Neil Brooks Aug 2013

You once stood for something.
When they told you "NO"
you stood like a black-eyed-susan.
like the tao.
but when they beat you, betrayed you,
hogtied and pepper sprayed you,
you got angry.
You did things that soiled your good name.
I guess you just should have learned to take it,
like the tao.
like the tao, and wait.
like the tao and let the waters rise.
like the tao and overcome.
the weak overcome the tyranny of man with numbers.
as each drop of water equally starts the flood.
like each living being that has ever thought
"I will overcome."
I will overcome.

Sierra Brown Mar 2016

Too many barbaric people;
Not enough hippies.

Madison Wagner Nov 2014

Stop the fighting,
Stop the hatred,
Find peace in
before its too late,
before you are too
old to get off your
ass and take a walk.

by Madison Kaye Wagner
Ashley Kay May 2013

Maybe they got it right
the first time,
Love the earth more than
Kiss the rain as it kisses
the leaves,
Savor the sunlight when it
lights the sky,
Nourish the soul with
natural things,
But above all love life
with bare feet.

Ms Ann Thrope Jun 2014

Look at the happy people

Are they not all mad?

They’ll empty out their pockets

To give more, they wish they had

& they’ll do it with a smile

Because they genuinely care

May God bless the crazy people

Who give a damn when life’s not fair

Written Circa October 2011
Ashley R Prince Jul 2012

Remember that time
at the beach.
You were the first one
with your clothes off.
I think you were already
a little drunk
but you would have
stripped down
You never had anything to hide.

Because of you
I had the strength to stand
bare-breasted and unafraid
to all of the Atlantic Ocean
and sing about sunshine and having life.
You gave a number of people
the courage to take their shells off that night.
A bunch of naked hippies on the beach
like a flock of seagulls with a little
more heart.
We thought we could change
the world back then,
and I guess we still can.

Mike Hauser Aug 2013

Straight out of prison
Wondering what I've been missing
Right out of the gates I stuck out my thumb

A van load of hippies
All from Mississippi
Stoped and asked, hey dude...what's going on

I'm here for adventure
Well hop in then Mister
Adventure is what we're all about

Now where we're all going
There's no way of knowing
A van of hippies and parolee freshly let out

We ended up in Disney
Me and all of the hippies
Where we had caboodles of fun

We met Mickey and he saw it
When I lifted his wallet
Now we're in the Magic Kingdom all on the run

We split in different directions
To throw off detection
It's A Small World is where I made my mistake

With that song stuck in my head
It's a fate worse than death
Prison now sounds like a wonderful place

We rendezvoused in
The Pirate's Of The Caribbean
Where soon after, in came the law

We all jumped from our boats
Splashing around in the moat
And had ourselves a good old fashioned pirate brawl

We soon made our escape
Out of exit door 88
Finding ourselves in Frontier Land at night

Where in the middle of the street
Were Mickey, Donald, and Goofy
All with guns strapped to their sides

We ran into a shop
And bought guns on the spot
All with Mickey's money...he's a mouse of a man

Mickey squeeks we're going to ruff you up
As Goofy holds up the cuffs
And Donald says something we can't understand

We had a shoot out
With cap guns no doubt
After all Disney runs a safe place

Ran out of caps in our guns
Which stopped our lives on the run
The wrath of Mickey we all now would face

After justice's hammer
I'm now back in the slammer
This time I made my own prison bed

Now I cry every day
What more can I say
With It's A Small World still stuck in my head

One hop and a skip
one tab
one more trip
and I slip into dreaming
effortlessly really,
effort, less me,
seemingly floating while
swimming through syrup,
my feet in the stirrups
on a horse called

Laughter in the cloisters and
the toaster pulling faces
while the priest catches monkeys
that swing through the

If life is for anything it cannot be this.

X-Ray El gato Aug 2014

I looked up into the sky
And I saw
In helicopters
And I knew
This was the day I trained for....

jimmy tee Dec 2013

Darwin at Work
where you send
the boys with the best eyesight
out to be
in wars

wordvango Apr 2016

What a fool I was , undignified
to light one up at the funeral,
the mourners gasped, as I blew you that
one last shotgun , as I promised you
I would that day we met in April
1967 at the love-in
on the hill the new rock bands playing
songs of peace and love so beautiful
the flowers and  kisses being gave
out so freely and we got so high
promised if you died I'd give you one
last shotgun to take you smiling out
to wherever it is ole' hippies

A hamster walked in the pub yeah you remember that was that group that has a fucking collection but no fucking group anymore  yeah that makes as much sense as me cheers Hello your truly more fucked up than I.

She was broken fragile and me I was a horny poetic bastard who was always trying lend some umm comfort cause I'm a strictly well I'm kidding hey if I can take advantage of someone and see some boobies in the process it's all good in the hood.

Gonz give me one shot and a beer .
Of booze right?
What she replied ?
The shot you mean like booze.

The woman looked at me as most do like I was a pervert they would never be near unless I was running bar within my mind on a poetry site yeah I know fucking freaky shit right?

Look Gonz I swear just for once stop being a perve and get my dam drink and just shut the fuck up okay ?
I was in shock not from being snapped at from a female that happens all the time I'm used to being yelled at by my teenage wife skeeter .
Yeah just cause she catches you watching porn she gets all bent of shape .

Well sure I guess it was a little reckless going down the interstate but duh don't fall asleep while I'm driving I mean a girl has her needs  what can I say .

No the shock was more from getting my ding ding caught in my zipper hey you know how many dirty movies start out with a woman asking for a beer and a shot yeah I know I'm seriously fucked up but hey I'm fun.

So after some manly tears shed and a few stiff ones hahaha that just sounded wrong can you guess I write this shit while I'm drinking?
Anyways after this emotional hamster finally calmed a bit and put away her tazer  I had get to just what was or wasn't eating at her .

I thought deeply how I should speak to this fragile little hamster and the most caring sense I asked.

So bitch what the fucks eating at your ass?
Yeah I know I'm a charming bastard aren't I?

Well Gonz honestly it's just the way guys are on this site I mean why cant they judge my writing for just that instead of act like total horn dogs and send me messages and get all weird?

This was a deep question asked to a shallow bastard like myself .
Well honestly heres the truth and I know it's going to be  shocking so prepare yourself  ready?
Umm I guess this hamster replied .

Guys are all horny bastards .
Really no shit Sherlock she replied .

Hey look sure some dudes can be nice and not act all weird but duh there probably gay .
I mean yeah writing sights should be about writing but duh who cares about art if you can get laid let me tell you the reason I became a writer.

I wasn't good at sports and I cant dance worth a fuck okay  so if I make chicks think I'm deep them maybe I can get to see there boobies and boobies are fucking awesome okay .

Are fucking twelve this unnamed hamster asked me as she kicked back another shot of Jack Daniels .
Mentally maybe I replied but honestly what is age but a marker to say hey your to old to date this person or for people put you in prison for there judgment of your unconventional lifestyle .

You are one strange man Gonzo but at least your honest .
yeah I know its one of my biggest flaws other than that I'm fucking awesome well I mean besides the drinking pills and other pending cases all of which  I'm not guilty well kinda.

We laughed we joked and when she wasn't looking I looked down her shirt yes it was a awesome night .
Well until she caught me and hit me with a beer bottle .

The night flew and so did are conversation .
You know gonz your really not half as much a pervert as people think you are .
Yeah I know don't tell anyone I have a bad reputation to uphold .

The hamster laughed and my goal was reached cause at the end of the evening I'm a joker and a pervert bartender but even I know how to treat people and I don't treat a writing site like hookup .com cause if I want to get laid I will do it the old fashioned way pay for it.

The hamster went on her way and once again I was left to work on my misspelled scribbling's and to look up freaky shit on the internet .
really what else a internet connection for?

Until next time stay crazy Kids .


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