Heidi Shavill Jan 2013

I hope that you're unhappy
I wish that you were dead...

Hopefully psychotic delusions
Dance inside your head...

I hope you contract herpes
I want you to bleed...

I hope you never find what you think  you need

I hope you fall madly in love, no really I do
'Cause I hope he is abusive, and he cheats on you...

You deserve nothing, I pray that you go blind
I hope you keep suffering until you lose your mind...

I hope every choice you make turns out a big mistake
I hope each promise made to you the promise maker breaks...

I hope you know my hatred is true
Thank God they took my son from you...

I hope you feel guilty you should be ashamed
Thankfully it's my family that shares his last name...

I hope you feel worthless, hopefully no one cares
I hope when you long comfort that no one ever dares...

Hopefully you understand what a bitch paybacks can be
I hope you are scared to death and you never live fear free

I hope you detest the life that you alone have built
while we're loved abundantly and are happy to the hilt...

I hope you know he's finally free
all safe and sound, right here with me...

I hope through time he will recover
Everybody knows
you have failed
as a friend,
and mother...

Heidi Shavill

Dedicated to the love of my life and his beautiful son.
Miceal Kearney Dec 2010

Extending my sleeves past my frozen fingers,
it is -3 and handles of anything
get extremely bitter this time of year.
I fork in splinters of silage
#235 pokes her head out through the feeder.
I have plans for you Missy Moo —
well: our progeny.

Provided you’re in calf;
provided you stay in calf;
provided you calf down successfully;
provided it lives long enough to be killed.
If not, I’ll probably sell you
and buy an in-calf heifer instead.
No pressure.

Eddie Dogder Aug 2012

Nothing good
but hopefully
I'll be alright

The sea is churning
Nothing great
but hear it churning
Pulls me in

Nik Bland Sep 2012

Pray, heed the words that fall to the floor in the carriage of tears
Know she dares not cry in haste in caution, for weakness is fear
Dare to listen and understand and you might find yourself the exception
Sad is the song of the girl who bears flawless tears in the world of imperfection

Taste the ocean in the air as the dew drops fall from the grass
Silver pools collected and lying inside a basin of brass
Each drop so precious, but none more cherished than the ones that fall from her eyes
Earth and Heaven fading into grey, silenced by the tears she cries

Dare not shy away from the streams running down her face
Hold her tightly and secure her eternally in your embrace
Give a forever and forget her never in the sands and ashes of time
Sing of her tears and the gate that was open, sing of the hope in her eyes

R Jan 2014

the moment you realize
that you fuck everything up
from friends to your body to
even the ones you love the most.
that my dear, is what growing up is like.
the feeling of worthlessness and complete
and utter failure is my life cycle.
constantly going from good to bad
in a matter of seconds,
i am a real life interpretation of the word "Failure".

i cant even email my teacher anymore,
because i am seen as "treated special"
and her "favorite". what the hell?
all i am saying is, if a teacher told,
i can understand. but,
if a student told?

ill fucking rip their head off.

rant done

Mary N Oct 2014

The mixture of
your cologne
and the cigarette smoke lingering on
your skin
will kill me

Wednesday October 1, 2014
Adreishka Liz Jun 2013

You came to my house and I was in the balcony,
I smiled and blushed feeling, "you're Romeo to me,"
I'm your Juliet, your moon in the sky,
We live thier life story but in my version we don't die,
We can spend an eternity being together,
And I promise we will be forever.

: L+A :*

For my most favorite guy in the world. I love you, Ledwin. And this time when I say it I mean it.
Zac C Mar 2013

After a long day of
and a long night of
a long week of
and a long year of
I'm over it.


Happy Easter!
Ben Sep 2014

i'll keep telling myself i'm fine till i'm dead
you can always improve yourself tomorrow
a fatal flaw - one i'm too comfortable with
to change on my own two feet, alone
but i keep jumping off bridges and hoping
that i don't hit my hopes on the way down
even underwater i'm hopelessly hopeful

#hope #hoping #hopeful #hopefully #hopeless #hopelessness
Agnis Lynota Dec 2014

I am so sure that I want you
To be permanently in my life
And if that is our destiny
I promise to keep you happy
And to always remind you
Just how wonderful you truly are
I have never felt so sure
About anyone or anything
I'm glad it's you, darling

I'm not a seer to have looked into the future,
I'm surely a man with the intention of diamond,
I'm definitely going to marry you some years later.

I'm not a pathogen to have blighted you here,
I'm surely a super-crazy lover of yours lovingly,
I'm definitely coming to elegant city of yours soon.

My HP Poem #432
©Atul Kaushal
Michael Ryan Jul 2011


The color of black n white just like a tuxedo, deceiving. telling others that your fine

something that you pick that looks delicious, but is rotten to the core

the smell of your own burning home. Leaving you with only smoke and holes

a village line up shot and killed. Never had a chance like your hopes and dreams

like asking a girl to prom and hearing the words that you don't want spoke

being infected by some never known disease, making you lose all hope


Ran for ASB VP...
Alicia Lawrence Oct 2011

You don't get it,
it will be too late when you do,
I'll be gone,
you'll be stuck like glue.

Give and take,
this is half game,
you know what they say,
no pain no gain.

Hopefully this will make you learn,
to grow and expand,
if you dont,
who knows where you will land.

The landing could be soft,
and easy to bear,
or it could be hard,
and you won't know who to hear.

This is my only plead,
the only form in which I can speak,
I just want you to realize,
unless you help yourself with me gone, you'll be weak.

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