Unrequited Love Nov 2015

He made sure to show I belonged to him.
And of course his trade mark,
was a bruise.

Ashley Nicole Jan 2015

The only bruise he should ever leave on you
Is a hickey

Ashley Nicole Nov 2014

Leave a mark
So I know I wasn't just dreaming

AJ Jun 2015

You're a hickey on my neck,
bruised and red,
marking your territory,
refusing to fade.

Brian C Sep 2015

“That’s so high school,” they say.
“What are you, fifteen?” they ask.
But why?
I call them battle wounds,
And you’ve always hated that.
But why?
What we do in bed is who we are
Let me carve valleys into your back
With my sharpened fingers.
Puncture my legs with your jagged nails
Until I stain the ocean dark, dark black.
Claw, bite, rip, tear, gnaw
Your way to my heart.
Take it in your mouth and crunch down,
Until we mix into one. Until we are.
What were we?
Friends, acquaintances, lovers, enemies, strangers,
It doesn’t matter anymore. Now we’re one.
I will leave whatever marks on you I can,
Be they out of love and passion.
I will colonize your skin, make my home in
Every pore and crevice.
I will mark what is mine in that moment,
Out of fear that you will be gone tomorrow.
Do the same to me. Make me yours.
Strip my identity from my bones,
Replace my flesh with you, with us, with this.
Your friends’ lovers don’t leave marks like that?
Your friends don’t know how to love like I do.
We are what we do in bed,
and I leave marks.

Isobel Leslie Apr 2014

You called it a love bite
Like the word hickey would burn in your mouth
and strip away the taste of her still on your lips

You called it a love bite
Because hickey sounded like troubled teens
and stained sheets

You called it a love bite
Because her perfume still stuck to your shirt
and you didn't want to take it off

You called it a love bite
because you loved her
But you knew she called it a hickey
and nothing more.

Let him go. Just because he loves you doesn't mean you own him. Let him go.
Natalie Oct 2014

The valley of my neck
the landscape of my jaw,
is toxic with the
your teeth dared not avoid.

Oct 9 2014
rook Nov 2014

there's a certain elegant aesthetic in the discoloration
of a bruise on pale skin
of knowing that yes, higher up means you are in big trouble
but higher up also means
the world can see
that she is

short and not what i wanted to say and not true at all
September Jun 2016

you loved me good, but
he hated me better. i'm
a sucker for passion, oh,
the thought of him still

devante moore May 2016

A blemish
Purple and red
What went through your mind
At the time
As she sucked on you
And her lips touched your neck  
Was there panic or distress
Or where you so far gone
You didn't care she was attached to your neck
Where was the respect
And now this relationship is a mess
Still in recovery
Unable to move to the next step
How could you betray me
You shattered the trust
Just for one day
But hay  
Enjoy the memory
If that hickey
That wasn't given by me

M Catherine Nov 2015

They feel like breathing
For the very first time
And the only thing I can gasp
is your name and I'm
finally pretty damn close
to feeling happy, maybe free
It doesn't matter if people
stare and laugh because I'll be
In different mindset
High in those clouds
That smell of your jacket
and the echo of your name loud.
They squeal when they do the math
put two and two together
They spit out my name like
disbelief, but there are worse to weather.
Clothes pulled and coats cover
The prints I'll never explain
to my parents, for they'd not understand
How much I crave for you again and again
They call you the pervert, the gross one
obsessed with the next hookup
But it's really mostly me
whose sex drive will really drub.

Catherine Marie Sep 2016

Your lips
run through my skin
Painting portraits
of your feelings,
in shades of red and purple.
How could I desire
sugar coated lies
in my ears
when I can see clearly,
every thought
in your mind
written all over my skin.

The hickeys faded as the bruises began appearing
As if we find the bruises on each other more beautiful
Maybe we're meant to be together so that we don't hurt anybody else

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