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Diana Jul 2019
While I would lay on your chest
Your lips pressed against my neck
As your fingertips drew on my back
I would always quietly ask you
What you were writing
You would smile
Which I would feel travel from my throat
To my soul
And gently say my full name
But with your last name
PoserPersona Jul 2018
Leaves, sticks, and seeds make up this six foot stalk.
Oh, how she blooms before the flashing lights!
Leaving men and women with a stunned gawk.
Oh, you cause the seeds of your kind at night,
to dream of heights they won't reach; how sadly
try the delusional. But in all kin,
is imprinted least a scar on their psyches.
Sacrificial offer in porcelain
is ritually performed by some daily.
If not for fame, glory, or money, then
to mirror fashion people's ideal beauty.
A cyclic mental disease that won't end.
Shhh.. Here she comes! The first, but not the least.
An appetizer for the famine feast!
ardnaxela Aug 2018
Leave her faces imprinted in the pillow.
Leaves her voices hoarse and the cotton warm.
Leaves the fabric soaked in tears.
Leaves her hands in place until her breathing is shallow.
Leaves her mind helpless against this attack.
Autumn nightmare
Traveler Oct 2018
How could I ever just simply let you go?
Your beautiful smile that forges
Has now imprinted upon my restless soul
The warm soft glow in your wandering
Bedroom eyes
Your radiant shooting star charm
The chase could never die
Dearest Dark Fairy
Darkness 'til dawn
Shrouded in sparkles
When I catch you it's on!


Thanks Santita
For your beautiful friendship!!!!!
Traveler Tim
You inspired me to write!!!!
Tiger Striped Jan 2019
you were the rising sun
creeping over my horizon,
filling my skies with dazzling bursts
of deep ambers and lavenders and crimsons
sending heat waves coursing through me
brushing the edges of my clouds
your silhouette imprinted on my eyelids
your shadow stuck to my feet
your taste scorched the roof of my mouth
i felt you in every inch of my skin
and i didn't mind at all
Traveler Feb 2014
Once again the light of day shines forth
and the darkness of dreams subside
Sober thoughts embrace the moment
As I reach for my stable lost mind

Oh to be young again whisper my inner child
To deprive this nature of life so vile
As the thought slips away I sadly smile
I ponder the day, so many more miles

To be with you my body sustains
To share but a moment a fire remains
Intact are the memories imprinted on our soul
Into the nether our spirits shall flow...
Anya Nov 2019
So far
Standing on a pedestal
A Monument
A Statue rock hard

Once alive
Now, turned to stone
Too proud to look down
Its eyes closed

Don’t come near
Do not try to touch
You will never reach
its marble heart

Don’t whisper in its ear
your truth
It won’t hear you
It won’t shed a tear
It won't understand

Best to just leave it alone

A beautiful memory
imprinted on your soul
Let it stand there,
far away, on its own

A Statue

Once alive
turned to stone
Laura Labno May 2019

Eyes drink


Dense stew

Of beloved blacks on
White white


These are drops of
Diverse tastes

Black black portions
Of hundred's cognitions

Imprinted pieces
Of their minds

My eyes drink

White white screens
Are a new hope


The Naive
In search of



'Monuments more lasting than
Start overfilling

           The Aether

(That's how much we
Want to live)
Andrew Rueter Oct 2017
I shed tears
You shed humanity
I dread and fear
Your unstable insanity
You loosen your compassion
Like it's your belt
For it's in your fashion
To inflict welts
On the ground I knelt
Doubled over in pain
From a punishing rain
My eyes welled up and my vision got blurry
I was unable to break your encryption of fury
My mind was in constant examination
Of your gift of violent contamination
Lines were crossed on my back
Living life on your torture rack

You become my God
You never spare the rod
My brother may be able
But I'm on *******
I turned the tables
By torching my brain
On the ****** train
I invented a game
Out of ruining your creation
My veins experienced deflation
Until I saw the error of my ways
Adopting your negative craze
You wanted me to get used to pain
But I'd rather get used to change

The effects of corporal punishment are felt
When society hits us with a conveyor belt
Convincing us if something worked it must continue to
Our childhood experience this is imprinted through
We figure our children must be belted
After our minds have been smelted
Forged in fire
Our hearts retired
As we grew colder
The beaten grew older
And reproduced
And re-introduced
A punishing perception of the world
They beat the clam that holds the pearl
Morgan Mercury Dec 2013
It's been years
but I still remember our days
and I still cry tears.
I remember the day the earth stopped spinning.
Your footsteps are still imprinted
on my doorstep
and your last words are a broken record
repeating in my head.

Oh, it's been years
but I still smell you
in the emptiness next to
me in bed.
I loved you more than myself
and now I'm left hollowed out

You were the one who promised me .
You gave me a ring and your word.
Oh, sweetheart can't you
see what you've done to me?
You loved me to death
and then went and left.
Walked away like it was the easiest thing.
Well, my heart has had enough pain
to last the rest of my days.
Worldeater Jun 2015
She holds
Between her small fingers
The spliff she just lit to sit
In the spot where
Surreal is just as real as the reality
Engulfing itself in splits of seconds as she sits,
Spliff in hand,
Expanding Secretly,
The Universe where mayhem spreads
Devouring stars and planets to each note played
Catalytically in tune to her riveting grace
Lines of spiraling moments entail
A life of the
Whispers of troubling
Latching to the misty eloquence
Of melodies that sing the harmonies of her
Humming soul
Within a cloud of smoke
That stays imprinted,
In the midst of my lungs and grows, and
As we sit under the sky,
The suns light cradling her so hauntingly
With her red lipstick and,
Soulless brown eyes and,
A voice like the soft ocean tides,
I realized what I realized when I first met her.
Whether night or day or
Through curtains where the light sometimes
Bleeds those artificial shades,
Only because I really like this poem.
Jacqueline O Jan 2019
Your sweet whispers,

Imprinted on my skin;

Soft warmth from a thousand suns,

it tempts me into innocent sin.
Rachel Aug 2015
he was the lie she breathe. he was the solitary confinement she never asked for. connected by an invisible thread of irregularities, they hid behind the fake mystery. a maze they tangled themselves into, with no end goal to speak of, they were left to wonder. she often thought to herself, how she came to be. she swore her sanity was in check before him, before 'this'...whatever the hell 'this' was. she swore that she wasn't herself. it must have been something she was on, some kool-aid of sorts.

she slept with one eye open, always watching over her shoulder. she became a stranger to herself, second guessing, building up her fortress, higher and higher. he gave her wings. wings that allowed her to touch the azure sky. wings that burned off all because she flew too close to the sun. a pretty gift glued together with sugar-coated lies, like icarus, she plummeted down.  the pavement is her best friend. the taste of the graveled ground she'd imprinted in her cranium. she became broken.

her loyalty was iron-clad. devotion written in her veins. she was like a scent he couldn't get rid off, oh how he wanted to be rid of her. and so he fed her what she wanted to hear, but send her on her way. she broke, cried, denied, went through the stages of grieve. she hardened her heart, swore no more. like a phoenix risen from the ashes, she spits out fire, ready to lash out at her enemies. words are her weapon, confidence is her shield. ammunition ricocheted off of her. she is renewed.
Inspired by a book I read.
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