Amitav Radiance Mar 2015

In an instant
An instance
Can change
the world
from its
present form
and a
sea of change
can deluge
the existence
to what was
Tide turns
to a catastrophe
washing away
the memories
to a distant land
much nearer
to the
weakened soul
waiting for
the sunkissed
and wait
for an instance
in life
to look at
the brighter side


For each ecstatic instant
We must an anguish pay
In keen and quivering ration
To the ecstasy.

For each beloved hour
Sharp pittances of years—
Bitter contested farthings—
And Coffers heaped with Tears!

Bryana Twice Nov 2015

with two flat thumbs
I am trying  
to work  
a couple of knots
out of your shoulder blade
one not is you  
one definitely not is me
yet I'm tracing
warm circles
the cut of  your spine
the cut of your spine!

should I?
should I  
be kneading
the  distance  
between us thin ?
I could complete
this instant massage
by simply needing  

the scent of your skin

We are far apart.

An instant is all it takes
To live, kill, or to die
A hard choice is best left to make
In the fluttering blink of an eye

The wind whispers in sudden changes
Silent would it quickly fall
If a new direction was never made then
Silence would be overwhelming all

A single instant can last forever
Lasting effects on our futures
Dust in the wind as we remember
Yet important was our father figures
Underestimate a decision never
Or good nor evil a future for either

A choice you will make this day
And when you do I simply pray
The decision that you make today
Will carve the future a better way

PrttyBrd Mar 2015

when his lips touched hers
the rest of the world disappeared
and in the moment she could taste his breath
she believed it was the only air she ever wanted to breathe again.

excerpt from a pending novel
Paul Mackenzie Nov 2009


Innocent birth destined for a bloody grave,
Quick unplanned for exodus,
Once frolicking before friends,
Events to come, surprises to find,
Now taken in spirit and soul,
Toward creations living will never know,
Crying spawn,
Another lost, another torn,
Eternal black is not hard to find,
Young mind,
I've seen death,
Like an instant,
Like a cruel pursuer,
No reason, no justification,
No right,
Who writes this apt and confused thriller we call life,
Monotonous pain and lies,
Peering through the blood,
Unseeing eyes,
It's all crucifixion with a different face,
Stalking us all,
Waiting for the right second,
The pounce of a tiger,
The bite of a snake,
The death of an angel.


Voices aloud in eternal consecration,
In it's many forms,
The advice of surprise is not enough to harvest safety,
Among the prey, one of the children,
Behind the fire, one of the seeds condemned to expire,
Snatched from the light,
Arrived to early to feel the wound,
Disparately together with the truth,
And envisaged no sacrifices,
Reunited and peaceful,
Quiet and relaxed,
The death of a young life.

Sharina Saad May 2013

What is love really?
Easy to say.. but hard to prove..
You uttered the magic word of love recently..
Hard isn’t it? Where is the love? to prove..

A promise made is a promise kept..
Love is not a game to play
you love within two minutes of a quick exchanges
Think…. it isn’t love please accept…
Infatuation is best described..

You’d realized yourself when the game gets rough…
making excuses decided to end the play…
you are busy now, meeting today, business trip tomorrow..
love is not too blind, stop the act and end the play..
just end the play…

Instant love, instant affection
Instant break-up, no more attention..
Wake up all… from wild imagination
Better be real let your head rule your emotion

In An Instant

In an instant my life
gone without warning
came round like a flash.
Did I do what I came for
accomplish my goal,
live my life's purpose
when God made my soul?
I hope he knows I tried
my best,
when I step into heaven
I must confess.
On earth I made mistakes it's true,
but I always believed and trusted
in you.
In an instant we're here
a snap we're gone,
life's about change and moving on.
Letting go of the past
mistakes we've made,
everyone's human
we cannot escape.
There's right and wrong
black and white,
our conscious guides us
making it right.
In an instant we're born,
another we die,
but we live forever
on the other side.
The one that teaches
our ultimate goal,
to live and let God
take control.

Written By Kathy J Parenteau
Copyright © 01/13/2015

PrttyBrd Mar 2014

In that instant, a truer truth will ne'er be found

Ramonez Ramirez Feb 2011

Dusk’s last breath puff up the curtains
in a flash of the post traumatic kind.
A crocheted-cliché, peach-purple duvet
drape the mountains in war paint;
redwood generals’ shadows on attention,
disorderly pine infantrymen struggle
against the wind,
some broken,
most wounded,
shattered limbs on display.

The war hero sighs into the bowels
of an instant noodles cup; dumplings shiver
((uncooked liver)) when he whistle-whispers
untold stories of courage,
guts served on blood-soaked battlegrounds;
no-one listens,
save spiders
with hairy legs
that hang on his every word.

Victor Marques Nov 2010

When I get up I cry to the sun, to the sky!
I believe that I Can fly.
We come to world naked like a seed,
We grow with speed...

In our mind people plant ideas and give advice,
Instant confidence for the wise.
Our brain with millions of rules of discipline,
Enjoy the mountain with a beautiful green.

To believe always that dreams come true,
The universe made everything for you.
The reality can’t change, can move in your direction,
Confidence, love and imagination.

We are human with smile and grace,
Instant confidence in your face.
To love the rainbow and the butterfly,
Instant confidence up the sky...

Warmest regards.
Victor Marques

confidence, love, sky

Here is a way
to instant relative nirvana -
ask yourself
if you're comfortable,
ask yourself
if you're satisfied,
ask yourself
if life is satisfactory,
if the answer is yes,
proceed -
obviously you are awake
obviously you are free
(even if you are in jail
your body/mind is free)
so now,
here in the moment
look at what's in front of you -
(if you want to perceive
the nirvana element,
ask the seer
to see
the seer
and maybe
you'll see
the emptiness).

KM Jan 2014

The constant mental banter
    Back and forth yes or no
        Do I disappoint my love
            For a moment of instant gratification?

            Do I throw away recovery
        Three solid months
    Itchy skin and hateful thoughts
For a moment of instant gratification?

                                                               ­                                                         And I'm so full of regret
                                                                ­                                                     Because it wasn't worth it
                                                              ­                                                       And I hurt my best friend
                                                          ­                                         For a moment of instant gratification

          A moment of instant gratification
          That wasn't even gratifying
          Wasn't in the slightest, satisfying
          Harboring a moment of regret
          For something he won't forget
          But I tried in vain to justify
          The actions I couldn't dignify
          Words that trickled like thorns
          Oh how I wish I waited a minute more
          And not let their whispers win
          Screams rather, as they crawl in
          They soothed their shrieks
          And gently brushed my cheeks
          And convinced me it didn't count
          If it didn't bleed on my account  
          But he held my close and said it did
          I can't swallow it, but it's true, I backslid
          "But it didn't leave any marks to show"
          My mind screams and my heart does echo
          "I didn't bleed in the slightest my dear"
          Disappointing him is a biggest fear
          As immaturity grasps at my soul
          I have to accept my repercussions in whole
          Three months down the drain
          And causing my best friend pain
          Not a scar to show for what I've done
          But away from me, he'll never run..

Wrote the first two stanzas in late November.. The rest is from this morning..
But if I'm being honest that last chunk is really cool and written well in my opinion.

I'm so sorry love.. I'm sorry my sky..
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