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Aaron Amrich Feb 2013
in the un-mechanical nature of
nature's fist crashing into
mankind's attempt to stand firm against
everything we can't control
there are vigils, and there are tears,
tears in the veil that is the idea
that we are rulers of this world,
that thin, ethereal fabric of existence
that we put over our eyes to give us comfort
makes us blind to the hurricaine.
pride tells us we can let
our faces weather the acid rain,
leaving us scarred in lieu of granduer
that is no delusion.

our mother smites for insolence.
we are students never meant to be teachers.
our baby steps
and teenage mind
are going to
get us

and father time will forget us
after we are washed into the sea
that we tried to claim as our own.
You make me lose my words.
They seep out of me into the floor,
and hide under the boards with the dust and mice.
Candyfloss tongue, sandpaper throat.
Hurricaine thoughts, tsunami feelings.
I have lost my voice,
It lives in the air between our faces,
and gently settles on your lips.
Drowning eyes, burning ears,
volcano hands, earthquake chest.
I have lost my words,
they have dripped down my body,
and lay in the deepest part of me.
Grounded feet, rooted thighs,
stormy hands, falling breath.
I lose my words, my thoughts, my feelings, my actions, my response,
mmmyy iinnttreppid, stammering, heart,
in you.
Julia Aug 2017
loneliness rains in my brain
someone strains a refrain
pain slain, I'm stained insane
daisy chains in my hurricaine mane
hip hop in the my undercover lover -ldr
She had a lost smile
there was something somewhere
a someone who knew where it had gone
but yeah she moved as if she didn't care
i knew different i knew her face
had fallen from grace
her mouth turned a different way
to the sound of the tide turning

I searched high and low
around corners of her past
i moved boxes of heartache
and they retracted back into place as i turned
i fell over my feet, tripped sideways
i caught my heart on my way down

They say a lesson is learnt
when there is nothing taught
her face floated away like a butterfly
caught in a hurricaine
i thought her smile was there somewhere
but it just couldn't be found
i wonder where it hides now
Julia Aug 2017
I'm happiest alone in my blue room
When the new moon
Brings hymns from my blue muse

Curled up in my blue egg
Bought some new Keds
Now I'm spinning blue webs

You didn't mean to do this
But you really blue this
Turning everything so blueish

We may just be two fish
But I don't know who this
Swimming soul is who could do this

I dug up some blue blooms
To fill my blue bath with fumes
While my bottle consumes
these blue veins like reigns how the hurricaine looms

I don't want to play with you boy
This blue pen is my favorite toy
I'm a kind kitten who doesn't **** coy

You can kick me til I'm sick and then make me lick the wounds
And from far away I'll meow to you blue blue tunes
It never gets better; it gets familiar
If today was the last day on Earth,  
I'd like to open my bottle of suppressed emotions;
a chaotic hurricaine demanding to be heard:

Today I'd like to have you once again,
remember how it felt when your lips brushed against my skin;
remember your hair, soft as rose petals,
and your smile, sweet as honey.

Today I'd like to play for you once again
songs that stay within your soul,
melodies that once made you dream,
facts that could never become reality.

Today I'd like to write to you once again,
verses from a man to a woman,
whom once was, but never gain will  
be with the man who really knew how to love her.

I'd like to have you, I'd like to play for you, I'd like to write to you,
but you're not here.
You're not here,
and it it seems like you never have and never will.

— The End —