Rafał 1d
Searching for a soulmate on a wide barren desert
Combing through the papers, looking for the answers.
And I'm always lonely like the fallen on Mount Everest
As I keep on fighting cold and the unfriendly weather.

Tell me whether I should move or should I stay,
It's hard to say;
I probably need to take a breath, but I gravitate
Towards the bottom of the planet -
My spaceship has crashed
And I don't know where I landed
Now I live as an outcast.

My vision is blurry, I got snow in my eyes
I cannot breathe, my lungs are filled with ice
Is it a dream or a vast paradise
To be content within or be content outside?
World on my shoulders as I proceed to move
Row to the shores of the ocean of bloom
Watch the horizon as it slowly burns
Each one of us awaits our turn
There's no return.
Kindness is a habit I don't look forward to
and beauty is silence, absolute zero
the end of all time, where all things go
in the spec of decay, a swirl of emptiness
the eventual horizon swallow
Bryce 5h
And I will make sure that if anything were to happen,
It would do little to affect you.

It's not everyday
You find a goose that lays eggs
With speckled jewels and golden flakes

The world is full of incongruity
And there's no doubt about the certainty
That something bad may happen,
And we don't want that, do we?

So listen carefully.

The world is a giant carboniferous spicule
Hanging in a nest of hydroxic gas and particulae
Spinning within the gaps of a blackened dome
Of limitless space and out of control
There is no telling what way it will go
There is no prediction that has fortold
Any number of moments in this tumbling slumber
Between the darkest hell and the brightest horizon

I so deftly advise you with all certification
To please place your bets and fly by echolocation
Your eyes will mislead, your ears will displease
And there is no way we can refund divine warranties

This machinery
has a half life of quarks
And energies that vibrate into other orbits
Retaining the spin and informative piece
Of that golden goose let loose amongst the canopy
Of dark,
off into neverland, straight on
Till new morning,
Beyond the stars

So please good sir don't migrate away from me
I have so much to give and such pain I have seen

Those that fatten their goose with shit till it quacks,
Those ravenous souls who ate their gift for a snack,
And when life finally cuts them down to their last,
They will howl and yowl and pray that goose back.

This is a game,
Have a good little laugh
Don't waste your time or your money
On a Frickin Aflack

Policy that keeps you policed to the earth,
No way to fly,
Stuck in the dirt.
That is no way to live in the dream,
That is no way to let death trickle in

So please, pretty please, make sure you have coverages
And a couple extra dollars in the pocket of those jeans
Wander freely, you great big atomic bomb, you.
Do catastrophic damages and I'll pay your dues.

Ride the road coast to coast,
Fly a bird 'round the world,
Take a truck till you're home,
Find a love you can trust.
Find a place where your egg
And your legs seek nowhere else
Lay down those roots,
It's Eden or bust.

— The End —