a connotation of infinity
sharpens the temporal splendor of this night

when souls which have forgot frivolity
in lowliness,noting the fatal flight
of worlds whereto this earth’s a hurled dream

down eager avenues of lifelessness

consider for how much themselves shall gleam,
in the poised radiance of perpetualness.
When what’s in velvet beyond doomed thought

is like a woman amorous to be known;
and man,whose here is alway worse than naught,
feels the tremendous yonder for his own—

on such a night the sea through her blind miles

of crumbling silence seriously smiles

Jami A Oct 2012

Words swathe me in calm,
Sentences, paragraphs that soothe.

Viridian verbs burst through the grey,
Taunting me into action-
Seducing me into a delicious dance-
Gypsy girl, swing your sentences my way!

Turquoise adjectives wrap around my wounds,
Embracing my flaws and perfections.
Rough olive skin; somber caesious eyes-
Gypsy girl, with amaranthine scars.

I drape myself over sienna nouns,
Steadfast, supporting me proper, improper, always.
Paper, songs, tree, sky, love, Jami Lee-
Gypsy girl, use your words correctly!

Each turn of a page lures me deeper-
Each spoken rhyme embraces me close-

Jami Lee, sweet little girl, get your head out of the clouds,
And your nose out of a book!

Carly Bunch Mar 2014

the amount of love amazes the seeker,
she loves more than he can,
and he gives more than she can take,
the love is endless in the heart of the ones loved,
yet not seen in the mind of others.
none relatable to the thoughts spinning around
with the battle in their stomach fighting to the death
they promise to be infinity.

Timm Dowling Apr 2014

It’s as if the world has been turned inside out,

As I Am

Inside of me, Infinity

Beyond my flesh and bones lies the mystery

Beneath the brain, inside my heart

Is Love

Emanuel Jan 2015

Sometimes I forget I'm me
In a sea of infinity

Nicole Dawn May 2015

If I wanted to describe you,
I would need to learn
To write in numbers

For there are only
Letters in the alphabet
But an
Of numbers

And I would need every one of them,
Just to describe you

Not for a crush, but a friend

For science and art
Are but two interpretations
Of the one infinity,
Called the Universe.

D Eric Pettigrew Jun 2015

A circular poem. Start anywhere and repeat as necessary.

<= Infinity will happen if not sooner than later =>

Amahra Oct 2015

Yes, I believe in chances
First,second,third, infinity chances
But there are few people who deserves to have that infinity chances in my life
Not all of them can have that infinity chances, only few of them.

Fortune is misfortune
When man is alone
Love is infinite

Quiet mind, immersed
in palest, warmest yellow.

Molecules within
find alignment
with infinity.

Silvery mercurial fluid
paints my bones
with gentle light.

You have come back.

Abundantly, warm salt
water envelopes me.

Even in this chair,
in this empty room.

On dry land.

©Elisa Maria Argiro
rachel Nov 2014

As I outstretched
and reached
my hand
deep into the black infinity
of flowing wonders

I pinched my fingers
on something lovely
and pulled out of the black abyss,

A lovely star
dripping with
black infinity.

Moriah J Chace Oct 2014

I love you doesn't encompass the warmth that spreads through my soul
I love you doesn't realize the need for your friendship
I love you is so generic, so simple, that it really has little at all

I want to say that with you,
the world is at my fingertips,
with you I feel alive,
with you my heart races a nascar driver's and wins.

I love you doesn't amount to much, it's three simple words,

But then again, no words ever do.

Because words are lost in seas of actions, and
picture's speak a 1000 times faster in their 5x7 frames

But it's the look of your eyes,
the caress of your touch, that says I love you,
So much more infinitely than I could ever dream

And I'm left sitting here,
scrawling down syllables,
trying to capture the infinity that is emotion.

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