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Mark Oct 6
Jammin’ along to riffs by, Sister Tharpe and Robert Johnson,
You could only tell the difference, if a spotlight shone upon each one.
For one was going to heaven, the other, all the way to hell.
But, while they picked at their guitars the mobs would still yell.
They’d do a solo on a lead guitar, unheard of in those days;
Then be totally racistised once stepping out on the pavement.
No mention in the papers, because of the editor’s clan, da-far-right KKKs.
But, outrage and riots ensued, callin’ da end to all dat black enslavement.

Just sit back, take it easy and let those blues fill your shoes.
Let her just make y’all a little bit confused.
Ask her before or after, were you just abused?
Either way, if your spirit was amused, she’ll be excused.

Been scooting across mid town and even to easy beat street.
Tripping lights out and seen both colored folks, along the way.
Gettin’ some to enter my mobile studio, I call ‘Da Jam in da Van’!
Because, it’s not for just any ole cotton pickin’ southern bred fan.
So, come inside, switch it on, then ******* off my feet.
I’ll sign you on the spot, if you purr like a cool cat or a certain sort of stray.

Just sit back, take it easy and let those blues fill your shoes.
Let her just make y’all a little bit confused.
Ask her before or after, were you just abused?
Either way, if your spirit was amused, she’ll be excused.

The here and now, is where the blues are fully infused.
Not from era’s gone past or from some distant future.
You can’t find it in a library, you can’t teach her;
You won’t see it in a theory, you won’t solve her;
You shan’t catch it in a harness, you shan’t trap her.
Once gotten, never forgotten, you’ll never ever, lose her.

Just sit back, take it easy and let those blues fill your shoes.
Let her just make y’all a little bit confused.
Ask her before or after, were you just abused?
Either way, if your spirit was amused, she’ll be excused.
Since that Day when you gave your Best Cuddle
That Winner you saw on your Left Eye's speak
You chanted your Last Blessing; And in Huddle
Breathed to him a Promise never foreseen
It was your Spirit, infused into his Heart
The kind where your Values gave their Best Brew
And to him, Fortune's Delight would impart
The Greatest Message he had since did knew
I only realised once you left this Earth
How my own Dad reached out and hugged me Dear
I gave this back, crying for Month's own Worth
Hoping you return for another Year.
He needs your Cuddle again, Sir; Just because
He may have missed it; A Medal at Loss.
#tomdaleytv #tomdaley1994
Third Eye Candy Apr 2013
Gemini in seasonable  evening,
serenely swirling in Septemberous
ferris wheels
reeling in the vast domain
of lonesome leviathans
and witch-fires;
nowhere bound in the boundless fecundity
[ the feral joys of creation... ]
meander in gravity's
well of souls,
swollen with unknowns and proteins;
golden rods in pointless foam
brewing the elixir vitae
in the Dippers cup. the Milky Way,
a wayward gush
from an ancient Mother Goddess,
plump and shameless, pumping teats
to nurse worlds
infused with divine rays of gamma and x...
why set dark apart
from firmament burning

must clutch eggs in the void
as much
as fork tongue white dwarfs.
of course, the Source
as  Love does. it's purpose,
in thrall of fearless veracity,
spinning yarns for glad garments
to clothe the naked dread
of such fearful symmetries
as roam the wild delights
of the infinite

the Pi
on the window sill,
tempting the circular frame of reference
to square with the sublime Will.
another Fibonacci in your
to better hobnob with
everything annihilates hatred.
from within,
we sojourn to sovereign super-continents
of opulent peace.
profound realities surge serpentine
with Meaning.
we are outdone on the inside by small minds
and farcical

so at night
look up.

Love's Tongue Is
How painful are the hornets' stings!
A flickering sensation through my veins
that introduces me to my own doomsday.
My blood slowly infused with their venom!
365 Poems for my 365 Days

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Gabrielle Isa Jul 2018
I want to stay.

I want to hold you and forget it all.
It would be easier to live in the Before.
When my universe comprised of Us,
And your eyes were the only stars I knew.
When your love was my gravity,
And your arms felt like home.

But I can't because your scent is different.
It's infused with one far too sweet to be mine
And the eyes that once held my soul,
Hold flecks of someone else's.
Your lips have a new flavour,
One that I can't seem to kiss away
And the palms that learnt my form
Have someone else's pathways ingrained in their memory.

I want to stay.

But I'd rather die than kiss you
And wonder if it's her face you see behind closed lids.
If its her that you dream of.
If she is the sun that you orbit around now,
While I lay in the corner;
My love just another dying star in your sky.

I want to stay.

But I won't.
Because though leaving may break me again,
I know that staying will **** me.
Jayantee Khare Nov 2018

some memories preserved
for special one, some reserved
for long, some freezed
with time, some released
some memories' fragrance
yet infused in the ambience
when they cross the mind
the life gets new vibrance

bekka walker Apr 2014
You remind me of my cold bitter coffee.
Better yet, my cold bitter coffee reminds me of you.
Once upon a time it was warm.
Like you.
Now, It makes my stomach sick when I sip on the stale sweet leftovers.
And if you didn't catch the pattern, like you.
Still I find myself mindlessly reaching this past hour while sitting in an ambiance ridden coffee shop, listening to other saps who've been suckered into lust, beating out their soft sorrows with melodies in the background.
I bring my cup to my lips, tilt it back, expecting to be infused with a sense of belonging that's no longer there.
I'm searching for you in my coffee cup, but all that's left is ***** looking walls and lipstick stains.
Patricia Arches Sep 2013

This ever blotting simple thing that makes up things

as small as a mouse but also as deadly as sin itself

A simple formula of cause and effect

An effect

A result

A consequence

No pretences

Or fences that guard our decisions

Keeps it safe for being just a choice

For it is no longer just a choice

It is not that simple, see there is a formula to remember

An economic study to this choice where c=e


For every cause there is an effect

For every cause there is an effect

For every cause there is an effect

Let it dwell in your mind and affect you

Because that is where it all begins

Let us open up your mind and there we will find that

Alongside that implanted thought are a plethora

Of more thoughts that are placed beside your dreams

Nestled in between your hopes, skilfully intertwined with your visions

There they all lay

Our mind is our drive that takes us down

A road that is long and winding

A highway down to our hands

Which eventually become steered by, picked up with strings ever so delicately like a puppet

Held by that one thought

Your actions are birthed from your thoughts

We see these to be choices

To study these choices would be economics, to understand them would be sympathy

To take a leader who steals from his country

Or a mom who abandons her child to keep herself alive

And view this as sad, as a cry for help?

How and why?

Oh no! We do not stop at just those two ghastly choices

For this is a study of many


Of things that have happened to determine what will and to save us from what has been

Let us open up this book

And flip each page to see what decrees and laws

Revolutions and words put down on paper

Have anything to do with where we stand today

For the choices of the past still linger here

Mixed in with the choices of the present

Creating this air that we breathe in and out every single day

We would be infuriated with rage as we scan through the pages of this book of choices

A chapter of injustice

A paragraph of cruelty

A statement of selfishness

A line of adultery

But, wait! Oh, let us stop on this



For this I do not even understand

See I have studied choices, and put them into many formulas

To see the effects and the causes of each

but this story is different

For it is not just one chapter

One statement

One line

It is the whole story and each is intricately woven within it

In fact, the book is titled for this one story

And to begin it would be to start off with a choice

By a God

To send his son

To die for men

Men whose choices we see throughout the whole book

Men whose choices are vile and selfish and ruthless

Sinful men


And yet a God so Holy and pure still sends down his son in His likeness for these grimy men??

See, if we picture it. It is a white cloth, pure and clean not just dipped but completely submerged in dirt

Now that is not a choice that I would make

But it was made

A man so untainted and holy

Came down

To die for the sinner

Who stole from the helpless woman in the ally

Who murdered an innocent child in the womb

Who told a tiny white lie to his mom and dad and gave himself away to drugs and peer pressure

Who lusted after the world and what seemed good but really was death covered in make up whispering

in the promises lie after lie

To die for the sinner who is you


Jesus chose to die for you

On that cross, with his hands bound by nails and his feet the same

And with every last breath, last drop of blood and whip of the chain

he thought of you

and that is a choice that no study, no analyzation could ever make sense of

but it was done

it is done

is what he said for you as his arms were spread out wide

and all your choices

he negated the effects, and ultimately the effect of death

and formulated a solution of eternal life instead

for this one choice

changed all the rest

Now, think, think it through

Every choice you make

and every choice that was made is made brand new, infused with grace

Remember this for when there is a test the formula of cause and effect

Still stand true

but also remember Jesus who did what you had to do

for you may make many more flawed choices without a thought

Therefore go down on bended knees gaze at the cross

where stood the Father’s son

never a doubt that this choice for you was a wrong one

that any effect wouldn’t be worth it

you are worth any effect

you are an effect

of that one choice made on the hills of calvary

look up at the cross when your lewd effects force out the mistakes of your personal choices

then resurface that one choice made 2000 years before

bring it up amongst all the confusion and chaos

study it’s economic worth

hold it dear

smile at it even for

that senseless,











is all for you
Danny Wolf Feb 2017
Here lies all the pieces of my existence
stolen from ignorance,
taken from my hands without question.
Seldom did I even notice I was being depleted.
My hands left to sieves,
even what I wanted to hold onto slipped through.
I created my new existence from the ground up,
debris collected,
what fell through the sieve I swept into bones and skin.
I am made intricate like spider webs,
like little fingers ripping heads -
when did I lose my ability to discern the truth?
I made it hard to find myself.
A couple times swallowed poison I thought was medicine-
takes a while to extract from the bloodstream.
Followed me sometimes into the depths of my dreams,
shape shifting into snakes
and endless seas.
Woke up those nights drowning
in the depths of my own fear infused lies.
I learned to weave quite intricately,
presenting beauty that is a trap for death.
Learned to live without mind on my shoulders,
ripped up my own head
and plucked out each limb.
Funny, though,
how weaving intricate webs taught me
to put myself back together again-
weaving beauty into the veins,
trapping poisoned blood
and killing the pain.
Draw out the demons,
and only truth will remain.
karin naude Mar 2013
passion and pain love and war
infused in coffee and faith
playful although aged
able to love at will
not silenced by a harsh life
wide eyed amazement looks with glitter eyes
my dream for me in age

chewed up and spit out
used and recycled
written out and written off
this is reality of my world
life is hard may time be kind and gentle
look up, see heaven
not my dream for me in any age

mum made it look easy
in high heels and a smile
her stride where smooth
after two years it not any easier
i got use to it
not what i wanted for young vibrant me

someday endless days of laughter
no tears or sadness
just joy
my dream for me
Nnaemeka Mokeme Jul 2018
Wonders of the world
is too insignificant to
what you will experience
in your life for opening
your heart to receive the
fairest impressions of God.
You are the best gift life can
ever give to the universe.
Infused in you are the
unimaginable seed of greatness.
You are for signs and wonders.
Created and endowed with
enormous and immense abilities
to subdued and have dominion
over all things created.
Your words and thoughts can change
situations and make things manifests
from something for nothing cannot
give rise to something.
Thoughts are definitely something,
and your words are powerfully alive,
you only need to properly project it
into being to give it form and bring
it into your reality.
All things resonates to you,
whether positively or negatively,
depending on the platform you stand.
Everything responds to the octaves
of your vibration within the wavelength
of the rhythm of the pendulum swinging
circumspectively overly around you.
You can do anything you want to do
if you really want to do it.
But you have to learn how to do it differently,
because you are definitely differently configured.
You are an absolute dot stretched into being,
vitalised by the power beyond the ordinary
and full of grace of the divine light.
You are the light of the world.
©2018,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
PamCom Dec 2017
There are secrets hidden between the lines of these pages
which crease like the sheets on your bed when
you turn and overturn them with a
misplaced foot or an erring hand in search of
bits and pieces of mahogany scattered across your seabed after
tumultuous waves rocked the ship back and forth
back and forth across the seascape where I learned to
let go and swim good and
break to the surface gasping for
your breath infused with the aroma of imported coffee and
the lingering aftertaste of sea-**** on your taste buds between
the hidden corners of your cheeks within
the hidden corners of your mouth,
I delved deep, swam good, delved deep,
swam up and down, up and down,
until the tumultuous waves swelled up and tossed
my body back and forth, back and forth,
slamming it against solid rocks into
bits and pieces of mahogany scattered across your seabed.
Mugerwa Muzamil Mar 2018
Soul, are you a hue of no colour
or you're like a drop of water
held together by surface tension
Are you infused in all flesh

Soul, when I cut my skin
I'm blind to you
Are you veiled from us like Angels
Does the body take on your shape
or you take on the shape of the body

Soul, are you energy
that you can't be lost

Are you made of photons or atoms
Are you connected to God
Radiate from flesh to the cosmos
Do you rest, when I sleep
or you wander in the universe

Can you wear flesh
Like we wear clothes
Do you feel without the body
Are you immortal by nature
or by God's leave

When an entity, do you feed
or you're like sun of infinite vitality
or you're a universe with in us
Milky way galaxies in our hearts
Are you reason and doubt
It is said only God knows the secrets of the soul.
Carlie Leonard Jan 2016
The heat and oxygen course through your lungs like a temporary flame

One sweet dull second of numbness

All they can see is an empty vessel; an unstained body, with from the looks of it, not a care in the world

But they are simply decomposing from the inside out

No doubt, they will be a platform of overt despair by the end of the night

The sight will give a writer something to write about, an empath something to cry about, and a lover something to worry about

Destruction is infused in every cell of their body

When it comes down to choice, there is not one

It feels to them as if the days inevitably, and relentlessly, cease to end in the immense amount of pain instilled in every ounce of their being

Dreading tomorrow as if it's a terminal sickness

Once you have lost hope, it seems there is no fire left to burn

The time that they have left in the world will be filled with cheap cigarettes, Irish car bombs, and lifeless friends

Closely comparable to a dying tree; close to expired, and still so beautiful
A Simillacrum Jul 2018
It was dark and day
the day I read the words came straight
from [redacted]'s brain placed upon
this coded page

Oh my delightful
bedstand book took the rope and pulled
from the poetry a noose
with which to cull

its zombie
with life
only as
love peace
& pros

me be
fore I

Michael Briefs Jul 2017
We are part earth,
part ethereal,
Spirit and blood infused.
Particles, points and waves
and collide,
with energy imbued.
We are realized in
the sum and singularity
Of all that is.
There is no separation
The colossus
and the microscopic.
All of us are just variations
of an eternal theme.
We are material expressions of
a spiritual dream.
The dream of love,
the cause of hope,
the heart of God.
The mind races
It’s the power of poetry
The world around me
Emotions evoked
Ignited into the bone marrow
Infused from the brain to the hand
scribbling in words
And the paper churrs under the heat of composition
Liam hopson Sep 2018
Like the sweet honey
From a honey bees nectar
Like blood for a thirsty vampire
The sole now quenched combines each and every sector
LIGHT infused sparks randomly fire down unsuspecting wires
Into loves spectre I dive DESPERATELY trying to control her
Risking it all for one last dance on her suicidal LIVE wire
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