Lee Feb 2013

I think of you
the same way
modern society thinks of hygiene.
You are severely undervalued by most
and eternally needed.

A Mareship Sep 2013

I am ragged and
In velveteen splendour.
Assembled by a drunk,
Who couldn't remember
What loveliness
Looked like.

I'm too tall for my height.

You are pulpy and bright
Like today's magazines.
Your eyes are spotless like
Ironed jeans,
And they fold and crease
in smiles at me.

You find me funny.

I am sterile and naked
And aching with
I'll bend into positions to
Get your attention.
I am fixed in the curb,
and you gather the nerve
to cope with my most
unnerving dimensions.

(I love you. I forget to mention.)

You've never indulged in
petty sex.
You wrap my arms around
Your neck,
like I'm a scarf.

I make you laugh.

You've never been
out on the scene.
You've never found yourself
between two strangers
in a darkened room.
Bedroom theatre's not
for you.
Nor costume.

You've never smoked.
You've never drank so much
You've choked
on hot-bodied vomit and
collapsed in the road.
You had four pints of
and I watched you explode.

From your skin I lick atoms of the sky and shampoo.
You are dripping with hygiene,
You are clear, you are blue.

In mirrors you stand and watch me watching you.

Sam Hain Aug 2015

You know you've got a problem
    When candy is more than dandy—
When all you want is sugar,
    And start trading teeth for candy.


Dookie Mar 2014

my pits smell just fine
i don't need deodorant
so go fuck yourself

Felicia C Jul 2014

It was cold and I was tired
so I fell asleep
with the taste of Sunday still in my mouth

February 2014
This is a poem about brushing your teeth before bed.

You cannot help someone
if they won't help themselves.
If you have hinted
Confronted them about the problem
And they get  all defensive .
I get frustrated  
When they look away.
And when they are in denial
When I try to point out to them
It's for their own well being.
They seems to be a lack of conmucation.
What can you do when
People neglect their personal care.
Just stand by and watch
Them detoirate
And not do a single Thing about it.

Mental health care in the community is poor ..people are sadly neglected..

Why can't people just wash
Their hands after the toilet. .

Busbar Dancer Mar 2016

I didn’t shower this morning.
That’s fine since
I intend
to bathe in sin
come evening.

The above is a true story.

The fine people at New Holland Brewing make a bourbon barrel stout. Dragon's Milk. It comes in 4 packs and bombers. Start with the bomber. Trust me. I'm not shilling, as such, its just that I'm sure there a lot of good poems at the bottoms of those bottles.
M Dec 2015

"Remember when"s are words I should not dip too far into
the well of the past because I don't know what else has fallen
down there in the mud. Broken glass will cut your hand
when see-through hearts have shattered into pieces of black
used water- not to be drunk again, even if they tell you it is clean
I am scared it is not clean now, and will never be. What about me?

this one is a bit of a joke, a conglomeration of some phrases I've heard recently.
Mateuš Conrad Oct 2015

i like to turn into a girl once in a fortnight
after i just washed my hair...
and take a selfie!
then i read the fashion magazine alongside marquis de sade...
and it makes perfect sense to rape beauty like that...
well according to the marquis it does.
how's my hair? styled properly brushed to the side
long against anti-clockwise curtains of lock
that was propaganda with hitler adopting the charlie chaplin
moustache and people after nazism ensured confusion
whether to split it to the right rather than the left?
i’m right-handed, i need the power base of keratin on my cranium
hanging to the left!

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