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Jaycee Jun 2015
I'm scared of bugs and, also hugs.
I enjoy writing, it keeps me smiling.
I like the rain, people think I'm insane.
But you seem to be different.
You remind me of being an infant.
Everything is exciting and new.
It's amazing, how you help me pull through.
I go off topic quite often.
The things I'll ramble on about..
I hope they won't make you check-out.
I wasn't sure how to title this, I just sort of spilt it out..
Dær Ræd Aug 5
we watch movies
romance, action, thriller, horror, comedy
we are also the spectators of the stage shows but
have we ever thought of
one who watches us all from above, from distance
we are the actors in movies, with different and various plots,
happy, grief, rage, pain, all kind of emotions we can think of
He has been watching us from the day
we were on this earth, when we first opened our eyes
we were and are the actors on a planet of blue and green
from foetus to infant to toddler to teenager to adult
He watches our moves, our characters in each movie we play and we will continue playing our roles till the day comes
the day He decides to stop watching
we act he watches
Cassius Apr 2012
You've been there forever
As long as anyone can remember
I remember seeing you at birth
You reached your arms around me
And swallowed me with all your girth
You passed my days as an infant
With acceleration it seems
For those days I cant remember much
But you were always my mean
As expected, You were always there
And I cant say that I'm mad
But I cant say that I'll say the same
On the days that you act bad
You'll be right here one day
But I cant say the same for the next
For all I know is someday
I'll look to you and say "what the heck?"
Mark Jul 22
If reached beside the pearly cradled rose
therein a rattling joy; o' stillborn child.
What uttered mine - unsaid angelic prose,
should passing lay my husk and essence wild?

Awaiting yonder womb were tepid wings;
inflamed with bonding warmth of kinship love,
like softly feathered pads and rocking swings
then ardent glows, as seen and known above.

The wailing babe is music sung and sought,
for more a sleepless dusk - had since apart.
For eyes which never opened wide were wrought
and taken here and strolled in golden cart.

Should words in amber fail and infant pine,
behold the spectrums soul, the same as mine.
Mark Aug 30
The bodied lilly fires in ashing haze
and from her amber embers I devolve,
into a weeping candle - churning maize;
an orb at night, alight to my absolve.

Remorse suffused with jasmine glazes woe
as moonlight trailings battle hue my grief
for left no infant child to mirror so -
my lover's petals, ceasing lines of leaf.

Nor have, I flare to scribe a marbled ode
that could so hymn or bear my love that shared
nor stone as cold as grey, be just; that owed
the flaming satin, fate had not so spared.

Then let this writ incense - her newly form
until my vigil dims; to death's reform.
my fair infant-highness,
thine ebony skin of dusky twilight,
thy gold-flecked smoke-shrouded eyes,
bring me such joy as cannot be described

my sweet young prince,
dost thou comprehend the lengths of my care?
is thy failing health truly the last of thee i will see?
wouldst thou allow thy alluring laugh to fade as thy breath?

my serene little princeling,
what shall i do to return thee to my arms?
three days and an hour thou hast survived this cursed health,
what is even another minute that i might see thee again?

my beloved royal
the mere thought of thine own existence brings me peace
but following on its heels is the fear of thy passing
how hast thine eyes already gripped my soul so?

my tranquil blood-kin,
thou didst not cry once, not even at thy birth
thine eyes rested on mine sedately
thy smile, charmingly dimpled, was tender

light of my heart
why must my spirit cry out to thee
even as thy pulse stills
and thy tiny chest cease rising?

Emma Jul 26
The land breathes so shallowly
It seems to snooze beneath a cloudless sky
Content and inhuman

Peaceful as a sleeping infant
Resting in blankets

Of cool air
As somewhere far, a star explodes
With flaring light we'll never know

One push and time falls
Like soft and endless dominoes
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