I love the innocence present even we are being naughty
This is about a guy who was so respectful and kind and gentle even when things were getting a little heated. I have never felt more comfortable around anyone before, not even my own family. I think things may be taking a turn for the better, and I definitely did not see that coming into my life any time soon. This is super chiche but maybe time really does heal all wounds ❤
Ivy Haegan Mar 2014
Take down the names of the unwanted
Make sure that I'm on the list
As rain pours down their faces
Remember that we exist

The sound of the marching footsteps
The death of an innocent man
Remembrance of what it once was
The times when it began
Samantha Jade Apr 2014
Born into a world,

lavish with wonder,

brimming with dread.

Innocent eyes unclosed,

for the first time,

lights and color,

consume their mind.

When do those eyes,

lose their innocence,

become eyes of anger,

eyes of hate,

eyes that see too much?

They soon lose interest,

everything eventually goes


Eyes of sorrow,

unfolding the past,

displaying the hurt.

Show me those innocent eyes,

that now seeming so distant,

I have only memory,

of those innocent eyes.
Katie Nicole May 2014
your old socks haunt me
as they linger in my drawer

Touching all my innocent matched pairs.

you had slipped them to me
one frosty night when the cold nipped at my toes

An act of a gentleman.

but now what am i to do?
you're gone, but your socks remain

Each opening of my drawer kindles the coldness I feel.

you and your socks betrayed me
none of you comfort me anymore

*But at least the socks decided to stay.
Paramount Pawn May 2015
I already proved I'm innocent
Yet you say I'm guilty
Sometimes I don't get you
My mind's messed up
And it's all because of you
Harsh Sandhu Nov 2014
So many times
Whenever i got chance
In every circumstance
I expose my feelings
For her it's thrilling
She is normal
Even so formal
But i can't help myself
In such type of dealing!
Innocent feelings again and again tried to express.
Life's a Beach Jun 2014
I truly underestimated the power of a good orgasm
Tijuasgirl May 2014
innocent girl
trusting someone who you barely know
foolish girl
listening to his lies 'cause you felt sorry
don't you know
he'll be the end of you
innocent girl
how could you know?
foolish girl
once you are in, there is no way out
don't you know
here is the end of the line.
SøułSurvivør May 2015


(c) 5/19/2015
Speaking out
child abuse

Lynn Al-Abiad Dec 2014
Tell me,
Does my innocent-looking face
Tell you that I am a descendant of God?

But you're wrong, dear.
Don't you know?
The devil hides in the most
Silent places.
Shae Nicole Oct 2014
We can't go backwards
But if we could it would be
To that very night

Holding each other
Time standing still
And a blissful,
Extremely tender
Loving innocence
Surrounding us

No passion
Just simple love
Where a simple touch
Can sing a hundred songs
W Winchester Apr 2014
Maybe it's sick to think there is only one way to get someone to notice you

Maybe it's awful that they aren't noticing you, in fact they've never seen your face

But is it so wrong that they like what they see?
Is it so wrong that you like the way they respond?

You like the way they talk,
even though they don't know your name

You like the pet names and dirty sentences

You like the way they suddenly can control you
without touching you

But you know you can never tell anyone
No matter how "innocent" it is

But really...

Is it so wrong to want someone to think you're *beautiful?
Alan S Bailey Jan 2015
Let's play a little game, let's call it the marriage game,
I will pretend that I love you for you, not your money,
And you will pretend that you are not one to enslave,
We will continue and play this charade, I'll call you honey.

Let's play another game, I will go to the store and buy you,
YES buy you, you're for sale, I'll come up with a punch line,
Blame you, you made me do it, I'll tell you what to wear, you'll
Be naked in your underwear, who needs to be in the sunshine?

Let's play yet another game! This one, you'll go to work all day,
Never get a day off, while this only makes us stay away the most,
I will go on and on about the weather because it's rainy today,
You will be the one to buy a gun, it feels unsafe unless it's close.
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