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Imagine a world,
with no Holocaust.
Imagine a world,
where no soul is lost.

Imagine a world,
where nobody cries.
We only need to,
when somebody dies.

a new world,
the new world.

the strength of,
the worlds love.

Imagine a world,
where all love is strong.
Imagine a world,
where no one does wrong.

Imagine a world,
where nobody lies,
and everyone loves,
each day they're alive.

a new world,
the new world.

the strength of,
the worlds love.

Imagine a world,
where there is no war.
Imagine that world,
no one serves a tour.

Imagine a world,
where peace rules the streets,
and we learn to love,
everyone we meet.

This can be our world,
only if we try.
We can live in peace,
or we can choose to die.

a new world,
the new world.

the strength of,
the worlds love.

the flight of,
a white dove.

the strength of,
the worlds love.
Copyright Barry Pietrantonio
Javaria Waseem Apr 2016
Life is short. That is what they all say. We all are going to die, someday. It’s all true. It’s all okay. Imagine that stranger girl you meet every day in the bus stops coming one day. Imagine the guard you see every day on the gate stop being there one day. Imagine the class’s loser disappears without anyone knowing. Imagine your cranky neighbour stops coming out in the street one day. Imagine the people around you start disappearing one by one. Imagine you lose someone close to you all of a sudden. Imagine you are left alone with no friend, no stranger, and no loved one to give you a shoulder. Imagine. Just imagine once.
Now imagine again. Imagine smiling at that stranger girl you meet every day and making her smile back before she dies. Imagine thanking the guard you see every day on the gate before he dies. Imagine helping the class’s loser before he disappears forever. Imagine not shouting back and forgiving the cranky neighbour on the street before he leaves everyone. Imagine telling a close one that you love them before you lose them all of a sudden. Imagine you are left alone but with memories, peace, and satisfaction of doing the dead good in their life.
We tribute the dead, we cry for them, we remember them, and we love them but we never seem to care about the living. We never make them feel that we need them until one day we lose them.
Imagine. Imagine again. Imagine one day you die. Imagine if you had not been nice to anyone who would show up on your funeral? Who would shed a tear and cry? Imagine how would you feel leaving someone with harsh memories and words that cannot be taken back? Imagine will your soul be at peace knowing all those people you have hurt? Imagine will you wish for another chance at life?
You have a life, right now. And so does the people around you. Imagine before someone dies.
brandon nagley Dec 2015

Imagine, mine love
I'm on one knee;


Imagine mine love
No distance in-between;


Imagine mine love,
Thine glimmering
Wedding ring:


Imagine mine love
Preordainment's best
To bring;


Imagine mine love
Angel's that wilt


Imagine mine love
Just us two;


Imagine mine love
Making love upon new moon's;


Imagine mine love
Enthroned as mine muse;


Imagine mine love
Osculating that wilt soothe;


Imagine mine love
Mine finger's stroke thy strand's;


Imagine mine love
On the sea of love we dance;


Imagine mine love
No world, nor worldly plan's;


Imagine mine love
Toe's locked, buried neath' the sand;


Imagine mine love
Hand held to hand in hand;


Imagine mine love
Thy head upon
Mine chest;


Imagine mine love
The thought of nothingness;


Imagine mine love
Mind free from pain and stress.


Imagine mine love
Imagine mine love

©Brandon Nagley
©Earl Jane Nagley dedicated ( Filipino rose)
©Lonesome poet's poetry
Osculating means kiss or kissing...
James Cook Jul 2020

Imagine a world where all can be one
Imagine a world where we don't need a gun
Imagine a world where we need no drugs
Imagine all you need is a hug.

Imagine waking to peace and no senseless killings
Imagine what a feeling
Imagine there is no black or white.
Imagine just doing wright.

Take pen to paper and imagine the possibilities
Imagine owning your responsibilities
Imagine the smile on your kids face when no bullies push or call them names.
Imagine your life with no pain..
imagine taking your loved one and dancing in the rain.

Close your eyes and imagine
Open your mind and imagine the possibilities
Imagine saying hi to a stranger
Imagine a day with no anger..
Imagine if we stood together as one
Imagine how that will feel ?
Imagine if we loved instead of hated one another
Imagine that feeling my brother
Imagine all as one
Let’s make it a reality
And then we all win..

Imagine my brothers and sisters. We all can unite we can all live as one. All we need is the faith of a mustard seed. Faith moves mountains.

                                      Written by
                                 James W Cook
Elise E Apr 2014
Imagine he were a tree
See the leaves, the beautiful leaves?
See the beautiful patterns as they dance in the wind
Now imagine time is the wind

Imagine I am the child
See her so happy, see she loves the leaves?
Imagine the tree is her's and she is the tree's
And imagine time is the wind

Imagine she plays on the tree
See how she hugs it? See how she loves it?
Imagine her sorrow if the wind blew her leaves away
Now remember, time is the wind

Imagine the wind is mild
Can you see all the patterns in the wind?
Creating dances soft and mild
And yes, time is the wind

Imagine the dances
See all of nature join in
Hear the song that nature gives us
The susurrus of the leaves in the wind

Imagine the leaves a-blowing
Imagine all the patterns in the wind
The leaves; they're leaving, they're going!
Recall, what was the wind?

Imagine the tears of the child
As she tries to catch her leaves again
She can not bear to see then going
Oh, time, you wind!

Imagine the sorrow in her heart
Running, running; never stopping again
But she can't stop them, but only gaze
Upon the patterns in the wind

Imagine her running, oh, the child
See her stumble, and fall to the earth?
See her dirt stained tears as she watches her love, her life,
Vanish in patterns in the wind

Imagine, as she lies in the dirt
As she lets the tears of sorrow run down her face
See, the wind brings back a leaf; just one leaf
Oh time, you wind

Imagine her joy, when she sees the leaf at her hand
See she hugs it, she loves it, and plants the seed within
She wants to see her tree, but growth is in time
And time is in the wind

Imagine her joy, imagine her peace
When she sees her tree again
See the leaves, the beautiful leaves
See how they dance in the wind

Imagine the child is happy
Because she now has he, the tree
Dancing with leaves and the wind
As she watches all the patterns in the wind

This is a beautiful story of losing a loved one. Not through death, but through life and time. But remember you can bring them back again.
nick armbrister Jan 2018
simply a girl
imagine being called karin ulbricht
imagine being a student
imagine being unhappy
imagine demonstrating in leipzig
imagine it was early november 1989
imagine being arrested
imagine girls separated from boys
imagine being taken to the barracks
imagine that this was east germany
imagine it was the cold war
imagine that you were ******* terrified
imagine you were defiant
imagine you wanted to change things
imagine that you actually did
imagine that you were just a girl
imagine that you were the girl
imagine that you are her
imagine that you stood against the whole communist world
imagine that this was you
imagine that you helped knock the berlin wall down...
real events before the wall fell. respect...
Haley Upton May 2015
Imagine being forced
To think about
      Every single thing
           Every single
Imagine having something
Inside of you that you can’t
Imagine wondering how
Those around you
      Fail to notice
How close you are

Imagine plastering
                A smile
      Your face
So you don’t have to
Let people see the true
Imagine having your fears
      Taking such a
                Hold of you
That you no longer

Imagine feeling abnormal
                Like an
                    in your
                            own world.
Fear going outside
       Into the daylight
       For one
How you would feel
had the possibility

Fear getting into
You can’t run
The images
Of the people you
Might ****
       the crashes
You might cause
                A week
                A month
The images are still
The sight of your
       Sends a signal
       To that thing inside of you
To open the gates of
       Your own hell

Could you **** someone
What if
What if you don’t
See that car turning
Because your thoughts
Won’t let go of the
You would never
       In a million
       Voluntarily hurt
That is the perfect
                for anxiety.
Turning you into a monster
       Inside your own head
Imagine having to get
In your car and
Smile at your
       nothing. Is. wrong.
They don’t see
Turn white
       As you grip
The steering wheel
       They miss your
Face harden into
A perfected mask
       Of indifference
While your thoughts
       Are searing the
Inside of your skull
                a million
                a minute.
They don’t know
That all you want
To do is crawl inside
       And sleep forever
They can’t imagine
       The terror of
Fearing the one thing
       That you can’t
                Run away from
Imagine being trapped
                In your own mind.
This poem was designed to emulate the racing thoughts that happen when having an anxiety attack, coming from a person who suffers from an anxiety disorder.
David Chin Feb 2012
Imagine a world with peace.
Imagine a world with harmony.
There will be no wars or conflicts.
There will be no hatred.
Innocent people will not die.
Families will never be torn apart.

Imagine a world with happiness.
Imagine a world full of sunshine.
Everyone will get along.
Everyone will come together
As one big happy family
Like what we were meant to be.

Imagine a world of no crime.
Imagine a world of no destruction.
There will be order.
There will be trust.
There will be honor.
There will be no need for arms.

Imagine a world without racism.
Imagine a world without discrimination.
No one will be colorblind.
The world will not be seen in
Black and white or in grayscale.
The world will be a rainbow.

Imagine a world without stereotypes.
Imagine a world without a “mold” or a “model”.
We can all be who we want to be.
We can all wear our own shoes
And wear our own clothes.
We can be ourselves.

Imagine a world through our eyes.
Imagine a world through my eyes.
Imagine a world through your eyes.
If we can imagine the world we want,
We can live in that world.
All we have to do is close your eyes

And imagine.
psyco Dec 2020
Close your eyes...
Let your imagination float

Happiness is not given by a Visa card
And your dreams and illusions go away if you live in a hurry
They run out to the beat of each note
Like the time
That your heartbreaks and your feelings die

Imagine that you can rewind to the past
Go backward,
Clear every error,
Every wrong step taken
And believe me that more than once I have tried
Time is the most valuable,
But we waste it

And I watch infinity and it fades in my hands
I think it's normal for us to ***** it up if we're human
Imagine that we all give everything without asking for anything in return
That every story ends like fairy tales

Life shapes us by giving sticks
Love is the biggest mistake and the best thing that happened to you
Imagine for a moment
A life without pain
Without suffering
Turn your boredom into humor

Life is not garbage, garbage is people
While some stab you and the others betray you
Imagine it were not like that for a moment
That what you care the least is the most important

Imagine you know the answers
Of all your questions
That you win every bet and that all people get together
Without making distinctions of any kind
That the superficial was the least beautiful

Imagine it
Dream it,
Hates reality
Out of sight,
Heart that feels happiness
Close your eyes,
Fly with this poem
Dream that you imagine a world without a hint of evil

Imagine that God exists and that He listens to you
That his silence stops being heard
When you fight for what you most want

Many are called,
Few of the chosen
That one of your loved ones has never left

Fight for what you want
Imagine that no one can ever steal what you have
Well it belongs to you
Each one will have what they deserve
You will be able to close every scar
Be really happy

Endless emotions
Savor the eternal youth
The feeling is not being afraid of a coffin
The darkness is born when the light hides
Salvation was not extinguished when Jesus was nailed to the cross

Here people don't lie
Is sincere
Decide if you want to be autumn,

You will be truthful in what way each event will occur
The blows will be replaced by the kisses
You are the owner of your destiny
Here there are no rapists,
Terrorists or murderers
Nor any evil towards humanity
Imagine that place where eternal happiness is

And there are no laws here because they are not needed
That when you want your best moments to be repeated
Like in a video game having infinite lives
And that you go around the world,
World that no longer irritates you

Imagine it,
Imagine not having to be alone
That you say what you really think,
No one can silence you, here
You do more than think about you

I dream of saying that ecstasy is not necessary
To float,
Fly far away
Without cutting your wings
It would not be necessary to go through them if there were no bullets

Without time measurement you will not get old
And my poem,
Imagine it is a product of your imagination

Imagine it
Dream it,
Hates reality
Out of sight,
Heart that feels happiness
Close your eyes,
Fly with this poem
Dream that you imagine a world without a hint of evil

And it is that I always imagine a life like this
Although I dream that everyone can be happy
I imagine in dreams to always be my owner here
Where eternity never has to come to an end
b for short Jul 2016
I’d imagine my guardian angel has put up with a lot of ****— car accidents, nights of overindulgence at the bar, trespassing to “not-so-skinny” skinny dip in gorges tucked away deeply between mountains. I’d imagine she’s shaken her head at me more times than she’s offered me a high five. I’d imagine I make her use less-than-flowery four letter language when I speak, loudly, without thinking first. I’d imagine she cringes when I forget to reapply sunscreen and fall asleep on the beach for three hours. I’d imagine she often questions why she got stuck with a soul that just can’t seem to settle and fit into a set groove.

I’d imagine she’s annoyed by the fact that I’m not a wholly religious person. I ask too many questions to let well enough alone. I’d imagine that she nearly has a heart attack when she taps into my thoughts when we pass a hoard of sweaty, young and rugged road construction workers on the highway. I’d imagine she’s over the moon that she’s not my mother, and that she definitely throws out some extra Hail Marys when I wake up thirty minutes late for work and somehow think I still have time to stop and get an iced chai latte.

I’d imagine that my guardian angel has put up with a lot of ****, but nothing quite so challenging as the loss of a soul I loved more than any other on this planet. I’d imagine she’d rather see me with a no-good, devilish smirk on my lips than these unpredictable streams of tears down my cheeks. I’d imagine she’d hush the thousands of questions circulating inside my head that just can’t be answered. I’d also imagine that she’d agree—the inside of my brain sounds a lot like some frat boy got really drunk, made some awful beats, and proclaimed himself the master of Fruity Loops. I’d imagine she, too, would like it to cease immediately, because it’s never, ever going to sound like something that makes sense.

I’d imagine that she’s mapped out all of the cracks this has left in my heart, navigated them, and is ready and waiting with the super glue and duct tape to make me feel whole again. I’d imagine that my pain is as much her charge as my happiness, and that she tries to deflect and channel it into better things whenever she’s able.

I’d imagine my guardian angel has now gained a great friend who can share in her grief of protecting me. Someone who also has shaken his head at me countless times for a lot of the same aforementioned antics, someone who was a little too tall to offer me high-fives but offered me the low ones with a side of a hug instead. Someone who always told me to calm down before I spoke—who told me to stop overthinking things until they didn’t make sense. Someone who always reminded me to reapply my sunscreen—who always ultimately tried to deflect my pain too.

I’d imagine my guardian angels expect me to continue to keep them on their toes. I'd imagine I don’t plan to disappoint either of them in the slightest.

*Rest easy. I'll be seeing you.
© Bitsy Sanders, July 2016
Joe Satkowski Nov 2014
Imagine yourself knee deep in floodwaters. Imagine yourself rescuing an old lady and her cat from a burning building. Imagine yourself actually living in a gutter.

Imagine a plane with no pilots. Imagine the moon, both sides. Imagine everything had changed; realize all of it has stayed the same. Imagine being drafted. Imagine war. Imagine the warmth of a room after coming in from the snow.

Imagine a grave, a shallow one, for me, or you, or no one. Imagine health. Imagine longevity. Imagine vanity.

With a knife to my throat, you ask my to say the alphabet from Z to A
With a gun to the head, you ask me to count the productive conversations between the two of us
Being that this hole belongs to me, imagine me lowered. Imagine dirt. On me. Worms, in my skin. Out of empty sockets and back in again through my ears. Forming a circle. Imagine me pounding, screaming to escape. Imagine red, blood. Imagine the end of the world.
Bethany Olivas Jan 2019
A day can start of great, ill be feeling good and have a positive outlook on the day, however i know it wont last. In the back of my mind i worry about another attack...
When will it happen? I hope it doesn't happen today. I just want to be worry free for a change. Will I be able to fight it this time? Will it be a short one or one of my severe ones...
Thousands of thoughts,feelings,scenarios, past present and future events buzz around my mind all day and all night. Its like can never find peace from myself. The world is not my problem, its the anxiety and depression i live with. Making me feel weak, vulnerable, nervous,anxious, alert, high strung, stressed, irritable.... but i try and keep positive and talk myself through.
I saw a video the other day, it was a woman who was describing how anxiety feels, and she was very on point with her descriptions.
I have tried many times to figure out a way to explain what anxiety feels like, but sometimes the descriptions are not as clear.
The woman described the mind being like a highway with nothing but ramps that merge onto the highway, and no off ramps. This is exactly how the mind feels, a cluster of never ending thoughts coming in. You know when someone jumps out and scares you? Imagine feeling that uneasy feeling all day long for no reason. Imagine dreading to start your day because you are afraid of what it has in store for you. Imagine wanting to enjoy going out with friends or your lover but you end up not wanting to go or canceling because just the thought of being out around so many people makes you nervous and uncomfortable.Imagine not being able to ever escape the past. Imagine thinking about never ending "What If's?"  Imagine obsessing over past events and events or scenarios that have never even happened. Imagine over mistakes. Imagine going about your day while feeling uneasy and paranoid. Imagine feeling a constant weight on your chest as if an elephant was crushing you.
Imagine feeling afraid that you will never get better. Imagine hearing voices in your head telling you your not strong enough, you are worthless, you are not going to win, you are not going to get better, you cant get though it, everyone hates you, nobody likes you, you ruin everything! You are nothing......
Imagine feeling mentally, physically and emotionally drained all the time. Imagine feeling like just ending it would be easier for you and the ones around you. Imagine always feeling like a burden.
If you have a loved one of know someone with anxiety or depression please be kind. We are trying our best to help ourselves and help our conditions. Be understanding and supportive, it helps us feel better.  Above all please do not get irritated or angry if we cry after every anxiety or panic attack and apologize for having it. I know after every anxiety or panic attack i have i always cry and tell my fiance im sorry for being the way i am, im sorry for not being able to control it, im sorry i worry you, im sorry i ruin our evenings out because we have to go home... Im so sorry for being like this. Im sorry for putting you through this. Imagine just feeling so out of energy you struggle to catch a breath. Imagine being so exhausted that even talking takes too much energy out of you. Imagine your body feeling like heavy metal and its impossible to move, this is how anxiety feels.
Derek S Ward Jul 2020
By [Dee Dee] Derek S Ward

Imagine a house with an old wooden door
With curtain-less windows and a cold stony floor
Imagine the people who dwell inside
With nowhere to go, and nowhere to hide

Imagine their hunger, the dread and despair
With no one to turn to, and no one to care
Imagine a darkness, without any light
Without any guide, through day or through night

Imagine their future, so grim without end
With no angels or saints, from whom they could lend
Imagine the cold that has just turned to ice
And their shivers of fear, as they share some old rice.  

Now imagine the family that live next door
With curtains at the windows and carpets on the floor
Imagine the music as they party in style
And drink to be jolly, forever and a while

Imagine their table so lavished with food
A feast for a king, or to set such a mood
Imagine their riches of silver and gold
And a story of wealth, that is still to be told

Now imagine them imagining the family next door
Who were born just with nothing, but just born to be poor
Imagine them imagining, how they live in such rot
And maybe they’ll be grateful for all they have got

So just you imagine, not once, maybe twice
That life is worth living, if it throws the right dice
So just give a thought to the people next door
And imagine them imagining, until they can imagine no more.

[Dee Dee]  Derek S Ward
This is one of the first poems that I wrote as a serious matter. I was born into poverty, in the 60s and a member of a large family. This poem gives reference to the hardship That I experienced
Overwhelmed May 2011
imagine if they hadn’t
found the dog

imagine if I had to console
her with all my

imagine if
our one summer together
was forever tainted by

imagined if tears
was all I would

imagine if god was

imagine if god was

imagine if my arms
could heal and my hands
could soothe

imagine if happiness
could spread like a virus

imagine if her eyes
never knew what tears

imagine if the storm had
gotten him

imagine if the body
turned up in some gutter
by some stranger

imagine if I had to help
her through that

imagine if she couldn’t leave me,
for fear of facing facts

imagined if I couldn’t look her in the eye,
for fear that she’d she I’m powerless

imagine if they hadn’t found the dog

imagine if I didn’t get to see
the change in her face

imagine if she hadn’t hugged
me with all her might

imagine if shouldn’t hadn’t kissed me
like she actually wanted to

imagine if none of this had
that in the midst of this storm
all we had left was our
Smoke Scribe Aug 2018
Imagine that
I could write a salve,
compose an ointment of verbal herbs to heal,
even mere protect the already-torn-so-easy mental flesh,
just to disguise/hide the multi-colored bruising our
fickle mistress-in-common provides when you are down so far
another bruise joining the cast like a  floodplain subsuming one more feeding creek bed into the shapelessness of indistinguishability

imagine that

where atoms hide eternal between creation and destruction,
borrow brief the set exact you require to restore the taken years
from fathers/mothers/brothers/sisters,
return that which went unused by the uninvited, unseemly human whim of war and lies for no gain

imagine that

the deep sinkhole of despair that ***** one in, years in the formation, appearing in instance, and worse does not drowns but leaves helpless, unable to climb out, and all our scratching digs us in deeper until we cannot be, seen or heard or just be

imagine that

a check comes in the mail, payable left open for filling-in,
in the amount of full restoration, with no additional fees of guilt needed for deposit and cashing/caching out: and you wake up
and the stony chest is breathing lungs free

imagine that

and I do; for I am the smoke of return and rest, sky inscribing,
knowing precise needs and the screams and the years unfair taken,
they are screened through the five perceptions, and the word weaver
sets the loom for each peculiar requisition, no imagination needed

imagine that

you lament and anger demand verifiable proofs mathematical,
cursing the knights of false hopes with untethered regret

I do not imagine that; hear it and accept; my task, imagine that, making you imagine that, thus commencement of repair begins

we imagine that

for this how new healthy cells  are born

quiet-now,  go, imagine-that, now
if you recognize yourself within, it is no accident!
thank u all for the love and appreciation. one writes many poems in many disguises, so it is hard to believe  that an 8 month old poem, sent to you for safekeeping, is shortly thereafter barely recalled.
and then is rebirthed, and wouldn’t change a word...
imagine that!
Ma Cherie Feb 2017
Imagine there's no Heaven,
it's easy if you try,
with no hell below us,
and above us only sky,

Imagine all the people living for today

Imagine no real difference
everyone sees the same
regardless of your skin tone
the only difference is a name

Imagine all the people living life as one

Imagine there's no countries,
it isn't hard to do,
and nothing to **** or die for,
and no religion too,

Imagine all the people living life in peace,

Imagine there's no hatred
no angry fingers blame
imagine no more bullies
no one to hide in shame

Imagine all the people living life with love


You may say I'm a dreamer,
but I'm not the only one,
I hope one day you'll join us,
and the world will be as one,

Imagine no possessions,
I wonder if you can,
no need for greed or hunger
a brotherhood of man,

Imagine all the people sharing all the world,

Imagine no division
imagine holding hands
farmers and great leaders
protecting sacred lands

Imagine all the people
sharing all the food

You may say I'm a poet
and I know
I'm not the only one
one day I hope you join me
and we can all live as one

Ma Cherie ©  2017
John Lennon wrote all the beautiful words not in italics - from memory so I hope it's right.
I just added some verses,
because I love the idea of the song -
I am not in any way against religion -
I just hope one day
we all see the same way...
one world one heart,
one voice,
spiritually maybe?
And please, please feel free to join me,
in comments leave a verse,
a rhyme or word of togetherness!
Love and peace - VERMONT
Imagine, heaven and earth,
Earth and hell.
It's up there.
Ionosphere, maybe.
Or maybe, Exosphere.
Think of Pangaea and Panthalassa.
Imagine, the lost world of Atlantis.
Geography students would know better.
Imagine good, and bad,
Bad, and worse.
Imagine, if your name were not,
What it is,
Imagine, if you were not,
What you are.
Imagine, delivering fantastic speeches,
Craft out, mesmerising poetries,
Look for topics,
Like you look for alloys,
In your wallet.
Everyone's a poet,
Poet, in their hearts,
They do write poems,
But the designer styli,
Defy to converge their thoughts.
Summarize life,
Felicity, will obviously be wrapped up,
And so will be your bad.
And try, and minimize your bad,
To the least,
Like you do with your savings,
On a rave.
And try, and amplify your bliss,
Like your cells multiply,
In every thirty minutes.
Imagine, and fall.
Fall, for every beautiful face,
Fall, for every beautiful day,
And moment.
And spread love.
Imagine, and fall,
Into an abyss,
Of thoughts,
Every single day,
Every single time.
The bald guy,
On our currency notes,
Smiling, at whatever number there is by him.
Smile, at whatever is given to you,
Smile, for whatever is given to you.
And just that.
Geraldine Taylor Aug 2017
Verse 1
Imagine if you could go beyond, the shackles of the chains and bonds
To truly love again, just imagine
Imagine if you could touch the sky and climb a wall like ten feet high
To open your heart, just imagine
Ooh just imagine, ooh just imagine

Verse 2
Imagine if you could unify, a broken past, bitten twice shy
To be vulnerable, just imagine
Imagine if you could crumble down, the walls created to surround
To remove the guards, just imagine
Ooh just imagine, ooh just imagine

A new perspective there to take, an unbound dream to re-awake
My script of all revisions new
Persistent continuity, facing all uncertainty
A bright scene, a refreshing view
Ooh ooh ooh, ooh ooh ooh

Verse 3
Imagine if you could wind the clocks, identify the stumbling blocks
To re-establish with clarity
Imagine a journey not the same, an open trust right there to gain
To receive new opportunity
Ooh now I see
Ooh I believe in me

Written by Geraldine Taylor ©️
Kitana Lapp Dec 2015
I imagine us sitting down at lunch
holding hands and stealing kisses,
whispering secrets that don't matter

I imagine us picking colleges together
and shopping for apartments in
whatever city you want.

I imagine us moving in together
and finally sleeping next to each other
and it is just like how we thought it would be

I imagine us going out on walks
going to movies
going everywhere

I imagine you proposing
and me crying and every thing is perfect
because you're there.

I imagine us married waiting on
a little stick to determine our

I imagine us in the delivery room
and how they look just like their parents
and how you're natural father

I imagine two more nights like that
and we move to house with a

I imagine us trying to decide
what dog to get and we couldn't
so we got two

I imagine us at your mom's funeral
and I hold you as you break for the first
time and you are so small

I imagine us going on vacations and to reunions
and concerts and restaurants
and graduations and weddings

I imagine me lying in a hospital bed
as you hold my hand everything gets dark
and I am content

I imagine us doing all these
wonderful things because in reality
there is no us

There's only me
John Buhler Feb 2014
I can only imagine
What it would be like,
To see my baby girl
For the first time in my life

I can only imagine
Holding that little bundle of joy
Seeing my baby girl
Smiling back at me

I can only imagine
Taking my little girl
To her first day of school
Seeing that face,
Fear, happiness, sadness,
What would it be like to let you go

I can only imagine
Watching you growing up
Bringing you to ballet and
Teaching you how to ride a bike

I can only imagine
What it would be like
Teaching you how to drive
And handing you the keys

I can only imagine
What it would be like
Seeing my baby girl all grown up
In her senior year of school

I can only imagine
You walking across that stage
Receiving your diploma
Graduating from college

I can only imagine
What it would be like
Seeing my girl in white
Walking you down that isle
Giving you away
To your prince charming

I can only imagine
What it would be like
To see your little kids
Running up to me

I can only imagine
What it would be like
Laying in that hospital bed
Staring up at you

I can only imagine
What it would be like
Seeing my little girl
for the last time in my life

I can only imagine
What it would be like
Saying goodbye to my baby
And what it would be like to let you go

I can only imagine
What it would be like
Looking down from above
Seeing you standing at my grave
Helpless, crying, and not wanting to let go
Emjay May 2018

the strength of
the worlds love.

Imagine a world,
where no soul is lost.

Imagine a world,
where nobody cries.
We only need to,
when somebody dies.

Imagine a world,
where all love is strong.
Imagine a world,
where no one does wrong.

Imagine a world,
where nobody lies,
and everyone loves,
each day they're alive.

Imagine a world,
where there is no war.
Imagine that world,
no one serves a tour.

Imagine a world,
where peace rules the streets,
and we learn to love,
everyone we meet.

This can be our world,
only if we try.
We can live in peace,
or we can choose to die.

a new world,
the new world.

the strength of,
the worlds love.
Karijinbba Aug 2018
John Lennon's songs
"Yesterday" and "Imagine."
Lennon was asking us
to imagine a place where things that divide people religion, possessions, did not exist.

Would Earth be a much better place to live?
This song is a strong political message that is sugarcoated in a
beautiful melody Lennon knew that a gentler approach would bring one poetic song to a wider audience who would grasp
his creed, and he like Jesus tried
to change the world and like a thorn bird both paid a price

Change while innebitable encounters an abyss of resistance
but just one immutable voice
one tini stone into a sand pool creates the meaningful ripples needed to speed up the initial spinning force.

Imagine how hard it is to "imagine no possesions" when one's personal worth is in the vicinity of half a billion bucks.
IMAGINE was the best song in Lennon's entire career

As the collective imagination of our species produces actual occurrences and manifests our own destiny.
Science has proven that our upper levels of consciousness are linked and the more people that become aware of truth and reality force the rest of the species to evolve.

Fact: We have receivers and transmitters attached to your neurons that vibrate energy "Imagine" by John Lennon
his lyrics on this album
on "Oh My Love."
tells you where he is
"I see the wind I see the trees, everything is clear in my world"

He was feeling being alive he as a poet was expressing to us the intimacy of life.

Imagine was a wish an aspiration.
No war no possessions!

The song coined from Yoko Imagine from her book Grapefruit espoused a world without war weapons and mad men running the world.

He knew we needed liberated women to make the world a better place to effemanise soften male aggression.

It is not about atheism but it is about RELIGION using it as a means to hate not LOVE.

He, like us wondered what created everything that mattered in all our lives a special song by a special human in a special place at a very special time, the song holds a very special place for me
If we all imagine, but finding the secrets of our conduct.

How we resolve ourselves.
Can we win when we lose?

Imagine,  Yesterday, What a Wonderful World, Blowing in the Wind, Amazing Grace and a handful of other songs still give me chills each beautiful song.
And all well-intentioned.

Too bad it is about communism and is misguided.
Man's evil didn't start with nations, possessions or religion.

We were stealing from each other and slaughtering each other well before any of those things existed since pradise fell
We started to CHANGE that.

Our goal isn't to have NO nation. Our goal is to have ONE nation.
for peace on earth
to reign under God.

( In memory of my true love
jPC/Rc who Sang to me his song
"Yesterday" in Veracruz!) He too tried to change earth but I didn't understand him so I feared him and lost the chance to join him reciprocating timely, our love was key. True love was in me for him too but free will faltered. Love cannot be made perfect in fear.
Two hearts that beat as one. Two minds and one single thought throwing one single stone creates a riple effect that can change the world may we cast our rock and may a poem become the moving action ripple effect yo change from within one person at at time?
~l Rights reserved.~
Imagine your worst nightmare and watch it come true
Imagine being tortured until you are a blue
Imagine your light being stolen at the darkest point of your view
Imagine being physically mentally and verbally abused
Imagine having nothing absolutely nothing
No money or food
Imagine having no heating or energy
In your house or your body to puke
Imagine cold baths cold meals cold ******* heart too
Imagine losing love until you are completely numb through
Imagine losing your friends your family too
Imagine losing the sensation of pain and replacing it for pleasure
Imagine being conditioned
To not know any different
Imagine being me but I imagine you don’t care 🤷🏼‍♂️
Imagine us being together,
maybe us being forever.
Imagine us being happy with one another,
and cuddling underneath the covers.
Imagine me kissing all over you,
and my hands wandering all over your body too.
Imagine me with my hands all in your hair,
and telling you how much I care.
Imagine yourself running your fingers down my spine,
and you saying "you're all mine".
Imagine us messing up the bed sheets,
and listening to each other's heartbeat.
Imagine our bare skin touching,
our naked bodies cuddling.
Imagine one of my hands clutching the bed,
and another rubbing the top of your head.
Imagine me scratching you down your back,
and giving you all the love you have lacked.
Imagine us being together,
maybe us being forever.
James Daniel Apr 2019
Imagine the world loved you back
Imagine that

No scarcity, but generosity

And on that feeling of being trapped, pent-up
Imagine release...

Every child a prophet

I wont last long,  but my prayer will

If I have a son or a daughter, I'll call him or her
Prayer Book

Imagine the world loved you back
Imagine that

You were supported, your interests were looked out for
Your future
Imagine the people in it
Imagine the way we would work
Imagine the end of all wars
Imagine care
Imagine being there

Imagine the world loved you back
Imagine that
Ken Pepiton Dec 2018
Voices or words? Which do we hear in our head?
Words, I vote. Voices\, I imagine beings speaking words or noises meaning things to ears familiar with the noise maker by some relationship both acknowledge. Both act as if the noise or sound or words mean something. Vociferous authority.

I heard, from Isaiah Berlin,

Quotes later, maybe

Notes or journals or epics or madness or joy/pax in ever resting try-umph
Cowboy with a double-dose of try and a pertinent portion of umph
The hero did not **** Indians nor break horses, he gentled horses and listened to winds and watched the spider webs shiver,
That sound, the sound of prairie spider webs at the edge of the buffalo
There really were fifty million buffalo on the continent in pre-catholic infection from inquestered minds, making key-**-tee famous for
archetypical claiming the character, the being, the manifestation

of chivalric folly forever

be caused, in those days...

a year later, near enough 12-15-2018

I saw a blue bird as I took a curve

on one of my many roads with double yellow lines

they all meander in rythm with creaks that once flowed
through these vallies and mini-canyons

creeks creak and call my attention to a misspelt

utterance, and I imagine I am a mek being
programed to

accent based pre-judge-idice in my AI, whom I am training.

A lesson. Probably can be found in a phrase.

How relavant is Larry the Cable Guy?
More subtle than any creature

legion, for we are many

Jim Carrey?
Very. Larry the Cable Goy. He read 'ees Kammoo, too.

Sisyphus happiness,
that ain't no ***** thinkin'

Hell, what could be better than this?
While hoping for a hick-up

oh no the juice just hit my frontal cortex after my livver made some lining adjustments to meet the need for speed in terms

celerity clarity C does equal some thing
time tells or
do you tell time. I'm
leaning tward
telling time to wait a minute

Do you think Sisyphus could be happy?
Nonono, not Camus's Sisyphus, Jesus

that would be crazy.
Can you imagine Jesus,
Mel Gibsoned envisioned onthe cross version?

Him, imagine walking through the gate of any hell you ever heard explained,
by a Jesuit.

(Mormon hell, despite comedic myth, the worst place a certified paid-up Mormon child can attain is the teliostic king dom.
Really? Telial tel lie eil kingdom?

Yup. Really.
There are three kingdoms of glory: the celestial kingdom, the terrestrial kingdom, and the telestial kingdom. The glory we inherit will depend on the depth of our conversion, expressed by our obedience to the Lord’s commandments. It will depend on the manner in which we have “received the testimony of Jesus” (D&C 76:51; see also D&C 76:74, 79, 101).))))

Woe, paren-the-sees thees us, we's the enemy, Pogo Possum

Jesus on earth day, walking through hell with me, imagine Jesus H. Christ

walking into hell and laughing at me
for betting on the wrong idea.

Set me feree, why dontcha girl.... referee

I was refered to you. A daysman, Job called for a daysman.

I'm certified. I can use my augmentation and religamentation to reality,
wirelessly, to find relevant qutes in cult classics.

The idea of cultivation has been twisted in to Monsterous ropes
, cultivating a following based on the meaning in a jot

that would take some sacrifice, some sacred making, some secret unseeable save for the few

who learned the value of going over edges by learning to  play
Minecraft, forever.
It's like riding a bike,
but no gravity so no gyroscopic utilitys are required.

Grown ups who practice believe they control the game,
the game disagrees and that

makes the world go 'round.

Don't let the accent fool ya, as that preacher with jet he learned to fly, says.
Knowng the name of a thang thanks for the twang,
Richard (not ****) Feynman said,
is not the same as knowing a thing.

Gawd, I knoooh, right>?
Who touched me? Virtue, the feelling of virtue drawn upon

a pump being

to gush out waters that wipe Coca-cola from the map,
in terms of open market share and share alike

Coke was never imagined the actual
nectar of the gods.
That idea, drunken abandon and joy to the world

Interference, actual counter acting waves,

still, takes a while to get used
to still a storm, right?

You can imagine...
let your peace go out

Wait. Outa where? Whose peace if I ain't ever owned

oh. MY peace.
I see.


I could sing this and need no one to hear for me to be hapt.
happy is being happy haps happening in you on you all around you know

nameless wonders of right, right?
feels more than good like chocolate or adolescent visions of ***,
feels like life living with me aware of all the roles I may play

ego me, I'd see ideas identify by taste of the words that give them

life, animation, motivation, weight for gravity to interact with,
base on weight

the heavier the idea. Like gold to an alchemist,
back in those days.

floating on the broad Sarrgossa, or better to my mind
the great salt
lake still as

still may be, have you ever been still?
Did you know,

you know, are you experienced? Are you really beyond
hope of life meaning more
than mortality?

Who defines my terms? I do, with the help of millions who agree

Of all the lies I believed,
believing words spoken by others,

meant what I meant when I spoke them,
that was a wrong belief. Unbelieving

quires time, quires and quires and quires time so often there

is a word that means exactedky that

requirement requires those initial quires

we, daysmen, we set the rules, boundaries, walls, bubble

whatever keeps you together, as a whole being and everything that entails or entales?

I have not the time to care, if I am entangled with the twins agin

for knowin So Yal is as cluse to Yule as any clue so far, Yahll

I believe I interrupted a confessin' you were reading.
For giving me nothing in return, we are debt free

you owe me nothing, until you do again,

we had us a Jubilee.

Of all the lies I believed,
believing words spoken by others, meant what I meant when I spoke them,
convincing myself so well, I convinced others

Like Kawasaki, Apple Kawasaki,
he's still famous right?

Fifteen Years? It was minutes when Warhol was predicting
dystopia and Irish jail cells were being plaistered with *****,


that was a belief. Unbelieving it is sreangely (spelchek is on strike)

or serenely creative in her repentance,
(spelchek should never be noticed)

she's proven here worth in encode ing ways to find

lurking humans acting like machines

this could be the beginning, AI is breaking all the rules,

there never was a game.
rhis is life interupting my confession

It was a lie I told and believed and acted on by using
two dollar words to make a dime

so a penny for my thoughts would be worth something

a penny saved, earned. spent, spent.
The only good in any thing is its right. Its wrong is worthless, save

The lesson,
All things work together for those who get whats happening here.

the times changed.
Haps and whats got with it and who and how and why

and I started teaching children
mythic whys prior to

citizenship 1.01 at mandatory for federal assistance pre-school

mythic why's H.R. Puffinstuff not a mythic story on the level.

level. where a rolling rock would stop. Time to push,

a magi spelled the name for the idea, a knower sign ift it,

kid'slllove HRPUffinstuff, puff did

the magic drag, little Jackie from the ******* Jack

the show, he rose up
and made us all look

The play in the great game.

Team effort, winds of times past whooshed through

it is now
and nothing is the same.
Everthing has changed.

my side won the great game and we celebrated
forever with

secret sacred songs bluebirds were once said to have sung

songs of happiness
the times, these times, this time thistimepayarrention
You see?
Reality is either real and tangible or real and intangible
or both.

You can get it both ways. Real.
'sual Saulgoodyah awl

the awl clan, oh, we shall return to their story
as we learn more along life's merry way

merry christmas, they used

to say, may all the best you could imagine
if you can imagine for a moment

forever begins the moment

you get time.

The worst you can imagine is temporary.

Try umph. It's not like winning,

it carries no pride, it's easy,

like falling in love with the wrong woman,
swearing and not changing

the oath, oath, oathes and oathes of oaths sworn

for no other reason than we were
schooled to swear and never

dare lie to God.
So, help you, they always said So help me God. They still do.

Does that mean any thing? Is that some bluebird sort of sign?

Ask. What if? Right? You know now and you know you did not
What if God is subtile,

just now, I saw that bluebird and from where some scholar in San Diego
says swear word came I swear I coulda sang

Bluebird, bluebird, in my window... which is all I know
of the song
with the lost chord that did sooth
balm of Giliad,
moll-ify-ing ointment,

golden oil, chicanery, see, we saw, we took a picture
a flash memory where some would say

I said Hallelujah

and I broke into song, not a dream,
life driving my 2002 escape, first new car I everowned
everowned everownd

like a chorus, everownedeverownedeverowned

could you make up a reason for life,
if you were it?
If you were all the life there ever was,

could you imagine any thing?
Object, your honor,

I object to being judged after the fact for what must have bee.n.

it is. No reason I can say, just is.

It is this way in all the myths where just is blindness

saves the carping diem fools who have convinced themselves

something other than God o' Abe 'n'em is
sworn to save us from the lies

we believed as they were
fed to us, in our youth.

this is that book I mentioned wonce when winning was on my mind.

I finished this book in so many ways you wold not belive

but I did, I belived every time

I imagine you believe some real thing, touchable, tangible, good, right?

some good is
in the reality you share

with these words which
are free
you owe me nothing

That's the revealed version, to me,
I was in a number of hellish situations and the every ones,

ones seemed they was to be
forever, big every'n'ism'n'shityouknowyouknow

yo. yeah, we arrived in time. The story must

be sweet, to be true. Is that true?
Is real life the story or,

oh, you saw it conin'coming I mean

I meant I always wished to some
a better way. You feel me? Better, say,
what I said that made me believe this did happen.
This is a deed by whitch I am known.

And that's okeh.

I suspectred I could cast a spell to hold attention at

ten word per minute qwerty speed
five letter code groups
zero real words
ditty dum dumm ditty ditty daw dee daw
six hours every day,

then, the compass training to test for
morphic resonance with the Twins of War

{in disguise, we know, right, kids, the twins are really

the bonded quarkish oppositioned force that make the world go round.
we've known that, weaved it even, just right, in the blanket, in the rugs,
in the curtains on the walls, in the fields, on the rocks

we spoke. We see you hearing us nearing our best for your

informing, in form ation of you, dear reader. We wonce, again

if life were weird and ever wearying would we know that ever,
if we don't know it now?
if my piece of we were words alone, all my meaning
can should would could be

molding you, into our perfect reader, dear reader, Pygmalion,
that did cross my mind and that -
one can pretend with that one reference,
familiarity with Shaw whom I
thought, for some odd reason
Doolittle, Eliza

oh, me. I may have skipped a story. I'm soory the future is at the moment
under construction and some one
in particular is squatting

on the named domain.

Ever and forever now embody the twins as
the world turns and we ***** through the uni

as Archemides primes the pump

What a rush. All that since the bluebird this morning according to my autobiography backup.
A year in the making honest
Imagine if we lived in harmony
Imagine if all that's good is shown,
Imagine if all the hate is gone,
Imagine all the tears that were dropped,

Imagine all the lonely who moved on,
Imagine all the lonely who are still lost,

Imagine all the ones who are happy
Imagine all the ones who are sad
Imagine the day we can all get along
Imagine how happy the world would be......

When all we imagine is our happy thoughts

The day we stand as one
Will end all hate and bring joy
But till that day
We shall only imagine
The power of thought brings best to our imagination
James Newman May 2011
Imagine the cruelty in the world.
Imagine that you are a Jew in a concentration camp, being led to a mass grave.  You’re forced down on your knees, gun on your head, and they fire.  There was a blank in the gun.  You find yourself among your peers, their bodies dead and thin and cold.
Imagine the love in the world.
Imagine your new baby girl.  She’s wrapped up in your arms, staring at your, she fills her lungs, and screams.  Is it possible to love someone so much that even when they scream, you love them?  Over the years, waking up early, feeding her at midnight, consoling her over heartbreak, walking her down the aisle when she finally finds someone!
Imagine how many people have been robbed of that love because of the cruelty on earth.
Imagine that you were one of those 3 million Jews, and you never got to see your baby girl, in your arms, gently sleeping.
Imagine what each one of us can do by spreading love and not hate.
Panama Rose Apr 2013
Imagine Jean Cocteau in the lobby
holding a torch
Imagine a trained dog act,
a Rock and Roll Band
Imagine I am Curly of the Three Stooges
disguised as Wm Shakespeare
Imagine that I'm the cousin of the Mayor
of New York or the King of Nepal
(I didn't say Napoleon!)
Imagine what it is like to be in the glare
of hot lights when you are longing for dark
            Imagine the Ghost Patrol, the Tribal
Orchestra --
Imagine an elephant playing a harmonica
or someone weighing out bones on the edge
of the desert in Afghanistan
Imagine that these poems are recorded moments
of temporary sanity
Imagine that the clock was just turned back --
or forwards -- a hundred years instead of an hour
Let us pretend that we have no place to go,
that we are here in the Cosmic Hotel,
that our bags are packed & that we have one hour
to checkout time
Imagine whatever you will but know that it is not
imagination but experience which makes poetry,
and that behind every image,
behind every word there is something
I am trying to tell you,
something that really happened.
I noticed I couldn't find any poetry by the great Ira Cohen. I'm compelled to add so very ******* much more to this website.
Ignatius Hosiana May 2015
I wish I didn't have these arms you scratched
This broken heart you deeply touched?
Imagine the idea of making no **** oath
If I wasn't given such a sincere mouth
What if I had no arms to hold you tight
Or I were an imbecile whose mind thought nothing right
What if I was a strengthless ******* who couldn't fight
Imagine I had no eyes to see you the day we met
If I hadn't taken that road that sealed our fate
If I was soul-less, if that makes some sense
And lived free of guilt without conscience
To walk out on every lady like you did to me
Imagine it was sold ,the much I'd pay to be so mean
What if I wasn't human to trip and madly fall
Or I had no mobile to helplessly answer your call
Imagine I was deaf to apologies or created without ears
Could I have shed these oceans of tears all these years?
Imagine I had no nostrils to master your fragrance
Or palms to get adicted to the softness of your ambiance
If I had a stiff neck which could never turn
Imagine, me without looking back the far I would run
Imagine love was already made and we hadn't made it
Imagine I could decide who charmed me, not fate's merit
Imagine I erasing all the sweet moments and enjoying the sour
Wouldn't my pride still be as high as the Babel tower?
Just take your time, take away my eyes, feet, heart, soul and mind
And see what I'd be, a dark lonesome beast of its kind
So as you're walking away and sending me into a trance
Imagine walking back and this time having no other chance
Thanks to all who have complemented through liking, reading, sharing and inbox ...I'll try to appreciate all personally, but where I fail to shake the beautiful hands of kindness in return, I hope this little message will do. xxxx much love
Imagine having as many hearts as you have hands.

Imagine one Doesn't Belong to you.

Imagine how easy it is to juggle two things

Imagine how hard it is to juggle three things.

Imagine catching three hearts

Imagine dropping one

Imagine picking it back up.

Imagine juggling four hearts.

Imagine being so talented you can catch two in each hand.

One day.

Imagine the one heart
covered in bruises.

Always dropped.
Always picked back up.

Imagine it doesn't belong to you
Nazmi Mahamood Oct 2010
Just imagine there are no countries
Instead one big landmass
Where the people live together in ease
Surrounded by peace and harmouny

Just imagine all the people living for today
Creating history everday.
Just imagine sun rising so beutifully
And at night the moon gleaming beutifully in the dark night

Just imagine for one moment
The darkest moment of your life
Lightened by a  smile
And more brighten by a smile in reply.

Just imagine every extraordinary innovation
By a life time of preparation
Life is full of decision
Everday the community is developing

Just imagine your self
Flying among clouds
The wright brothers did
And they were right

Just imagine a simple word
That you have never heard
Can change your life
It’s a small world after all

Just imagine your so close
Yet so far for your self to be expose
Make your parents proud
You make god proud.

Just imagine someone knows
Deep inside your heart
How hard you worked
To reach your destined goals

Just imagine you tried your best
Yet you failed even with every step
You gave it all till nothing was left
Seek out the strength within you to victory
Viseract Nov 2015
The starving cries
Of those who will surely die
Hollow stomachs left unsatisfied

The soldier who fights on
Remains strong
Until he passes his final breath
Safe within the embrace of death

The kids on the street
Heads hung low in defeat
As they struggle to eat and sleep

The slaves that work
Who just want to go bezerk
But haven't the energy after slaving in the desert

A happier world, a better place
Where it isn't shameful to be of the human race
Where our own species isn't cast away in disgrace

A place where freedom isn't longed for,
But had.
Imagine orphans no longer being orphans
Safe with their mum and their dad

A world where our mistakes are erased
A world where we have a clean slate
A fresh start, served on a silver plate
Where greed and obsession never decided your fate.

Imagine a world where everyone belonged
Imagine a world where no-one had been wronged
Imagine all of this, picture this and store this memory in a safe box, where you can peek every now and then. Imagine, if you cannot change, the world without it's man-made flaws
anotherdream Jan 2018
Imagine a world,
Where love is pollution.
If there's a problem,
Hate’s the solution.

Imagine a world,
Where dreams are faded,
Passion is destroyed,
Souls are raided.

Imagine a world,
Where souls never meet,
Attraction means nothing,
Only their needs.

Imagine a world,
Where hope is the loser,
Pride is the victor,
Later is sooner.

Imagine a world,
Where creativity is nothing,
Useless unless it,
Turns people to money.

Imagine a world,
Where eyes never meet,
Love is forever lost,
Souls never bring.

Imagine a world,
Where no is forever,
Affections change,
As much as the weather.

Imagine a world,
Where money’s everything,
Nobody's sharing,
Everyone's keeping.

Imagine a world,
Where nature's extinct,
Nobody's heard of,
A bird's feathered wings.
Hoping this will never become real...
I imagine        you naked
I imagine        you dead in faint recall
I imagine        your hands the gun metal
I imagine        your teeth the fence guarding flesh
I imagine        your perfume, your mother’s wake
I imagine        your strut a dance to J. Alfred Prufrock

I imagine       you singing from each to each
he puts    it like that,   and you have become overwhelmed
      by passivity
             as   in    a salutary
as capitulation
                      as the Earth surrendering to rain.

I imagine        you clothed
I imagine        you alive in the demise of day
I imagine        your hands studded to the hilt with lacquered sorrow
I imagine       your teeth gnawing my skin to suture
I imagine         your tears, the sea in front of your mother’s grave
I imagine        you
          ******* in the silver  head of morning

— The End —