Frieda P Dec 2013
captive in your web, i stuggle for release
beguile'd by the catacombs of your mind
you lured me, then chamber'd my heart
seduction was an enticing bite of euphoria
then a spun betrayal of being sealed away
stuck in this web'd hollow grotto
your den of iniquity sucked me in
impenetrable and incomprehensible,
this filigree'd labyrinth holds my soul
entangled for an eternity in this maze
i pray for redemption in that end sting,
placate your every whim to set me free
Taylor B May 2013
I fed myself lies
Day after day to keep myself going
The fight has always been agents myself
And it always ends the same

I need time to heal
And time for the scars to breathe
Let the blood dry and wounds heal

I won’t ever forget
The feeling of falling apart and breaking down
Losing my mind and everything I had

I want to feel right again
I want to be whole again, I need it
I'm on the verge of self-destruction
And I don’t know where my tipping point is

This could be the end of me
Because I can’t recognize the person looking back at me in the mirror
I came so far, I've been so strong

I just keep feeding myself lies
It’s now a fixation to keep myself going
I've become addicted to the drug

Who am I now?
I have lost all hope so long ago
God save me now before it’s too late…
Alyssa Rose Dec 2014
She looked into his damp, brown eyes and realized in an instant the beast she really was. At one time, his body was still a body. Now, it was just a shell. She was tearing out his insides piece by piece and displaying them to the world. Any outsider could see he was stained red.

She looked into his eyes and saw a monster glistening in her reflection. She knew what she was doing to this poor boy. She saw the harm she was causing to his sweet soul. But she enjoyed every minute of it. She was selfish, and she would not stop.
Not really a poem, but I don't really care... :)

12.22.14. 8:52PM.
Caress your soul and keep it clean
Try not to immerse it into fight
Riots are for the dreamriders
And those who can't see light

Weren't you a dreamer once?
Weren't I a restless imp?
Now we write about fairies
As quills break on undrying ink

Boiling water surrounding me
And a crater,exhailing mud and dust
Yet all I do is gaze at galaxies
And tie my seatbelt steadfast

Would you call yourself inactive?
Would you take up all the guilt?
I,for once,made vows of nothing
And promised myself I wouldn't quit

Once you thought you were different
Once I thought I could be sane
Now we are waving flags to tyrants
Draining blood from a promising vein

All that is left,a lethal passion
Enjoying life,a devouring madness
Every white dove I meet is murdered
Leviathan grows,destroying my kindness

Thus here I stand,beneath hell's tides
And watching as the ship goes down
I play my harp to soothe the pain
Of those who are about to drown...

"About us.At present"
Dedicated to Greeks at present
brooke Sep 2013
inside your
head is real
(c) Brooke Otto
rebars rust splitting concrete at irons cost
grey dust falls away from exaggerated wires

urban decay promoted by grandstanding
youth atop another. marker pen names .
inspired rap crap anonymity shouts
I woz here ( to those in the know)

sterile pens these days not even sniffable.

brains over and out on wifi . WAN faces
from vitreous messages blinking out
hate and spite for structures. Scenes
are augmented hunts of ghouls.

next addicts in line: petting in play
gyms on street corners. Cartoon
wars have no conflict?

clouds of vape a new narcosis .
in stupor we watch them
swallowing grey bytes flaked
off the cable networks of yuff.
missing a voice
Wyatt Jun 2016
I've got all my iniquities
hidden right under my sleeves.
I feel like I'm gone and I've lost it,
all my troubles carefully hidden in my pockets.
Who ever knows anymore?
What is my life even for?
I've got all my iniquities hidden right under my sleeves.
Sex is a four letter word
Flaunted by very bad vowels
Fevered to ecstacy
By tangled adjectives
And pounded
Into submission
By perverted nouns
That take their free liberty
Of the subjective
Once surrounded by
Iniquity of the parenthesis
You will only utter commas
In Benediction
Sex is a four lettered word
flaunted by very bad vowels
fevered to ecstacy
by all tangled-up adjectives
Then pounded into submission
by perverted nouns
that take their free liberty
of the subjective
Once surrounded
by the iniquity of the parentheses
you will only utter commas
at the Benediction

Candor—my tepid friend—
Come not to play with me—
The Myrrhs, and Mochas, of the Mind
Are its iniquity—

A Counterfeit—a Plated Person—
I would not be—
Whatever strata of Iniquity
My Nature underlie—
Truth is good Health—and Safety, and the Sky.
How meagre, what an Exile—is a Lie,
And Vocal—when we die—

“Heavenly Father”—take to thee
The supreme iniquity
Fashioned by thy candid Hand
In a moment contraband—
Though to trust us—seems to us
More respectful—”We are Dust”—
We apologize to thee
For thine own Duplicity—
Joel M Frye Apr 2016
My secret life, my dark iniquity
Is best kept caged behind a gentle smile.
For though endowed with suave propinquity,
My heart lurks in the weeds, a crocodile.
NaPoWriMo day 24 - a "mix-n-match" poem.

Any similarities to any poet, living or dead, is hardly coincidental.  ;)
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