.

I can't relate to all the anger and hate felt by those who think there's only one powerful race when the world is meant to be celebrated and cherished for the insurmountable cultures found in every different place worldwide.

We are not meant to be born into hate, but love and kindness that should come from our mother's face.

When and why they let that all be replaced by the poison that craves nothing but destruction and annihilation of all that they don't understand, is the saddest question known to man.

I will ask again as I near this end:

What moves you?
Forgive me if this is not the best. I tend to write what is on my heart and atm this is what is screaming in my head.

I crave a world where people can be who they are, love who they love, and not have to fear for their lives because their face is different from others.
Deb Jones Sep 2017
The life path I walk,
Is mine alone to tread.
Sometimes the way is rocky
and the hills I climb feel so sharply steep.

The obstacles I encounter
seem insurmountable.
And l want to lay down in defeat.

I Can't

At times the way is filled with such joy.
Some loving wayfarers will share my heartbeats.
Some say
"I know you're tired but come,
this is the way."
And it's ok.
It's ok to walk the path of others once in awhile.

I don't forget it's my path.
Only my journey.
My steps that need to forge the way.
My heart won't ever forget them.

There are other friends that carry lanterns,
So I won't stumble in the dark.
But their path is not my path either
so they will have to leave me at dawn.
My heart hurts for those that left me.
Even when it was my choice.
Always my choice.

There will be sunshine on my path,
But not every step of the way.
I may trudge for a while in the darkest woods,
My head down
and not looking ahead as maybe I should.

And when it's time
I will stand in the rain without shelter. Letting it bathe everything.
Including the cleansing
of my heart and soul.
Then I will appreciate the warmth
of the sun's rays again as I have before.

I see how the sun is sometimes dappled
on the path in front of me
as it is filtered through the trees.
The wind will blow
and the shadow of the leaves
make intricate patterns
that change unexpectedly.

So shall my life path diverge and change. Sometimes the changes feel random.
And I wonder if I am lost.
I search my heart,
am I really right where I should be?
The questions are not always
real questions, just a feeling in my heart. Does that count?

During days of despair, I look back.
My path stretches far and wide behind me. I see how far I have come.
I see the path behind me
and see the shortcuts I took.
See the paths I strode with others.
See the things I overlooked.  

I forgive my childish wanderings.
I forgive the mistakes I made.

Sometimes I walked the path
with monsters.
I was lucky to escape.

My past defines me.
I see how much I've grown.
Outgrown my mothers shoes.
Outgrown my fathers.
Outgrown the dictates of a society that expects me to follow a map of paths that was written for others.

I am thankful for the pure of hearts
that walk my path with me.
No matter how far or how long.
In my heart the memory of them will linger on and on.

New friends will light my way.
I hold close the ones that already do.
I call to the ones that love me,
when I need a hand to hold on to.

And even in my darkest hours
when there is no sunlight
or even moonlight to light my path,
I light a lantern for others
and walk with them.
It's the least I can do.

So many may not realize
how having them in my life influences me.
I wish I could explain it to them all.
Sometimes no words can do.
But I try and say "I love you"
Every chance I get.

What a legacy to leave.
A part of myself
with every loved one I meet.
What a perfect legacy to leave.

Thank you for walking with me.
Gone ******* tumbling over torpid waters
Turning inside out and bottomless
You float for a second before sinking
Into the opposite of weightlessness
It's imperative that we digress
And witness feathers in a headband
We are the lead singers of tomorrow’s epiphanies
We are the band and the audience members simultaneously
Everything is blessed and made to wander equally
We are tiny strings attached to the fragilest parts
Of every person’s heartbeat
We are the insurmountable struggles that inspire your art
We are the feelings you embody in the night’s soft atrophy
We are the appetites we repress
When there’s no one left to buy you dinner
We seek new meanings in beauty
And in the mind of each new lover we take
Our own image remains engraved photographically
Steadfast and permanent we laugh at our innocence
On the road to invisibility we take the first exit we can find
Laughing is sublime only as often as you can bear to really die
We shine like silhouettes behind the curtains of our memories
We are embracing magic in our uncertainty and living
Amidst and between, boundaries of ancient diseases and new discoveries
The pathway of apologies is not a road you can navigate intuitively
We are obviously hollower than a pair of five gallon drums
For when the rain comes we take the opportunity
To fill our towers, tanks and reservoirs; as if beauty was just a bargain
That we made when there was no one left to argue with
By: Cedric McClester

Whatever it is
Under the sun
There’s no race
That can’t be run
Tell yourself
That you’re the one
To achieve the impossible
Then get it done

May exist
But giving up
You must resist
Nothing’s insurmountable
If you persist
And I always want you to  
Remember this

It begins
With a dream
That illuminates
Like a light beam
Next comes the plot
Then the scheme
It’s not as difficult
As it may seem

Now get up
From where you’re sitting
It’s right there
For the getting
That it’s you
Is only fitting
With the effort
You’re committing

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2019.  All rights reserved.
Eleanor Sinclair Dec 2018
Do I dare say that I wish I was invisible
That people didn’t look at me and on the streets I could walk peacefully
No shady eyes or stares
Perhaps it’s my paranoia and perhaps nobody cares
The thing that gets me the most about life
Is the insurmountable amount of hype
I get it’s a gift and believe me, I’m grateful
But this distasteful existence I lead is starting to get to my head
Like the smell of cigarettes in my mothers car
No matter how far the drive I would hold my breath and hope to survive
I kind of feel like life is this way
Because despite my actions day to day I still wonder why I’m here and what is it that I walk on the street and fear
Is it the people and their perceptions
Or is it me and how I view myself
Fearful of astral projecting it onto everybody else
If they thought of me the way I think of me then holy hell what a different world this would be
I can’t understand why I float about here in space
But in case you were wondering I’m here for love and it doesn’t matter if you call me a disgrace
I think the man I’m in love with is from heaven above
And yes it’s unconventional, after all we live in to separate worlds
But he sees me for me and not my childish comments as a girl
For a second can you think what it would be like to not exist?
That’s a crisis all in itself and scientists are always ****** when you ask them what comes next in life for the dead
They can’t wrap their head around not being here
So they discount the new studies that come out every year
I don’t know what to believe and I really don’t care
Just get me away from this place so I can leave and be fine
I want to disappear like an erased pencil line
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