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When looking for love you don't need a map
But falling inlove is falling into a trap
Not knowing the destination to the road you're taking
Not knowing whether it's true or its just faking
Wondering whether or not you'll make it
Falling inlove is just toxic
When you fall inlove you give your all
When love shatters your all goes in flames
When you fall inlove you believe you can conquer everything
But when love breaks you don't feel left with anything
Falling inlove gives you hope
The hope is broken when you were not caught from your fall
When you fall inlove you vow to go against all odds to be happy
When you fall inlove you believe the unbelievable is believable
But falling inlove is painful
Sometimes you fall for someone who's not grateful
But does it pay to love someone who's not graceful?
Falling inlove is amazing but in everything there are "but's" love too, we find them.
Brillar's Tale Dec 2018
I fell inlove with the words,
not the writer
I fell inlove with the message,
not the sender
I fell inlove with the voice,
not the singer
I fell inlove with the choreography,
not the dancer
I fell inlove with the art,
not an artist
Yet I fell inlove with the solver,
but not the solution
You were the solver
And you solved me

- peanutbuttqn
Makiya Apr 2013
inlove with a girl who breathes like
snow so light, it is almost
nothing, nothing at all

inlove with a girl whose skin rubs against mine as
a tongue fondles peaches(cling)

inlove with a girl who sighs like the crest of a wave, falling
to meet the rest of it's body(russsshh)

inlove with a girl whose move-
ments collect eyes like her hair collects
rain or her toes collect sand

inlove like I am
inlove, like I am
Adele Feb 2016
Do not fall inlove with a writer
they see and feel everything.
particles that somersault in the morning ray telling them to embrace the day

They can smell the haunting
aroma of a coffee
whispers 'go grab your pen and write'

they look into a person's eyes
and could witness
how a sea crash into someone's soul

Do not fall inlove with a writer
they appreciate and value everything you do

they could see the entire universe
from your smile
only the ocean could tell
their hopes and fears.

They easily fall and break too hard.

Don't fall inlove with a writer
they'll make you their muse

from good times to bad times,
you will be the lyrics of their song.
The world within Aug 2015
I think I've fallen inlove with you.
Your smile, your laugh, your touch.
I don't know how but I think you've stolen my heart.
You make me happier then I've ever been, smile brighter then ever before and laugh harder then I ever have.
It's not only that I love you,
It's that I'm inlove with you.

I've fallen deeply and uncontrollably inlove with you.
You are once so inlove with me
Or you’re still in pain
And your heart is still mending when I came?

I don’t failed to made you smile.
Or you’re just tired of crying?

You’re deeply inlove with me
I made you feel important and cared.
Or you’re in need of someone to talk to?
Someone who lend her ears
to hear your silly stories?
Or someone who will tell your worth.

You’re so inlove with me
Or your only using me
To forget your past and the sorrow.

You’re inlove with me
Atleast, that’s what you say.

Now that I am inlove with you
You keep distance
Stopped talking
And worst, left me.

A lesson learned.
Should I call you a user?
Yet I thank you for making me stronger.
Duchess Ry Feb 2015
You who have taken my breath away
My life, my everything , my one and only
To you whom I gave my all
I love you with all my heart and soul

You  caught my eye
And become the apple of my eye
I would rather die
Than to cut our ties

The first time I saw you , I was smitten
In heaven , our story is already written
I know, we are match made in heaven
Because we are deeply inlove with each other  , 24/7
Adv. Happy Valentines :))
Crypticpoet broke my heart
But I will be alright, alright, alright.
She was my sun forced me to shine, shine,
Then Boom! An eclipse, with darkness
She TOOK the WRONG HAND and LEFT me.
But I'll be fine, fine, fine.
Don't Fall inlove with a Poet
Poets lie, lie, lie
Don't give a Poet your Heart
Poets will make you cry, cry, cry.
If your boyfriend cheated on you,
He is a Poet, poet, poet.
If your girlfriend left you
She is crypticpoet, crypticpoet, crypticpoet.
But if your boyfriend beats you and tells you
that he loves you
then he is playing God, playing God, playing
You know your lover is a Poet
When instead of beautiful he says you're HOT
He is calling you Venus, a Planet
Run away, run away, run away!
Don't Fall inlove with a Poet.
Don't Fall inlove with a Poet
Poets lie, lie, lie.
Don't give a Poet your Heart
Poets will make you cry, cry, cry.
You know your lover is a Poet
When she don't want ***
You are dating a FLAT battery, she's NEVER
Dump her, dump her, dump her.
Don't fall inlove with a Poet.
Poets lie
Poets cheat
Poets deceive
Poets believe
Poets play
Poets break
Poets joke
When a poet tells you they love you
Trust me they mean it.
Poets live to die
Poets die to live.
Ruth Sep 2018
You are so beauteous
your smile is enchanting
your eyes is so precious
you are very admirable and loving

you amuse me, delight and laugh with me
i felt i dont deserve you,
or you dont deserve me
with you i felt free...

we had a fight, the prince i thought that will save me.
is the prince that wrecked me.
i lost my self esteem, the light become darkness
happiness become sadness
love become madness.. to anger.. to hatred

you didnt hurt me physically,
but selfless, narcissistic action of yours
****** me up emotionally
You put my heart in roses that full of thorns.

i am Inlove, and i cant denied it,
im inlove that i barely eat,
im inlove that i message you even its late
im inlove that eventhough your taking so long, its okay ill wait.

but you ****** me over and over again,
and im still here for you even it so vain.
because i have faith that you will change
cause i thought we are in the same page...

the wound you gave me did not appear in my body
but hurts more than anything that bleeds
I become blind, because of wanting for you to love me so badly
i cant even tell that its not really love.

if the wounds on my heart and the bruises on my soul translated into my skin, you probably wont recognize it
Joseph Floreta Nov 2016
They say,
Men fall inlove with what they see,
And they say,
Woman fall inlove with what they heard.
But I fall inlove with touched,
I fall inlove with the person who touches me
In the deepest
Part of my soul.
#They thought #and they say...
inspired by: EMD <3 :)
Nicolegy Dec 2016
I'm inlove with you;
with all the simple things you do
The way you smile at me
I'm inlove with you.

The way you make me laugh,
You're sweet compliments,
The way you looked at me
I'm inlove with you

The way you hold her hand
when you told her you like her
How happy you were when she's beside you
When you said I'm your sweetest friend

I'm inlove with you
poems only can understand what I'm feeling right now
menmarou Dec 2014
~Entry #1 12.02.14

Akala ko madali lang ang lahat. Ang yabang ko pa.. sabi ko mai-inlove din saken to. pero mali pala..
ako yung na-inlove eh.

Ang sakit pala, kasi ginawa ko na lahat ng kaya ko, lahat ng paraan para lang abutin siya, tulungan siya, kasi naiintindihan ko siya.. sobra.
Pero ang sakit pala kapag ikaw lang yung lumalaban. ikaw lang yung naghahangad ng happy ending, kasi sa dulo walang ganun, walang happy ending..
kasi nde pa siya maka move on.
ang masaklap pa nito ..
matatanggap ko pa sana kung yung mga umaaligid na babae kasi madali naman sila paalisin, pero yung kalabanin mo yung bababeng minahal niya ng sobra bago ka dumating..
nde ko kaya. ang sakit pala.
ang tanga ko kasi nde ko kayang magalit sa kanya, kasi hanggang ngayon naiintindihan ko pa din siya.
lintik na one sided to oh. nde ko alam na ganito pala kasakit ang mag mahal ng isang taong nde sayo..
let me rephrase that. taong nde magiging sayo
akala ko. yang word na yan, madaming namamatay diyan . isa na ako dun,
naniwala ako sa sarili ko na magiging okay ang lahat sa amin. pero nde pala..
ibang iba sa reality, kainis kasi eh napaka hopeless romantic ko kaya ayan kahit imposible sumugal..
pero nakita ko na kasi na ganito mangyayari eh,
nasa isip ko. "nde naman siguro ganon, kasi kahit papaano mahalaga na ako sa kanya, malay mo naman diba? mai-nlove"
Assuming din kasi ako, kasalanan ko din..
sa simula pa lang naman kasalanan ko na. Sinubukan ko kasi gusto ko siya eh. gustong gusto.
pero eto pa din ako, naghihintay, umaasa pa din ako kahit pinaliwanag niya na sa akin na nde pwede.
nakakulong kasi siya sa regret at pain in the past. sabi niya gusto niya lang daw ako "protektahan" lintek na.

Nasasaktan na ako eh. sobrang sakit.
welcome to SMP menma.
~unspoken feelings.
Eridan Ampora Jul 2014
How can you tell the one you love that you love them? Do you just go up to them and say "Hey there! I love you!"
How could I stay silent about my feelings as we texted for hours about the randomest of things.
How could I let you slip through my fingers, to other who use you.
How could I let you fall inlove three times before I became determined to make you mine.
How could I let myself fall for you, let you become my whole world, let you be my everything, and yet to you I'm nothing more than a friend....
Had some feelings I wanted to share, not about Sarah, but someone else she'll never know but already knows but doesn't know.
Taylor Lagano Jul 2014
1 a.m
: I'm laying here,thinking
: my heart just as heavy as when you left it.
But you didn't really leave it. You have it which makes all of this worse
I'm trying to move on. Trying to let my pinky go so we can't hold on to the promise of forever.
And yes I see that **** on Facebook.
You're her everything. The love of her life. She gets to feel your lips on hers.
Something I never got to feel because your there and I'm here and that's exactly 1,163.5 miles away.
Its not fair
Never fair
Never fine
I'm tried of that ******* word.
2 a.m
: crying to music
I hate when we talk and you tell me to look up a song.
I try to put back my pieces through this song that you shattered me in the first place with.
I'm so deeply inlove with you
I'm so deeply inlove with you
I'm so
   ­                   l
Inlove with you.
But so is she and right now your heart beats for her while my heart beats for you in the palm of your hands.

3 a.m
: eyes so swollen they have to shut, dreaming
You're so deeply inlove with me.
#I #hate #you
Kuzhur Wilson Sep 2013
My poetry, which knew it was
the cry of a lonely bird
on a solitary tree
in my village,
asked Spring its name.

Spring began to speak –

The fruit laden Vayyankatha, her thorny pangs, hijab-wearing  Guf, her minarets, Thondi  blushing red with kisses,  her moist lips, orphaned Adalodakam, Nellippuli in a polka dotted dress, Pulivakawaiting for the breeze, Anjili   head towards the south, yawning Cherupuuna, Pera with the names of grandmas scribbled on her leaves, Ilantha blowing into the hearth, Ilapongu rubbing his eyes, Irippa, Atha laughing noisily,Cholavenga in tattered clothes, Irumbakam, Padappa catching his breath after running, Pattipunna wagging his tail, bare footed Pattuthali, Thekku the noblest among them, Thekkotta, Neervalam  recollecting her last birth, Neeraal, sobbing Neelakkadambu, Pathimukam, lazy thanal murikku, Karimaruthu, Karinkura, Asttumayil, Velladevaram, Kattukadukka, the gluttonous Badam, amnesiac Vazhanna, boredVarachi, Nangmaila, Eucalyptuswith a sprained back, viscous red Rakthachandanam, saffron robed Rudraksham, Vakka, Vanchi,  Parangimaavu nostalgic of his ancestral home, Vari, Nedunaar, Marotti with a hundred offsprings, Malangara, Malampunna ,Nenmeni Vaka trying his luck in a lottery, Nelli with a sour smile.

Kadaplaavu doing sketches with leaves, Kari straying from the queue, Kattuthuvara buying things on credit, Kattutheyila boiling over, Kattupunna with a pus-oozing sore, Kumkumam putting a bindi on her forehead, starving Ventheku, Vellakadambu making a missed call, Kattadi standing aloof, her feeble hands,  flowering Ilanji, her fragrant trunk, sighing Aalmaram, Pachavattil, Pachilamaram  gossiping with the chameleon, Panachi,Pamparakumbil, Kadambu memories adorning her head, Kudamaram carrying provisions for the home,  Punnappa,Poongu, gray hairedChuruli, Chuvannakil  singing a folk song, dark skinned Vattil, Kulaku, Karinjaaval, sozzled Pamparam, Chorappayir, njama, Njaaval  tempting the birds, Njaara, Alasippooscratching his palm, Ashokam  humming a sad song.

Ezhilampala chewing on a masala paan, Peenaari wearing a tie, Peelivaka, Pulichakka with a broken leg, Pezhu demanding his wages, Kumbil, Kurangaadi, Kasukka with a dislocated elbow,Valiyakaara, Vallabham, Chavandi, stunning Chinnakil , Chittal with a failed brake, Vidana, Sheemappanji, the loan shark Odukku, Oda  on musth,fatherless Kadakonna, childlessShimshapa, Sindooram with a flushed face, Karinthakara singing the thannaaro, Vellappayir high on grass, Poothilanji showing off her blossoms, sour faced Kudampuli.

Wet in the rain Kulamaavu, Kudamaavu circling around himself, Pari from the netherworld,Poopathiri in a priest’s robe,  Poochakadambu on all fours, Kulappunna covered in a blanket, Kundalappala checking his astro forecast, Pachotti, ******* Perumaram, Perumbal  thinking of the sea, phlegm clogged Anathondi, Anakkotti, Cheruthuvara, Ilavangam, Thanni,naughty Thirukkalli,  Karappongu, embracing Kattadi, Thudali, Thelli, Kara, Malayathi,Malavirinji, shameless Kashumaavu,mud slinging Karuka, Vedinal, suicide prone Attumaruthu,Attuvanchi  who glides on the stream like a fallen shadow.

Mandaram  dressed in white, Vanna, brazen Mahagani, Karivelam doing the accounts,Jakarantha, Koombala, friendless Koovalam, Kattukamuku with his hands around friends, Kolli, Paruva,Krishnanaal with a crooked smile, Cocoa with no one to turn to, Cork,Palakapayyani, Pavizhamalli wearing necklace and bangles, a lonely Mazhamaram, Mangium, Mathalam exposing her *******, Chemmaram, Pashakottamaram, Malavembu, tearful Chamatha, Vatta, Vattakoombitired of running around, smoking Pine, Porippovanam, Kaaluvnthatherakam, Thembaavu, grinningDantaputri, Narivenga, Navathi, grumbling Mazhukkanjiram,Arayanjili,  Arayal playing a game with the wind.

Choola kissing the sizzling wind, Arinelli, Maavu reciting sadly the poem Mampazham,  Chandana vembu, Peraal stretching its back, Pulivaaka, Unnam, Naythanbakam,Karpooram in a slow glow, Naaykumbil, trumpeting Pongu, outcast Pottavaaka, bursting Poriyal, vagabond Ponthavaaka, Plaavu lost in some thought, Pootham  head covered , Ethappana  greening while yellowing, Manjadi, Mullanvenga, Mullilam lifting his dhoti to expose his genitals, Mullilavu hopping around, Moongappezhu, Neermaruthu saying enough is enough, withered Neermathalam ,Moottikkay, Ithi, Ithiyaal, Vella velam, Kalppayir, Kallar, Majakkadambu singing a lullaby, Choondappana wary of fish bones.

Stooping Punna, Matti scared of her big brother, Paarijaatham watching the midnight movie, Paalakal, Paali,Paarakam doing cartwheels, Viri, Athi showing off  her seeds,Ampazhammassaging his chest, Ayani inlove with her son, Manjakkonna, Manjamandaram in search of something, Chullithi with eyes closed, Kallilavu like an oozing rock, Malamandaram eyeing the vultures,Velleetti cursing the thunder, Venga,Veppu, Vraali, Akil, sighing Acacia,Balsa, Blanka, Beedimaram with a rattling cough,  Agasthi, Cherukonna with a sheepish smile, Kambali, woundedNagamaram.

Pathiri, touching his forehead to the ground, his eyes heavenward, Ankolam ruined by debts,Kattumarotti, Kundalappala, Aattumaruthu,Poovam, Erumanaakku, Karingotta, Vediplaavu his salary still unpaid, Venmurikku, Manjanaathi, Manimaruthu jolted awake, Mathagirivembu, Karaanjili  escorting his daughter, Karakongu,Karappongu, Ilippa on her way back, Ooravu half-awake after a dream and with a sucker smile, Ennappana about to immolate himself, fattened  Ennappine,Azhantha waiting for someone, Chorapatri with a cracked head,Sheemappoola,Poovankara, Malampuli, Puli with sharpened stakes.

Obese Theettipplaavu,Malambongu, Chorimathimurikku, Irippa bailing out his friend, Irumbakamwho lost his job, Kunkumappoo, Karinthaali, Scoot, Rose Kadambu, Aamathali, Aarampuli,Attilippucaught in the crowd, Irul  blessed by the elders, Vellavatti, whistling Mula, Kattukonna in a hat, Kaniiram learning the alphabets, broker Cheru,Kattuchembakam exposing his arm pit,Thandidiyan, Neeroli, Ezhachembakam waiting for her bus, Karimbana in a newly constructed house, Karivenga,Karivali writing a poem, Ungu in a baby frock, Udi, Plasha, Elamaruthupromising to meet later, Chembakam dying to hug.

Vellakil who bathes the kids, Vellavaaka who forgot his umbrella, Attuthekku who failed the exam, lustful Aattunochi,Malanthudali with her legs spread, Malanthengu with chest ****** up,Malamanchadi who is learning to count, Malambarathi exposing her *******, intoxicated Aval, Arana reciting the poem Karuna, insane Alakku who dashes off to the temple, Cheru who cannot stop washing clothes, Kudappana ready to elope, irreligious Jaathi, Silver Oak laughing boisterously, Kattuveppu waiting for the kids, Sumami ******* on a toffee, annoyed Parappoola,frightened Pinar, Ithi stopping her ears at swear words, Ithiyal with lots of smiles, Kovidaram with music in his mind, Ilakkali showing her belly, blossoming Ilavu, Chadachi who ***** sadistically, cool fingered Chandanam.

dominating Charakkonna, office going Cheelanthi, Gulgulu glued to Kochu channel, Gulmohur with dyed hair, Irul with a fuming face, early rising Kanikonna, Kanala who has a sound sleep, Karingali  who pees standing, Kambakam with an ***** *****, Kallavi  beseeching to stuff her up, Karanjili  quivering in lust, calm Karaal, Kaari who hums while *******, Kaavalam who naps after the toil,Thannimaram showing off her petals, Thambakam kissing the ****, Thellipayar savouring a *****,Neerkurunda in post-****** languor, Malaya breastfeeding her kid, bullying Kathi, mad hat Eetti,Cheeni  not remembering his mom,  Kunnivaka showing his gums, Kuppamanja who laughs in sleep, Othalanga swallowing poison, blooming Poovarasu.

Spring went on,
reeling off names to me.
The rain the sun the wind and the cold
Rolled in one after the other.
Spring kept pulling out
names from its memory.

People got scared of
my poetry gone wild.
They stopped passing that way.

A snake goes slithering away.
A hare finds its own path and dashes away.
A poothankiri, from a bush, flies away.

(Trans from Malayalam by Ra Sh)
1.      Mampazham (Ripe Mango) is the title of a famouspoem by Vyloppilli.
2.      Karuna (Compassion) is the title of a long poemby Kumaran Asan.
3.      Poothankiri – A white headed babbler.
4.      Thanaaro - An obscene devotional song.
Chii Apr 2014
Once upon a time
A princess fell inlove with a prince
But he wasn't the typical prince
He didn't fight dragons for the prinxess
Or give her the best jewels in town
Or give her flowers

He didn't climb up the princess' window at night just to be with her
Or take her out into picnic dates or stargazing dates or whatever
But he made the princess happy
Really happy.

But one day, the princess found out something that changes everytjing
She wasn't the princess in this story
She was the fairy godmother trying to save the prince who was acting out as a damsel in distress

A damsel in distress who feels worthless
Who feels that the world hated him
Who needed an anchor to save him from sinking
Who was inlove with an angel who he knows that he can never reach

Poor princess thought that what they have was real
She thought they could reach that famous happy ending
But in the end
She was never his princess
She was just a fairygodmother who made the prince happy
Who saved him from sinking the ship
Who gave him ALL but in the end, it's still not enough

Tragic wasn't it?
Let this be all a lesson to us
If we love someone
Make sure they are worthy for our love
Don't give everything
Don't give your 100 percent to someone you're not even sure about
Just love. Enjoy. Cry. Laugh. Love love love.
We may break. We may hurt because of it
But it'll make us stronger and wiser
And when we meet out real "princess" or "prince charming"
We'll know how to prove that happily ever after really exists :)
Mateuš Conrad Oct 2016
apparently it's not even crossword! the tagging, the aghast timing, but you didn't care about me, so why, should you be treated as Aleppo? why?! join the queue and please... shut, the ****, up! you didn't care about me... you think i'll care about you? no. no! hashtag that if you please; oh sorry, the world is cruel, hence the Arctic and Prince Harry: chequer or the check check chequers or simply Croat checkered math and the chess board... nonetheless: #likeigiveashithaha*

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I am attracted to you
Like an electron to a proton
Together we form an ionic bond
Though we are opposite charged ions
I am drawn towards you
Our love is unique as an orbital
For only two electrons can fill this space
As my love for you increases
My energy level rises
I am in this excited state
Increasing the tendency to form a chemical bond
I was an element
It took you to make me a compound substance
Falling in love with you is a chemical reaction
Which cause my love for you to grow
Ours is an exothermic love
Each for giving off love not just absorbing it
Sometimes you do something especially nice
Which speeds up the chemical process
Like a catalyst in my increasing love for you
I realise we have our inhibition periods
And sometimes I am selfish enough
To be an endothermic reaction
Only absorbing your love
The feeling I have for you is so intense
It cannot be measured in kilojoules
Often I have to make a qualitative elementary analysis
To understand and love you more
But I don't expect to know your empirical formula
You are too complex a person for that
When you are gone
I am a noble gas
An inert substance
When I am without you
The world seems still
And I am at equilibrium
Do not fall inlove with a writer
they see and feel everything.
particles that somersault in the morning ray telling them to embrace the day

They can smell the haunting
aroma of a coffee
whispers 'go grab your pen and write'

they look into a person's eyes
and could witness
how a sea crash into someone's soul

Do not fall inlove with a writer
they appreciate and value everything you do

they could see the entire universe
from your smile
only the ocean could tell
their hopes and fears.

They easily fall and break too hard.

Don't fall inlove with a writer
they'll make you their muse

from good times to bad times,
you will be the lyrics of their song.
Beth Decisions Jun 2015
Once Upon A Time...
What now feels like life times ago,
I met this boy.
We fell inlove.
And like so many love stories...
It took the wrong turn.
We crashed and we were destroyed.
Before the crash you were my bestfriend.
Now you're unrecognizable to me.
I will always be inlove with the boy you once were.
The greatest bestfriend of my life.
But this creature you have become...
I have no desire for.
Though apart of me will unfortunately always love him.
Simply because he use to be you.
Though inlove with him...
That I will never be.
Destre' Jun 2016
You don't know if you're inlove or just want to be loved
*I don't know

So you're probably not inlove?  Is that how that works?
Thinkerbelle Jul 2017
I fell in love with the way he keeps himself
so full, so sure, so arrogantly handsome yet so humbly beautiful

I fell inlove with him for all the times he stayed
through all the beating, through all the cheating,
through all the bad and good

I fell in love with his words
the way they roll out of his mouth through the clever words he speak and into my soul, he envelops me with every decibel he forms

I fell inlove with him, because he is true, because he is him

I fell in love with the way he looks at things that astound him,
the way the crease forms between his bushy brows,
you know he's thinking, you know he's about to say something
you know when he looks at you, so straight into your eyes you would think he has feelings for you,
so deep into me that the brilliant comeback I've thought of all of last night has crumbled and vanished only to be replaced by you

so then you caught me, words, out of breath, out of mind

you asked me, "what do you think?"

I thought, of how unpretentiously gorgeous you look
of the tax computation that made you question yourself, if u were in the right course
i thought of why you were so inlove with her,
I think of why I love him
but I think I'm in love with you

So I said, " I don't know"

sweetie pie Jul 2013
I'm inlove with a stranger
His presence is danger
He'll love me now but ,
Tomorrow he's a player
There's not one day he doesn't cross my mind...
Why am i inlove with a person who doesn't pay me any mind?
....doesn't give me the day or time!
... But why? Is it his soft lips or ,
how he holds me just for a little bit..
until he wants more , more & more im scared so i run out that door .. he's back to ignoring me because i don't give him what he wants he's back to loving all those *****! & I'm just STUCK inlove with a stranger.
Z Feb 2018
It was the 15th day of October
When i first known you
It started as an ordinary day
But ended as a wonderful one

Who would have thought?
That I'll meet my forever through an online game
A very weird game, i don't even know why i started playing
But I'll thank that game over and over again
For it led a **** like me to a goddess like you

You are not as friendly as the others are
Yet you caught my attention, i don't know why
You don't find me funny when i made my jokes
But deep inside, i know i made you laugh

You eventually warmed up
Thanks to my charm
We started as friends
A complicated one

You were broken but still inlove
With a boy named Drake
I hate him so much
For he made you cry and left you behind

I was taken and still inlove
With a girl named Jaja
She's beautiful and kind
She's all that i talked to you about

Our friendship grows as days passed by
Constant communication through online
So when the time i got so broken
Coz the girl i love left me without warning
You were there for me all the time
Made me feel fine even when you're not

I made mistakes and made you fall
For me to have fun all along
But then my guilt is eating me whole
I admitted to you the greatest lie of all

You hated me for being a ****
Yet you still accepted me after all
I knew i have fallen to you as well
I'm just too coward to accept it all

We started a new friendship
On a very clean slate
With renewed limitations
And a little reservation

Twenty-eight months
That's how long we waited
To take a risk on this friendship
And make it an official relationship

Going back to the day of October 15th
When i known the girl of all my dreams
The girl who gave me love and peace
The girl who make me look forward for more 15th
I love you
Never Had iThought
Id Actually Be Or Fall inlove.
A Mutual Desire
Something iFeel And People
Dont Call Me insane
Cause iTs A Human Being
Not A Chemical
iRealistically Feel, How iKnow
iTs Real.
He's Better Than Drugs
A Fullfilling
Natural Stimulant dose
My Happiness my
everything, 1st love of my life
Natalia Dec 2014
I new something was wrong
Everything seemed so real
So unconditional
Almost too good to be true

I was obsessively inlove
You new it, you took advantage of my summer hot love
Your Hypnotizing winter froze my summer time breeze.
My heart in a center, your icicle  stabbed right through it several times freezing my summer bleeding heart almost falling apart but still kept together frozen with open wounds

You were so cold my heart felt it even in the deepest vain that was once alive . I felt it throb in pain and you felt no sympathetic emotion.

I was still frozen after a couple of years you won't let me unfreeze . I started to find comfort in the pain and realized that you didn't want to let me go. I loved you . Gave in the last bit of my soul for you.
You didn't care...
You loved plenty...
Broke hearts...
I was just another..
Another heart you won't let mend

But then I realized your the only thing holding me together
Until you fall for someone else I'll be your submissive
And after I'll live in the snow flakes of your winter storm waiting for the next new flake to finish the last bit of my heart.
Free write
Alyssa kasper Dec 2014
I remember when
when we used to be happy
when your face would light up
with your amazing smile
your eyes would sparkle
i could tell
everyone could
we were truly happy
the downfall broke us
it broke both of us
i hated it
but now youre with her
your face
is dull
the smile
i fell inlove with
was no longer present
everyone could see the difference
i dont even know you anymore
dravenstorm Sep 2015
She Told Me She Loved Me,
I Said "Prove It"
And She Pushed Me
Off The Top
Of A Building.
You broke me...
& I allowed it because I so loved the moment before you uttered how I meant nothing. The moment when you could be redeemed.
The moment in which my breathe would catch in my throat.
The moment in which I desperately wanted to be inlove with you again. The moment in which I wanted to delude myself just one more time into believing you might love me.
Believing that you could value me in my human form.
The form in which my exhale became reminiscent of your name.
You were absorbed into the essence of my very being.
You were everything. & now you are nothing.
This is neither good nor bad.
It simply is.
Because you were poisonous and I loved every second of it ; basking in your presence.
I was a wilting flower and oh how your kiss felt so much like rain.
You were incomparably beautiful to me, but beautiful in the destructive sense.
Beautiful like a forest fire.
But you are not a forest fire.
You were the moon- deeply inconsistent.
You could not be redeemed.
Not by your smile or the way my name tasted leaving your lips or by the rare tears you would spill whispering a belated apology.

You were lost to me.
in all your cruelty- completely lost.

Except for when i would stand lonely in a crowded room- your voice sounding like the insecurities in my mind.
In those moments I'd choked back tears and pretended that the ***** was to blame and not you.
I'd Spend the night hurling insults at the stars whose usually beautiful form seemed a grotesque witness to my aching heart.
And then I'd want to hurt you how you hurt me,
scar your soul repeatedly but then I realised you don't have one.
You never did.
Crissel Famorcan Sep 2018
I fell inlove at seven-thirty,
In the middle of the preaching,
On my church uniform,
At an unexpected moment,
In the midst of storm.
When I took a glance
Of your smile so pretty,
I told myself:
"I fell in love at seven-thirty".

I fell in love at seven-thirty,
Yes dear! You should believe me
The moment that you entered the door,
My heart skipped a beat,
Wanna do a ten mile run
With an exceptional leap
Had my eye turned into a camera
With an auto-focus lens,
Zooming in your face:
Making everything feel tense.

I fell in love at seven-thirty;
And memories started flashing through my brain
Together with it are the joys,sadness and pain
Of having you standing afar from me
But on those spectacular eyes--
I can still clearly see..
The beauty..
Of the galaxy..
And I fell for you at seven thirty.

And yes!
It may sound stupid to love you again
But I can't stop my feelings pouring like rain
Yes! For the second time, I fell for you;
With hopes that at this moment,
You'll fall for me too..
Coz' I fell for you at seven-thirty;
And for the second time
I hope I could make you mine...

"I fell in love at seven-thirty".
When i took a glance
Of your smile so pretty,
In the midst of storm.
At an unexpected moment,
On my church uniform,
In the middle of the preaching..
Yes! I admit..I fell for you at seven-thirty..
Martin May 2017
I admit i'm insanely inlove
I invest so much effort
Just to be with you
But your love so dimmed
Like a busted bulb

I exaggerate things i've never been done
And i'm end up hallucinating
I becoming hysterical
For falling deeply inlove

Sometimes i've lost my senses
I forgot to love my self
More than i love you
This love brought me to agony
And i'm starting digging my grave
Gotta Love This ****
Changes You Up Quick.
Take A Little Hit, Take A Pop, A Taste, A Bite A Syringe  .
Chemical Effects Seeing Life Unrealistic Getting Super ****** Twisted <3
Loving Life Feeling 20x Better Than Mighty Fine, iTs Fantastic Can Be Long Lasting.
You'll Truly See How Wonderful iT iS, Like Real Magic.
Body Sensation, Mind Blasting,  Euphoria Rising, Smiles, Hugs, Many Laughing.
One Simple Dose Can Make You Feel important, Wanted, Loved,  Above, Amazing, Powerful, Special, invincible.
Your Kept Focused On Yourself And Dreamy Like Flow That You'll Soon Fall inlove With
iTs A Feel indescribable & Just Everything You Can Ask For.
Blocks And Keeps You Away From Your Surroundings, its Unique, intense, Has Suspense , Gives You Affection & So Much Satisfaction Plus Attention Keeps You  Distracted By These Temporary Actions.
You Like What iT Brings You
How Happy & Better Of A Life You Seem To Be Living iN Your Eyes,
it Lies
It'l Keep You Wanting So You Begin And Keep On Finding .
You Used, Now You Abuse
Fell For iTs Tricks,Now You Say
I Can't Live Without This.
Your Life's On Pause Took This Dangerous Vacation Which No One Has A Clue Whether You'll Come Back The Same Or Alive Cause
Your Brains So
Damaged & Fried
You Keep On Consuming Assuming Everything's All Right,
Your Hooked On This Potion Poison That Hypnotized You
Took Ahold Of You
Your Becoming Unknown
Lost Control , Life Spans On A Thin Line, Fast Mode, Became So Distant , isolated
Your Un-Existent To The World Now. But You Yourself Dont Even Give A **** About Anyone But Your Drugs . Went So Low Sold Your Soul To A Heavy Substance Which You Consider Your Only And Lord.
Minds Erased,
Future Hope And Dreams Went All To Waste
Reality Seems Fake
So Used To Being High
You Feel its Your Normal Estate. Have No Faith Became So Negative , And Careless & Use Your Heart less Went Against Your Morals & Values Not Minding The Monster You Have Turned into.
Self  Image Beginning To Lose iTs Color iTs Details
Thinning , All Numbed Out,
Having No Type Of Emotions , Cant Laugh, No Smiles, Your Charm Fades,  Life Became A Daze Long Maze You Then Begin To Feel Hopeless, Worthless Thinking And Believing You Can Only Move On By Continuing Smoking
This Dope ****
Your Body Begins This Tolerance, leading & Waiting To Introduce You To What You'll Consider Hell Worser Than Comedowns
Body's All Messed Up Tricking You Into Thinking That A Nice Hit Will Fix You Up.
So Much More To This Bad Habit Of A Drug.
Havnt Mentioned
Money, Risks, And Lost's.
Drugs End Up ******* You Up Sadly Madly Disappointed At The Fact You Threw Away Your Life Without Even Noticing .
Or Wanting.
Your Addicted And Sickened
Strung Out But Still Looking Towards How Your Getting Your Next Fix? You Still Go Down The Lane Passing The Stop Sign
In Another Dimension  Nobody But You Only Mention
Going Krazie, Buried Yourself,
Your A New Person.
Paranoia, Voices, Shadows, Whispers Your Becoming insane Looking So Drained.
On A No Sleep Mode,
But You Don't Care So You Still Go Down The Same Lane
Cause iTs Really Hard To Change From What You Have Been Around And Same Routines For A While And So Used To Doing And Living With These New Drugged
Thoughts, Mind, New State Mentality Full Of Loving Drugs And Living With Day And Day On And On.
You Messed With Your Head
Even Though You End Up Making iT To Sobriety Days
Most Likely You'll Relapse And Fall Again.
Because Drugs Had Made A Huge Impact In Your Life For A Long Period Of Time
iTs A Strong Attachment That Can And Will Heal By Time iF You
Have Hope in Your Eyes Ears Heart &
janelflorendx Mar 2017
I will love you until the day the moon will vanish into its dark vast space
Until the stars slowly untwinkle as you close your eyes during the night.

And until i see the morning sun rising reflected upon your brown eyes

I will unconditionally love you until  our universe will inevitably explode into the void

Just as how defeaning our world crashes and collides,
Is just as perfectly how i would want to loudly speak your name and yell how solemnly am deeply inlove with you
iNever Been iN A Relationship With A Human Being.
Only With My Drug,
Crystal ****.
IConsidered iT My Lover.
My Baby, My World My Everything. iFell inlove With A Substance,
Felt So Real.
Created A Strong Bond
That Seemed unbreakable We Were unseperable.
This Stimulant Kept Me Away From Reality And Everything in it.
Blocked Me
From Having An Actual Boyfriend and Catching
True Loving Feeling.
iWas Blinded By These False Euphoric Feelings.
A Rush Like iF ive Accomplished A Hundred Things.
iWas Concentrated And Focused On Getting High And
Just living The Addict life.
That iHad No intrest At 16 Towards Boys or having a love life.
My Mind Was Just Set On The Streets And Dope Game,
Riskful Missions And Hanging With Friends. Guys Would Holler,
But id Give No interest.
Just Me And My Drug iS All That Mattered.
Throughout My 3rd Time iN Rehab, My Neighbor Would Call.
A Guy Friend.
Daily Conversations, Laughs And giggls,  something so rare and unexperienced.
As iBegan To Recover & Emotions Started To Untie,
iBegan To Feel Some Strange feelings ive never experienced 1st hand.
Once iGraduated My program. We Communicated More,
I liked This, i liked him.
Was Hard To believe that after all he knew about me?
He was into me to.
My supporter, My Friend This Guy Became My 1st Boyfriend <3
Jay Jimenez Jan 2014
My hands reach for you now
but your so far away
what happened to the girl I use to know
is she in there
is she in there
waiting to be let free.
It seems this person is kidnapping you dear
and My fear is I'll never save you babe.
You've been taken over by hate my love
You've been taken over by Greed
The girl I knew before
would care more about Time well Spent
or sitting under a sunset and smoking a ciggerete slow
This woman I see doing her hair in the mirror is far from the woman
I use to know.
I'm sorry I have to go now
I can't see you in turmoil and try to save your soul
I tried to ask the Lord to watch over you
but you pushed his hand aside.
You know it's a brutal ride
being inlove with a woman who isnt inlove with herself.

I wanted to be your great escape but you ended up pulling a great escape
your heart faded away
and your makeup pealed off
and your real face showed
I wanted to save you before
before your own demons consumed you
I wanted to be your Constantine
But I guess I didnt reach you in time.

I hope I see you in the next life
and I get another chance
But maybe its just fate
to keep crossing paths
and really never figuring out
where things went bad.
Zell Jul 2017
They say if you’re awake at 3am, you’re either inlove or broken.
I say it’s neither.
Perhaps it is the silent space between feeling too much and feeling nothing at all.
The indiscernible sentiments of someone who has been long lost and is yet to be found.
A soul that is neither gleeful nor wretched;
And instead waiting to feel, pondering on certain circumstances,
Or probably continually yearning for a type of serenity that time could still not dare to give.
To all the nocturnal people out there, cheers!

© 2017 D.A. Barreras

— The End —