Shofi Ahmed Jul 13
No house but a woman is the homemaker
she’s not done yet she’s universal.

Four walls can’t hold a woman inside
she is veiled but not tied!

The arch in her back hits the mark
above the pyramid above the sunup.
The light at the end of the tunnel here is love.

Her inner mystery is her paintbrush.
The colour on her canvas
is a far cry from the rainbow.

It doesn’t fade nor falls on the floor.
Keeping it up the time lingers on.
Every star from far and near
can see here a mirror at home!
English Jam Jun 14
The air is perfumed with fresh rosemary's
And the wild springs with lush berries
Their presence colours the nursery with a sweet loom
It bleeds into the forecast for tomorrow's gloom
Nostalgia hits hard, heartbreaking and eerie
For a day when I wasn't paranoid and weary
Well, I'll be down by the Brighton pier
Watching birds float past in lonely fear
I'd love to turn away

The pristine sun shines like Hades
The outside scent is yellow, maybe
Little daises laugh in the foreground
Gardens sow a loving sound
Once I could see hope in the trees
And the love that whispered on the breeze
Now the trees foreshadow longing
And the gale howls with wronging
I'd love to turn away

The intimacy in my yellow tinted flowers seems to have faded
And the soft orchards have been invaded
My words burnt in a smouldering pile of dust
And steaming with the heat of my lust
I told a crowd I had something to say
But the people turned away
English Jam Apr 12
Sitting in some car in a forgotten parking lot
Grey marks the skies
Lush green plants peeping in
The wildlife of concrete and paint makes the perfect background
Little balls of liquid heaven falling on my windscreen
And some music to complete the scene
Each guitar line synchronises with each raindrop
Each blast of power thunder hits hard like heavy metal
But the soft clouds, the gentle ebb and flow lull me to sleep
Whispering, persuading me to dream
But I really don't want to miss this shard of time
I never want to lose little moments like these

A silver raindrop is born by landing on my car
Crash landing, rather
The bubbling pocket of mystery travels down
Swerving and slamming into other fellow pockets in crime
It's life cycle completes when it reaches the bottom
It races to it's death, unable to stop gravity's plan for it
Each drop morphs into another, making a wave
The rain weaves an intricate web of waves
All strutting their sparkly magic before me
I sense a metaphor for humanity creeping in
Millions of crescendos growing about
Too concerned with their internal politics to worry about others
But I stay focused on the beauty all around

I wonder if heaven has rainy days
If so, this must be one of them
I couldn't come up with a title for this one so...
Braxan Dec 2016
(Before you continue reading I ask that you read all of it and thats all I ask; proceed€;)
Far from the sorts, might cut it short,
Though all I know is to embrace the now.
She’s stunning, beautiful; I could go on,
propbably even forever,
real power within her
each and every step she makes is
spontaneous, extra explosive
It's similar to my heart lighting up the honeycomb bong hits with the beeswax,
In my mind I know that it’ll be in due time though coincidently the coin flips and changes the stakes within a wishing well.
I get to feel the stars around us,
Though for now all I
Think about is


I had
Gestured a pose like how roman statues do,
Through it all, my mind will stay Segmented and undivided
Solid like shoes strung in the hood
gone like conversation cemented into stone, though devoted there’s no debate.
I know to think outside in, Its hard to even win and now that I look at it, I know; I stayed alive through it all somehow,
Though now all I have time to do is get to thinking about what could’ve been
Staring off at the clouds seeing figures floating thinking it’s all in my thoughts, seeing something more isn’t so far away, days now just float and flutter with the strength of a falling heart from high up above the skies so often do birds.
I believe mine arose like a carnation purposeful like a love poem though this is far from one I just lose myself in exactly what could’ve been.

l1l B
(*Before you continue reading I ask that you read **all of it** and thats all I ask*)
Hg 2d
take me back to the first high
to the first time
that she and i

touched and sparked euphoria
with indica
and glassy eyes

take more hits to revisit
before we split
to separate lives

take me backwards reverse time
to my first love
to my first high
Braxan 17h
I had saved my right handed wordplay, for these likeminded writers.
Exactly how many days we got lasting; till the pen hits the last pager,
I got two right hands and two left feet, we're ambidextrous when my thoughts collide off of the white sheet, on the right track of my vivid imagery.  
In my mind the words couldn't paint sums lividly, captive by color through the tone of planned voices I forget where it had mattered, to have written.
Forgotten bottle sits upon
chilled coster so long ago
in a couple of hours
Radio still plays hits
circulating through a long-dead heart
VIII, so it seems.
Key clicks,
five soldiers fall
into pre-drilled foxholes,
letting their guard down for only a second
to long,
just like any day though not
so much
head wrapped in a cocoon
never opening
to let the butterfly emerge,
more like suffocating it.
The very thing bringing new life
Hoping for a new day of sunshine and rain
and telling my left from my right


foot or hand?

frogot my water bottle on my dresser.
radio playing tunes that I LIKE.
sounds about right.
Steve 3d
They didn't lie
Time does fly
Yesterday had me at sixteen
Now I'm just old
Haven't been through it all
But I seen dark days
More self inflicted then not
I guess it's just life
No worse then the next
No more tears shed then you my friend
My heart breaks and the pain is the same as the rest
Don't get wrong
I had more good then bad
I love life and wouldn't change the worse of the worst
That doesn't keep me from missing a few things

How nice it would sound to hear her words
The calmness I would feel everytime she said it's going to be alright
To know the truth was being told
To see look in her eyes and see a beautiful soul
Have one last listen as she whispered
Goodnight and I love you son

The stress would fade if he was here
Hard to breakdown from the weight of the world
When he has me laughing at the world
My biggest fan who refused to let me say no I can't
My idol and best friend
A teacher who taught with actions
To be cliche
They will never be another like him
My brother left way to soon
I pray one day my son turns out to be just like him

If I could I would sit for hours without being in a rush
Born a man
You clocked more hours then ten men in three life spans
Took care of people and helped raise more kids then anyone will ever know
Life threw you some hard hits but never left your feet
You looked up to true grit John Wayne
I looked up to you John Wayne

I could go on cause theirs alot more I reminisese about
But theirs always something that tops them all
This time its
I miss you and me
I miss your touch and your lips pressing against mine
Waking up next to you after falling asleep holding you tight
Your smile and the sound of your laugh
I want to go back to putting us first
I want them to refer to us as them
I miss you , I miss me
I miss us
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