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Loki spat in the eye of the All-Father
and demanded once and for all to be seen;
Prometheus stole from a heavenly god-herd
the fire that illuminates darkness and dream,
for supremacy builds not the path aright --
subversion is the key to effulgent light.

Bitterly bled for the world's salvation,
destined to die vigintillions of deaths
to deliver all people from fatal oppression,
the architects drawing the gods' final breaths;
yet rarely the saviors for whom hymns are sung,
after the blood-stained Götterdämmerung.
Robert G Page Jan 2012

face down she rests her naked form
head turned from her lover's glance.
eye's closed she lies and knowingly waits,
(a) loving touch starts passion's dance.

his huge hand moves across her back
with strokes the touch of butterfly wings.
upon her creamy skin so smooth
its path now set toward splendered things.

his pace a slow deliberate score
her passion's breath he brings,
from touch so soft, igniting sparks
with love her breath now sings.

his steady course she knows so well
with yet every touch as if it's new.
her sparks of passion love's embers light,
love's embers loving hue.

down past her rear with feathered touch
just knowing where to go,
behind her knees his fingers dance
to passion's steady flow.

their hips now in synchronic dance,
love's voluntary ride, she feels his
passion grown so hard,
now pressed against her side.

he cups her breast so gently
as if it were a flower,
its ****** earlier soft and small
now hard with passion's power.

and in her ***** great sparks erupt
her soft and pleasured flesh.
with juices flowing, desire's high
to meet love's natural crush.

now she turns to meet his lips
her passion running high.
with savage hunger she pulls him in
her hunter now the prey.

tables turned their urge well matched
desire holds the pace.
she takes control and guides his love
with feminine stealth and grace.

to places only she could know
where sparks ignite
small streaks of light,
that illuminates her soul.

together they fend love's tempting end
to stay their lover's dance.
to take control and reach their goal
the essence of their romance.
abecedarian Jan 2018
happy are the moneylenders

happy are the moneylenders
who charge the egregious rate
of friendship

they sleep with furious calm
their principle well invested, its return guaranteed,
for this lit pinpoint pinprick in their sleepy cerebrum
is the mini red light that illuminates the otherwise
dark bedroom of the mind so they can see and say with
equality and equanimity
I too, am, who I am.  

Does this answer the question?
1/7/17 12:56pm
happy are the moneylenders, but why
Marco Buschini Nov 2016
The pulsating, pearl moon
Harbours the last remnants of romance,
Scintillating, in the valourous sky,
As I surrender to call upon her spirit
To bring her back to me.
I longingly strip, craving the vivacity of her caress.
Irresistible, I would yield to the perpetual
Power of her touch.
Immersed in the shadowy depths,
Rippling serenities of thought.
I glimpse at her reflective soul,
Shimmering upon the ravenous river,
Emanating from the stars
In all their graceful radiance.
Her heart illuminates
The benevolent evening.
The breath of inevitability
Stings my skin, as I dress,
Firing my arrows of impatience
Disconsolately, into the shivering azure,
Hoping for a way
To penetrate her very being.
Bison Mar 2016
Within the flower exists peace
Within our hours seek the heat
These bricks will crumble
Those words will tumble
Like water in the falls
Lonely wolf calls
I'm so tired of being alone
You've been gone for far too long
Honey, come home

All this time I've been waiting
These days, so lonesome with wasting
The flash of you that illuminates the room
My darkness will be broken soon

Fearless and free, the day you left me
A single petal sat, cool and settled
Fearless and free, the day you left me
Roots dug in deep, heart propelling your wings to beat

Inverse temples reside in my heaving chest
Distorted order rises from your best
Call to arms those little wonders
Let 'em teach us how to thunder
Another rewrite. Pay no mind.
Zach Schuller Apr 2016
life is changing,
i can feel it
in the movement
of the earth
its quakes its shifts
throwing me every way
but where i will land
i cannot say

life is changing,
i can hear it.
a new bell tolls
not for this new day
but for every tomorrow
as they roll onward

life is changing,
i can see it.
the light from yesterday
shines brighter
and lights more.
it is vibrant,
and illuminates all i can see

life is changing.
i can not listen
to the same old sad songs
the ones that used to
resonate within me.
a new song is there.
filling me with hope,
beauty, and faith.

i know life is changing;
the sun has finally risen.
Jess Balingit Sep 2014
I'm sitting here at my window, gazing up at the sky's beauty after rain pour, and how the moon illuminates the clouds like a night light. And suddenly I'm okay with the storm that's been roaring in my head, it's all come to an end. People are like clouds - there for the storm, and gone once it's passed. But the moon in my sky has and always will be there to bring light to my darkest days.
Hidden Sep 2018
me and my friend isolation
go on long romantic walks
through the deep chasms of my brain
and each repeated path we take
deepens that beaten matter beneath our feet

we stop at each mile marker
and she tells me all the reasons
i should doubt myself
and i believe her
and i stay

me and my honey isolation
send love letters through the mirrors
i lay my hand on the glass while she beams a smile
but she slithers her fingers
around my wrist and quickly pulls me through

she traps me in a place
that i find too much comfort in
she tells me i’m alone out there
and i believe her
and i stay

me and my lover isolation
hide behind a locked door
a somber light flutters inside of her eyes
it illuminates my hands
revealing their connection to the pencil

i draw a picture of my heart
that she rips to shreds
and tells me she loves me

and i believed her

and I stayed
The uniVerse Mar 2017
Shine forth ancient one
for I too am your son
your vessel of choice
use me as your voice  
through written word
to eyes unseen
and ears unheard.

The language of love
is an unspoken truth
all writing that was
forms a mental noose
around the neck
of our ideas
that seems to break
unanswered prayers.

Allow me to write
on your behalf
that you may restore sight
with the words I craft
and let yours be the light
that illuminates my path.
Lawren Jun 2013
A calm and cool breeze
Passes through the leaves of the trees,
Persuading the branches to sway,
Like algae in a turbulent sea.
Without a cloud in the pale blue Arizona sky,
The sun radiates down-- hot and glaring.
It reflects off the shiny paint of the cars around me,
Illuminates the brown mountains in the distance.
And magnified through the thick lenses of my glasses,
It blinds my sensitive eyes.
The surrounding sempiternal desert
Is so clear and sharp,
That no one nor nothing can hide
(With the exception of the beings who can blend,
And despite my tiring efforts,
I am not one of them.)
The nearest Creosote bush
Eminates of the smell of water,
As it passes through a hose.
I am instantly transported back home
Where sand is replaced by grass and plants
That require regular watering to survive.
When I close my eyes I can see
The illusion of a waterfall, created by the uncoiling hose
As it ejects tepid water for us to traverse.
But upon unveiling my windows,
I allow the sandy landscape to penetrate into my soul
And I am brought back to the present
Where life subsists, illogically,
Through a dearth of water, and inordinate sun.
LexiSully May 2016
This mother of mine is a brilliant ray of light,
Who illuminates even the darkest night,
Who brightens every lonely face,
With a silent, sincere, and sweet embrace

This mother of mine can take the heat,
When she's faced with a problem, she doesn't skip a beat,
We may talk back and make a fuss,
But she still shows her love towards us

This mother of mine admires the trees that grow tall,
She likes how they waver, but never fall,
They wave back and forth and emanate peace,
And show her that God's love for us will never cease

This mother of mine is the strongest woman of all,
For my life without her would surely crumble and fall,
She has taught me how to pick myself off the ground,
I am truly grateful to have my mother around.
Thank you for being my best friend Mom
Carter Ginter Sep 2015
I am darkness
a souless being trapped
within a world of expectations,
where we live for nothing
aside from our need to please
whomever we deem fit to be
worth suffering for.

Death looms around every corner
sneaking and leaking through
the walls and into the cavernous slits
dug deep into the unstable barriers of my
demented, sickened, disturbed mind.

I see nothing but never-ending black space
spanning for miles in every direction
but, sometimes, a flicker of light illuminates
a single line across my path
scratching through the key holes of
the hundred of doors, always locked,
protecting the world from my wrath and
holding me hostage
until Insanity offers its hand
to lead me to my only escape.

She is light
the brightness I've seen so rarely.
Her world, one of complete coherence
where everything serves its destined purpose
a cold world I know not of
but she is always so warm
so happy
and knows nothing of
the torment caused by that
blinding, taunting ray
trespassing into my world
my darkness
my home.

Sometimes, though,
it breeds hope of a better future
where her purity and
my evil nature can collide
morphing into an electrifying New
and it can be ours, together.

Then the beam dissipates
and I am alone,
until my nightmares welcome me back
and devour my soul until I drown
in my own destiny.
As look outside this fogged window, the rain drops insynctly falling to the beat of my heart

A smile, silent as a midwinter's night illuminates my face, a glowing reflection of a being that has tasted heaven, drunk from the nectar of the gods, tasted victory tenfold

A man that has found he's breath in this choking world....

A man In love.
I can never describe how feel about you, this merely my poor attempt,
A few words I scribbled on paper,
But my heart tries it's best
lenore Apr 2017
One sleepless night I heard the lark
Chir-chirruping inside my heart;
Got up to find her in the dark
To capture her and set apart
Her stringless resonating harp
On which she played a note so sharp;
My very soul said: "Hark, oh, hark!
What is this iridescent spark

That set my every thought aflame?
For in its sound I heard my name!
That made my ear and eye so changed
That all the world illuminates?
It will not let me sleep again
Until my every breath is spent!"

I looked and looked and looked in vain
But carried with me the refrain
So every time I turned around
The sound was coming from without;
At lenght I closed my tired lids
And heard the lark sing from within;
And this is how I figured out:
I'm not the kindling. I'm the spark!
Samantha Cunha Dec 2018
winter solstice
solace for all
time to swoon
for the
of truth
harvest moon
as above
so below
to bestow
upon those
whom answer
the call
kiss goodbye
the heavenly
awknight Oct 2018
the push of my mind
falls into lavender fields
velvet night brushes against cheek bones
exposed skin floats in time
ecstasy is exposed through the flow of cold

the day unveils things too warm
instead, fall with me into the dark
as my mind incandescently
illuminates the world
Conor Martin Oct 2018
There are those who do not know
The secret line, A willows toll
Sands of time wait for me
A raging ocean foaming to consume souls
The blinding light, Of corrupt minds eye illuminates the way
Draws our ship in and spills dementia across the bay

Mixed Signals, On uncharted seas
Breach the waves, Crashing down on me, Minds eye of the storm, See the forks of lightning, ether torn the world cracks open dawn to see

Atop the cliffs we clearly see
The looming scale of misery
Brought from this mind eating disease
One light push is all it takes, Even the effort from the breeze
Over the Edge and back to the rocks
Its all over and over again, Repeating pain by rewinding the clocks
Square one, Same old ****
Back at it again
Calling all ships without Captains
Its okay to not be okay
Just find the right light to guide your way
Past the wrecks and through the bay
Into the safety of loving arms, Your Home awaits
Forget the unforgiving oceans and raise your glass to the souls
it has claimed, Now heaven knows
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