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Xaela San Jul 2018
He is trully a brave protector indeed

Neither rain nor shine there he stand

And with the pain of sun and heat

Still he maintains his composure

Everyday he brings hope and protection

As citizen and policeman of this nation

Even if a lack of sleep hinder his stand

Wearing his uniform makes him proud

And later at sunrise he goes home

Looking down on his little angels

Sleeping peacefully in their own dreams

And imagining their bright future

Yet he still sacrifice his life for us

He is trully a brave protector and a father.
I am proud of you Dad
Benjamin Rain Aug 2013
Evil monarch, that huge tadpole.
No reason to rush it all.
Cowardice, procrastination.
Your feedback is nothing more—

—Than negativity and more barriers
With more obstructions, how to fall?

Beta thinker beta person,
Pleasing people is your call
No greater malice than silence
Crippling people, you adore

Negligence is your perfection. To obfuscate, illumination.
But with hopeful consolation, we write in quiet desperation.

For the God that troubles mankind. And these tyrant, hinder growth.
They have killed our brilliant mindset.
I hope my poem--
I hope my poem kills them all.
Grace Sjolander Oct 2016
My Anxiety is a parasite
Living inside my head,
Feeding off of every thought I have
In a hope to prevail.

He makes me feel sick,
Much as a parasite would.
He changes me,
Reverses me
Into something I do not wish to be.

He consumes me,
Uses me.
He uses me in a way
No girl ever wants to be used,
Screams at me,
Nullifies every positive thought I have.

He controls my everything.
Constantly lifts my fingers,
Slams them into any surface,
In a hope to hinder me
And leave me distracted.

He leaves me useless.
The desire to wither away
Into a small cloud of dust
Penetrates my mind
With every pulsing heartbeat.

My Anxiety
Is best friends with My Depression.
They skip
Through the meadows of my memories,
Holding hands and destroying,
Ripping out the flowers of my past.
if you post this somewhere, please credit me :) thanks <3
With no argument I think most people agree
With the adage stating that, "you are what you eat"
But it's possible there's information not known
Having equal importance or maybe more so

All the nutrients eaten; We intake our food
It will travel through digestive tract once consumed
Same can also be said of our actions and thoughts
They're the building blocks making up all that we are

Brains are not like a rigid or fixed type machine
An old dog and new tricks go together it seems
Our plasticity will let us both change and shift
It makes pathways; New neural links over the rifts

These connections might possibly benefit us
But this same mechanism can also do stuff
With a negative scope, the outlook and belief
We might think we're no good; Our lives filled with much grief

If we're constantly saying things inside our heads
Like self-doubting, self-loathing and feelings of dread
Then our brain will re-wire to fit this outlook
Once ensconced in this spectrum; Not easily shook

The same way that a person engages with time
Like activity, also is true with the mind
A small change in the way that we look at ourselves
The new thoughts and beliefs in our mind start to meld

With the make-up within that each one of us holds
Self-beliefs and self-doubts from our birth till we're old
Like a painter with ink; Our brush never is dry
We are always creating what's in our mind's eye

So don't hinder yourself with a picture that's bleak
Just believe in yourself and go get what you seek
You are capable of so much more than you know
All it takes is belief and in time it will show
Written: November 20, 2018

All rights reserved.
[Anapestic Tetrameter format]
Bipasha Dutt Jan 8
This year,
I shall set myself free -

I Will set myself free
from the old habits
that hinder growth,

I Will set myself free
from the doubts
that plague me,

I Will set myself free
from the prejudices
that restrict the mind,

I Will set myself free
to live life fervently.
atptla Feb 2018
Days passing by without talking,
Hours passing by yielding to a timid longing.
A longing that cries like a brute in chains wanting to be free,
Killing each of the desires and wishes in me.

I have a place where I watch all my dreams be immolated,
Beneath enhsrouded clouds having a story needs to be recited.
I have a burden inside that I can't dare to elude,
As I require it to feel safe and appease my feud.

Millions of hollow words spoken sincerely and tended to be forgot,
And millions of broken promises burried in my heart,
Echoing in blank last and going astray,
Nothing left for me to hold on and hinder the decay.

Weaker now, the modest sound in my chest,
Drowning meekly but in suspense at death's behest.
Fading strength, and falling a pearless snowflake,
Beseeching this cold sanctity to ease my ache.

My tenuity can't strive with time's withering,
And I hear an ominous whistle's whispering.
While the last light dies out into dark,
You will be lost in time without leaving a mark.
Carter Ginter Jan 2018
I never could
Yes I was hurt
But I'm not angry
And I'm not upset about it
I am just trying really hard
To grow as a person
And that's hard with any extra pressure

I understand why you're using your words
As ammo against me
Because it is a coping mechanism and
I'm sorry I couldn't handle it
Because I want to help
But right now I need to worry about me

I'm going through a lot of changes
Trying constantly to improve myself
Because I need to keep growing
And I've done so much in the past few months
More than I have in my entire life
My friends stopped worrying about me
One said she was always worried before
But now she can breathe easy because
I truly am changing

But I am not mad at you
At all
I hear you
I understand your pain
And I'm sorry I broke you again
I didn't mean to be that person
But I was
And I can't change that fact
I wish I could help you
But I don't think I can
It may seem selfish
But I really am helping myself right now
And anything else will hinder that progress

There's so much I want to do
So much I want to be
And I'm finally realizing that I have the power
To really make a difference for myself
And it's intense
But also amazing

I wish you nothing but
Love and everything good
Because you do deserve it
You are a good person
And your depression doesn't define you
Neither do your coping mechanisms

But I do not hate you
Because I know you're only human
And the only thing we all want
Is to be happy and not feel pain
That's how we're all connected
So I hope you find peace
And I hope you stay clean
Through the process of finding your truth
Because you are an amazing person
And I know you can pull through this
Carter Ginter Aug 2017
When you left me
My heart imploded and
It felt like I died

But I was still breathing
And each breathe tasted like smoke
From the fire you lit inside me

I loved you and felt more
In my emotions and my body
Than I think I ever will again

The hot mix of love and anger coursed through my veins
While the cold sting of forgiveness and emptiness filled my lungs
And it left me a freezing, burning mess of confusion and contentment

You were awful to me most days
I cried myself to sleep to your silence
But if you were nice the next morning I rejoiced and felt happy again

Now I am rotting inside
Because what I feel for these women
Is not what I felt for you

I feel empty vibrations in the caverns of my chest
I hear depressing gongs in my ears as they tell me they love me
I feel nothing when I say it back

This guilt is a vine that grows throughout my body
It begins in my lungs and steals my breath away
And it forces my limbs to act without emotion

I am cursed with genes that promote impulsivity and high emotionality
And by a past muddied with traumatic events that still hinder my existence
And by my own choices that have led me to hurt so many innocent people
In my quest to find myself

I am so broken and I don't want pity
I just want to understand why
I ruin every good thing that enters my life

Every day I have to maneuver between reality and what's in my head
I cannot determine if what I feel is real or if it's just the result of years of repression
All I know is that my rotting insides are overgrown with vines that keep me moving
Even though I just want to die.
Jerry Apr 6
“When an injured athlete urge a comeback to field for love of game, his vulnerability toward previous muscle wound hinder his mental ability to go on with a full swing. Though, same rule implicate for people who hold bleeding pen to draw alphabetic emotions”

Yesterday I met one of those fragile birds. She carry fractured pen fingers under her beautiful skin, has curious eyes with strange shyness and a touched heart. The pursue of selflove somehow quelled her creative charm. I never expected to encounter someone so likeminded. She put away her pen to avoid emotions, identically similar reason made me quit this so-called ability which once lured bunch of close friends and many others who never knew the face behind these emotionally colored pages...

Wish I could feel her feathers and let her touch my scars, but her shivering Fragile Soul stopped me to become a...
‘Bad Boy She Craves For...’
Chrissy Ade Sep 2018
When they greet her each morning
The clouds will always kiss the sky,
softly taint her with their love
grooming her for a beautiful day

But do they know that nothing they do
will ever hinder her from hiding her truth?

She can beckon the rain to pour gently,
even descend fiercely as a wild shower
release a luminous shock of white,
striking against her nakedness
accompanied by the bellowing thunders
the ones that cause even the strongest
to tremble as trepidation hugs their bones

-- when she finds it necessary--

Her actions are not contingent
upon the desires of those who
only want the easier side of her
To love her is to accept her wholly
and truthfully for everything she is
Critiques, Comments, CC and Feedback is much appreciated
violavics Jul 2017
In the midst of all this
there lies a cloud, peeking above from the river tops
unwilling to be smothered with the flocks of crows
and it shows just what it desires –
Rays that almost seem blinding;
Only kind that boosts energy
Hinder the loss that was once expected

Unhidden silence lingers through day and night,
Triggering what was forgotten
Had it not been for the laughter
She would have become more senile
But could it be that she knew all along?
That there is a certain order to the
Counterfeits and deficit mischief?
Once a tot,
then a youngster
who was reassured thoughtlessly
Transcending into
the woman
who she wanted to be

Starting the day off with caffeine;
ending the day with caffeine
it is now a routine that is hard to break
but it is the only medium that she can dive into --
an exquisite ensemble.

Earthy fixtures of land oozes pungent smoke from railroads,
paving the doubt that squanders unknowingly.
Or at least it would be the last on her mind
Before it crawls back up, swallowing the good first and then the bad:
filling up the lungs,
the heart,
and eventually
the innermost.
June 25, 2017
Semihten5 Nov 2018
tired our horses
from centuries ago
winds like knives
cut off speeds
hinder to dreams
by road conditions

or else we will wake up  to the cliff edge
Donkere sneeuw valt op en in
jouw hoofd.
Als ik het twee maanden
geleden had voorspeld,
had niemand me geloofd.
Het is een soort die niet smelt,
ophoopt en je geest verdooft.
Hij blijft maar vallen,
soms wat meer, soms wat minder.
We zien dat aan jouw wallen.
Toch ondervinden wij
in steeds grotere mate hinder
en vragen we ons af:
'Wat vind jij?'
Kan je het nog dragen?
Haddy Jobe Apr 2018
I left him in the alley
Derailed as much as me
I’d thought I’d won the lottery
When I met him by the sea

Thought he’d be a blessing
He’d give loving me his all
That he’d try to give me comfort
That our life together would be a ball

I looked and found him handsome
Decided not to consult my brain
But when dawn came
It revealed he was a pain

A wedding ring adorned my finger
Pretty irony indeed
For with its prettiness came much ugliness
Him behaving like a ****

Did nothing but hinder my progress
He had my success in a choke hold
Wanted me to be the adult
While he acted like a three year old

Demanding extra privileges
Expecting that I do his chores
To him I was daddy and mommy
I’d  simply had it with the tantrum wars

With his antics, I was fed up
A proper one hundred percent
I placed a notice in his window
Saying help wanted ‘’Job for rent’’
Gods1son Jul 11
Hey Star,
As you sparkle in the night sky
My wishes are: That
Great ideas continually glitter in my mind
May fear never win over my ideas
May comfort never hinder my growth
May I never be my own enemy
May I live to my fullest potentials
Dearest Star,
Hope these are not too much to ask?
I promise you,
I'll never cease to play my part!
Napolis Apr 20
and I think
of you
the falling

drop nourishes
within me
a dangling
thought that
I have
of you.

my heart
beats to
the rhythm
of your smile
and dances
to the  sound
of your
on this Sunday

and my sighs
ache to the
echo of your
desires as
you move
across our

the passages
and space
between us,

revealing the
reflections of

the wizards
inside us
revealed with
the curtains
of our hearts
fully withdrawn.
on this Sunday
morning rain
with you..

afternoon thoughts 2/28

and I
will lay
me down
under the
isles of
your smiles,

and reach up
to your eyes
and sing to
your soul.
and beg to
your reason,
and dance
your circumstance
over and
over again.

like waves
making love
on some
distant shore,

I bend and
breach upon
you deep
and full,
bringing down
thunder upon
your crests.

and then
retreating still
to deep waters.
to fall in
love with
your smile
all over

afternoon thoughts  3/17

and the
of your eyes,
and the
sudden stir
of your hearts
finds me
here beside
you a captive
to your

no boundaries
to hinder me
no fences to
be mend,

of first kisses,
and the
of old friends.
Kelsey Granick Sep 2018
The idea of love has crossed my mind;
it is so hinder to the heart, yet so hard to find.

Never have I thought this feeling would fade;
        back to the day I was in so much pain.

There is so much to remember,
         till day – till dawn;

that my heart can’t find the spark
        that seems totally gone.

As each day passes I feel internally numb,
        to the point where my heart can’t feel the love.

My love runs so deep, yet my heart is saying another.
        No way out, my mind is in a cluster.

Each day passes and I feel the same,
        I hope one day the numbness will go away.

                                                             ­        - Kelsey Granick
Gods1son Oct 2018
It was 9 hours drive to Chicago
From my base, Toronto.

On the first day of the trip
It was 30% chance of rain but it rained heavily
My first lesson, I don't need 80% chance of success before I make a move.
We went under the rain and visited all the places we planned to, it was a lot of fun
My second lesson, don't let obstacles hinder you from making your moves.

On the second day of the trip
We were at Sky Deck, a tower to view the entire city from the top
But the weather chose to be foggy with zero visibility for the entire day
We left Sky Deck and did other things

On the third day of the trip
We faced Sky Deck and the weather was bright
My third lesson, sometimes you just need to be patient
We were at Sky Deck and the queue was the longest I've ever seen
And we couldn't get in
My fourth lesson, some things won't just work and it takes courage to accept that and move on.

We left Chicago and returned safely to my base
Grateful for a peaceful and fun filled trip.
Harry Roberts Jun 25
Illusions and comforting lies I lay with each night
Though these are my ties to this earth
These voices just hinder my worth
These thoughts just kindle my fright,
Will I be alright?

Paths how they diverge I lean to the left
Selling my blood so my hearts is bereft
Drop down I'm dead oh this bit's in jest
Frame as a joke before they digest.

Make it mean nothing, alas I digress.
Michael Mar 14
Describing a User Trial
(a Section Commander's story)

In Vietnam I most enjoyed the ambush because it is static.
And if you use your head you can **** from comfort without the need
For fire-and-movement which is a physical business at the best of times.
And in ambush you are often placed as part of a group, without responsibilities; Because they are assumed by that particular ambush commander,
Which is a relief and relaxing.

Most ambushes are triggered at night, but this one happened by day.
It was company sized, and memorable for other reasons too.
3 Section, my section, was deployed in three groups like an elbow:
Two being part of the killer-group and the other one part of flank-protection.
That's where I was, on the flank.
It was the Dry-Season.

Although it was a good killing-ground I was concerned by the
Lack of cover to our particular front; that is the part of the ambush for which I was
Responsible. My concern was the track because it curved about my section's elbow, And we, the flank-protection, could not see more than six feet through the thick, Secondary growth that grew between it and us.
It made for good concealment, but would never hinder an assault.

The plan was that the Platoon Commander would trigger the ambush with his M16.
He would know when to do this because our Platoon Sergeant had been given
Some sort of box dial, attached by wire to two metal spigots. These were
Buried in the ground one hundred metres to either flank of our position to transmit, They said, the ground vibration of the enemy's approach. It was on trial and had not Been used before. A neat devise for early-warning we supposed.

Our Claymores were sited to cover the killing-ground.
They were to be detonated so soon as the Platoon Commander fired his weapon.
3 Section's mines were under the control of lance-corporal Frank Chambers.
He was clever. He could compile workable, section piquet lists, with staggered sentry times. Try doing that in the rain. I never could.
So I was content with my lot, excepting this patch of secondary growth to my front.

As I remember it the day was hot and very lazy. We had a man alert in every group
And the guns were manned. Otherwise we sprawled at ease, hunting shade,
Fantasy, mind-escape. Sergeant Maloney will give plenty of warning;
Remember the o-group? Those spigots live on the end of one hundred metres of wire And will transmit the ground vibration of any approaching footfalls.
One hundred metres is a fine, relaxing distance - we thought.

But then it happens; without warning the day erupts:
With a shattering, terrifying, and continuing roar the daylight turns black.
A rolling, cloud of grey dust puts out the Sun. Something hot plinks my side. There is Too much noise. And in the raging dark my mind begins to scream:
'What happened to the ****** signal, John? The ******* early warning'.
And I begin to hurl hand-grenades as high and as far to my front as I can:

Take up the grenade.
Rotate the safety bail (Why didn't we have these in Australia?).
Ease out the pin, rise up; draw back the arm,
Let fly the lever. Hurl the grenade.
Count two, three, crouch, take up the grenade.

Ingleburn might raise its hands in horror but my air-bursting hand-grenades
Are based on the premise that we have engaged a small, advance party of the enemy.
And I want to deter it's main-body forming up on the other side of my bit of
Scrub then assault through it from the dead ground.
And remember we are blind. Hence, take up the grenade,
Rotate the safety bail, ease out the pin, etc.

Memory has the action lasting many hours, a long, long time.
But in reality it must have been all of two minutes before the noise begins to falter And the echoes of the guns slowly fade away.
And the World, unmoving in the awful silence,
Slowly turns to white
Beneath the settling dust.

Through the quiet, distant voices, begin to murmur.
‘Cease-fire’ is ordered and the day resumes.
I pass the order on then change my magazine.
Frank comes over with the Section's casualty and ammunition count.
No one has been hurt but we have used a lot of ammunition.

Frank reports 'three "Nogs" moving into the killing-ground.'
One noticed a claymore and Frank says he had no option but to fire.
He is nonchalant, unexcited about the killing.
When he has gone I lean into the shade of a tree and light up a cigarette while Reflecting on the body out there alone and still, and sweating in the Sun.

Finishing my cigarette I go to find our Platoon Commander. He is with the Major.
At CHQ, while Ronny Jarvis curses (we did use a lot of ammunition),
Guy Baggot inspects my ****** side with interest. 'A bit more to the right
Would have given you a ****** good scar.' He says.
What happened to the early warning device? The dial, the cable and the spigots
Go out with the next chopper. We never hear of them again.
This was a trial, an experiment that did not work. It was like when they wanted to trial dehydrated rations which we received - in the dry season. We hated those boffins, but in those days we hated everybody who was not us.
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