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September Roses May 2018
Does my life want to end itself
I know I'm not one to have these thoughts given a bubbly personality
But every day it seems my life drifts farther from reality
I cry
I scream
      to no one

Maybe if they find me leaking out the back of my skull
They will look back to find signs they know would tell
But there were no signs
I'm that good

Every waking moment tests my grip
As my eyes twitch my mind slips

I've lived a life of shattered smiles
Broken songs
****** up lies
But I put back the pieces so well every morning no one can tell
I'm that good
For all worried
I'll tell you don't worry
It's just poetic
dian casile May 2015
What are you longing for
Don't drown in the waves of blue
Because tonight, the sky will bring the moon for you
Let's bloom
Unfold your beauty
The stars will light up to see you
~ dian casile
acm Jan 2018
but do you
       even know
that you don't
        to do
any of it?
Armand-DeamoJC Aug 2018
I wonder if death is the pen
in the story of my life
and that life is the paper
like the canvas of an artist
I wonder if the pen burst
or if I have a creative author
I wonder and wish even more
that my paper can just end
and my story can be published
in your library of life
I wish, oh I wish
the paper will befriend the pen
like the beauty tamed the beast
and the sugar of sin held him tight
To my great friend Duncan, I'll miss you buddy. He's grown very sick, with an unknown disease yet, but chances are slim
Hey, you
Do you know,
that I love you?
Do you know,
that you are dearer to me,
than all the bats,
In all the caves of the world?
Do you know,
that I will do,
for you?
Do you believe,
every word,
I say is true?
Hey, you
look at me,
let me hold your hand,
You do know,
you are the most important thing,
to ever exist in my life?
XxxJun Jan 6
We say hey!!!
But actually at the time,
It's the ending.

We say bye!!!
But actually at the time,
It' the begining.

Today it's ending for us,
Until the time
Making for us (again)

I'll waiting for u,
To say...
Cathyy Jul 2014
Hey there Christina,
What's it like to roam the city
When there's boys and girls who look at you, thinking;
'Isn't she so pretty?'
Well yes you are..
You're the prettiest soul in the world by far, but why are you so far?

Hey there Christina
What's it like being on stage?
I'm at home tonight writing this for you,
But i know you'll be just great
Give it all you've got..
Sing as if the microphones are off :')
Like i'm there to watch

But oh, what happened to us?
Cause oh how i've been missing you so much
And oh my love was never enough
But it's stronger now than it ever was

And Christina i can promise you
That by the time you read this through
I would have tried to live my life and get somewhere without you,
But i'd rather go back to square one with youu..

.. Hey there Christina,
I hope you always find a reason to smile,
Even if that smile is no longer because of me, I'm glad I meant something to you for a while,
And i'm still writing to you,
Every single day.
~ inspired by the classic 'hey there delilah' song aha!!
croob Nov 2017
Your fingers,
or soft
(I can't see
from here),
round your cart
and brush hair
from your face.
You look like
an oncoming ambulance.
You look like
your father
hates the life
out of you.
You pick out
a mango.
why do i have two poems set in grocery stores?
Bryce Jul 2018
And I will make sure that if anything were to happen,
It would do little to affect you.

It's not everyday
You find a goose that lays eggs
With speckled jewels and golden flakes

The world is full of incongruity
And there's no doubt about the certainty
That something bad may happen,
And we don't want that, do we?

So listen carefully.

The world is a giant carboniferous spicule
Hanging in a nest of hydroxic gas and particulae
Spinning within the gaps of a blackened dome
Of limitless space and out of control
There is no telling what way it will go
There is no prediction that has fortold
Any number of moments in this tumbling slumber
Between the darkest **** and the further horizon

I so deftly advise you with all certification
To please place your bets and fly by echolocation
Your eyes will mislead, your ears will displease
And there is no way we can refund divine warranties

This machinery
has a half life of quarks
And energies that vibrate into other orbits
Retaining the spin and informative piece
Of that golden goose let loose amongst the canopy
Of dark,
off into neverland, straight on
Till new morning,
Beyond the stars

So please good sir don't migrate away from me
I have so much to give and such pain I have seen

Those that fatten their goose with **** till it quacks,
Those ravenous souls who ate their gift for a snack,
And when life finally cuts them down to their last,
They will howl and yowl and pray that goose back.

This is a game,
Have a good little laugh
Don't waste your time or your money
On a daffy Aflack

Policy that keeps you policed to the earth,
No way to fly,
Stuck in the dirt.
That is no way to live in the dream,
That is no way to let death trickle in

So please, pretty please, make sure you have coverages
And a couple extra dollars in the pocket of those jeans
Wander freely, you great big atomic bomb, you.
Do catastrophic damages and I'll pay your dues.

Ride the road coast to coast,
Fly a bird 'round the world,
Take a truck till you're home,
Find a love you can trust.
Find a place where your egg
And your legs seek nowhere else
Lay down those roots,
It's Eden or bust.
GulRukh Jun 2018
I fall for you
cause my heart needs love to brew
and i am aware
but i started to care
you are heavy fog of the morning
and i am of a kind that blooms in spring
I need you
to love me
cover me in this dew
I can beg you to fall
but i can't hold you at all
you'll wet everyone
but own by none
He loved someone else and I knew it from the start but I don't know why I still want him
Jerry Vital Aug 2018
Can I have a little bit whisky?
Just so I can feel a little bit tipsy
In a jiffy

Can I lean on your shoulder?
Like a frightened puppy at the shelter
So I can feel a little bit safer

Can I count on you?
When things in life are feeling so blue
Because I know you will always come through

Can I ask you to be patient with me
When my world is raging sea
And draining all your energy like a flea

Can you be my paragon?
With you around, I could go on.
Without falling off the wagon

Can I be your bro forever?
So we can grow old together
Reminiscing on life wonders we both had to discover
as Oct 2017
There was too much life in that man for him to...
2. It is possible to associate sadness with your name.
3. Strength now walks without a counterpart. She is tired.
4. Your un-presence billows louder than your renditions of "O Sole Mio" ever did throughout this home - throughout this heart
5. There will be no more music. Only everlasting echo
6. The sound of shuffling slippers was my favourite song
7. This house is now a museum. I am 5 years old, flashlight in hand, creeping creaky corridors. I stare as each of his artifacts slowly disappears before my very eyes.
8. We share the same shoe size
9. Now, when I remember him, I think of his hands - sturdy as he grates orange peel, fennel, Parmigiano-Reggiano, smooth as he stirs his shaving cream - Forever moving
10. This hospital is now a museum. I am 21 years old, sister's hand in hand. We all stare as he (yes, you) slowly disappears before our very eyes
11. There was too much life in that man for him to be ever silenced by un-music box
12. There was too much life in that man for anyone to be able to fill his shoes
13. There was too much life in that man for him to disappear with artifact body
14. Now, this man, he is somewhere untouched - the smell of orange and fennel fill his pockets (saved for rainy days). He lives inside and out of The Music, with soles(souls) bouncing.
acm Oct 2018
(or why start smoking
in your late thirties)

a confession.

the w h i t e paper
thin, c r i s p
against tips
of fingers
with the t h i n n e s t lines of gold
the burnt umber
to the brown
to the beige
to the white
to the black
i n h a l e
suddenly i'm alive
i know because i can feel
then the
e x h a l e
each cycle a moment
suspended in time
the wisps of smoke
and finally
the smell
a n c h o r.

not what you expected?
Undone Apr 2018
Its 3:47 in the morning
You're asleep
I'm in ****

I want you to know that if you want someone to love, I’m available. Because the second I saw you I fell in love with all that you are. But you talk like we’re friends, and talk is all that matters these days.

So if I can’t sing you to sleep at night
I hope whoever does has a prettier voice.
love lost
Richard B Shick Sep 2018
Hey Cindy
what’s new
Sorry I haven’t text.

What has happened?
Did you leave me
for the next?

I decided,
To write you
this letter.

I’m doing ok,
Hope you're
doin better.

How’s the ****,
You still going to the gym.

Are you toning those abs
Are you getting really thin.

One thing
I do know,
Your beauty
will never die.

Just writting
this letter,
And Wanted
to say HI!!!

How are the babies?
Are They doin ok?

I miss our conversations,
I really must say.

Well hope all is well,
And you are Doing just fine.

I’ll leave you with that,
Not to waste to much time.
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