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Patricia Soriso Jun 2018

1. how long have i been awake?

2. my eyes are heavy from witnessing the same ****,

3. like i’m stuck in a cursed time loop of desolation,

4. but i’m more than scared to close them for i might stumble upon the ending of my unfinished dreams and decide to not open them anymore

5. how long have i been like this?

6. i hum a good song in my head to silence the thought of entirely giving up

7. hoping that a perfect rhythm and melody is enough to imprison the horrifying memories that’s been living in the corner of my mind for too long

8. i wish that i hold more words to tell my truth

9. and that my body is strong enough to handle its aftermath

10. i wish that i still have time to witness the sunrise

11. even if every time i breathe –

12. i feel myself fade away
Stephen E Yocum Aug 2018
Power is indeed a corruptive force,
Through all of mankind’s history
This has always been true.
Emperors, Kings, Potentates,
Popes, Presidents and Despots too.

Gathering near the Throne are the
Eager Courtier leeches reaching to
touch the anointed one’s robe.
Declaring their undying loyalty,
In the process selling their souls.
Their rewards, a speck of personal power,
Castles and new riches of gold.

Like their Master, the entitled ones
will lie and cheat, while ignoring
The principals of right and good.
Believing “Decency” is but a
poor man’s word, Never uttered
within the hearing of the Ruler.
Never a considered artifact of
absolute power.

The slaves, serfs, the common people
Matter not, but to serve the needs of the Ruler.
The power elite will start needless wars,
or offer up sacrificial lambs, all to distract
the unrest of the common man.
They will suppress human rights,
free speech and defame, banish
or imprison their detractors.

All merely smoke and mirrors to conceal,
Controlling agendas of personal greed.
From ancient times down to today
This cycle repeats. Now we are living
our own Textbooks history of tomorrow.

Kingdoms and Nations have perished
From this kind of poisonous corruption,
Needless to say, it will happen again.
Perhaps it already is.
Unless this write is too obtuse, We all
need to change our history to come.
Stand up and speak out and vote.
Tommy Randell Jul 2017
The typeface of our lives,
The letter shapes and spaces,
They reveal by turn the motives
Of our pauses, and our graces  -

We become our Alphabets,
Poetry is how we are known,
For each of us our analects,
How we flesh ourselves on the bones -

Each of us is a Mother Tongue,
A font, a calligraphy of memes,
Yet every page of verse is an extinction
In a natural selection of themes -

We Poets, knowing our pens are slickest,
Our Poems and all we create
We hope each one is the fittest
But, we abandon each one to its fate -

We Poets, our Poems,
This notorious continuance in action,
This carnal and passionate urge
To imprison Life and its Truth in redaction.

Tommy Randell 27th July 2017
They are no locks
strong enough
to imprison the truth

No hate strong enough to **** love
No pain strong enough to destroy kindness
patty m Nov 2015
A sheath of skin slips from the moon.
It falls gathering speed
through the houses of stars, hurtling toward earth.

In the eyes of a dream, I lie in my bed
fighting off birth pains.
Through an obscure misty cloudland
a feeling so deep, drags me down.

What scheme chooses me as its receptacle?

Suddenly a face congeals
surrounded by celestial bodies,
Stars shimmer from threads
across its microscopic skin.
Freezing, it tries transferring my heat,
but finds that we are two elements trapped in one body.
Dark matter, dark energy trapped in the prison
of my gravity; but you
imprison me as well,
stripping me of light.
I strain to get away, but my body is the host
you seek shelter in.

Cocooned I feel the world rush by.
over pylons in the river, holding
castles in the sky, and further still,
to dark tracks, and cold and distant stars
reminding me of treacherous winters.

Then the slow unwinding begins.
and I am brought to perdition,
a freezing hell where I can't restrain my desolation

Suddenly a far off clamor
opens night to mirrored light.
Pure ecstasy warms my skin
vibrating like strings of the cello.
In the shimmer of Luna all things
glow mercurially silver.
We climb outer space,
held in your orbit.

A face in a skylight cuts off my oxygen.
Now your sparkling essence becomes luminous and liquid
and I am one more disposable body..

All the doors are shut,
I open each in turn;
finding mornings years ago, climbing into my parent's bed,
snuggling up all warm and cuddly.

Weariness, drags me down,
I sense dislocation as time vanishes.
Pulling me through a wormhole
a star falls, taking me with it,

I touch Terre firma, emitting a sigh.
wan, dazed, and suddenly alone.

Depleted I look heavenward,
and see the Man In The Moon smiling down,
just before .
my feeble light dies.
Umi Mar 2018
Far on a lunatic sea, filled with tranquility and serenity, love and devotion, some flowers have made it their goal to bloom in purity,
Innocent looking, sweet and with a scent from amongst the heavens,
Tricking their foolish, mindless pray to come closer to them while seeping in spite and hatred, longing for revenge for their reflection,
A soft breeze accompanies the starlit sky, transient moonlight lurks through in a ghastly, bluish horizon as it rises to claim the heavens for his own once he had reached its fullest phase, ahh those phantoms,
Gone mad through a night full of punishment and bloodshed,
Before the petals can scatter in a dawning sky they seek for an intent,
Finally an attempt would be able to be made, a pity human draws near, weeping in sorrow and grief, causing them to shake excitedly
As then their roots would rush out of the ground and imprison him,
Twisted illusion of diversion, as they pierce through skin and bones, dragging his struggling, flailing body underground,remaining unseen
Feeding on his blood, using his corpse as a fertiliser they stay pure,
Moved for one instant, they dive deeper into the soil of this landscape
Hatred twines around them, causing disturbance in their memories,
It is alike to be left in an accelerating world of recurrance, everlasting,
Until the sunrise has dyed the sky in red and everything replicates

~ Umi
Skaidrum May 2015
And it wasn’t nearly reality enough,
    So I skimmed this water of bone
Hoping that the blood beneath
    my fingers would only be temporary.


        But you can’t promise on broken love,
    Could you believe me when I say I’ve known.
        Lie behind your cheap lips and teeth
    Cross your heart and hope to die yet on the contrary.

Your empty threats of wishing to **** me,
    But darling I’m already dead.
You can hope on deeds of darkness but not anymore,
    It’s such a shame a poet must draw her scythe.

        So take a deep breath dear, inhale slowly,
    And don’t worry there’s nothing wrong with just a taste instead.
        I can’t help but smile as the ashes flood the floor,
    Such a beautiful way to die, letting a poet take your life.

Tonight she sleeps with the lions and like before,
    Dark as it may be she laughs when one offers her light.
“I sleep with demons roaming my skin,”
        “Beg your pardon I don’t need this pity.”

            And the truth was not a sin, she really had to pay for.
        A century of this and that really left without a fight.
    I haven’t decided on which degree of hate I let out and in,
But tell you what I digress this country and this rotten city.

    Mistake me for a witch, and how many friends will I lose?
I can hardly tell with all this nihility I now hold dear to me.
    Keeping words on chains, imprison me why not.
A bucket of silver is all I hold in my eyes.

    And keep the hounds in hell dear,
            Just let me say you are quite lovely,
    What can you teach me, what have you taught?
        Beware of the silver in the bucket child...


Beware the poets eyes.
Letters to myself,
are bittersweet &

© Copywritted.
icarus Nov 18

sadness is a quicksand
the more you wrestle within it
the more you allow it
to imprison you

Big Virge Aug 2014
(Pt. III)

After the 7/7 bombing ...
This is part of a Trilogy of poems to remind people about
where some of their, " Anti-Islam Rhetoric ", started from ....
Well They've Made ....            
A ... REALLY Good Start … !!!!!            
They've Shot A Brazilian ... ?!?            
Straight Through His Heart ... !!!            
Of Course Those Words ...            
Are ... NOT Quite Right … !!! ? !!!            
He Was SHOT FIVE TIMES ..... !!?!!            
At POINT BLANK RANGE … !!!!!            
They Got REAL CLOSE … !!!            
Putting Guns IN HIS FACE … !!!!!!            
They CLAIMED ...            
"He had a bomb !" …            
But Alas They Got It WRONG ... !?!            
They Made A ... " Slight Mistake " … !!!            
Well Apologies WON'T Mean a lot ...            
When Friends Are At ... HIS WAKE ... !!!!            
There Is A PROBLEM Here ... !!!            
They've Given The ALL CLEAR ...            
For Policemen To ... “ SHOOT TO **** ” … !?!            
SO Who Now Has To Fear ... !?!            
Is it ... " WHITES " ... ???            
It Would Seem ... NOT ... ?!?            
“It’s Muslims and the other lot !”            
The ... " OTHER LOT " ... !?!            
Means Those Like ME ... !!!            
Young Black Men On London Streets ...            
So Much For Us Being ... FREE ... ?!!!?            
FREEDOM NOW Is ... OBSOLETE ... !!!            
Those With COLOUR WILL Now See ...            
Much MORE of Those ... " NICE POLICE " ... !!!!!            
Those Who Work For These MP's ...            
Who Claim To REGRET Such TRAGEDIES ...            
But STILL WON’T CHANGE Their Policies ... ?!!!?              
This Is Now A HORRID Time ... !!!            
Cos' Words Like These ...            
May Be ... DEFINED ... ???            
As ….. ” INCITEMENT ” …..            
When It's Just Rhyme ...            
This It Seems ...            
Is Their Design ...            
Pay CLOSE ATTENTION …            
To The ... Following Lines ... !!!            
“We wil imprison, or, deport !            
anyone attacking, the values of The West !"            
That's ... " Lord FALCONER "...            
Our Lord Chancellor …            
He'll Bring DISTRESS … !!!            
To Me I Guess .... ?            
For Things I Say ...            
AGAINST THE WEST … !!!            
Like ...  
Freedom of Speech ...  
Will Soon Be .... " DEAD " .....            
Now I DON'T Own ...            
A ... Bullet-Proof Vest ... !!!            
But Who Needs One ... ?            
When They're Aiming At HEADS ... !?!            
Instead of ... ARMS ...            
Or BETTER STILL ... " Legs " ... !!!            
These People Are ...            
Humanity's DREGS … !!!!!            
Their TERROR LAWS ...            
Are Like FISH NETS  .… !?!            
With ..... NO FISH ..… !!!!?!!!!            
But ….. ” HUMAN DEAD ” ….. !!!            
What They Say ...            
Makes Me UPSET … !!!            
Muslim THIS … !!!            
And Muslim THAT … !!!            
I’m NO MUSLIM ... !!!            
That's A FACT ... !!!            
Of Course It's WRONG ... !!!            
To ... " SUICIDE BOMB " .... !!!            
But ... " TWO WRONGS " ...            
DON'T Make Things Right ... !!!            
We're In DARK TIMES …            
WITHOUT ... Much Light … !!!            
When ALL WE DO Is Incite Fights ... ?!?            
Just Because of ... " STEREOTYPES ” … !?!            
This Is Why Innocents Will Die ... !!!            
Tears Will Flow While Many CRY … !!!            
Tears of SADNESS From This MADNESS ... !!!            
MADNESS On ...            
Your TV Screens ...            
MADNESS On ...            
Our City Streets ...            
Madness That ...            
Will Slowly ... " Creep " ...            
YES …..            
Close To YOU ... !!!            
And Close To Me ... !!!!            
DON'T DISMISS ...            
Cos' You've Been ... " Missed " ...            
At ANY TIME You Could Get HIT … !!!!            
By A Policeman ...            
Who Holds A GUN ... !!!            
And Has The ... " OK " ...            
To ... Make You RUN ... !!!!!            
Just Like REDNECKS ...            
Run From ..... “ SUN ” ….. !!!!!            
Or ... I Do From ...            
..... ” RACISM ” ..... !!!!!!            
That's Something .....            
I’ve Always SHUNNED … !!!!!            
Because I Like ...            
This Word HUMAN ... !!!!!            
If You Shoot Me With A Gun ...            
When I Bleed It's BLOOD That Runs ... !!!            
KILLING Is NO SOLUTION … !!!!!!            
They've Just KILLED Somebody's SON ... !!!!!            
That's What Comes From ...  
Using .... GUNS .... !!!!!            
Rise Like The Sun ...            
While Peace Now Sinks ...            
Into ... " OCEANS " ... !!!            
This AIN'T Making Life Much Fun ... !!!            
Actually I'm Getting VEX ... !!!            
Cos' I’m Thinking ...            
Maaaaannnnnnnnnnn ……..            
... " WHO’S NEXT ?!? " ...
People, as much as it seems,
disconnected from, the 7/7 attacks.
One should recognise,
The ****** of Jean Charles De Menezes ...
Yeah ... Remember Him !!!
whether you believe, 7/7 was a Muslim,
Islamist attack, or not ?
What  has transpired since,
has shown that Terrorist actions,
are not something that, Muslims
have total ownership of ...............
Hate, leads to terror, and
******, is an act of ... TERRORISM.
Lady Misfortune Mar 2018
'Cause that is the only thing that makes me happy
Besides everything else
In spite of me

I'm attracted to the things that hurt me the most
I love when the pain burns
Burns your memory into my mind

'Cause I forget everything
But I do not forgive enough

The boxes of ******* are piling up in
front of my door

I can not take anymore

Walking past the memorial that was
created while I was in a heap

Trapped in my own mind wishing
the one burning was me

How could I forget such a thing

That night I went back to sleep

So now I sing
but I am at a loss for words

All I hear is sirens
In the grand scheme of things
I have no control

Is that scary to you?
Am I afraid of me?

I am facing my ashes
Time passes
This is everlasting

but everything is temporary
None of it is real

And I feel it through the lost lullaby
the birds sing in the morning

'Cause these warnings
are the nightmares that will not let me sleep

These are the thoughts that imprison me
Late nights drinking coffee
I think back to the times I held my peace

I think back to the times
chicken nuggets were the only things
concerning my nose

****** Crossroads

No one knows I am stuck
in this lost lullaby
Kathleen M Jul 2018
she approached at the door of our fortress
wielding her weapon of love
forged in tears and old flame
drawn and ready to strike you
retrieve you
imprison you
overthrow me
though she'll never know,
your panic dazzled her intentions
and hidden from within the closet
i trembled in the darkness
in fear and in anger
awaiting her judgment
and i cursed you
for the curse you had put on me
the same curse she had put on you
i swore that she'd been your best kept secret
when in fact,
your best kept secret was me
AD Mullin Jan 2018
I saw a good person do a bad thing once
I thought I was a good person but I did a bad thing once, too

Have you ever seen a good person do a bad thing?
Have you ever been the good person doing a bad thing (on occasion)?

Have you ever seen...
<>the bars that imprison you?<>

Have you ever been...
<>the bars that imprison you?<>

There is a potential to be stuck behind the words & letters...
of this Song to the Open Road

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

But look at the stars

|               |               |               |

And look at the bars

|A|n|d| |re|a|l|i|z|e| |t|h|e| |j|a|i|l|e|r| |i|s| |y|o|u|
Listening to Madeleine Peyrou's version of Between the Bars. Orion is having a good time laughing at my antics. Me? I am just ******* around with semantics while riffing on the Jailer's Daughter. Peace begins with empathy.
Salmabanu Hatim Jun 2018
A boneless,soft,small flesh,
Most beloved to God,
A truthful tongue,
Most hateful to Him,
A lying tongue.
It is the sharpest thing on Earth,
Can be deadly,
Pierces deeper than the spear,
Leaving scars forever.
It is the most difficult thing to control,
Think before you leap.
Like a ferocious lion on the loose,
It will wound someone,
So put it on a leash,
Reap its fruits.
The most powerful and dangerous weapon,
Explodes with expletives,
Lucid and sweet, a lullaby,
Can take you to great heights,
Bitter,****** and full of deceits,
A heart is wrung,
From a pedestal you fall to doom,
It is the taste of your kind and tender heart,
Pours speeches full of grace,
A medicine that heals,
A balm that soothes.
An evil heart,
That spits fire and crushes spirits.
Lastly it is the companion of the lips,
Seal and zip the lips so no unthought words escape,
Imprison the tongue with the teeth,
Lest venom pours out,
To break strong bonds, and powerful relationships
Joyce Jul 29
the walls that protect you
are the same walls that imprison you
yes you're safe...
but safe exactly from what?
I could see his breath flying away  
just like my little bird at home
I have nurtured it with all the love I could
But it flew to the sky never to return
Although I knew I couldn't  imprison it forever
but A part of me is still empty for its departure.
Sobbingsoul Aug 30
Let come let it go

Whatever comes
Let it come
Whatever goes
Let it go
Don’t strangle the self
In between these
Comes and goes
It came to teach
You something
It did its job
Get the lesson
Then set it free
Let it go
Don’t imprison the self
Let let self be free
Let these visitors go
Set them free
That’s what
The liberation
To me

Longing for hands to discover me,
Roaring into a fire of ecstasy
And with time, growing inside me

My mind aches for our two souls to intertwine
My heart on your chest, your heart on mine
I am stuck to you like a blossom on a vine

Fingers imprison fingers, fingers imprison flesh
I am weakness beneath your bated breath
Lay claim to my body, lay claim to my breast

I am yours with every command, each and every kiss
Till my maiden land, fill me with every inch
I can be your *****, I can be your *****

Pleasure not unlike delicacy,
Heat, sweat, electricity traveling in between
Forbidden doors opening, impelling me to be free

Flee me by day, seek me by night,
I will arrive, by the moon's light
‘The Problem to be explored: The Problem of Abundance:’

Nothing lasts anymore, nothing seems meaningful anymore, nothing feels wanted anymore,

Except for the already lost and gone, and can’t be retrieved.

It seems everything is given without being asked for.

You’ll only notice something when it's not there:


“My cup must be empty once again in order to receive.”

I have suddenly forgotten where I have just heard

This being said in a prayer but I think it is the key, the answer

To the needless and senseless suffering of our herd

But, its truth stuck with me, and I too wonder

I too think I must be silent again to allow the singing once more

I too think I must become the void to welcome the replenishing wave

Of excitement

Of the need to climb while weighed down by life’s

Various impossibilities, and mystery

And not float thus, away

Fallen to the what Milan Kundera

Described perfectly in his title:

“The Unbearable Lightness of Being”

Our cup runneth over, and we are left to wander

With the grains of time, and consciousness

Escaping through our desperate fingers

As we rush towards a mirage of permanence

While scorching our feet on the sand and deserts  

Burnt by an ever more present sun

And the tedium of golden overabundance

Ancient wisdom dictates that:

“What is useful is not the cup,

But the void that’s ready to receive

The already full need no more

And its further worth deceives”

“Reunion of too long must not last

Separation is inevitable

Separation will always be short-lived

Reunion is unavoidable”

Now, that’s some wisdom to heed

The Union of Lovers will need

‘The Problem of Too Much Goodness’

We are always questioning the Problem of Evil

While too few words lend to the Terror of Good

Everything is living longer and longer


Everything is dying quicker and quicker

It really is “the best of times”

It really is “the worst of times”


Our flesh savours a never before longevity

Our soul is aging rapidly at an alarming rate

This is A Tale of Two Realities:

Where Time is both a child

With an almost non-existent attention span

And the world its vast endless sandbox

A toy is too quickly loved and so immediately


Where Time is also senile

With an almost non-existent memory reserve

With the ancient past constantly retold in nostalgia

And the immediate events of rapid currents


There are still so much hunger and terror in

The modern world

Of course, the well-fed, warless, and unmarked

are being overlooked

But there is a hidden, yet imminent gloom

A spectre hanging above the peaceful and full:

‘The Problem of the Need to be Desired’

We are beings made with one innate desire

To climb, to reach a height ever higher

And one day

Above all

Throughout history,

There has always been way too much


For the mass to reach the summit

And now,

It seems that the summit itself is built

By a stack of the masses

So many of us are great

That none of us is great

Therefore, so quickly forgotten

And replaced by others in


Speaking of time,

Or rather, our conscious

Awareness of change

It seems to be overused,

Weary and


As a dying old man in mind

Resembles a stubborn child

Our Collective Temporal Consciousness

Is thus

So forgetful like a senile being


Losing interest so quickly like an infant

Our cup, our mind is so full

That not only our flesh has become

That of gluttons complaining the

Blandness of an abundance of food

Our soul is also yearning for the

Quiet performance and desirability

Only a lack of supply could supply

So, in effect, GOODNESS


Have somehow oversupplied

Itself till

It is almost worthless to


What is there to reach

If so many have already found

The Summit of Everything?

That we are among the masses


And, what about those that have

Risen above THE MASS

So early in their life

That to them, there is only space

To fall?

In the past,

We were all so close to the pit

The Pit of Darkness

The Pit of Death

In our climb

That we hold on to every branch

For dear life

No matter how many stones

Fall on us

We look down upon the void

And the black


And will always

Sink our nails deeper

Into the earth

Just to stay alive

And still,

To no avail

So quickly,

We all fall

To pitied, and

Dearly treasured and mourned




For the hurt

And the healed

And the unmarked

Life marches on mercilessly

Indifferent to us

The bodies crawling and crouching

Upon the desert of abundance

Row upon row

Chased by the sandstorm

That will soon catch up to us

And sweep over all

Where will it take us,

And what before then?

What would cure and stop

This perpetual climb that will

Always place those on top

At the bottom of this crushing hill

The Possible Solutions:

‘How will we quench the thirst of Height?’

We did not witness THE BIRTH OF TIME

We cannot halt THE AGING OF TIME

We cannot know what comes after


But we desperately need a constant climb

Here, we see the Gates to Two Routes

One leading towards the Tangible

Garden of Men

One leading towards the Unseeable

Temple of Worship

There is no right or wrong way to either

However, how you spend your time

Within each

Will determine your plight during  

The time before the True Flight

Pace yourself in your walk through

The Garden of Men

Though there is an abundance of fruits

You must calculate and ration

Your own sustainable share of

Good and Evil

Enjoyment and Suffering

So you don’t exhaust the reserve

Or become weary till nausea

Of the sweetness of being

If you must seek to rise up above all

Your climb must be timed till the very end

Where you will never be crushed by the fall

On the Rota Fortunae, before you inevitably land

The Supply and Demand of Good and Evil

Must be balanced even if by the hands of men

Lest the world turn to well-rested upheaval

When even gold is as abundant as sand

Then, there is the Pave to the Promised Land

Where lost souls of ****** hunger find

Their means to an end, their helping hand

Where fulfilled bodies of lost souls and minds

Pleads to have their invisible suffering end

I used to think that Grace lives in humility

But I see even the Truth appeals to the nature,

Foolish frailty and vanity of all women and men

How do you tell the beings of imminent demises

That this earthly supply and demand of status

Is worthless in the end in a paradise without ends

Where there is no fall for a fear to plummet and land

But to say the weakest of earth

Must be the strongest of heavens

The least of the timely and impermanent possessions

Will be the most in the place after the ultimate ascension

Not to imprison our desire for greatness

But to set it free and follow the lofty dove and olive branch

Knowing that the great height is achieved by humility

To take the fall and suffering and rise in the Eternal Land


The painful truth is,

And truth must hurt through the bones,

And ache seasonally to not be forgotten

There must be a Supply and Demand of Good and Evil

By our humble minds or divine hands

For honesty to be wanted, and prized

And not worthless like the ocean sand

Lest we become weary of virtue and crave for its end

There are solutions for all,

For those who put faith in life


For those who put faith in an afterlife

Simply, though,

It is ever difficult

Just to pace your climb

Either to reach the summit at the end of your life

Or just to leave the height to the ever lofty place without time.

Where you’ll never fall to a late demise

And be crushed by the Rota Fortunae

Where even the stars would envy

The brilliance of your

Another stream of consciousness that poured itself out of my unkempt mind. I started with a very vague idea and the title and thesis only came in the midst of this essay, or trial of thought. It is again, pages long. And special thanks to Lawrence Hall to help me proofread this mess of my mind.

I think my mind is finally taking a break from forming words, phrases, and sentences, and I for once, welcome this quietness, thought I always fear my silence, fearing I'll never write again.
The Supply and Demand of Good and Evil
By: Yidhna Yue Xing ****
Monday, October 14, 2019, Canadian Thanksgiving
15:03-17:22(Finished Writing First Draft)
Psychosa Jul 30
Who are Yo u?
Are you the serenity encompassing me?
Or this fleeting feeling drowning me
In my own depths?

Are Yo u these thoughts that
Imprison me,
The Intoxicating Sedative
The paralyzing ecstasy?

Who are Yo u?
Are Yo u the figure lying before me
the being who i dream You to be?

Why do Y o u ebb endlessly thought my
Filling my void
And yet still growing it.
Do Y ou have no mercy?

Who are Yo u?
I know more of Yo u than you yourself know,
are unknown to me.
Yenson Sep 2018
he's dying of loneliness
Go listen to the news
They're Nine million people lonely in the country
You're all known for your coldness
Some don't even know their neighbours
You abandon your parents when they get old
Put them away in Retirement homes
when was the last time you saw your elderly mum
when was the last time you called your sister
Thank God for the GRASS being the scapegoat used by crooks
To illustrate community mobbing let us all gang up together
Now you're hugging the Asians and the blacks are your best friends

come join the club we are all mates now
against that outsider grass we welcome all
the ***** ******* are molesting women oh it's just
to make grass envious cause we've stopped him loving
talk to me I hate you no more because grass is more hated
no more bullying you just join us and help us harass that grass
don't trouble that foreign shopkeeper we now want him to join
welcome Muslim brothers and sisters come join us
we now like you cause we have somebody else to hate
hey Mr ugly come here for a hug just make sure its in front of grass
you my loner friend be lonely no more you are now a club member
you Somalian, you Ethopian, you chinese, you Ugandan no matter
everyone is friends no more hassle just hate the grass as much as us

this is politics we fool and fool you all
when we need you you are our best friends
we show you our commonality and bring you into the fold
just make sure you do as you're told and don't grass like grass
we will give you opportunities to make grass jealous
we will forge a grapevine from here to Kathmandu and beyond
we will teach you hate and poison your stinking minds
we will imprison you and make you our slaves to serve us
just make sure you give that grass a hard time and come for a prize
this is all our secret and your minds belongs to us gangstalking crew
make him lonely make him friendless and show viva democracy
You are all simpletons and that's how you will stay in our pockets
this is a union of morons by morons for morons and the crooks win
Mathew Anderson Jul 2018
I wake up: the sun lights up my day.                                         
Another day this prison; a place where I do not belong. As I open my eyes, it is the same as the day before:                      
these creatures on two legs gawp and point at me.                    
These 'things' wear extra skin on top of their normal skin.        
Why do they do this?

To start the day, I walk around. There is not enough space.               
I take a step and I'm in the corner. I feel thirsty, so I drink.           
But the water is murky and barely tastes natural. Polluted.       
There is little to do in the cage. So I sit around or walk about. Same as every day.                           
The only other thing to do is to let the watchers stare.                 
Some shine bright lights into my eyes. Blindness. My vision hurts. 
Some want to pet me. Little cubs reaching out.                             
Their faces are innocent, but I do not trust them.                         
Later on I get fed. The only good part of my day.                        
Good food.Yet I hunger every day.

I hear from the other prisoners about paradise. At night I visit it. Open areas where I can jump and run as I please.                
Freedom is gifted to me.                                                              ­          
No murky water. No two legged,                                                
clothed watchers to bother me every time I desire peace. Blue skies. No fences. Oh how I want to breathe fresh air, to see the promised land.

But freedom is miles away.

My entire life has been a prison.                                                          ­    
I ask the watchers: Why?                                                             ­      
Why do you imprison us? Why the cages?                                   
What have we ever done to you?                                                             ­                                       
Did we hurt you? No: but you hurt us.                                          
Every day is torture.                                                         ­                   

You crush me.

I wake. I drink. I watch. I sleep. I dream. Promised land.    
Promised land. Promised…


LOVERZ whole world collapsed
Into a small GOLDEN speckle dust of BELOVEDz


Gave you Golden wings in flight to rise

YOU rose from within LOVE's UNION
To create the milky way of our galaxy
The fusion nuclear energy with
The Golden speckle of LOVE dust

The world illuminated and
Every human heart enlightened
By your sun-shine silver rays of
The Golden speckle dust of LOVE

All the milky ways in many galaxies
Are witness to your LOVE energy
Dazed, surrendering to YOU in AWE

Time withers under LOVE
Pendulum stands still....

Colliding of two energies
The crash become a necessity
For creating the new world of LOVE

****** within that black-hole
We Fall in LOVE

LOVE - a process of revelation
Through pain, frustration, suffering
Longing, grief and agony are necessary
For the molten to undergo the fire
To brighten and purify the into
The Golden speckle of LOVE dust

Now the same Gold dust flies & floats
Around all of us
To spread the message of LOVE
To FREE us from life's delusions
To fix the broken hearts
To heal the wounds and despairs
To form new connections
Between stranger seeking LOVE

The Golden speckle of LOVE dust
Lives in a ZERO gravity world
Without prisons of morals/ ethics
Traditions, scriptures, laws & religions

Thus enabling its own vectors of
Drivers of LOVE - push and pulls
To save the dying humanity
By experiencing and realizing
Inert lessons on core SOUL LOVE

There are billion faces
But just two blink and click


They unite amidst the barriers of
Walls, castles, and fake masks
The world builds to imprison them

That UNION of LOVE -
The meeting of
will produce a fresh Fusion
To create another
To fly & float around
In search of
PURE, True, Innocent

That's how
The Golden Speckle of Dust
Keeps on creating LOVE around us
Through its SOUL's illumination

A Short History of LOVE

(My God, my God, why have You forsaken me?
Why are You so far from saving me, so far from my cries of anguish?)

Verse 1
You midnight poets
Do you know it?
Do you show it?
Do you plan to blow it?
Saying “Is hope so far from this moment?”
You poet at heart
The night your art
It’s the poet that wrote it
But it was you and you know it
You’re still awake
So don’t debate
The reason you stay

I saw my Kind but I was blind to their eyes
Before I realized I lied to my pride on what’s inside
But now when I cry I realize the reason Christ died

I felt chills for the thrill
The bill of what they ****
So I plead to dread what they said
The thread of those long dead
And I felt it in my head
But with the need I am indeed
Unable to read with tendency to bleed
I see, but incapable of feeding
I saw the rot and decay
The King came to stay
So I will say, so I will say
Shoot your gun my way

Verse 2
I am not as fine as I make it out to be
I am not as cool as I doubt to seem
Oh God, am I only enough for surviving?
My God, I barely feel alive
I want to be thriving, living a life more than just getting by
I cannot see my soul but I know it’s cold
Mold me I told You but where have You gone?
How can my heart, stray so far
The very thing keeping me alive
I’m feeling cold inside, oh Adonai
I haven’t held it in sacrifice, oh Adonai

I saw my Kind but I was blind to their eyes
Before I realized I lied to my pride on what’s inside
But now when I cry I realize the reason Christ died

Chorus (x2)
I felt chills for the thrill
The bill of what they ****
So I plead to dread what they said
The thread of those long dead
And I felt it in my head
But with the need I am indeed
Unable to read with tendency to bleed
I see, but incapable of feeding
I saw the rot and decay
The King came to stay
So I will say, so I will say
Shoot your gun my way

Verse 3
Listen it’s important and informant
To the dormant storm that we conform to
It’s a door that no one likes on foreheads
Confined to our earbuds, all that does
Is wrap up, our cut ups, and rope ups
Until the music can’t muse us
And the next day we’re gone, so far from
What I should have done
I’m staying awake tonight
‘Cause if I lie, who might fight
And my peeps might have nothing to site
So I write for us to stay alive
I do anyway, out of fright
For those who might die

In the hopeless, I notice
Take a moment, to hold it
In the focus, I notice
Take it, embrace it
The taste in, the grace of
The Father, His water
The breathing, is lingering
There within, I’m feeling, seep-ing, in

We don’t need to adjust to society
Society needs to adjust to us, for our justice
It’s injustice to make a fuss of us
So do the slits in our wrists conflict
With the holes in the hands of Jesus
Or can He use our tools that fool us
In His hands if we believe He freed us

I worry this part of the song
So don’t sing along
If you don’t belong
Stop and end it
So I don’t bend it
But if you’re suppose to stay
Know it’s okay

Verse 4
Suicide’s always been an option
Oh no—I did it again
Well, I’m trying to be real
So can you be sincere?
Nothing you need to worry for
Just enough to know the door
But I sometimes consider doing terrible things
So if You don’t mind God
Show me You’re winning

‘Cause spring is the most depressing season
It’s seeming the worst time of the year
Because we think by then we’re in the clear
But God does not wait in the spring
His nature of love forever reigns

Break 1
Has hope ever wanted to make you **** yourself, though?
How do I keep going, even if I know it?
I see it there before me, but I still want to end it
I know it’s the endgame, but it just offends it
Like I won’t make it, like I’ll never shake it
Even though hope stands up for me to defend

Break 2
Why do I want to fall asleep forever?
Why do I want to slip my earbuds on?
Why do I find myself fighting back tears?

Verse 5
Nah it’s selfish so I won’t relish
The embellishment society’s selling
I sometimes consider ceasing
Finding some relief in this sleep
Maybe it’d be better for God, my peeps, and me
But as I write so you take away the knife
I look in and find my memories
So give it a second for life to resurface
Take a moment to switch the killing sprees
It’s there in your lungs, there’s a way to learn it
So for the sake of my peeps and me, you must believe
We’re doing anything we can just to feel free
What they’re doing, they’re cutting themselves
What we’re doing, we imprison ourselves
Either way we’re killing ourselves
So help us step out of this cell
Because I don’t know if they’ll live by the end of this track
Take a look and realize your mind isn’t on track
Walk with them, it’s what they lack
It’s okay to recognize the black
Or if you’re deep under the attack
I’m in the boat so I got your back

Bridge (x3)
I can tell that you wanna **** me
When I’m thinking it’ll be easy-er
Well, yer gonna need something stronger
Because you got the same ol’ routine
You aint got no new schemes
You’re the one that’s bleeding
‘Cause you know you don’t hold my meaning

(You are enthroned as the Holy One
They trusted and You delivered them
From You comes the theme of my praise
Before those who fear You I will fulfill my vows)
I think this song is very important, and I hope it helps! I’ll probably add on over time, and repost it, but check it out
By: Cedric McClester

Clearly the President
Has gotten out of hand
To make a comparison
With Disney Land
For desperate people
Who arrive in caravans
While trying to escape
From their homelands

He’s now making claims
That are outrageous
He says that Obama
Made those cages
That imprison children
From south of the border
Though that’s his way
Of trying to keep order

See it’s his base
He seeks to inspire
By becoming
A world-class kind of liar
Even though
the situation ‘s dire
He pours gasoline
All over that fire

Mueller’s hand
Was on the trigger
But he didn’t pull it
So, we have to figure
Trump dodged a bullet
But this is much bigger
The Southern District’s pursuing
Their case with vigor

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2019.  All rights reserved.
Ira Jan 22
If I had to start listing down my vices, I would start with sloth, my God complexes and you....
Thinking about you every night before going to sleep
In between my dreams, in them, and after them.
In a state of wishfulness and delusion,I imagine you are mine
That you long for me the same way that I long for you
Ages ago, the mere sight of you or even the thought of you
Would comfort me and embrace me with hope
Hope that you might, one day, very soon, see how we are meant to be
Or hope, that on my grand revelation, you would shed your own inhibitions
And tell me, that, afterall this while, it really wasnt all in my head
I have lived through my darkest and most dismal days on this tiny glimmer of hope
And comforted myself by the fact, that you really didnt know
And that was enough for a while
Till you broke the bubble
And you did it with style
You gave me a taste of what it would be like to be with you
But you snatched it away even more quickly
No questions asked, no feelings exchanged, no explanations given
A drunken misdemeanour for us, thats all
A new kind of torture had been planted
Whats real and what was just a dream, was made clear once and for all
Maybe this is the best thing that could have happened
Cause hope can be a curse
That mind palace can imprison you and eat away at who you really are within
But I had gotten my dose
With passion and nonchalance, both

No what-ifs, no butterflies
Truthfulness and acceptance
Maybe this is the best thing that could have happened

A standing ovation for our player...
Jacqui Aug 2018
"Everything you are doing is wrong"
these words are etched in my brain
I try to run away, I try to will them away
but find no escape as they only grow louder and louder
My thoughts imprison me
They hold me back, they tie me down
they wish to suffocate me by drowning me in self-loathing  
until there is no part of me left untouched
It is only a matter of time
For now, I stumble against these words
fighting with every ounce I have left
but I am tired
The words grow louder, they repeat faster
encircling me and piling on until they crush me
"Everything you are doing is wrong"
louder and faster. Again and again
Nothing I do now can stop them
these words are forever etched in my brain
Everytime I am hearing intrusive thoughts, I am jotting them down in an attempt to release them from my system.
Bijan Rabiee Oct 2018
My doors open
To pain of evolution
In her sibylline chamber
The curves of heroine
Divine and devilish
Imprison my piety
In shadowy corral
Rendering my calculus steam less
Left untasked of masters
My thoughts waft like gossamer
Toward pointed hills parted
By aphrodisiac crevice
Her silent words caress my ear
Whispering ******* bliss
In grotto of mystery.
Reilly Dec 2018
This is dangerous
I'm thinking again.
Nothing good comes
from the thoughts I have.
As they run through my head
my sanity does the same.
A delicate balance.
Am I going insane?
My thoughts imprison me,
trapping me in this time.
Betraying my trust,
I'm losing my mind.
It seems as though when you're in pain, time slows down. Thoughts can inflict pain, the dark corners of our minds playing tricks on us. Time stretches on in these moments of uncertainty and self doubt. Until we are trapped in a timeless prison, with no escape.
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