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Marla Nov 2017
It can make one
Rich without gold.
Youthful inspite of
Being old.
Inspired despite
Having tired.
Ablazed without
Having been dazed.
It is a beautiful language,
Both expressive and intense.
It's warmth assuages,
Relieving palpable stress.
Spare no expense
When making known
Your desires,
For there will always be
A poem there to
Light your fire.
A Beautiful Artform
Never knew that love can end painful..
Never realized that heart breaks can be so baleful..
No one ever mentioned that seeing another in your arms can feel like 1000 piercing knives..
I curse my fate for not getting to be your wife..
Never felt darkness on a bright sunny day, tearful on a beautiful spring day..
I will do all over with you again, inspite of knowing that you will not be mine ..forever ...anyday..
Cibin Panicker Nov 2018
The gateway opened once again,
The monsters, my friends rushed to embrace me, to feel at home;
They knew the locks and walked in again,
I am invincible again.

Once again, the war resumed,
The darkness and silence screeched in my sight, they knew their way around; so I survived,
Inspite of all the pain and noise, I finally felt alive,
Maybe that's what Logan felt;

I haven't done any heinous crimes or atrocities but a human without a heart is a treacherous being;
I survived because I managed to lose mine;

This is a survivor's story, the pinnacle of freedom, the beginning of pleasure and pain,
Maybe that's what makes me human
Karan Sherwal Aug 2018
I used to believe in good old days,
Still concerned about the little ways.
To get back in my childhood era.
Those uncountable acquaintances,
Now they are just faded faces.
Buzzing around oftentimes,
I do look at them with all my gracious Rhymes.
Those long sandwalks, I heard many voices & those preacher talks.
Standing on the top of a pile,
I saw the world with my pure human eyes.
My incapability of not performing as others,
Don’t forget we came from different mothers.
Though the course may be disturbingly fascinating,
Spot you there at the end of the lives you kept devastating.
I walked clean and I did no mean.
There was nothing to fear, but one day someone molested me who was so near.
Crippled inside myself that night,
Was so devastated couldn’t spoke a word inspite.
Moments still glare, dig in your knife so that you can pare.
Shadows no more controls me,
I fiercely play with them, and still move freely.
Enjoyed every bit just like my first bicycle wheelie.
I did both,from playing with slum folks to slept like a sloth.
Now I miss my never ending era.
Entered my puberty,
with little bit of curiosity
To not to have those thoughts control authority.
I was wild, a state called child.
Facts of my past life...
Godawan Jan 30
She was wearing yellow kameez
Beneath it was a white salwar
Lips swollen pink
Eyes beautiful but sink
On the beautiful sunny day
She met me the first time
She had taken off despair
As if she wished to shed that forever
But she knew
This would have to be wore as she moved out from this door
Just as life lies loaded on her beautiful
and flexible core
On meeting second time
She opened up and dare to say
It is difficult to forget
Who has gone away
Once again I will have to find a fresh breeze
Will have to look for some stable crease
Inspite of channel gate
Of responsibilities n age
What will happen now to this vacant soul
Only love can fill this up all
That one gets with difficulty
And that which is full of difficulties.
By: ibn Herbert

The thought didn’t occur,
But what if you were (***)?
What do you want me to say?
That i don’t approve (okay)
But would it matter anyway?
You have the God given right
To make choices, wrong or right
That He’ll be the Judge of inspite

Whether or not it’s a choice
It’s your right to raise your voice
Stay in the closet, or rejoice
Drive a Ford or a Rolls Royce
It’s your choice I have to repeat
I can’t get fat from what you eat
Nor should I say that you’re sweet
Whoever you are you’re complete

Under the sign of the dove
We all answer to God above
If someone fits you like a glove
Who am I, to say who you should love?
So no matter what you do
Things that others may eschew
You have the right to be you
And do whatever you choose to do

The thought didn’t occur
But let’s say that you were
The person that  you prefer
That doesn’t make you a slur
To thine own self be true
You have the right to do
Whatever you want to
If that makes you feel brand new

                     Ibn Herbert, Copyright © 2019.  All rights reserved.
Äŧül Oct 22
I am a qualified post-graduate engineering degree holder from NDRI Karnal now and I am trying to complete a PhD program. I completed my Bachelor of Technology degree in Biotechnology from MDU inspite of a terrible road accident that imposed a partial physically challenged state in my life. I already wrote one inspired by my life till the 4th semester of my B.Tech degree and imagining the extreme consequences of the unfortunate caste-based (instead of the only economic criterion) reservation fiasco which are about to take place now.

I am guilty of wasting my precious time in the untimely search for love. I wrote about it in a creative form.

It also has some situational poetry in English and Hindi apart from few dialogues in languages other than English.

You will be surprised to know how accurately I predicted the fuel crisis and the protagonist named Akshant Kautilya Sharma does his research towards developing better supplementary fuel to help the economy.

Akshant’s search for love ends in a girl who loves him since their childhood days.

Akshant Kautilya Sharma teams up with an unlikely ally to defeat the hijack attempt by the currently only-fictitious anti-caste based reservation system terrorist organisation named Shuddh Rakt. 7 Seconds: A Typical Guy, Atypical Life eBook: Atul Kaushal: Kindle Store
Ask me for the link to my novel.
barkhabaruah May 31
i slept and fell apart from my body.
all was nothing around me but an illusion which never gonna last long.
there was one thing i could relate was the sun shining over me inspite of anything and the clouds never left me.
there was nothing but everything which was a necessity.
the wind blowing, the sky open for me to walk and the rainbow to color my skin with variety.
Aishwarya Ezhava Sep 2018
love  is ...
praying  for  someone,
inspite  of  
being  an  atheist.
Ilaha Nov 2018
Daring to open up what she hath
Brave step again in unbeaten path,
To thrive inspite
To share her light,
Rises unconditionally!
Chooses deliberately!


— The End —