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Shofi Ahmed Mar 2017
Inside the great
big global village
not everything is rosy
even a cat knows it
a leaf can sniff it.
The Moon shines
not in every night
nor God promised
always a blue sky.
Still the roses bloom
Cinderella has the heap
the reasons to groom.

The richest among the folks
turns philanthropist in the globe.
The wisest among the men
celebrate the era for it’s
the civilisation at its peak.
Hooray what now triumphs at last
is the wisdom and humanity!

Really? O please tell me?
Not very far, nor for much,
just because some differ in faith
mothers and fathers left in pain.
Not because they are to lose
Rohingyan sun nor the land
beneath their feet but in no time
their sons and daughters
can be put to death into fire
that too before their eyes
before the silent established world!
Lawrence Hall Aug 2018
Were you ever in love with someone not
Listed as an approved relationship
By roaming mobs of false analogies
In either-or assumptions basely masked?

Friendship and love are regulated now
Not by a written fiat of the state
But by the decibels of imbeciles
The bellowed mandate of the club and fist

The law of love is now the law of bans -
They’ve politicized even the touching of hands
(The allusion to Saint Matthew 2 is deliberate.)
The orb of night is pulchritudinous tonight,
And not a breath of life in this house seems to notice.
My eyes on you, Your eyes on me,
Viciously music trapped between the bed and windows;
Innocents tiptoeing along the hall,
And us.
While walking towards your car,
I suppose inferring that:
The orb is pulchritudinous tonight,
But what I decry is meant for self-revelation or not at all.
You look at me and smile.
I will always admire the way you glow is so generous to,
Those unaware of the way she fills my eyes.
A delicate modesty.
You open my door,
And I am thankful;
But can’t help wishing to be with someone who notices that,
The Orb is Pulchritudinous tonight.
Chris Neilson Dec 2016
People of the world, I wish you happiness
a world of peace and nothing less
an end to conflict for warmongering's sake
leaving murdered innocents in its wake

Live and let live, we all live in one world
leave hateful, divisive flags furled
unite and accept our collective diversity
celebrate our successes and overcome adversity

Until the day we die we should never stop learning
may rewards come to those most deserving
as Christmas approaches the world keeps turning
so keep loved ones close and the home fires burning

Create joyful memories, don't chase wealth
you're wished good luck and good health
A Christmas Wish
Big Virge Aug 2014
(Pt. III)

After the 7/7 bombing ...
This is part of a Trilogy of poems to remind people about
where some of their, " Anti-Islam Rhetoric ", started from ....
(BTW ... I am NOT, Pro-Islam)  

Well …… They've made ....
A ... " REALLY " ... Good Start … !!!!!
They've Shot ... A Brazilian ... ?!?
Straight through ... His Heart ... !!!
Of course ….  " Those Words " ...
are ... NOT ... Quite Right … !!! ? !!!
He was ... SHOT ...
... FIVE TIMES ….. !!?!!
At ... Point Blank Range … !!!!!
They got ... " REAL CLOSE " … !!!
Putting ... Guns in his face … !!!!!!
They CLAIMED ...
"He had a bomb !" …
But Alas ...
They got it ... WRONG ... !?!
They made a ... " Slight Mistake " … !!!
Well ... " Apologies " ...
Won't ... Mean a lot ...
when friends are at ...
….. HIS WAKE ..... !!!!! …..
There is a ...
" PROBLEM " ... here ... !!!
They've given the ... ALL CLEAR ...
For Policemen ... to ...
... “SHOOT TO ****” … !?!
SO ….
" Who now  " … Has To Fear ... !?!
Is it ... " WHITES " ... ???
It would seem ... NOT ... ?!?

“It’s Muslims and,
The other lot !”
The ... " OTHER LOT " ... !?!
means ... those Like ... " Me " ...
Young Black Men ...
on ... London Streets ...
So much for us ...
Being ... FREE ... ?!!!?
" Freedom " ... NOW ...
is .... " Obsolete " ....
Those with ... " Colour " ...
WILL ... Now See ...
Much more of ......
Those ... " NICE POLICE " ... !!!!!
Those who work ...
for these ... MP's
Who ......
Claim to ... " REGRET " ...
Such ... " TRAGEDIES " ...
But still ..." WON’T CHANGE " …
Their ... " Policies " ... ?!!!? ...
This is now ...
A ... " Horrid Time " ... !!!!!
cos' ... words like ... " These " ...
May be ... " Defined " ... ??? …
As ….. ” INCITEMENT ” …..
When it's just ... " Rhyme " ...
This ... " it seems " ...
is ... " Their Design " ...
to the ... " Following Lines " ...

“We wil imprison, or, deport !
Anyone attacking, the values of The West !"
That's … " Lord Falconer " ...
Our … Lord Chancellor ... …
He'll bring ... DISTRESS … !!!
to me .... " I guess " .... ?
for things ... I say ...
Against ... " THE WEST " …
Like ... " Freedom of Speech " ...
will soon be .... " DEAD " .....
Now ... I Don't own ...
A ... " Bullet-Proof Vest " ... !!!
But ...
Who needs one ... !?!
when they're ...
Aiming at ... HEADS ... !!?!!
Instead of ... " Arms " ...
or ... BETTER STILL ... " Legs " ... !!!
These people are ...
Humanitys' ... “ DREGS ” … !!!!!
Their ... " TERROR LAWS " …..
are like ... ” FISHNETS ” .… !?!
with .....  " NO FISH " ..… !!!!?!!!!
But ….. ” HUMAN DEAD ” ….. !!!
What they say ...
Makes me … UPSET … !!!
” Muslim ” … THIS … !!!
and  … ” Muslim ” … THAT … !!!
I’m ... NO MUSLIM ... !!!
That's a ... FACT ... !!!
Of course it's ... WRONG ... !!!
to ... " Suicide Bomb " .... !!! …
But ... " Two Wrongs " ...
Don't make things ... Right ... !!!
We're in ... DARK TIMES …
Without ... " Much Light " … !!!
When ... ALL WE DO ...
is ... " Incite Fights " ... ?!?
Just because of .....
This is why ....
Innocents ... will die ...
Tears will ... " Flow " ...
while many ... CRY … !!!
Tears of ..... " SADNESS " …..
from this ... " MADNESS " ....
MADNESS ... On ...
Your TV Screens ...
MADNESS ... On ...
Our City Streets ...
Madness ... that ...
Will slowly ... " Creep " ...
YES …..
Close to ... You ... !!!
And ...
Close to .... Me .... !!!!
Don't ... DISMISS ...
cos' you've been ... " Missed " ...
At ... ANY TIME ...
You ... Could get ... HIT … !
by a ... Policeman ...
who holds a ... GUN ... !!!
and has the ... " OK " ...
to ... Make You ... RUN ... !!!!!
Just like ... “ REDNECKS ” ...
Run from ..... “ SUN ” ….. !!!!!
Or ... I Do ... from ...
..... ” RACISM ” ..... !!!!!!
That's something .....
I’ve Always ... ” SHUNNED ” … !!!!!
because I like ...
This Word ... HUMAN ... !!!!!
If you ... Shoot Me ...
with a .... " Gun " ....
When I Bleed ....
It's ... BLOOD ... that runs ... !!!
KILLING …… is ……
NO ……. SOLUTION …….. !!!!!!
They've just ... KILLED ...
Somebody's ... SON ... !!!!!
That's what comes from ...
Using .... GUNS .... !!!!!
Rise like ... " The Sun " ...
While Peace Now ... " Sinks " ....
Into ... " OCEANS " ...
This ain't making ....
Life ... " Much Fun " ...
Actually .....
I'm getting .... ” VEX ” ..... !!!
cos' ... I’m thinking ...
Maaaaannnnnnnnnnn ……..
WHO’S NEXT ….. ? !!!!!!!!!! ?
People, as much as it seems,
disconnected from, the 7/7 attacks.
One should recognise,
The ****** of Jean Charles De Menezes ...
Yeah ... Remember Him !!!
whether you believe, 7/7 was a Muslim,
Islamist attack, or not ?
What  has transpired since,
has shown that Terrorist actions,
are not something that, Muslims
have total ownership of ...............
Hate, leads to terror, and
******, is an act of ... TERRORISM.
Deborah Birch Mar 2011
In the bleak December cold,

when the lights of Christmas have gone out,

a frozen emptiness gathers - poised above the lost and alone.

It seeps into the hearts of those who have taken vows

To the Holy Order of the Forsaken.

Witness the new "Holy Innocents" whose spirits walk the night.

Blithe spirits, who gave till their essence became too transparent.

Their proffered cups - now too airy to fill,

they cry into the wind for substantiality.

They walk towards the verge of the world and the old year turning.

Shall they plod on - or silently, simply, step off the edge?

My friends, - there is no life, where there is no love.
Caladrius Oct 2016
How perfect, how beautiful our imperfections!
How we marvel at our scars unhealed!

   We lie so masterfully that
The truth is the lie
    We cry so well
That people come to us for water

  Oh let us rejoice in what pain we feel
And what pain we cause!
    Oh to only be our extravagantly and proudly marred selves!
    There is nothing better

Let us talk with one another in brotherly groups so that blood flows freely
    As we blame others so plainly

We are never to blame

Let the innocents die without our notice
       The less we care the more we can focus
On our own broken hearts

But don't you dare call me out for hiding in my beautiful sorrow!
  Don't act like there is an identity outside my pain

    I am what happens to me
            I become my scars  
For to move on is to to deny the beauty
     In ****** wounds I pick at
To keep from healing
       After all, who knew there were so many shades of red?
                  And so many lies untold!
Satirical Poem
Copyright © 2016 Caladrius All Rights Reserved
Stíofáinín Nov 2017
Give enough to keep the faith
Love only enough so you remember to hate, the dreamless sleep when your hand found mine
Two broken bodies burning through time;
In a shapless flail of virtue
A breath of innocents still lingers in the air
Nothingness inhabits this empty chest
The place where your heart used to rest
vik Feb 2018
Listen here listen here
The world is so **** *******
Maybe all these terrible things are happening because it’s trying to be renewed
Our president is so whack
He keeps stabbing innocents in the back
Praising Arnold Schwarzenegger by acting as if he’s the terminator
Pero his wife’s an immigrant too
American dream who

We pretend to honor the OG’s who created this land
But now your trying to get them all banned
claiming them all to be rapists and murderers
Be humble sit down i'm tired of all these racial slurs

He says “We cannot aid Puerto rico forever”
But really we need to be working on this together
Puerto Rico is just a metaphor for how this president sees all Latinos and people of color
He does not see us as his equals, nor does he sees us as his fellows

Having the mindset being male and white
Is the only possibility of being right
Were all humans , we all fit in the same race.
We should not be considered by the color of our face
Yet somehow the white get all the praise
Why are we still stuck in this racist faze

Since 1963 when Martin Luther King said in his speech
“It came as a joyous daybreak to end the long night of their captivity. But 100 years later the ***** still is not free”
To this day even if they try not to say
The ***** is still treated so falsely.

Take a moment now to open up your eyes and stop all the self lies
Get rid that hate to open up the gate to a whole new perspective
A much more un discriminative kind
Then maybe just maybe the world wouldn’t be so **** *******
Logan Robertson Nov 2018
Another volcano erupts
Masked as a mass shooting
Thousand Oaks is disrupts
By a gunman executing

Twelve innocent lives taken
Bloodshed rocked the mountain
Tremors of tears  are foresaken
As the sadness mounts in

In the afterglow of the sorry night
A hero officer is lauded
For responding with all his might
His ultimate sacrifice duly applauded

As many of the bar patrons ran in fear
While smokebombs and bullets sprayed the air
The evil gunmen with his calculated stare
Left the victims without a prayer

In the aftermath sits cratered questions
With depths far reaching as to why
Many innocents lives lost, echo
Their indelible voices still cry

For we're resigned to sitting  in all  normacy
With no foresight on stopping the flow
As another mass shooter festers in dormacy
And this is so sickening to watch it blow

Logan Robertson
Pray for the victims, survivors and those affected by the Thousand Oaks shooting. Pray for us all.
BJ Donovan Oct 2018
She was a baby herself and toddler
  and puberty and ****** and war broke
  out and boys in uniforms acting like
  men going to the action to maybe die.

  And there were always parties for the
  warriors going to battles and death and
  god only knows but a roll in the hay with
  drunk innocents tamed terror and doubts.

  Glendale, Ohio. My parents went to grade school
  and high school and Pearl Harbor and patriot
  fervor and boys to men clamored for vengeance
  and a chance to show the world their *****.

  Bomber pilot. Flying Fortress and missions
  that amphetamine kept at a manic pace until
  the enemy was fire bombed left with no air
  to breathe and everyone turned to ash.

  That's when my dad lost faith in war and knew
  he'd abandoned the moral high ground when
  they dropped **** on innocents starving to
  death. Food was taken and sent to the front.

  Their bomber was downed by flak over France.
  They abandoned the Fortress on fire and floated
  into enemy land. The French Underground saved
  him and he escaped a hero back to Cincinnati.
zebra Jun 2018
when i met you
you were at the hands of ghouls
a gimping coterie of Satan's
who pleasured at the torments they inflicted upon your innocents
who bound your feet
bones in a vice
making you
their Chinese fantasy
a delicate *** trinket
a manacled smooth petite beauty
in agony
bending you into twisted branches
those heartless devils,
drinking red ice cocktails
you put your heel on their throats
by craving death
that will teach them!
gloating at your fear
filling their emptiness
with your trembling
your dreams faded
into the body of a wounded kitten
has God
given us the cold shoulder?
hacked angels wings to stumps
and left the doors to **** wide
leaving your soul a torn crag flaming?
little ******* fire
screaming in the cave of self
would he weep at your alter
and kiss your scarred tissue
begging your forgiveness
lamenting his snide toys of fate
sweet cursed apples
and sly snakes
twisting raptured seductions
your life, cross and curse
a burnt offering
a blood light blinking
with no fire escape
blamed by the idiots of religion
for everything
only a child
who sank her pink mouth into a serrated moon
now always weighing death
bathtub ******, red ribbon glamour
dreaming paraphilias tide
eyes a ghastly vacancy
floating like a feather
tabernacles grave
a buoyant shell
in crimson clouds
a smiling dread
what does it take
for God to redeem himself?
must we storm paradise
before he fills you
with perfumes bliss
and effulgent lights embrace pours through your soul
like lanterns rose sky?
A poem partly based on a true story of a girl in the care of a foster Mormon family

This poem is based on a true story of a dear lady friend of mine who yearns for death. Who poses dead like a strewn corpse as an expression of masochistic love and ****, photograph after phonograph. Lament is a poem about the cruelty of her childhood that transformed her into a woman with an extreme masochistic obsession, a gnawing hunger for voluptuous ****** horror and her own demise.
Sarah Sep 2018
They all deserve to die
To suffer as much as a brother who died
As much as a mother who was burned alive
As much as the nations they turned to ash
But they who?
The children of ancestors who's long been gone
Innocents beheaded for the crimes of the old
Lives sacrificed to vengece a crime occured decades ago
They who?
A question that people hardly try to look up an answer to
For it's answer too has been lost
In the graves of those who commited the wrongs
"they" remain
Yet the pain remains
So does anger, so does vengence
As bright as a burning flame
People aren't defined by the crimes of their governments, or else, we'll all be criminals now.
Robin Carretti Jul 2018
Angry, E-book hunger
Tear diamond drop

      Join Me
@ The Body-book shop

The Gold bonds his book Hot Rods
She reads about the Angels and Gods

He covers her mind and book
with his lotion

Are we ready for the E-book
In tip-top condition motion
Someone is mysteriously trying to tell me something?

How the moon hangs low
The book made her eyes
Open to really know?

I phone to book she's the grab bag
I'm leaving on a Jetplane
One chosen E-Book
Was Scarlet love flame

How the book needs to grab you
The day you were born or reborn
Never to lose your sight
But why does he split your pages

In a hot rush* money wages

The heart is bleeding out words
Feeling so crushed the bookend
Energetic stare or the blank stare
Your enticing book
What happens underside me
The pages one-sided

You're the sweet of the complicated
getting bittersweet to be love mated

The sundae banana split
*My ring book marker my lovely curls

I couldn't share my book what it said
Do you really love me
The spinning wheel
Feminity of book so girly but
Love so dizzy

To be told overstocked to be sold
But someone loved it
Its been properly viewed
Buying and reselling hearts of
book timeshare

His workout
he loves his curls
Ebook he sees he memorized
all his European beauty
turning do you love her books madly
The beast  is inside Jekyll
Girls needed to hide but got
The book seeing our life
From a blinded pageview
What's beside our words
We need to be upfront
Once in a million chances
The whole planet of funny books
beach house turned
Blank page
of a clown funhouse tree stalk

What is the point of view
Like an adult book raided
If you're the unadulterated
The innocents being naive
Wanting him so much
Whats the use it's like a
the blank page
Like your hairstyle
the sixties pageboy
You need book law and order
Like the Feng Shui book surrender
Be focused Graphically cool artist
And paint it colors no
gun it blanks no favors
My book place has the ambiance
Different mysteries
and suspense behaviors

Somehow it thickens
like "French" roue paste

You didn't want one
page to waste
E for the Exodus
A blank page is love minus
You're hitting a plateau
E- love of kiss-book
French Chateau
Ebook has a pattern the same thing
It repeats and devours your thoughts
The ancient Grecian her structural
form of statues
That rip page needed words to capture

The Clean-Slate page to restart
your flight
The prize
Empire to the book hire
E-book desire
It sets an example
we need to trust
Not to mislead your mind
Whats behind the book
Exhumed or to be doomed
Like Witchcraft magical hands

This wasn't the Godly land
The blank page had a spell
"The Burned Book" no one
will ever know
Can we take it back what was written inside
We need to restore give more (Cat and Mouse) chase

As my equal poison mind of sugar
Equally or naturally book gifted
Wrap silk ribbons or too much
the anxiety of red tape
Explosion of E=books
Elixir eyes to the Ebook doorway
But the blank pages were
still inside

E-book and the text
Whats next *** journalism
The kingdom of Elust
E-book became all excuses
Those blank tweets of
Like you got some
earwax all codes and emblems
My blank form income tax problems?

Storming damage to the max of my book

Hitting rock or book bottom
You're still living in a shape
of an eggcup

And reading by your nook
Your Ebook swish wish a nymph
floating mermaid

Things turn (Retro) just go
The book was the turn of events
More pages to heart mend

We are not experts or philosophers
Get inside the greener grass
like a grasshopper

Your lovely book a tranquil place
You were booked into your gown
But your ebooks is being
transported to other towns

Her heart was skipping his pages
She never got the chance to read
His chosen page
Life is so the open book
Eyes wide shut
E-book a cozy nook and where does it begin or end did I see some blank pages in between. I need a new for a taste for something on my speed I love to read it fascinated me every page but something stopped me to continue I wonder how long will this go on being fun and retro just go to the bookstore you may be pleasantly surprised of what you might see
Johnny walker Oct 2018
I had a dream Helen, my wife to
be Was like a sixteen-year-old this
before we met I was walking
through some woods, Helen came skipping through the woods
hiding behind a tree I
Helen was like a naughty Nymph filtering down the woodland path
like an exotic butterfly moving
gracefully through the trees a
wicked laugh naughty but
But still, an air of Innocents fell
around her as she passed her
the way through the trees, a snap
a twig beneath my feet Suddenly
she was aware of my
But not to run and hide not the
naughty nymph but to put on a
show she'd tease little more
Reemerging from behind a
To dance ******* dressed skipping
and hoping to laugh that beautiful
**** voice sadly It's when I awoke
but many years later that naughty
nymph became my loving
A beautiful dream of my naughty nymph
who eventually became my wife
Neville Johnson Aug 2018
Confident sassy and brave
All of 13, on her way
Chasing a boy she thought she could love
She’s coyly flirting
Civilizing him
As only the fairer *** can do

They’re innocents
Pulled by that mysterious force
It usually starts around this age
Of course, there are missteps
Guffaws along the way

Romance at any age
Exciting, enticing
So inviting
Young emotions
Are volatile, fragile
Sometimes puppy love
Turns into real love
Excuses are perfect
Purging behind innocents
Leaving relentless, the shame of forgiveness
For what rewards can be reaped
From holy deeds ?
When sins form more roads to see
And youth sways bravely,  
The painful words of hatred.
And only age knows of Nor’s
Of whether time was spent with love
Yenson Nov 2018
Where is the terror please in a blameless mind
Show me the pain and fears in a brimful loving heart
Find me the nightmares 'n demons in blessed slumber
Wish me the tears in pious gratitudes real and plenty

Produce a charge sheet of dark deeds and secrets hidden
Bring witnesses of a stained criminal past and stolen items
Front me a past lover with tales of **** or ****** misdeeds
Show me anybody truly implicating me in any foul deeds

Ask my betrothed of ever knowing me drunk and disabled
Dig out any associations of me with friends of ill-repute
Point a day I conducted myself disgracefully 'n disrespectfully
Stand out a neighbour I went begging and borrowing from

Twirling taunting is nowt but delusions of ****** fantasists
Nothing to do with one devoid of fears and guilt of the neurotics
Show us the happy contented one who gives time to mudslinging
Even the most basic of intelligence tells us this is an impossibility

There are nasties out there kicking a poor policewoman in the head
There are repugnant foreign Taxi-drivers prostituting teen girls about
There are hate filled Terrorist willing to **** innocents unflinching
While our deranged think school playground antics is all they're worth

These are the ones that salivate in front of computer screens
Unwashed Keyboard cowards parading malfunctioning brains
Attention and ambition lacking deficits sad subhumans waiting to be fed
How can wasted western fodders impact on my consciousness or even my subconscious
Those by their evident actions already show they lack rationality, intelligence or understanding
Inadequates whose only recourse is to showcase their inferiority in pained envy and jealousy by trying to bully
Insignificant runts who can't better themselves despite opportunities abound
Dr Livingstone come see what your children from your Great Empire has become
You told our forefathers you came from the very cradle of Civilisation
A land of freedom and great knowledge
How come now your childrens are pathetic ignorant irrational insecure deluded cowards
What to do with morons other than to pitifully toss them a morsel of our talents once a while and laugh as they feed hungrily

You gotta laugh!
Yenson Aug 2018
When we finish with you
you won't know who you are..........

Hey, Mr and Mrs Salt  of the Earth
of Majority Wins Avenue, Socialist Estate
Wigan and George Orwell Park
Red City London

do you want to hear something
please give me a bit of your time

I know I am not a white thief
I don't go breaking into my neighbour's house
and stealing from them

I know I am not a drunkard
begging borrowing and stealing
so I can get wasted and drunk again

I know i am not a liar or bands of liars
who go around destroying innocents reputation
slandering and vilifying to cover my tracks

I know I am not an envious jealousy ridden inadequate
throwing mud and obnoxious falsehoods to damage
an innocent person good name and character

I know I am not a psychotic ****** degenerate
getting neurotic satisfaction from causing pain
and distress to another

I know I am not a weakling and a lily-livered coward
a back-stabber and a faceless ***** who is an anodyne
bully incapable of face to face confrontation

I know I am not a shriveling gutless wimpy poltroon
hiding in a gang of samenesses  engaging in a shameless
war against one man

I know I am not an uneducated or semi-illiterate half-wit
riddled with ignorance, prejudices, bigotry and ill-thoughts
notion without rational validation

I know I am not a wanton hedonist who is unable to resist
satisfying **** or seeking pleasures regardless of more
pressing responsibilities

I know I am not a two faced hypocrite, a fraudster or cheat
who misappropriated and behaves without conscience or
considerations about others

I know I am not a cheap, small minded, vengeful, hateful
and irrational follower who joins other like-minded fools
in a unjust and unfair actions and deeds

I know I am not a wicked, perverse, heartless, soulless, cold
and pitiless damaged human who acts without measure,
compassion or due consideration

I know I am not a sneaky, conniving, twisted, disingenuous
sadistic, cowardly conspiratorial plotter who acts with others
of same kith to cause hardship, pain, sufferings to another human

I do know That I believe in hard work and earning a living honestly and when I had the opportunity that was what I did
I did not steal from anyone and then blame my bad choices
on them

I do know that I treated everyone I came into contact with
or related with fairly, on merit, without prejudice, sincerely, honestly and with due respect, except if they are house burgling
drunkard, wastrels, anti-social and Racists neighbours.

So dear Mr  and Mrs Salt of the Earth, friends and Defenders
of Crooks, Burglars and All with nefarious activities, wrong-doers and the Shameless

I do know at least that I am not any of the noted above, if this
thus mean exclusion from your Union and banishment from life,
I accept my sentence..........  

I thank you for reading

P.S.  Please feel free to come and **** what's left of ME!!
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