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mariano aponte Jan 2016
Fasley smiles

Could it be my OCDish

Would they agree or disagree
Respectfully  - with no referee

Whatever matter  - It doesn’t

Let it be
I’m carefree
It’s the best defense
Not a draftee

A perfectionist I am
It stems from many forces
My moral sense
At any expense
Not remorses

Their sweet jabs
From the start
From day one

Like Mr. Shukar - they see
I'm the new prospect

My disposition in scrutiny
As I take in with fluency
No unity
Let it be

I’ll take it in my dome
Its my best cover
Not styrofoam
I'll take it whichever way it's thrown


Pass the twisted news along
I continue staying strong
Detail-oriented is my syndrome
Andrew Jun 2017
These optical illusions
Create an optimal confusion
When eyes are a welcome intrusion
To the brain's inevitable conclusion

We stared into the mystic mirror
I witnessed everything I ever wanted in life
All you witnessed was just two people standing there
The transparency you cast upon me
Reminded me of how the plumes of **** smoke
Were never as thick as my problems
And as those clouds left my mouth and dispersed into the air
I saw your image
Preserved in briefness

It's a shame how my magician's mind
Summons smoke and mirrors
Nobody else believes me
But magic is the only way to explain you
The way you turned me invisible
Was spectacular
Your methods of sawing me in half
Certainly weren't natural
And your teleportation demonstration
Left me suspended in ice
So I guess I'm to Blaine
For the mirrors I erected
And the truth they reflected
Because now I'm lost
In what I refuse to call a funhouse
As I search frantically for some ancient tomb
That might reveal your brilliant incantations
Attempting to ignore the horrid revelation
That every spell I learned
Had been based in your arcane aura
And all the power I had gained
Had been based in your enchantment

I want a magician
Not an illusionist
So what does it mean when your illusions are so magical?
Tammy M Darby Feb 2014
I am a sculpture
Of life' beautiful scars
Frightening when viewed too close
Perhaps better glimpsed at from afar

Twisting wounds
Healed over scratches
The heart entombed by loves hand
Blood covered latches

Oh masterpiece
Of  intentional cuts and scrapes
Purple raised blue bruises
Hidden carefully from the world
  I employ delicate spiderweb curtains
And my sleight of hand illusion's

It is only the bearer who understands
Where the deepest wounds are hidden
Bitter tears in a deep bottomless chasm
The unforgettable kiss of affections contusions 
These shadows must never be loosened
Forever restrained even by deception
Guarded by spiderweb curtains
And sleight of hand illusion's

All Rights [email protected] Tammy M. Darby  Jan.13, 2013
Serendipity Mar 7
Even the illusions,
disguising reality,
are in part reality themselves,
simply because,
Kitty Jun 1
As i walked there i looked up
The grey sky was grining at us.
I looked at the room in silence
And the cold came in waves of pleasure.

As i looked in the black orbs
I felt myself drawned by corpes.
I looked down '*** my heart was bursting
And the wind blew all away the singing.

The yard was like a big pie,
But with chocolate mud and cheries that die.
My hair was flying like mad,
But noone seemed to mind as i strangled flat.

Soon enough the blood came down
And the wings were hard and seems to drawn,
To grab with giant feathers from the sky.
I looked up in the black orbs that cry.

As i walked away i looked down
The hard concrete was wet under my paws
I looked at the yard that screamed
And the warm came grabing the script.
What does this means to you?
~May the words always be by your side!~
Umi Mar 2018
I am darkness I am light, I am chaos I am might, lies and truth unite,
Fear and bravery, envy with hatred and love finally combined,
I am the difference between illusions and dreams, nothing as it seems,
Nightmares and mirrages, a realm of infinity and finite by its means,
I am fusion and fission, with one simple yet very complex misssion,
Energy and indolence, a wall, another fence, questions upon answers
If small lies give rise to grand falsities, what is the truth gonna bring ?
A place where you should be able to feel reality and fantasy's sting,
Apathy and concern unite, come closer I don't really bite, trust me,
My teeth look sharp, yet they are blunt, you can rant or stay calm,
I am a living death wandering yet standing still, does it make you ill?
Generosity and greed are both present while they are missing, still!
Control the lies of your uncontrollable tounge, listen to the silence,
Could we possibly agree that this unanimity relies in total dissension?
I am the discouragement for your precious, little yet pure intentions,
Aimlessness for hope of a future unexplored yet near enough to grasp
I am the rue in pride, a lamp without light, elusive but not transient,
A harmonic ramgage, riots over the horizon in undefined dark light,
I am malevolent and benevolent, bent yet straight, right behind you,
What am I ?

~ Umi
If you can solve this riddle I give you a cookie °^°
This took very long to make and actually combines my old rhyming writing style and the one I engaged myself in a while ago, I do hope it is somewhat enjoyable ^-^
Umi May 2018
Hidden in the ultraviolet,
Unseen by most yet to be forgotten by both heaven and hell,
Memories from the futures dawn, luxury of darkness,
Spin the wool and weave the fate, this world end's by my own hand,
Break loose of the lies and get lost within legendary illusions
A world so dark, the stars so blind an alluring form refuses to fall,
Rise, from the fire hell can't hold and is afraid of,
Spread the wings and soar beyond the scene, the art of demonicy
The holiest war is waged of what our hearts are made,
Do you nest in what you feel or have felt in this realm of devilry ?
After the mirror shows you all the truths you desire,
Deceived by your eyes, who do you want to trust ?
The last judgement ends with a long journey,
The nights luxury relies within my own hand, take it!
And maybe then, I will lead you to the light your heart cries out for.
After all, the love for it is for all to engage in.

~ Umi
SamanthaX Sep 3

~Torn tears
Tearing through
  The broken pieces
A Artist lives in~

Sun rises break
in my 3:15
Shattered glass
Stained hearts
Bitter sweet are
the memories
of the ways I
the bruises you
left me

A broken pretty
reflects in the
eyes of a new

Bare skin
are becoming
my best company

Feeling lighter
I light up the
last cigarette
you gave me

your name
Only exhaling  
so I can inhale
you again

I forgot how
good your
rhythm felt

I always forget

How good it
to be the
of The Gods
and My Men
It’s tempting
so tempting
with their

I’m just a
magical event
You can get
wild with
I thought only
The Devil could
get me that wet
Feeling blessed
by the feathers
found in my bed

And if you would
let me love you
that’s exactly
what I would
of tried to do

But my love
has become
as cold as
the midnights
who have lost
their moons

The lace of
lovers tell
stories with
their satin
bodies and
silk scars

~Welcome to Heaven
  Avoid it if you can ~
SamanthaX Aug 18

I see my dreams
are beginning to
line up
What begins
What ends
It’s the
beginning of a
never ending

That’s why
in my visions
I’ve been seeing
you again

Now my
number is
It’s been burning
behind blue
eyes in the sky

I calculated
my calculations
ran away
I didn’t
maintain them
I forget my

Slowly I slip
back into
my insanity
As I welcome
of the
black void
of my mind
I’ve began
It’s the
of time

So please excuse
me if I
seduced you
The Art
of the
Dark propaganda
I write

I got appealing
to make you
you’ve asked
your whole

These intuitive
Lotus illusions
Queen of the
fallen rose petal

so loud
drown out
the sound
the realities
I’ve seen
the eyes
Dead seas
Ramana Tandra Jan 19
Love or Hate
Great Illusions
Don't hug them strong
The stronger you hug
The more pitiless they become
They crush you
They burn you
Maddie M Sep 2018
Tired to so hard to get down your guard.
made you see things that weren't real.
fogged up your thoughts
forced you to be my company  of the hour.
made you obsessed
you fell in love with me even though I told you not to.
I'd warned you.
but still your mind lingers on,
your heart and soul are gone.
you thought you were alone,
but I stole away with you.
when we went to the beach,
we were swallowed by the waves.
on that day the weather was perfect for what I had in mind.
I whisk you away
sweet talked to your ear
you were afraid to paralyze
but I took a token
and sympathize.
my invisible love to you my dear,
I am an illusion
I may be real or not.
Im put together beautifully,
like a song, like a masterpiece.
I am water to your fire,
the coldness to your hot.
the desire to your flesh and bones,
I am what you desire.
you whispered frantically to me
"your my drug, my necessity, my plead,
do you agree?"
I smiled as our faces where in an angle of 180 degrees
nose to nose
as I breathe you into me.

Fatigué de tant de mal à rester sur vos gardes.
vous a fait voir des choses qui n'étaient pas réelles.
embué vos pensées
vous a forcé à être ma compagnie de l'heure.
vous a fait obséder
tu es tombé amoureux de moi même si je t'ai dit de ne pas le faire.
Je t'avais prévenu
mais votre esprit persiste,
votre coeur et votre âme sont partis.
vous pensiez que vous étiez seul,
mais j'ai volé avec toi.
quand on est allé à la plage,
nous avons été avalés par les vagues.
Ce jour-là, le temps était parfait pour ce que j'avais en tête.
Je vous emmène ****
sweet a parlé à votre oreille
tu as eu peur de paralyser
mais j'ai pris un jeton
et sympathiser.
mon amour invisible pour toi ma chérie,
Je suis une illusion
Je peux être réel ou pas.
Je mets bien ensemble,
comme une chanson, comme un chef-d'œuvre.
Je suis de l'eau à ton feu,
la froideur à votre chaud.
le désir de ta chair et de tes os,
Je suis ce que vous désirez
tu me chuchote frénétiquement
"ta drogue, ma nécessité, mon plaidoyer,
êtes-vous d'accord?"
J'ai souri comme nos visages où dans un angle de 180 degrés
nez à nez
comme je te respire en moi.
this guy is whipped.
city of flips Jul 2018
wants to be my friend, for I am poet-woman nineteen.

she is sweet but sad. super sad.

a good poet who wants to guide me.

but there/theirs is the odor, not faint, of wants wanting,
the pus of corruption behind the curtains,
the Wizard-ess of Oz's
special blackout curtains.

seen how easy, how her illusions,
my medium rare rejections,
morph into her delusions,

and her delusions devolve into
her conspiracy theories.

"SHE will be my mentor, poetess lover, teacher for no charge!"

my parents thinks it's great, she wants (to be) skin in my game.

my parents will find this poem accidentally, exactly,

how I do not want
to be skinned alive.

for I am poet-woman nineteen and still! now, long past
the point of being fooled, the point of no return.

and see no point,
have no intention,
of returning to either valley

no more con the my mind into letting my body

that ain't me babe.
Avery Glows Jul 2018
There's so much that you could say
to back up an irrational behavior
to cover for it.
A confession or
about a faltered mental state,
amid illusions, sights, incantations
of hearing a voice—
of exorcery
and of being possessed.

The only one thing that you weren't allowed to speak of,
was of you being you
willing the act.
Willing it
out of volition.

To be savage, and unhinged,
is a sin,
is blasphemy.
But why?

The Devil is obscene and real,
so is the savagery within
unleashed where you have wandered
out of reach from the realms of sense and conscience.
into Dionysian.

Dwell with me.
“ Come unto the dark.”
“ Let there be no fear. ”
July 2018
The flat earth is flatter
   Than the round earth's a sphere,
And what's all the matter
   Is very unclear.

The world is a caper
   That's made of illusions.
I use white lined paper
   To draw my conclusions.
SamanthaX Sep 3

I see you
Looking at me
Through me
Like a broken mirror
Looking at
the broken pieces
of yourself
The broken pieces
of myself
The broken pieces
of everything

The mirror
that broke
in our last
In our life
before that
it was a gift
You made it for us

Because this love
was our blessing
our curse
Since before love
was a word
The word we created

Constructed out
of the sounds I made
When our eyes locked
fingers brushed
When you grabbed my hair
pulling me to you

This word in every form
Like this connection
Like every broken piece
of every mirror and all
we see through it

In it
Past it
Within us
Is us
Ours alone
Two lost
the oldest
of souls

Love to be reborn

Gifted to us
by the Gods
in which is us
The Heaven who needs a Hell
The life who fabricated death
The star that cannot shine
without the sky behind
Nothing would exist
without you and I
Even time itself
can never unionize
without you and I

You will create Eve
I will give birth to Adam
If you are God
I will be your Lilith
If you are the will
of a sinner
I will be the faith
in forgiveness

As love as our witness
My gift to you
Is the love you
the love that made
our world
Aleph Mar 23
Please ignore my foolish pride
I would chose not to hide
How I hate to wear this mask
If only I wasn’t so afraid to ask
I would chose not to trick
And present you my true speak

How I wish to show my true nature
How I hope to show my raw soul
And to you display the real creature
All my substance as a whole

I desire to be me more bluntly,
To be me in every event
Without concessions without being frightened
I aspire to be honest with me and you
I desire to be seem by another
Beyond this distorted mirror image
Projected to hide myself.

But instead of this
In my cowardice
I wear this glittering mask for you
And a myriad  more for others
Always replacing the previous by the latest
Discarding the empty disguise

Aspiring to be the object of desire for you and to the rest
Enchanting you and them with my dazzling superficial illusion  
With my mundane and trivial artifice,
Full of shinning nothingness

Don’t be fooled by my  art
All my endurance is contrived
Don’t be misled by my composed carapace
Behind my foam facade
Lies  a turbulent stream of violence
Can’t you distinguish?
Squeezed by the compressing margins  
In my core there lays hurt and anguish

I plead with you to see me beyond my illusion
There are some many disguises inside the confusion.
And you will not distinguish  my true me
I crave to be ultimately free

How I yearn to pull this mask,
And peel away my fake camouflaged skin
And show everybody my emotional scars my imperfections
All this fear of rejection

When every neighbouring glass ceiling  starts to fall
I want to be on the outside
Naked, nothing to hide
Shameless to show it to all  

Without consequence assuming who I’m
In plenitude in a unyielding way
But I can’t count on me for this, my will is frail
Nonetheless you my friend must prevail

And so incapable of performing this worthy task,
I relay on you
To rip away my mask
Allowing  to see me trough

Accept me with my flaws
I will gratefully receive yours
Tear my mask with your claws
Heal my soul were it sours

Freed me of my emptiness
See me for who I’m
Fill me with wholeness
Trough away this hologram
looking to define myself
Amaris Nov 2018
I used to view my life like a bird in a cage
That you had the key, so I'd fly in a rage
Scream at you when things got rough
Bite when I never thought you did enough

When the bars broke and I was finally free
Distance and time gave me the chance to see
The vivid silks that served as your bonds
So pretty you missed the chains beyond

Mother and I used to discuss the fabric and style
Father and I would talk about patterns for a while
All you had was this and you gave it all to me
I wish you'd realize this wasn't who I wanted to be

A year underwater and I've been torn clear
Now an invisible wall lies between us, I fear

So I light a candle for the two of you instead
Hold the thought of you close when I go to bed
Press a hand to the window and feel the cold
Remember warmer days and then feel old

Before I go home, there are a few things I have to do
Like run a waterfall to a page instead of to you
Polish the mask I must wear without shame
Else without it, you'd never know my name
Marla Apr 16
Every night,
I lie in bed and travel.
The many sights I've had unravel
Before my very eyes have made me marvel
At the power of this beautiful lie,
One that is moving as decadence is in life.
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