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Shelby Murray Aug 2013
He walks outside to watch as veins of electrical light sizzle in the night sky.
The rain strikes against the pavement. The water on the road slides by.
The man stands tall, his shoulder aching from his previous operation.
He looks at the blank, dark mauve sky with a frown on his face from the whole situation.
His wife sits in the kitchen, crossword in hand and letting the news play like white noise around her.
Their children, all in bed; all of them unaware of the storm parading outside or of one another.
Three out of the four are asleep while one records these events, sleep stinging her eyes.
She should sleep for her dreams take her away from the darkened skies.
But for now she will be hypnotized by the veins of light illuminating her night.
She'll watch the light pour through her window until her eyelids are too dreary for her to keep sight.
So goodnight, goodnight, goodnight
Umi Mar 2018
Gather in a dark night, impurities of the mind caused by poisonous emotions from loss and envy, of spite or jealousy, forming misery.
Love fades, ahh once so innocently precious, yet fragile in structure,
Leaving the servants of it in great despair and even darker hate,
Where affection ruled supreme once the scars of misery are causing a heartache from leftover rampage, a riot now presented. Ah, phantoms
Swaying back and forth between sadness and anger one gets lost in his own blindness, destroying and bringing himself into ruins,
This lingering sadness seems eternal as time passes painfully slower,
An enlighting realisation should do the task and let the soul lost inanihilating, irritational despair grow once again strong and happy,
A spark illuminating the dark, with patience and hope for the future,
But until this event is taking place, a personal hell is what has to be crossed alike a bridge made of anxiety, depression and self doubt.
But worry not all you lost souls who are waiting for light!
After all, every winter and every night find their end and ensure the dawn of a blooming spring dream.

~ Umi
The Calm Feb 2017
Angels have wings
Well, it depends on your perception
When I first saw you I swear nothing could describe the connection
You looked into my eyes, saw my soul, smiled at me, reached for my heart then offered me resurrection
You asked me why my heart hasn’t been beating in so long
You took a closer look ,saw that it was falling apart and you sung to me a gentle song
And the sound of your voice filled me like air
The touch of your fingers felt like care
My broken heart now pumpin’ racin’ screamin’ cause the last time it lived
it lived in fear,
You tell me Angels have wings
Well, you haven’t met mine
Her kiss is like sunshine
Her soul is like moonshine
Strong, glowing , illuminating
when seeking truth
excavating sediment
and scanning density
of walls, walls, walls

we bucket and label
divide and ostracize
our grace felled

truth bubbles over
inside a *** of paradox
brimming with inconsistent

we force ourselves to separate
the mutually unexclusive

cutting the real
with ors

but the crux of true
lies inside the ands

real and surreal
easy and difficult
illuminating and confusing
painful and healing
beautiful and ****
lost and found
utterly imperfect and
unparalleled perfection
never ready and
ever equipped


utmost exhilarating
and wholly frightening
The distant hollow of the high mountain pass
swallows the setting sun as it steals away southbound
behind the coastal mountain's tangerine sunset hued silhouettes
Mulberry plashed shadows pointing northward
across the evergreens outstretched dimming,
beneath the waning fade of each fleeting eventide

Sundown ebbing asunder the wafting daylight,
each gloaming of the day, helplessly a moment sooner past,
transfixed further south beyond yesterday's passing azure
The lazy days of summer escape unbounded,
nomadic as the sea I've seen sail away before;
evanescent as the beauty of the bloom summer days beheld
and the memory of the fragrance they exhale

The nebulous weight of the gravity is consciously denied
by the truths a human heart beholds
A moment’s epiphany afflicts like a rogue wave in a calm sea;
the only thing my heart ever wanted remains out of reach

Everything my heart needs consciously surrendering
to the poignant passing moment's beauty,
the falling sun at distance sets more suddenly now
Lost in the undeniable certainty
life's imminent season's change

Eyes drawn stubbornly from presence to a sky so far away,
knowing there'll be no restitution for the welling sense of loss...
A bitter sweet song mummers in the silence of the absorbing spell,
summer's sun stained pages of watermarked soul scribbles,
time tattooed reparation for the indelible ache
of a harsh grey winter loneliness

Perhaps too familiar, this whelming Déjà vu
that tears my soul;     that tugs at these roots
but cannot sever their sacred grasp
But for now, eyes fixed to the sun's
inevitable tightening tether hence —
to wear weary each fraying thread's  impending break

Each sunset leans a deeper angle southward
as it slips down through the firwood shadows;
illuminating other faraway latitudes
far beyond the distant horizon skies

The preordained continuum unfolding what will be ...

someone you used to know ... September 11, 2017 ... 7:30 PM
Nassif Younes Feb 2016
I remember you with your goofy hat
And your childish glow-in-the-dark jacket;
I remember the way you spoke into your
Glorified walkie-talkie
In a language, impressively synthesised
From that of a 12 year old autistic boy
And a football hooligan;

I remember asking you a question
To which you responded with a firm
And gripping
Which clicked tightly
Around my wrists.

I remember listening as your opinion moved me
Into the back seat of a car,
Moved me
At forty miles an hour
And then convinced me
Into a little box-shaped room.

I remember you extended towards me
The intellectual courtesy
Of not adhering to that dull English tradition
Of answering my question with questions.

Instead you proved your illuminating point
As you turned on a light above my head,
Shone it brightly in my face
And shoved the righteous truth
Right up my ***.
ryn Sep 2014
Light train chugging, working to outrun
Over exerting, pulling along your freight
Sand is running out under the diminishing sun
Fastidiously you tug on your enormous weight

Segmented equal in seven hulking proportions
Weaving between sleeping rocky giants
Assertion in your drive gifted from the high heavens
Borne of light your cargo load of tenants

Silver blurred rays glinting back as reply
As you power your way through
Defying seconds, before the last rays should die
Against odds, delivering what is due

Questing to alleviate my inflicted darkness
Spear of brilliance slicing through my mind
Illuminating the farthest and tiniest of crevices
Nook and crannies that willed me blind

Careful manoeuvring to keep your balance
Through scenic views fraught with treachery
Furiously working to keep your cadence
Hopeful of unloading the load you carry

What lies dormant in that cargo of yours?
What sleeps easy within those boxcars?
What stokes the fire to diligently run your course?
What promises you bear, travelling near and far?

Bales of hope and crates of strength
Supplies of kindness and self-worth
Reside within your immense length
Intact and lay quiet within your formidable girth

Reliant on the light that fuels and feeds
Your axles seem tireless guiding forth those wheels
Thundering over land with the power of a thousand steeds
Armed to your teeth with alloys and steels

Expelling grit and dirt as you pummelled across
Grey-white fumes, shoot up to the sky
Flag flogged by wind, billow and toss
Blaring your whistle as you race on by

Propelling forward, horizon up ahead
There it all its tenebrous glory
Darkened locomotive seething mad with dread
Brace for the clash and the loads the two carry
See "Doom Train"
See "Collision Course"
Umi Apr 2018
The wind blows on a restless night
No fright, sight or cloud creep around in the tranquility of darkness,
A drizzle, brought by a softer breeze from seemingly nowhere drives near, dispersing the light brought by the sweet waning gibbous moon
And so, a grand rainbow, yet dim has been cast across the dark sky, filling it with both hope and glamour and blessed optimistic tender,
Impulisive shooting stars, racing across the sky and illuminating it,
In great numbers, one would think someone let the stars rain down instead, as they shine, then shoot across the horizon, never to bee seen again, each wishing, leaving their bright trails behind as travelers,
Appearing like a cosmic chess board, the flare stars dance in a festival of pure energy in the light of a white nights eternal moon, beaming,
The legend of a first wish, travelers which bring infinite fortune, brought to those whom believe in a shooting stars power and might,
The legend of the second wish, simply infinite power brought in light
And the last wish is carried by the realisation of transience, right before the night has come to its end, a last traveler shoots across the sky, it is the wish of immortality, an eternal life which cannot vanish.
But, the last wish, is a greater curse than hell or death itself.

~ Umi
Embers kindle so gently before me
Glowing; emitting a light in a dark room
I've been here for years
It's been cold and it's been lonely
The only sound to be heard was a tired heartbeat
Who would have thought the warmth would reach me here
I can see the glow from down the hall illuminating brighter
I watch her stand there looking at me
Chills of a new desire rush down my spine
How is it that in this dark place she can see me
For I have been lost and forgotten
Hung out to dry by users and abusers
And she can see that, yet doesn't turn away
She enters the forsaken space where I reside
And the transfiguration commences
No longer will I wait in a room where the sun never shines
A resurrected spirit now stands before her
And in her eyes I see life

Umi May 2018
A phoenix is...
Extended ash, through unending life,
Darkness clouds the happiness of distant days, as eternal life
might be cursed by the flames of hell, yet she is always resurrecting,
Like a spectator, she watches life rise and fall, alike day and night,
Comparable to the smoke which thins it's trail as it travels into the distant sky, yet never truly dying never truly disappearing, living on.
Such is the fate of one who is imperishable, it is alonely existence,
Scared to bond but filled with hope she keeps her head up high,
Because the majestic, azure sky is always a source of hope and bliss,
This makes her fight on, although this battle will never end,
Believing there is a future, in which she someday will rest happily,
Misery and hatred burn up in her flames, which then fall into the darkness of a deep sin which has found its occurance in the long past,
As her body scorches into a blaze of immortality, recurring memories soar, illuminating the land and guiding her through the long night,
Even if all what is lost can be found again, it will perish, transiently.
For now all what is left, is but immortal smoke.

~ Umi
I had to write this twice
Because hello poetry was down when I wanted to publish it and the draft disappeared almost completely =)
I hate my life
Erikah Le Pin Jun 2018
A poem a day is all I need,
To blog with friends is an inspirational leave.
I am uplifted physically as I read
uuup, and breathe
A poem a day, brings my nights to life,
illuminating the vacant space in the darkest nights
a sweet escape from the life I lead
Please grant me access, so I may proceed.

A poem a day is all I need
First live poem, I hope you can vibe with it!
Nat Lipstadt May 21
I am here, waiting patiently for her,
though long time no see
like in ever, like in never,
my absentia, dementia,
both critiques of self-censure,
here, then, my cadenza,
dedicated solely soulfully for you:

as the sabbath sun rises over the East River,
saying, mocking, laughing upon me,
“still here, though long time no see,”
for though I cannot never look upon her as well,
my sun, my sun,
yet she, too is everywhere-inside of me,
woman-sun, both warmly illuminating my muddled mind
Nikki nashon Jun 13
Can this be my candy kingdom?
Solipistic modifier
Confectionery sweets make my teeth feebler
the confines of my mind let me linger

Why can't I stop Abstracting
Is that a bad thing?
What is real and what isn't
Catch me navel-gazing

introspective nonsense
Can it be illuminating?
My mind feels fuzzy

I'll tell you one thing
Could this be my candy kingdom?
Carter Ginter Sep 2017
A warm summer breeze
sends clouds of dandelions
to swarm around my body.

They crash and glide,
spin and collide,
until they find their own way
to the ground.

Despite the heat,
my limbs are frozen together,
locked into place, while
my mind explores this empty town.

She’s there,
under the drifting shade of the dying oak tree,
watching me from afar,
waiting until I can see her sunlit countenance,
until I can know her.

My love,
the one my mind searches for
in the darkest alleys and
the jutting cliff sides of
my cavernous heart.

She lies in the shade,
just waiting for the moment when
the glimmering sun reveals her
identity, while
my persistent mind attempts to
distinguish characteristic features
within her impenetrable

But it can’t;
It never will.

When stubbornness and impatience
search for love,
only chaos breeds
and spreads
like fire in this lush, illuminating field.

The ash chokes the life
from the flowers before
they even get their chance to bloom,
and the deadly smoke lifts
to destroy my only chance
at beginning a life
with the one I love most,
my only chance
to understand my emotions enough
to see your beautiful face

Whoever’s it may be.
Umi Feb 2018
What might it be, that lets some just not give up when there is
absolutely no reason to continue fighting any longer ?
As I question this to myself, in a room filled with candle light,
I realise that it might be an ember of hope, of determination,
courage and the imagination to win what lets them carry through.
In this weaving melody of thoughts, breath flowing uninterrupted
I want to lose myself in this wandering fragrance just for this,
endless seeming, moment of unimaginable emotions.
As then I remember the countless times I had lift myself up,
Was it that I had abandoned hope until now or was it that my
means had become pointless so I decided to give up and let this
internal, inferno which let myself rise from the fires of the battlefield
go out and turn into an dying ember, flickering in it's last moments.

Yet I have come to understand what it really meant:

The emptiness you’ve carried and lost is but nothing!
Desiring the grand beauty of the heavens far above
From here we may never look up nor ever return!
This world shall not take even half of our spirits!

And so I rise from the fire once more, after having burned, been consumed and fed by it for such a long lasting while.
Because I wish to protect you, all I desire is to protect you.
Thus I return into the battlefield from which I have fallen.
To shine once again, illuminating your days so you may smile.

~ Umi
I may look like a blooming flower of spring,
but I'm just a melodious bird, which can't even sing

my existence may feel like a pretty serenity,
but my presence is the profound definition of insanity

your illuminating light adorns anything,
but my 'precious' darkness is too much adored to
accept your everything

yet your cute laugh, and those pursed lips
they take my breath away, and my heart slips

I'd always want to take all the pain, and the blame,
but did you know that we bleed the same?

I'd never twist all my love, and send it to flame,
because did you know that we bleed the same?
she can't accept it
she can't deny it
she's there hanging ,where
she can't love him, yet she can't leave him
Jeet Ratadia Sep 2016
It dwindles over the line of infinity
For a moment the world shines,
Illuminating this untimely second,
Of glory, of forgiveness and of life

It with its immeasurable beauty, and matchless game
Is an arrow so pure that nature bows
All of darkness and shadow withers
Every crevice and crack lights up......

Where only the wind speaks
The messengers of god,
Hit with its first show of tranquility,
Earn eternal freedom for a moment in peace

Yet, This spell so beautiful and serene,
So enchanting and magnificent,
Is a flower of hope,
It passes away…..

Far away, its falls
Under the line of infinity,
Its last hope flickers, yearns to exist
And Nature rules……
A Illuminating Sparkle in the air ,
Oh ! The looks that show all the care.
The Rhythmic beats of the Heart , Speaking the language of Love , like a work of Art .

The power of Love , the touch so tender ,
Oh ! Being in Love is a Emotional blender.

A moment's Chuckle , A moment's Sneer ,
Now there is nothing to Lose or Fear.

Captivated with Mystic Beauty Around
Piercing the Arrows through the Heart
Cupid stuck me off the Ground !
Love stories #cupid # emotion#25.02.2019
Chrissy Feb 18
I have scar patterns that cover me like a duvet
I laugh about them with the moon in the night
the night is when we are both awake
at night my scar patterns are more illuminated
framing every inch of me
so bright that I can't sleep
the moon says they are pretty
she says that I look just like her
she said she has many *** holes too but she still never stops illuminating the dark sky every night
her *** holes are what make her the moon
Lily 4d
Roses grace the sky in a bouquet,
And a few fall down to me.
The last fleeting rays of yellow sunlight
Shoot up into the sky like fireworks,
Illuminating the beach for a brief moment.
A cool breeze whips across the shore,
And the sands drift in my face,
The sands that tell the stories of all
Who have watched these pink moments before.
The ocean whispers to me,
Its enticing scent pulling me in,
Saying, “the world is not so bad,
Watch this beautiful sunset.
Everything will be alright.”
The last rose petal falls,
And the clock reads 8:12 pm.
The taste of salt lingers on my tongue
As I turn and head for home.
The sunset says,
“Come back tomorrow!”
The inspiration for this poem was from this essay on NPR's website called "Pink Moments". Here is the link for the essay if you would like to read it (; it's a gorgeous work that I did not attempt to copy but that inspired me to tell my own "pink moment" story.
ryn Sep 2014
I have come humble to seek your knowledge
With exhausted feet and weighing burden, I bear my heart
I have travelled far to arrive at the world's edge
Ready to receive what wisdom you will impart

I'll set myself cross-legged on the opposite of you
I see you peering, examining my physical entirety
With one good eye, you gaze right through
Makes me uncomfortable, if I may... But I'll hold steady

I notice you muttering but no words could be heard
Your hands hovering over a glassy globe with an ominous glow
You turn to the left, as if conversing with an invisible third
Whispering secrets that I will never learn to know

Shifting your gaze now into the crystal orb
What do you see, Wise One, in that ball of yours
You shudder upon it's touch as though it's power you absorb
Tell me, Soothsayer... What lies for me in this course?

You swiftly pull your hands behind your back
I flinch with a start at your sudden display
You bring back your hands revealing cards out of a stack
You tremble in spasms, dropping the rest leaving one for play

The card you place face down, right in front of me
You motion for me to pick it up and flip it round
I see the card bore inscriptions and ancient runes, quizzically
You ****** the card and begin chanting in odd sounds

Reciting your incantations, in a tongue I do not understand
They sound like curses rather than the answers I seek
It all ends almost as soon as it started... I can't comprehend
You then place your warm palms gently touching my cheeks

Your features softened as you stared into my sullen eyes
A connection like eternity trapped within seconds never going astray
Then you turn away to fetch a bundle roped in knots and ties
You hand it to me hastily before ushering me on my way

I am now perplexed much... What does it show?
What did you see, what does my future hold?
Please enlighten me what you've come to know
From all of that, what could you have foretold?

Bundle in hand I turn to leave your rundown shanty
As I leave, you speak in your voice, different from before
Soft yet raspy you say, "Do not open till the end of journey"
"Open only when in house, behind closed door"

Moon is up illuminating, as I make my way up north
Armed in hand a strange, scented, ******* bundle
Leaving with the same questions with no answers, I amble forth
Wondering if in the bundle I may find the missing pieces of the puzzle...
If you like this, check out 'Dear Seeker'
Umi Apr 2018
Oh my beloved,
Can you see that I am tying to reach out for you ?
Are you unable to witness the burning love, scorching within my chest setting the distance between us ablaze in a wonderful firestorm?
Softly, a light is burning within my shivering heart, sheltering it from all the loneliness and darkness this world has exposed me to,
Illuminating the very tomorrow, my hopes rise up alike the sun does,
Within golden, pure light a single tear is cast away by my eye,
Ah, phantoms! Surely I will go unnoticed once more, surely there are people who are more deserving of your love than I will ever be,
But, can you fulfil this selfish request of mine, darling?
Can you fulfil the request of such a sinner, who has lost every friend, social interaction or any kind of bond between those whom are near?
Yet I am not sad, because, all I desire is truely to be with you, you see.
So please, love me back, send me a sign so I can know or understand,
After all, your love is worth more than anything on this world,
All I desire is to be with you, Oh Allah ~

~ Umi
Nadia Aug 14
Splashing at the pool
Anyone nearby could sense
The spark of joy that blazed inside
The one they chose to hide
Behind loose layers
From head to feet

Even erased from view
She didn’t disappear
- Did they want her to?

Over and over she jumped in
Exulting with each splash and spray
Clearly the light that flared within
Could not be smothered by their fear
May she ever burn bright and
her joy ignite many more sparks
Boldly, brilliantly illuminating
A better tomorrow

NCL August 2019
Nat Lipstadt Mar 23
~for the one who will know it was written for her~

muddy verb and adjective,
muddling and muddled

have you ever seen a pas de deux/deluxe,
one dancer, proscriptive,
and her partner, prescriptive?

the stage, of course,
exactly the width of your head,
from ear to shining ear

this couple o’muses dance en concert,
though their very natures are anti-logarithmic,
the value of their exponential activity is a
descriptive nomenclature

I am overly abstruse this Saturday morn,
mushing mathematics and ballet, verbal word games
as is my wont wanted,
everyone sleeping while I rise at 6am,
doing ablutions, seeking absolution,
pulling weeds from our respective gardens,
answering old friends I have yet to meet,
to whom I answer,
“still here, though long time no see,”
which is of course hysterical funny, inherently contradictory,
as the brain grasps well my
Red and Dead Sea brain cells, a splitting motif

muddling and muddled,
proscribed from getting on transport,
to deliver to you the proper healing prescriptive,
as if I had in my possess to diagnosis and correctly assess

even though one of my many passport names,
a requirement, to visit,
this inter-netting ether, that both combines and separates,
permits me safe passage,
over the historical lineage of borderlines of land and sea,
to deliver this message,
to you

I am here, waiting patiently, though long time no see like ever,
absentia, dementia, both self-censure,
here, then, my cadenza,
dedicated solely soulfully for you,
as the sabbath sun rises over the East River,
saying, laughing unto me,
“still here, though long time no see,”
for though I cannot look upon her, my sun, my sun,
yet she, as well, is everywhere-inside of me,
warmly illuminating my muddled mind
March 23, 2019
by the East River sunrise
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