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Harriet Cleve Jun 2019
Herbert Spineless Springbottom looked immaculate in his three piece, navy, woolen suit. There in the mirror, his image looked back with protracted pride. His tie was a royal red and knotted in the shelby style. His shoes were blacker than a lump of fresh coal and gleamed of gratuitous affluence.

'Will Sir be taking the suit and shoes home?' the tailor asked.

'No, I don't quite like the cut of it'

'It makes me look small and from a lower station in life'

This was a remarkable statement by any stretch of an exaggeration.

Herbert stood six foot seven and held no position in life or society.
His bank account was non existent and his brazen neck was harder than a hangmans smile.

'No, let it out at the shoulders and I will collect it next Saturday',

Herbert knew he would not be returning and walked out with a head full of unbridled contemplation.

His ego needed flattering and this episode restored his view of himself as a lost son of high society.

As he turned into a side street he walked past an an Army Surplus Store. There he beheld the uniform of a **** Third ***** SS officer.

' The uniform in the window' he said to the shop assistant.
' I want to try it on'

'All of it, Sir?' came the reply

'Yes! The Jackboots, cap, everything'
'Also the Iron Cross'

'Yes Sir'

' The changing rooms are just behind that grey door to your left'

Herbert stood in his full height and gazed upon his image.

Even though he despised the Nazis he was a student of History; knew there were some good men amongst them.
Stauffenberg was one of those officers. That brave man who tried to assassinate ****** and paid for it with his life.

His image gazed back and he gave the salute in mock indignation.
He looked official and authorative. The Aryan glint in his eye.
Then he clicked his heels sharply and thought he saw something in the mirror which would have unnerved a lesser man.
A ******* flag seemed to flutter in the wind. He reached out to the mirror and incredibly it became a portal to **** Germany.

Steadily he stepped in and looked on with incredulity.

All around him were **** supporters and officialdom.

He held his nerve and when he spoke it was in fluent German.

A staff car pulled alongside him.

'Reichsmarshal Fokker! We have been looking for you!

'The Fuhrer wants to see you immediately!'

'Our orders are to take you to his quarters'

Herbert Spineless Springbottom turned around and the shop was no longer there. He eased himself into the staff car and a strange sensation overtook him. He was about to change the course of the War. ****** was about to meet his greatest nemesis ever.

A man from the future. A man who despised ****** and tyranny everywhere. A capable, charming man with a brazen neck harder than a hangmans smile. Herbert Spineless Springbottom.

****** stood facing Herbert.

Herbert stood ***** and threw out his arm in salute.
'Heil ******!'

******'s sullen face broke into a smile.

Herbert was brought into the War room and shown the battle plans for an invasion of Britain.

Churchill didn't know it but Fate had intervened in his favour.

The exploits of the most unlikeliest hero, Herbert Spineless Springbottom, were about to begin.
ottaross Nov 2013
[Hint - it's fun to read this one out loud :) ]*

Upon a crusty and spinning crag
Herbert's trusty craft did set,
Out beyond the path of Mars
In an asteroid belt they met.

Picked from out of thousands there
He selected a rocky home,
The perfect kind of rocky mass
To end his spacely roam.

First Ceres was too large and bold
And Pallas was too pale,
Old Vesta flew with sluggish wings
And Hygiea seemed too frail..

Ah, Sylvia seemed a likely rock
And her orbit seemed fine too,
But t'was Juno caught his eye at last
So what else could he do?

He sat his craft upon that rock
And loosed his robot throng,
Soon they mined and smelted ore
And built a structure strong.

That dome rose up with welded struts
To stand on a bright-lit plain,
The jewel-like panes filled out the place
O'er that kingdom he would reign.

Industrious 'bots and a stately home
So there did Herbert rule,
O'er a stark and rocky, lonely view
In the asteroid belt so cruel.

T'was far away to the nearest soul
No one to share Herb's tea,
To simply chat or share a bite
How lovely would that be?

Deep beneath old Juno's crust
'Bots mined for all their worth
Pulling out rare stuff and gems
And sending them to Earth.

But all the gold and diamond stones
Could hardly even start,
To fill the void that Herbert felt
Where he knew he kept a heart.

Yet, several rocky asteroids out
Across that rocky belt,
Another set upon her task
With ores and **** to melt.

Past Callisto and Iris zones
Where Cybele and Psyche spin
Fair Susanna tended Hektor's mines
Of silver, zinc and tin.

Now orbits often twist and dance
And trade with one another,
Where one boulder once was kin
There soon will be some other.

T'was thus that Herbert's Juno rock
Slowly made it's way,
To catch-up Susie's Hektor world
And shadow it one day.

Sue looked out her glass abode
To see what blocked the sun,
Then seeing Juno with its mines
A visit seemed like fun.

Toward a spot near Herbert's ship
Suzanna's came a-falling,
Imagine Herbert's bright surprise
Seeing visitors a-calling.

A shapely suit with bubble head
And jet-pack soon came floating,
To Herbert's door that afternoon
The sight had him emoting.

"Well hello there friend, and who are you
That to my rock comes knocking?"
"Just another miner fool
Whose sun your Juno's blocking"

"In just a little while, I'm sure
Our asteroids will part,
So why not stay a little while
And a friendship we can start?"

Double shipments soon they made
To send away to Earth
While their robots toiled each day
The sweethearts shared their mirth.

Great love did our Herb and Susie share
Built on those pleasant talks
And soon a tractor beam they fixed
Between their drifting rocks.

And still today in spacers' lore
They talk about that tether,
That linked two hearts among the rocks
Two asteroids bound together.
Michael John Jul 2018

give me my lifes´
the day crowded bright
and the night sumptuous..

give me my pretty wife
where love at first sight
bind us..

give us two souls blithe
fused as light within light
sweet bounteous..

let us soar and dive
like content swallows might
time in lost happiness..

( and let trouble and strife
bind-us the more tight
like our first kiss..)

give then to two one life
white to white
whole as stars

as love unto death
might break apart
and ride the cosmos..


the jonah by james herbert
a heist goes wrong and a colleage
is shot..

just another debacle for our hero
in a long list
that has him transferred to the

drug squad and east anglia..
to live in a caravan..
keep his eye on the locals

and drink strong beer..
ellie his partner
makes him eat

and they fall in love
though various tentions rise
due to his troubles..

some flash backs
a left baby in a toilet
sadistic stuff at the orphanage..

bullies and dodgy collars
his step father is strict
he is an ornothologist..

there are drug related incident
a dead vole
a us pilot bites the farm..

some little boy thinks he
can fly..
the water supply
some pilfering

some heavy knocks
some bad lies
some kitchen

small potatoes
but all part
of mr herbert´ s charm..

a huge storm
the spooky old mill
a wild trip..

and regression
bad men
bad men..

lot´ s of struggle
the raw products
towed in by trawler

assembled by the knights
and a lost twin..

a monster in the flood
where others die
a maitre d..

a ***** salesman and
his girl in a caravan
the fishermen..

helicopters and
victory for
the forces of good..

and the jonah
gone and all
is light..

the end..
Lexander J Nov 2016
Herbert O' Doyle was a very simple man. Simplistic in his ways, simplistic in his tastes, he believed all good things in life were earned, rather than gained. You would think a rich man of his stature in his early 60's could sit back, put his feet up and relax. But Herbert despised the idea, for he was one to never be seen doing nothing - as he often quotes, doing nothing 'made his teeth itch'.

No, Herb was always doing something; from building new furniture to tending to the gardens, he was up and about 24/7. So much so, people who visited his Manor grounds surmised he ran on clockwork, an unfeeling machine unable to do nothing but grind on methodically through the day. Sadly, what the people didn't realise is that he was, in fact, at the mercy of his obsessive compulsive disorder - his own snarling little demon he'd had to live with for his whole life. If the hedges were not trimmed perfectly, the demon would snarl. If one of the visitor rooms looked too empty, the demon would snarl. If, goodness, a spoon was laid out of line, the demon would snarl, make his head whirl, only in correcting the anomaly would stop it gnawing at his stomach.

There was one advantage to having OCD, however, and that was he knew every corner and cranny of both the O' Doyle Mansion and the gardens outside. Well, that was what he'd thought, anyway.

For upon the morning of Saturday the 2nd August 2016, Herbert discovered a secret his predecessors had hidden, even from himself. A secret that defied common knowledge and that had probably brought about his late family's considerate wealth.

A secret that he would later come to wish he'd never known.

- - -

It was by sheer accident he'd discovered the shed. Upon clearing out the weeds and grasses that had started clogging the miniature river that ran through the gardens, he had slipped, tumbled into the water, and been left facing the back end of the river. The fall wasn't severe enough to hurt him, but enough to dislodge a few rocks in the river bank's side.

At first he saw nothing but dead leaves, mud and moss covered sandstone, but upon further inspection his eyes came across a sharp glint that caught in the sun's glare. To him it looked like a metal plate, or maybe a blade, rusted up and stained near beyond recognition. But, it was unmistakably metal. And whatever it was, it was horrifically out of place.

To say that it had been purely compulsion, not curiosity, that had led Herb to clear off the mud and rock from the bank could possibly be a lie - but to say that curiosity had not proceeded him to open the metal door behind definitely is. For as soon as Herb saw the sand chewn handle his mind immediately wanted to know what was beyond. And before he even knew what he was doing, the door was open and he was climbing inside.

- - -

It turned out the door led directly to a series of catacombs beneath the Manor grounds - something Herb had been completely oblivious to. Ever since a child he had lived here, brought up with his parents, shown the many secrets that hid within the grounds by his late father.

All apart from this one.

His father had disappeared long ago, his mother explaining that he'd found another woman and had left. Herb hadn't believed that, from the almost desperate plea in his mother's eyes to the fact he knew his father had loved his family, he couldn't help but think of it as a lie. And up until now, he had dismissed that thought - for if his father hadn't run away, where was he? But finding this cavern of wandering tunnels, he realised maybe his gut instinct had been right all along; could his father have got lost in these tunnels, unable to escape and subsequently died?

Or maybe he was still here, alive but not quite living.

Herb had shivered at that point. Thinking such thoughts in a dimly lit place like this would only cause his minds to play tricks. If he lost his head, or his way, he would never get back.

There was a very real danger he would suffer the same fate others down here probably had.

He shook his head, cleared the thoughts, and walked on - tirelessy trundling along until he finally came to a dead end where the rocky walls collided together.

- - -

What he'd found was far beyond amazing. Where the walls had closed together someone had crudely chiseled out a door way, 6ft high with a curved arch reminiscent of victorian architecture. The method was clumsy, the jagged stone sharp and even dangerously dagger-like in places. Just like teeth guarding a gaping mouth.

When Herb had finally gone through that doorway he had entered a vast hall, supported by limestone pillars, half eroded, and a floor lined with smooth granite slabs. The air inside was musky, almost miasmic, and stale. The very atmosphere itself was of death, as if the very oxygen that it consisted of had deceased. Even the stone walls resembled long abandoned corpses.

But these things Herb quickly disregarded, for lined in two perfect rows down both sides of the hall were twelve golden statues, sun-kissed and glinting amber in the light of his torch.

There were six on either side, some missing arms, other devoid of heads, but what tied all these masterpieces together was the deliberate attention to detail. And that they were all female.

He could pick out the minute hairs upon their bare arms, the slight bumps under the skin where the arteries knotted around their wrists. For those with heads, their hair flew out around them, as if caught in a summer breeze, and, most fascinatingly, Herb could gaze into their eyes and see the brushed lines of the iris and the miniscule veins around the edge of their sockets. The attention was precocious, compulsively perfect, and the result was dazzlingly beautiful.

When he'd eventually torn his eyes away from the statues, Herb's gaze fell upon the dankly lit shed sat right at the back of the hall. It was ugly, falling apart in places and obviously riddled with wood rot. Surrounded by the statues of gold, it looked sorely out of place, like a stray dog that's wandered onto a Crufts show.

Not even realising, he started towards it, by-passing the statues and their grimacing faces, instinctively seeking to open the shed door and peer inside. Why would this be down here? The sculptures are unexplainable but having a garden shed locked deep in some catacombs is even stranger. Maybe it's owner forgot about it... or wanted no one to ever find it.

And that's when he realised something was stuck to the bottom of his shoe, stopping him merely a few yards from the shed. Reaching down, he ripped it off and opened it up, the sprawling hand writing instantly denoting it was a note of some kind.

Ignorant to the sudden wind behind him that wheezed through the archway, Herbert started to read the final words of his long lost father.
- - -
1st story of my 'Tales from the Otherside' book - it's not finished yet.
Know you fair, on what you look;
Divinest love lies in this book,
Expecting fire from your eyes,
To kindle this his sacrifice.
When your hands untie these strings,
Think you’have an angel by th’ wings.
One that gladly will be nigh,
To wait upon each morning sigh.
To flutter in the balmy air
Of your well-perfumed prayer.
These white plumes of his he’ll lend you,
Which every day to heaven will send you,
To take acquaintance of the sphere,
And all the smooth-fac’d kindred there.
      And though Herbert’s name do owe
      These devotions, fairest, know
      That while I lay them on the shrine
      Of your white hand, they are mine.
Paul Hardwick Apr 2017
I know you will ask?
Who the hell is this?
Carn't tell you
but I will tell you this
to be judged by the cover
of his book's
anyway Herbert awoke oneday
sniffed a line
got up
only to find
Assadday was on it's way
chemicals had been used
they did another line
press a few buttons
and the missiles
went there way
The base of this
explodes into view

Now I am not saying
Herbert was bad
he did as other people thought
maybe the right way
or wrong
but that was done this day

Mr Herbert Dump
slepted well that night.

Love. ***.
Love YOu More.
HannahAlex Moody Mar 2013
As the warmth of the sunlight lightly kissed my cheeks,
I began to sob.
Of the realization of today's events intoxicated my mind.
I pressed ******* against the corner of a cross -
Inscribed into the wall by a fellow Conrad.
Who had also disobeyed, who had broken the rules.

Maybe they had committed mutiny
Or cowardice, or desertion.
Perhaps they were scared,
Perhaps they'd had enough,
Perhaps they just missed home.
We can only ever guess now,
Because dawn came and the pole stood tall.

Killed by their own. Friendly fire.
Who were also suffering and traumatized.
But for the act they were about to commit
Would not take it to the extremes that I had.
Or any of the people that had abused these 4walls before me.
Which one of them would do it?
What final blow would cause the end to my life?
Because for all of us it was never really if we died.
Instead the question was when.

My name is Herbert Morris
I am 17 years old.
I fought in the British West Indies Regiment, until
The date is 20th September 1917.
And today is the day.
For I had escaped
But they found me.
Joshua Dougan Jan 2017
Marcuse! Marcuse! Where the **** are you?
He moved to California and all he could do was argue.
Instead of gratitude through platitudes and assimilation,
He sought to change the west with his social trepidation.
A change is coming, from West to East
As society embraces that Germans beast.
"You're a ****** if I say so, an idiot racist with a scapegoat."
The only fun he ever had was raging in his raincoat.
The man was ungrateful and stole our academia.
Now all schools teach is his prepackaged mass anemia.
Purging true thought, cursing the whole lot while he's at it.
Burning loose crops, as each kids churning an addict.
Marcuse! Marcuse! where the **** are you?
Marcuse! Marcuse! How the **** could you?
If being inspired by others to speak on behalf of my own feelings and logic is bigotry or racist then so be it. It's time to move past political correctness and "social justice" and allow individual thought to flourish again. The radicalized left have kidnapped poetry and the arts and us as individual artists need to take it back.  Poetry was never non denominational, poetry was never non partisan. Be objective in everything. Art is to reflect passion sacrifice and most of all used to reflect the biases of the artist themselves.
Louche tang of the berthafly ink on your nape
has me flushed glutton for its underclass umami.
'Cross a Newkie Brown kristallnacht-scape,
you: hither, blacken ballet pumps from Primani.

No rugbytackle on a hungry subtle jackal,
but it's risky (tho', tbf, not that risky)
to smuggle rumpled, prisonrolled rosepetals
int'a Dean Rhetoric afterworld for Daddy.

Whilst lukewarm ****'s a phoenix's acronyx,
asbestos gelos defervesces not, my frisky
alderliefest ticklish like Chi-nickel crucifix.
Life's too brisk: fake a risk (in itself quite risky).

A poet's the kinda herbert in Herbert Pocket's pocket,
who thinks risque lagniappe from Aganippe
is lock of autumnal pubarche from Humbert Humbert's locket,
in sink where gooseberries were electrolysised lately.

Flightless bard 'mid diorama of nephograms
(steppensheep nebula, staffage in matteshot sky),
*****, erm, Withwords, who broadsides how wrong I am:
'Heart's excrescences risk poesy's arty chokey'.

In rejectionslip braille hail, papercut rain
of masterpiece confetti do we live dangerously,
in mastertape conshreddi of 99 bandnames.
But headliner suicides win poetry lottery.

Shelley stunt of dying strangely, strangely young
cures a vocabullinachinashoplairy,
becomes Voynich manuscrap of Symbolist shantung.
Full circle: silk wormfood determines vellumworthy.

Vicious circle: rosa rosa razor est est.
Vicious Coriolis: life plugholing w/ the hoary
sullage, balneal bisnatchizzle, a stringvest-
al Virgil's dregs refresh t'highwater Dante.

For what BBQpid matchmakes man w/ Beatrice,
Stonkahontas tormeting an odd 'n' furry
berk, poet whose amrita is thridace
strain of th'infidelity toxin, Beauty.

Which is how the risky Manic defined the
entartete source of fishy fiances,
la beaute du diable. But hybristophilia
to scorpions of Venus, to Hell on a tray,

is flipbride of poet wailing to be her DWEM lover,
a foxynoxynihilipilification proxy
for transfiguration by association w/ bete noir
of Beauty: beta noir bards are Death's humerus candy.
bisnatchizzle = a *****'s ***** hair
Noandy Dec 2016
Sebuah cerita pendek


Dalam alunan Wiegenlied milik Brahms, dimainkan dengan biola secara gusar dan takut,
Kau terbangun.

“Kalau kamu sudah hafal notasinya, percepat temponya. Seharusnya seperti itu.”
“Aku tidak mau,”
“Seharusnya seperti itu.”

Lalu kau kembali tertidur.

                                                     ­            ///

Aku tidak tahu kenapa kau terus tertidur, Dis. Aku selalu berharap agar kau dapat bangun, membuka jendelamu, dan membiarkan angin yang masuk dari jendela lantai sepuluh kamarmu itu mengawetkan matamu yang jarang sekali terbuka. Sudah selayaknya biru langit menghidupkanmu. Sudah sepatutnya suara sunyi pagi memenuhi telingamu yang selalu mengharapkan nyanyi. Tapi kau tidak selalu terbangun. Kadang hanya ragamu saja yang terbangun, sedang jiwamu entah di mana.  Kadang juga aku merasakan adanya dirimu, tapi kau tak dapat ditemukan di sekitarku. Aku dapat menemukanmu, sepertinya, dalam Wiegenlied milik Brahms yang biasanya mengantarmu menuju tidur yang lelap—sebagaimana acara anak-anak mengalunkan lagu itu menjelang pukul delapan malam.

Aku tidak tahu kenapa kau terus tertidur, Dis. Kau ingin selamanya tertidur. Pernah suatu saat, di antara kepulan bau thinner dan cat kayu yang tak kunjung hilang, kau mendekatiku dan berkata,

“Aku tahu sekarang kenapa kau ingin mati.”
“Aku ingin mati?”
“Aku tahu, aku ingin mati—juga.”

Aku bergurau,

“Ya sudah. Nantinya juga kita semua akan mati.”

Aku tidak tahu kenapa kau meninggalkan biolamu dan lebih memilih tertidur, kenapa kau memilih meninggalkan kita semua dan mengunci dirimu, kenapa kau hanya terbangun sesekali di jam dan waktu yang tidak umum. Semua orang mencarimu, dan tak ada yang tahu apakah kau adalah kau ataukah sekedar tubuh tanpa jiwa—mayat yang hidup. Kurasa kau sudah menjadi mayat hidup sejak kau katakan hal itu padaku. Kuharap kau juga memberi tahu alasan mengapa kau ingin tak bertubuh dan tak berjiwa.

Kau menggerogoti dirimu dari dalam, Dis. Kau melantunkan nina-bobo yang mengerikan untuk dirimu sendiri. Sebuah lagu pengantar tidur yang musik dan liriknya berisi pemujaan pada kematian yang kau dambakan. Berapa kali harus kukatakan kalau kita akhirnya nanti mati juga?

Minggu lalu kita berbincang panjang—tak jauh dari perihal tubuh, jiwa, dan takdir. Kau terlarut pada sekumpulan cerita H.P. Lovecraft yang kau pinjam dariku, dan senantiasa kau bawa tidur karena baunya mengingatkanmu padaku. Sepertinya bukan hanya bauku yang meracunimu tapi kisah-kisahnya pula. Herbert West: Reanimator, dan Hawa Dingin. Kau berpikir dan berandai jika tubuh yang tak lengkap dan seluruh organnya tak berfungsi, masih memiliki kemungkinan untuk bertahan apabila diawetkan dan jiwanya ada. Bagaimana kita tahu jika jiwa itu ada, Dis? Apa bedanya dengan roh? Apa pertandanya?

Tapi aku tetap saja larut dalam lamunanmu. Lebih baik kau terus berbicara daripada tertidur atau teler karena hal-hal yang kau teguk sembarangan di malam sebelumnya saat tak dapat terlelap. Lebih baik kau terus berbicara, aku suka mendengarkanmu berbicara karena derap suara yang kau lantunkan berjalan selangkah sama dengan milikku.

Entah apa akhir pembicaraan kita tentang roh dan jiwa itu, aku tak dapat mengingatnya. Yang samar-samar kuingat adalah, kau secara tidak langsung mengatakan bahwa yang terpenting dari sebuah kehidupan bukanlah tubuh—selama jiwa itu ada.

Lalu semenjak itu aku tak melihatmu mendatangi latihan lagi. Memang aku tak selalu memperhatikan latihan aktor yang bukan merupakan porsiku dalam pagelaran ini, tapi saat istirahat menggarap properti dan menjelajah kantin atau intip-intip para aktor yang latihan, tak juga kutemukan ragamu di sana. Apa kau ada di sana, mengikuti latihan  tapi tak ada yang dapat melihatmu? Memangnya ini cerita supernatural dan kau sedang melakukan proyeksi astral?

Semua orang membutuhkanmu untuk terus melanjutkan peran yang kau mainkan, Dis. Tapi apakah mereka peduli padamu? Aku tak seberapa yakin. Aku merasa mereka hanya memperdulikanmu atas dasar kepentingan itu, dan tak sepenuhnya menelisik masalah yang menggerogotimu dari dalam. Memang beberapa kali kau merasa malas, tapi aku yang bekerja di belakang panggung dengamu sejak tahun lalu ini percaya kalau kau tidak ingin tidur karena malas. Kau ingin tidur karena ingin jiwamu saja yang hidup, tubuhmu sudah terlalu lelah atas luka-luka dan lebam yang sudah sejak lama bersarang padanya, dan atas sesuatu yang menghabisinya dari dalam.

Malam itu, saat semua orang mengutuk namamu dan ketidakhadiranmu, aku tertunduk dan menyembunyikan mata di bawah topi hitamku—sesekali mencuri pandang ke jendela. Ada perasaan yang menyiratkan padaku bahwa kau juga sedang menoleh ke arah jendela, dan entah kenapa, aku mendadak berdiri  menuju balkon lantai dua—tiba-tiba aku takut jika kau sedang memiliki pikiran untuk lompat dari jendela kamarmu.

Mereka terus mengutuk namamu dan bagaimana kau mengecewakan, serta menyulitkan mereka. Tapi mereka tak pernah berusaha menghubungimu. Mereka hanya mengandalkanku dan Erma untuk terus mencarimu. Tidak ada yang peduli, Dis, tidak ada. Semua menyendirikanmu. Kau pun seolah tak peduli dengan mereka, sulit dihubungi melalui apapun.

Itulah yang membuatku bergegas menuju tempatmu—menaiki tangga darurat yang pengap tanpa jendela itu sampai ke lantai sepuluh. 1007, kamarmu. Setelah beberapa kali ketukan lembut tak kau perdulikan, aku menggedor keras pintu kamarmu sampai akhirnya kau bukakan dengan enggan. Celana pendekmu, kaus merah tidak karuan, kakimu yang terluka dan matamu, membara merah menyambutku. Jendela terbuka, angin menyelonong masuk dan menghantarkan bau alkohol serta asap rokok yang tersisa sedikit saja. Di antara bebauan yang mengaduk rasa itu masih dapat kucium jelas wangi parfummu—parfum berbotol biru yang umum, tapi baunya sudah kucap sebagai baumu. Tinggiku hanya sebatas lehermu, membuatku harus sedikit menengadah saat menatap matamu yang merah, merah, merah entah kau habis menangis atau kurang tidur atau mungkin terlalu banyak minum.

Aku tidak tahu kau habis menangis atau tidak, tapi aku menangis. Dan aku juga tidak tahu jelas mengapa tiba-tiba menangis. Bisa jadi karena aku begitu lega bisa bertemu denganmu, mungkin juga karena semua beban untuk mencarimu dibebankan padaku serta Erma sehingga emosiku lepas begitu saja saat bertemu denganmu. Aku tidak tahu. Aku langsung mendorong pundakmu untuk menyingkir dari pintu dan masuk tanpa izin. Alih-alih menghentikanku karena masuk tanpa permisi kau membiarkanku dan mengikutiku. Aku melihat buku Lovecraft-ku tergeletak di samping bantalmu dan seantero ruangan kacau balau.

Kita saling terdiam, dan tanpa mengucapkan sepatah kata, aku mencari sapu dan membereskan tempat tinggalmu.
Aku tak keberatan, kita sesama orang berantakan yang terserak dan sudah diatur untuk menata satu sama lain.

Angin terus berhembus dari jendela  dan kita duduk berhadapan. Alih-alih lampu kau ambil beberapa batang lilin dan nyalakan mancis sehingga deretan lilin itu terjejer membatasi kita. Aku menatap wajahmu dalam pendar merah lilin dan kau lakukan hal yang serupa.

“Tubuh yang sempurna bukanlah hal yang berarti untuk kehidupan.”
“Tanpa roh dan jiwa tubuh tak akan bisa bergerak, begitu?”
“Ya. Makanya, yang terpenting adalah jiwa. Bahkan dalam tubuh yang tidak sempurna seseorang dapat hidup—seperti para penyandang disabilitas.”
“Lantas mengapa orang-orang meregang nyawa karena tubuhnya terluka hebat?”
“Karena tubuh itu memberi celah bagi jiwa untuk merembes keluar.”
“Berarti jiwa butuh tubuh untuk dapat terus bertahan, kan?”
“Tubuh ini bukanlah cuma badan. Bisa saja sebuah benda lain yang mampu menampung jiwa. Lagipula roh dan jiwa dapat mengembara kemanapun.”

Aku, belum sepenuhnya paham hubungan antara tubuh dan jiwa dan roh versimu, memilih diam dan mengalihkan topik dengan membujukmu untuk kembali ke kampus dan datang latihan untuk pagelaran yang akan kita tampilkan, semua orang mencarimu.

Kau mendorong jauh mancismu sehingga masuk ke kolong laci lalu mengangguk lemah. Melihat tubuhmu menjadi jauh lebih kurus, aku tak tega mendesakmu terlalu jauh. Aku berniat mengambilkan mancismu dan menyadari bahwa kau menyembunyikan tas biolamu di bawahnya sehingga aku turut mengambilnya. Kala aku merogoh, aku ingat mendengarmu berkata lirih “bagaimana jika kita hidup tanpa tubuh?” sehingga aku menyahut,

“Maksudnya tanpa tubuh?”
“Tubuh dan jiwa sebagai dua hal yang terpisah. Tapi jiwa dan roh tetap satu.”
“Tapi kalau terpisah, menurutku jiwa atau roh akan hilang sepenuhnya karena tidak ada yang menahannya. Seperti wangi yang lambat laun menguap.”
“Bagaimana jika kubilang  kita sedang dikerumuni oleh jiwa-jiwa tak bertubuh?”
“Hah, apa, Dis?”
“Seolah jiwa dan tubuh itu terpisah saat sedang tidur. Aku ingin tahu apa kondisi itu juga bekerja pada kematian. Aku ingin tahu mati itu seperti apa rasanya—apakah seperti tidur—dan lebih lagi, aku ingin membuktikan apabila yang dibutuhkan bukanlah tubuh yang sempurna. Jiwaku yang penuh sesal ini menggerogotiku dari dalam. Waktu demi waktu. Perlahan-lahan.”
“Sudah, Dis. Tidur saja, kamu terlalu penat. Jangan ingin mati dulu, nanti kita juga akan mati kok.”

Kau melintasi pagar lilin yang kau buat sendiri dan bersandar di sampingku lalu tertidur. Aku yang belum ahli memainkan biola mencoba merekam permainanku.


Dalam alunan Wiegenlied milik Brahms, dimainkan dengan biola secara gusar dan takut,
Kau terbangun.

“Kalau kamu sudah hafal notasinya, percepat temponya. Seharusnya seperti itu.”
“Aku tidak mau,”
“Seharusnya seperti itu.”

Lalu kau kembali tertidur.
Aku mematikan perekam suara pada ponselku, dan entah kapan, aku tertidur. Jendela masih terbuka karena dapat kurasakan semilir anginnya. Langit hitam tak menyegarkan. Hitam bak tidurku tanpa mimpi.


Aku kedinginan dan terbangun. Lilin-lilin sudah memendek dan mati tertiup angin, kau tak ada di sebelahku. Jalan menuju jendela kuraba dengan memegangi perabot, aku memegangi jendela dengan kedua tanganku untuk ditarik ke bawah. Kepalaku otomatis kukeluarkan sejenak untuk melihat pemandangan sekitar dan apa yang sedang terjadi di dunia bawah.

Dalam pendaran lampu jalan yang posisinya cukup jauh dan paving yang mungkin hangat-hangat dingin, aku dapat melihat sebuah tubuh tergeletak berbalut kaus merah dan rambut berantakan. Kaus merah yang kuyakin milikmu, entah berlumur darah atau tidak. Aku mencabut kunci dari tempatnya dan membanting pintu, turun lalu mengitari gedung untuk mengambil tubuhmu yang terkulai di bawah sembari berusaha agar tidak terlihat oleh siapapun.

Bercucuran keringat dingin aku menyeka luka di dahimu agar tak lagi terlihat darahnya dan aku dapat naik kembali ke kamarmu tanpa perlu dicurigai.

Sesampainya di kamarmu aku terduduk dan menggerayangi lantai mencari mancismu. Aku menyalakan semua lilin dalam bentuk lingkaran mengelilingi kita. Kupeluk jasadmu dan kubiarkan darah dari kepalamu terus mengucur di tanganku.

Tuhan, jangan biarkan ia mati.
Aku tahu tak akan mungkin ia dapat kembali ke dalam tubuhnya yang telah memberi celah bagi jiwa untuk keluar ini.
Aku tak tahu kenapa kau terus tertidur, Dis. Dan akhirnya tertidur kekal sebelum waktunya. Jangan tidur dulu, Dis,
Jangan tidur dahulu sebelum waktunya.
Sungguh aku tak paham apakah kau masih di dalam ruangan ini atau sudah hilang, sirna sepenuhnya. Seperti wangi seperti wangi seperti wangi.

Memenuhi tanganku.

Jangan pergi, jangan pergi.
Aku membersihkan lukamu dan membalut perban yang kudapat dari kotak P3K dengan meraba-raba wastafel di dekat dapur.
Aku membersihkan lukamu meski tak dapat rasakan nafasmu lagi.

Ponselku menyala, dan memutar sebuah rekaman tanpa aku menyentuhnya.


Dalam alunan Wiegenlied milik Brahms, dimainkan dengan biola secara gusar dan takut,

“Kalau kamu sudah hafal notasinya, percepat temponya. Seharusnya seperti itu.”
“Aku tidak mau,”
“Seharusnya seperti itu.”

Akhir rekaman.*
Aku tertidur memeluk jasadmu.


Angin masih masuk dari  jendela yang tak jadi kututup. Aku melepaskan jasadmu dan mengambil biola yang tergeletak dengan tangan berlumur darah. Memainkan Wiegenlied—Lullaby.

Dalam alunan Wiegenlied milik Brahms, dimainkan secara resah dan basah,

“Sudah kubilang, percepat temponya.”

Aku terkesiap, namun tak menoleh ke arah jasadmu. Kuteruskan bermain dengan peluh bercucuran dan gesekan tak karuan, menghapus darah yang mengering di tanganku.

“Ternyata memang sudah selayaknya aku berkabung atas jiwaku. Bahkan  setelah terlepaspun, ia masih saja merintih penuh sesal dan tanya.”

Not terakhir,
Aku menoleh,

Mulutmu menganga dan mengatup seolah mencari nafas, menganga, menganga
Matamu tak berkedip menatapku, terlentang, memandang lurus ke arahku.
Ke arah jendela, langit yang biru, angin, nyanyi,
Lalu kau kembali tertidur.

                                                      ­           ///

Aku tidak tahu kenapa kau terus tertidur, Dis. Aku selalu berharap agar kau dapat bangun, membuka jendelamu, dan membiarkan angin yang masuk dari jendela lantai sepuluh kamarmu itu mengawetkan matamu yang jarang sekali terbuka. Sudah selayaknya biru langit menghidupkanmu. Sudah sepatutnya suara sunyi pagi memenuhi telingamu yang selalu mengharapkan nyanyi.
Untuk.. Kau tahu untuk siapa.
Ekemini Nelson Mar 2016
When God at first made man,
Having a glass of blessing standing by,
Let us (said He) pour on him all we can:
Let the world's riches,which dispersed lie,
Constract into a span.

So strength first made a way;
The beauty flowed,then wisdom,honour,pleasure:
perceiving that alone of all His treasure
Rest in the bottom lay.

For if I should (said He)
Bestow this jewel also on my creature,
He would adore My gifts instead of Me,
And rest in Nature,not the God of Nature:
So both should losers be.

Yet let him keep the rest,
But keep them with repining restlessness:
Let him be rich and weary,that, at least,
If goodness lead him not, yet weariness
May toss him to My breast.
The pulley is written by George Herbert one of my favourites classic poet,The pulley is a recommended poem for JAMB in literature syllabus......I feel honored to share his poem on my page.

The poet makes his readers feel the psychology of God in the the creation of man.God has offerred everything to man,which he desires.But God being the supreme power keeps man unders His control by not giving him the most noteworthy thing,which is ''Rest''.

1,)The Plan and prank of God,in
the creation of man.
2,)God's role in man's trouble.
L B Oct 2017
Andi Balise combined a half page of a short story, “Thanks Going Without Saying” by Liz Balise, with half a page of an essay by Klee, “On Modern Art”, from a book called Modern Artists on Art, 10 Unabridged Essays, edited by Robert L. Herbert. With some small edits and line-breaks comes this miracle of a poem:

Painting a Function Different

I peek out over the railing of reality’s magic
Beyond the porch-floor
Minerva hangs her wash
making the invisible visible
Eighty two and three quarters deaf
she doesn’t notice  
But this is, in fact, reality
Has always been this way—
Bent and bird-like existence  
Balanced on two twigs—always busy—

Her task, is the ******* of space  
Cutting coupons, crushing aluminum cans, ironing
The three phenomena which I must....

Things no one notices—
climbing on the abstract surface of a picture
Switching the curtains  
God! I wish from the infinity of space..she wouldn’t…!

It figures that—
Rusty, her cat, is weaving in fortune or misfortune  
I try to fix them—
Her ankles now
And she curses at accidental quality
from the corner of her mouth
which has only one form
Clothespin or cigarette?  
Long johns and animals and men in heaven
and bureau scarf and sheets—all, non-infinite deities
surround us translucent, contained
I decide what to get for her birthday—

We are good friends
through painting a function different

For me?
Predestined necessity.

forgets her manners
and eats like a survivor—

Thanks going without saying.
Thank you to my friend, Minerva for those years we shared living by the river.  And thanks, to my daughter, Andi, for seeing this poem in an academic assignment.

Art is what it is, imploring us to touch its experience.... It asks no approval.  It seldom gives reasons.
Mateuš Conrad Jul 2016
there's only one philosopher you can play ping-pong with -
even the existentialists conjure him up
like Aladdin's genie - rubbing that
maxim so frequently you'd wish
you never had the genie or a talking
goldfish with a starter, main and dessert -
you can literally bounce that Cartesian
1 + 1 = 2 with yourself forever -
it's the opposite of clarifying the waking
hour, it's less hour, less decade, less century,
less zeitgeist - it's more centimetre
it's more nano-metre - it's not a marathon
of contemplation, but a constant reminder -
that's what it is, a constant reminder -
i've been digesting Kant's 2nd volume of
the infamous critique (infamous given
von Kleist's suicide because of it) for a year or so,
i'll finish it, but i'll have to cram a few
book reviews, newspaper articles and poems
in between the claustrophobic fudge -
reading Kant is sometimes like walking
in a Crusader stronghold - those Teutons and
Hospitaller are like modern American history
cults bemused by a collective psychosis -
Jung's field-day review - it's not a question
of consciousness or the individual's association
and subsequent identification with it for
a self and subsequent will - with the collective
unconscious comes collective psychosis
of the waking hour - the Crusader knights shut themselves
up in the strongholds and performed the literal
aspects of the Last Supper - you'd think
the German football kit would be: a black shirt,
red trousers and yellow suspenders -
but they chose black and white attire to pay homage
to die Großschäffer of Marienburg or Königsberg (
Kœnigsberg - soft German tongue will do in Latin's
revision - or modern Kaliningrad: the Las Vegas of
the Baltic) - the Bach in Lao Che's Komtur -
what a tsunami! to live life and appreciate the artistic
outputs of others... a house infested with spiders
is one of joy... but even the existentialists testify
the ping-pong with Descartes - other philosophers
are narrative encapsulations - you never deviated
from them - you ingest the entirety of the narratives
and leave them be - Descartes made mathematical-grammar,
people adopted a stance to over-quote him,
or simply over-use him - some think philosophy
has a genesis in Socrates, but it really doesn't,
not these days, the genesis is Descartes -
once poets cited heroes akin to Achilles, modern
heroes are stable ******* by feminist citation -
stara panna myśli że jest sarną; to-ast! -
philosophers, well, you'd imagine that to be the case
with all that perfumery of pacifism -
say bye bye Achilles, and with the drudgery of thought
having no outlet via censor Mr. Hammer, Mr. Brick,
Mr. Stock-Exchange - oh look, a mini Mr series -
how fun! where're the monkey swings? you will
have to make poets admire philosophers -
i hate, hate! HATE, HATE! populist poets -
they're like cockroaches - they're so unhelpful -
they call themselves the people's poets -
all you need is for philosophy to germinate in the medium
of poetry for some pre-Socratic to emerge -
i HATE POPULIST POETS! it's a passion i'll never divorce -
but truly - modern philosophy will have a hard time
divorcing itself from the Cartesian 1 + 1 = 2, and given
the symbolism of math, how about a few examples?
standard John Smith
(multiplier, plumbers assemble)
                                                                               (e.g. Kant,
                                                                apparently additions
                                                               to the expression: i am man)

(the throng of the Holocaust,
that's minus the would-be
outlived lives)
                                                  (e.g. Stalin, Comrade Mao,
                                              ******, i.e. the people that never
                                            allow dialectics to equilibrate
                                           in a single individual - from Socrates
                                                 many have picked up a hammer
                                                 and hammered a few million nails in -
                                                few picked up dialectics -
                                                what Socrates invented is like
                                                a haunted house -
                                                the emergence of the schizoid-mind,
                                                personas that divide people,
                                                you have Neo-Nazis to account for
                                                and proto-Communists -
                                                what a mess having the proof
                                                of a perfected debate
                                                being so undernourished -
                                          barren - in the end merely a status quo -

see what i mean by the Cartesian ping-pong?
you can't do that with Kant or Kierkegaard -
this ******* keeps resurfacing - every single time -
you just can't **** the fact that he's redrawn thinking
and being conscious and that chestnut of
a mirror and self-consciousness - Narcissus's c.c.t.v. -
it's not *** like insect conscious behaviourism -
more like date, second date, third date...
then maybe... maybe... the bony harlot, right...
sit on it for long enough and it apparently feels
like an outer body experience - still, Herr Denken and
ping-pong (alt. to Herbert's Mr. Cogito).
They go together,
As lovers should,
And take of their love
In the shade of the wood.

It is not ugly,
Nor is it unclean
To lie in the shadow
Unknown and unseen.

Never a sorrow
Was born of two
Couched in the shadow
The whole night through.

If only lovers
Walked in the lane
No one would suffer
Or sorrow again;

But a step before them
And a step behind
Are people possessed
Of a very small mind

Who nod and whisper,
And poison the bread
Of innocent lovers
Until they are dead.
*This is not an original work by me*
This poem is by a favorite poet of mine named Byron Herbert Reece. He is a distant relative of mine. I wanted to post these poems because he is little known, and I think his work deserves to be recognized.

*the following is a short biography taken from a collection of Reece's poems titled "Ballad of the Bones".*

Byron Herbert Reece was born and reared in a secluded mountain area of North Georgia near Blairsville. Before he entered elementary school, he read "Pilgrim's Progress" and much of the Bible, upon which many of his later ballads were based. As an adult, he was a lonely mountain man who was a modestly successful dirt farmer and a poet of surpassing genius. Reece had the ability to say new things in the old traditional forms, distinguished by their simplicity and accuracy. His poetry was mystical, lonely and often seemed preoccupied with death. Reece was perhaps the greatest balladeer of the Appalachians. During his short life, he received two prestigious Guggenheim awards and lectured as Writer-in-Residence at UCLA, Emory University and Young Harris College. Reece died by his own hand on the campus of Young Harris College in early June 1958.
Don Bouchard Jan 2012
I remember reading
Martin Luther King, Jr's
Letter from Birmingham Jail
Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom
Mark Twain's Huck Finn
DuBois' Souls of Black Folk
For the first time

The words of Chief Joseph
Sitting Bull
James Welch
and Alexie Sherman
And others of indigenous kind
Linger like arrows in my mind.

Of course, there's
Gilgamesh's forlorn quest for Enkidu;
Osiris, Amun, Ra, and Seth,
Homer's Illiad and Odyssey,
And Virgil's Roman treatment -
(For whom the gods destroy
We all must learn bereavement).

I remember reading
Milton's Paradises (lost and found)
And Dante's Infernal quest for Heaven
Through the bowels of Hell with Virgil's spritely guide
And up the Devil's staircase with Beatrice by his side.
John's Revelation of Times' End;
And LaHaye's money-making Left Behind
Apocalypses here to chill my mind.

I have surveyed Dead Presidents
Both Roosevelts, Ted and Frank,
And Reagan
And smatterings of others...
Then hopped the bookish pond to read
Sir Winston and some others,
Not the least of whom is Gandhi G,
Taught by the Queen to free his brothers.

I have studied
The Disciples
and James
Though Jesus is the "Word"
He never penned one).

British poets's thoughts,
Tale tellers long-dead
Have found their way
Into my head:
Beowulf and Chaucer
Old moral plays
Shelley and Keats
Cavalier Poets
Scott and Brownings
Burns and (not) Allen
Spenser and Shakespeare
Dylan and Tolkien
Lewis and Auden
And so many more
That I leave on the floor

Western Americana I have loved
Hemingway and Steinbeck, all worth the time,
Mari Sandoz' Old Jules, and
Rolvaag's Giants in the Earth,
Keroac went on the road, while
Joseph Kinsey Howard showed us the West
Lewis & Clark in journals scribed
Their journey west and back again

I can't forget psychology
And so I will digress
Or Sigmund's accusation stays
That I have but suppressed:
Ellis, Freud, and Eric Berne,
Pavlov, Skinner, Thorndike, Watson,
Wundt, and Wm James, Piaget and Chomsky
Then Vygotsky and Bandura put a social spin
on cognitive psychology, and Everybody's in.
Diverging and Converging, psychic students, all
Could never make transaction
'Til Rogers tried to make some peace
But Ellis wouldn't have 'im.

And then, of course,
The lighter stuff,
The popcorn of the mind:
Clancy, Rankin, Carole Keene
L'Amour and Will James
Stephen King and Poe,
Cruz Smith and Leon Uris,
Grisham, Deaver, Cornwall,
Asimov, Bradbury and Herbert,
Carroll and Baum...
Written Words change us.... I use the term "poem" as Louise Rosenblatt did, namely, a poem is the creation each reader makes to describe the connection between the Text and his or her own life experience, opinion, knowledge, beliefs, feelings, etc. Those "poems" affect and change us in our wanderings on this earth. I am, indeed, changed by the texts I have read and continue to read....
In haphazard fashion, I am starting a collection of writers who give me an understanding of the world's color and shape. This is just the beginning.... If readers have suggestions or reminders, I will add the ones I have read....
Mateuš Conrad Mar 2016
i only started collecting a library, because, would you believe it, my local library was a pauper in rags and tatters; apologies for omitting necessary diacritic marks, the whiskey was ******* on icecubes to a shrivel.*

ernest hemingway, e.m. forster, mary shelley,
aesop, r. l. stevenson, jean-paul sartre,
jack kerouac, sylvia plath, evelyn waugh,
chekhov, cortazar, freud, virginia woolf,
philip k. ****, dostoyevsky, aleksandr solzhenitsyn,
oscar wilde, malcolm x, kafka, nabokov,
bukowski, sacher-masoch, thomas a kempis,
yevgeny zamyatin, alexandre dumas,
will self, j. r. r. tolkien, richard b. bentall,
james joyce, william burroughs, truman capote,
herman hesse, thomas mann, j. d. salinger,
nikos kazantzakis, george orwell,
philip roth, joseph roth, bulgakov, huxley,
marquis de sade, john milton, samuel beckett,
huysmans, michel de montaigne, walter benjamin,
sienkiewicz, rilke, lipton, harold norse,
alfred jarry, miguel de cervantes, von krafft-ebing,
kierkegaard, julian jaynes, bynum porter & shephred,
r. d. laing, c. g. jung, spinoza, hegel, kant, artistotle,
plato, josephus, korner, la rochefoucauld, stendhal,
nietzsche, bertrand russell, irwin edman,
faucault, anwicenna, descartes, voltaire, rousseau,
popper,  heidegger, tatarkiewicz, kolakowski,
seneca, cycero, milan kundera, g. j. warnock,
stefan zweig, the pre-socratics, julian tuwim,
ezra pound, gregory corso, ted hughes,
guiseppe gioacchino belli, dante, peshwari women,
e. e. cummings, ginsberg, will alexander, max jacob,
schwob, william blake, comte de lautreamont,
jack spicer, zbigniew herbert, frank o'hara,
richard brautigan, miroslav holub, al purdy,
tzara, ted berrigan, fady joudah, nikolai leskov,
anna kavan, jean genet, albert camus, gunter grass,
susan hill, katherine dunn, gil scott-heron,
kleist, irvine welsh, clarice lispector, hunter thompson,
machado de assisi, reymont, tolstoy, jim bradbury,
norman davies, shakespeare, balzac, dickens,
jasienica, mary fulbrook, stuart t. miller,
walter la feber, jan wimmer, terry jones & alan ereira,
kenneth clark, edward robinson, heinrich harrer,
gombrowicz, a. krawczuk, andrzej stasiuk, ivan bunin,
joseph heller, goethe, mcmurry, atkins & de paula,
bernard shaw, horace, ovid, virgil, aeschyles,
rumi, omar khayyam, humbert wolfe, e. h. bickersteth,
asnyk, witkacy, mickiewicz, slowacki, lesmian,
lechon, lep szarzynski, victor alexandrov, gogol,
william styron, krasznahorkai, robert graves,
defoe, tim burton, antoine de saint-exupery,
christiane f., salman rushdie, hazlitt, marcus aurelius,
nick hornby, emily bronte, walt whitman,
aryeh kaplan, rolf g. renner, j. p. hodin, tim hilton... etc.
Don Bouchard Jan 2016
I remember reading
Martin Luther King, Jr's
Letter from Birmingham Jail
Beecher Stowe's Uncle Tom
Mark Twain's Huck Finn
DuBois' Souls of Black Folk,
Adichie's The Thing Around Your Neck,
Sherman Alexie's Part-time Indian tale....
For the first time

The words of Chief Joseph
Sitting Bull
James Welch
and Alexie Sherman
And others of indigenous kind
Linger like arrows in my mind.

Of course, there's
Gilgamesh's forlorn quest for Enkidu;
Osiris, Amun, Ra, and Seth,
Homer's  Illiad and  Odyssey,
And Virgil's Roman treatment -
(For whom the gods destroy
We all must learn bereavement).

I remember reading
Milton's Paradises (lost and found)
And Dante's Infernal quest for Heaven
Through the bowels of Hell with Virgil's spritely guide
And up the Devil's staircase with Beatrice by his side.
John's Revelation of Times' End;
And LaHaye's money-making Left Behind,
Collin's Hunger Games and Dashner's Maze Running
Apocalypses enough to chill my mind.

I have surveyed Dead Presidents
Both Roosevelts, Ted and Frank,
And Reagan
And smatterings of others...
Then hopped the bookish pond to read
Sir Winston and some others,
Not the least of whom is Gandhi G,
Taught by the Queen to free his brothers.

I have studied
The Disciples
and James
Since Jesus is the "Word,"
Through men He penned).

British poets's thoughts,
Tale tellers long-dead
Have found their way
Into my head:
Beowulf and Chaucer
Old moral plays
Shelley and Keats
Cavalier Poets
Scott and Brownings
Burns and (not) Allen
Spenser and Shakespeare
Dylan and Tolkien
Lewis and Auden
And so many more
That I leave on the floor

Western Americana I have loved
Hemingway and Steinbeck, all worth the time,
Mari Sandoz' Old Jules, and
Rolvaag's Giants in the Earth,
Keroac went on the road, while
Joseph Kinsey Howard showed us the West
Lewis & Clark in journals scribed
Their journey west and back again

I can't forget psychology
And so I will digress
Or Sigmund's accusation stays
That I have but suppressed:
Ellis, Freud, and Eric Berne,
Pavlov, Skinner, Thorndike, Watson,
Wundt, and Wm James, Piaget and Chomsky
Then Vygotsky and Bandura put a social spin
on cognitive psychology, and Everybody's in.
Diverging and Converging, psychic students, all
Could never make transaction
'Til Rogers tried to make some peace
But Ellis wouldn't have 'im.

And then, of course,
The lighter stuff,
The popcorn of the mind:
Clancy, Rankin, Carole Keene
L'Amour  and Will James
Stephen King and Poe,
Cruz Smith and Leon Uris,
Grisham, Deaver, Cornwall,
Asimov, Bradbury and Herbert,
Carroll and Baum...

The list goes on and on, and will, I'm sure, expand beyond capacity.
Work in progress.... Thanks to Soul Survivor for catching my glitch about Jesus.... Since all Scripture is God-breathed, technically, Jesus is the author of Holy Scripture, and He inspired the text we know as the Bible.... Good catch!
HE lived on the wings of storm.
The ashes are in Chihuahua.

Out of Ludlow and coal towns in Colorado
Sprang a vengeance of Slav miners, Italians, Scots, Cornishmen, Yanks.
Killings ran under the spoken commands of this boy
With eighty men and rifles on a hogback mountain.

They killed swearing to remember
The shot and charred wives and children
In the burnt camp of Ludlow,
And Louis Tikas, the laughing Greek,
Plugged with a bullet, clubbed with a gun ****.

As a home war
It held the nation a week
And one or two million men stood together
And swore by the retribution of steel.

It was all accidental.
He lived flecking lint off coat lapels
Of men he talked with.
He kissed the miners' babies
And wrote a Denver paper
Of picket silhouettes on a mountain line.

He had no mother but Mother Jones
Crying from a jail window of Trinidad:
"All I want is room enough to stand
And shake my fist at the enemies of the human race."

Named by a grand jury as a murderer
He went to Chihuahua, forgot his old Scotch name,
Smoked cheroots with Pancho Villa
And wrote letters of Villa as a rock of the people.

How can I tell how Don Magregor went?

Three riders emptied lead into him.
He lay on the main street of an inland town.
A boy sat near all day throwing stones
To keep pigs away.

The Villa men buried him in a pit
With twenty Carranzistas.

There is drama in that point...
...the boy and the pigs.
Griffith would make a movie of it to fetch sobs.
Victor Herbert would have the drums whirr
In a weave with a high fiddle-string's single clamor.

"And the muchacho sat there all day throwing stones
To keep the pigs away," wrote Gibbons to the Tribune.

Somewhere in Chihuahua or Colorado
Is a leather bag of poems and short stories.
Robert Ronnow Aug 2015
Dad said I'd be good at marketing
since I like making lists. Classifying
the woods and herbs, jazz tunes, poets' poems and poems for people
and I've also considered sorting humans into novelistic categories:
compassionate, responsible
logical, radical
scientific, silent
garrulous, querulous
masterful, mindful

leader, liar
persnickety, prejudiced
appealing, apoplectic
decisive, persistent
natural, enervating
effective, fastidious
passive, embarrassed
aimless, familiar

sociable, impregnable
amorous, demanding
delirious, disciplined
silly, assimilated
holy, hungry

Next there would be settings.
Deserts, moon colonies, submarines, George Herbert and his God.

Motives for acting
driven by personality, DNA (******* DNA!), sinning,
necessity and whatever happens in the afterlife. Spinning
with the planet but sitting still and thinking deeply.


School bus, snow plow
train whistle, cello
alarm clock, traffic report
Beijing, Cincinnati
former adversaries, adolescent lovers
any day could be your last day, Hombre
mango, avocado
superstition, cancer treatment
enhanced interrogation, blurry vision
jacket and tie, why am I waiting
quiet remembering, day by day goes by without poetry without grace
seedless watermelon, rabbit in my garden
too much to do, not much to do
hip hop rhythms, how white people like to shake hands
who can't do anything about his skin color, Nelson Mandela
pluck the gold key, touch me personally
breakfast salad, stay in school
Afghanistan, strangulation
banana, Guatemala
mountains and rivers forever, never will I allow myself to live long
      enough to end like that
that's for sure, sure in your computer
the brain contains the universe, the universe has a brain
stream cutting gorge, last snow patch
photosynthesis, missing dad (or mom) in poem
whatever you want, the freedom of summer gone and only one ****
paper sleeping bag, ear souvenir
peace, twice
lemonade, amulet
how to make history interesting for Johnnie, washing your pajamas
chain saw, no strip joints or strip malls in the Gaza Strip
frantic century, ****** tissue
Jerusalem, reducing fractions
polytechnic institute, grandma's sauce
Old lame Bridget doesn't hear
Fairy music in the grass
When the gloaming's on the mere
And the shadow people pass:
Never hears their slow grey feet
Coming from the village street
Just beyond the parson's wall,
Where the clover globes are sweet
And the mushroom's parasol
Opens in the moonlit rain.
Every night I hear them call
From their long and merry train.
Old lame Bridget says to me,
"It is just your fancy, child."
She cannot believe I see
Laughing faces in the wild,
Hands that twinkle in the sedge
Bowing at the water's edge
Where the finny minnows quiver,
Shaping on a blue wave's ledge
Bubble foam to sail the river.
And the sunny hands to me
Beckon ever, beckon ever.
Oh! I would be wild and free,
And with the shadow people be.
Patricia Tsouros May 2013
In the heat of the day
Sitting out
Under the sun
Shoulders burning up
Chatting laughing
With my friends
Wondering how
I lost them
Left them all behind
Now realizing how much
I missed being here
Realizing so much
The agonizing truth
I gave it all up
For nothing
The agonizing truth
That I abandoned my life  
In that abandonment
My friends quietly journeyed with me
Came back to me
Now the time is right
Without judgment
With friendship and care
At the end of this time
I am stronger
My life resumed
Walks in Herbert Park
Shop for food in my local deli
Watch television
Enjoy dinners
Talk to my friends
Travel with excitement
Work with energy
Care for my loved ones
Live peacefully

I can breathe again
Don't get chippy lippy,
where's the ****** spinach Jeff!,

I didn't think you was a two-bit cook,
I thought you were a chef!,
so wheres the ****** spinach Jeff!,

Where's the bleeding turbot, Herbert?,
and where's the feeking risotto,
if I don't get some ****** food soon,
I'll drink a bottle of wine and get blot-toad

Where's the ****** crab, Brad?,
blimey! does it smell high to you!?,
You'll ****** **** someone,
and bleeding get me sued!

By Christos Andreas Kourtis and Larna Kira Kourtis
DC raw love Dec 2014
We lose so much talent to addiction
Some of you may not care, but I do
This is my tribute to them

Alan Wilson
Canned Heat

Jimi Hendrix
The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Janis Joplin

Jim Morrison
The Doors

Brian Cole
The Association

Billy Murcia
New York Dolls

Danny Whitten
Crazy Horse

Gram Parsons
The Stooges

Gary Thain
Uriah Heep

Elvis Presley

Gregory Herbert
Blood, Sweat & Tears

Keith Moon
The Who

Sid Vicious
*** Pistols

Lowell George
Little Feat

Jimmy McCulloch

John Bonham
Led Zeppelin

Darby Crash

James Honeyman-Scott

Pete Farndon

Paul Gardiner
Tubeway Army

Gary Holton
Heavy Metal Kids

Phil Lynott
Thin Lizzy

Andrew Wood
Mother Love Bone

Brent Mydland
Grateful Dead

Steve Clark
Def Leppard

Johnny Thunders
New York Dolls

David Ruffin
The Temptations

Kristen Pfaff

Shannon Hoon
Blind Melon

Bradley Nowell

John Kahn
Jerry Garcia Band

Jonathan Melvoin
The Smashing Pumpkins

Billy Mackenzie

West Arkeen
The Outpatience

Nick Traina
Link 80

John Baker Saunders
Mad Season

Bobby Sheehan
Blues Traveler

Wes Berggren
Tripping Daisy

Allen Woody
The Allman Brothers Band

Carl Crack
Atari Teenage Riot

Layne Staley
Alice in Chains/Mad Seasons

Kurt Cobain

Dee Dee

Robbin Crosby

John Entwistle
The Who

Howie Epstein
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Jeremy Michael Ward
De Facto

Tim Hemensley

Dave Schulthise
The Dead Milkmen

Rick James

Kevin DuBrow
Quiet Riot

Ike Turner

Gidget Gein
Marilyn Manson

Jay Bennett

Michael Jackson

The Rev
Avenged Sevenfold

Paul Gray

Mike Starr
Alice in Chains

Amy Winehouse

We are not bad people, we just have bad ways
Yet, not many understand
Have love in your heart for all
We are all one in the same
Mateuš Conrad Sep 2015
in that, beyond good and evil, there's on femininity and masculinity; we already know of st. thomas' account about how the masculine needs to made into feminine and vice verse... no wonder such teachings in the undercurrent of our life, that we went beyond this and started doing likewise in the framework of good and evil; but there's hardly a dualism within the four 90º, while the tetragrammaton opens the gates to geometric phoneticism, which does not work in the hebrew depiction of the tetragrammaton, only in latin, because in latin one will not see a vision but reveal, having heard but not seen, and when inserting a thought into an experience: a satanism that said: i'll be satan and change this choir into moving stars and send a telegram to the aliens! should i see man loose all dignity in warring with himself that ended in napoleonic trust for man and man on the battlefield - because what she offered most men can get, and what i was offered only one among the billions, and in history about three, get.

so while some attempts at a sensual proof were not
granted, only one was, through moses,
and obviously through elijah - as sensual proofs
go, the proof of moses had to be fused with
a cognitive remainder, since, given the fact
that the torah was written by the supreme outsider,
the book depicting elijah was written by a true insider,
yet the cognitive realm which these two operated in
is a pure mystery, given the fact that sensually,
the staged rifts were short lived, yet too long lived
cognitively, having to argue, cite and disagree with
moses, who dragged the most sensual distortion
into the cognitive realm.

so as cognitive proof-arguments go, they are simply that,
more cognitive proofs lead to more argumentation,
but little sensuality, such that the paid need for
theological argumentation that leads to no sensual
precipitation enters the realm of holocausts,
whereby idle and vain cognitive proofs have no sensual
******, only more "thinking;" paid thinking.
and when the sensual proof for the non-existence of god
appears, like the holocaust, all those accumulative
"proofs" from the cognitive realm... end up like midgets...
and everyone's awe taken aback, because so much
cognition was left undisturbed, that the senses are prompted
for a disaster! why would i want cognitive argumentation
if i cannot seek and find a sensual guarantee?
where's the sensual ******, if cognitive argumentation
climaxed to the fine tuned 1 + 1 logic is a sensual anticlimax?!

the odd thing is walking the neighbourhood with beer and hand
waiting for the indian heatwave, but as i sooner realised,
this type of drinking is no good - the shelter of the garden
is where i find laughter - on the street making miles
i find anger - and as i noticed a day prior:
beer in hand, cigarette burning the lung forests,
watching a clear night sky, seeing a boeing boast
engine ***** high up to sound like i drone - that
universe forgets i can claim a nighttime hemisphere of sounds
with that boeing, even though the daytime skyblue is blinded
by a dilated pupil,i can feed that massive vacuum
of emptiness and keyhole glitter a mishap and a chance
to study less celestial geometry to endeavour out of this

prompts a maxim this verse does:
no one around me in my shape or walk -
tall enough to reach the sky, but
dumb like a thirteen day old butterfly, still flirting with the flutter.
***** you were born as the caterpillar old man,
now you're a fever of beauty in colour,
and only for two weeks, or even less if nabokov is about.

well, crescendo!
when simon magus stood with st. peter at nero's throne
the stage was like the two women with solomon about to cut a baby in half.
it was scened within the following framework of details:
st. peter started to sing bon jovi's 'lay your hands on me,'
with alternative lyrics - let me lay my hands on you
with the power of the holy spirit.
nero replied: lay your own hand on yourself, get away from
me you ***** *******, that holy spirit of yours, the one
you said is a personality but really isn't is just another form of:
celestial chaining; magus simon, what about you?
so simon magus came up and said:
i'll whiff you a smokey vision of caligula learning
of philosophy as read by his talking horse *incitatus

i wish for praise here on originality, but i heard of this one,
the talking horse of caligula by the one and only zbyszek herbert,
and in quick translation the poem reads -

*says caligula:

from all the citizens of rome
i loved only one
incitasus - a horse

when he entered the senate
the unblemished toga of his fur
glistened immaculately among hemmed with purple cowardly
                                                        ­                           murderers.

incitatus was full of virtuous bounties
he never spoke over me or spoke in general
a stoic nature
i think that at night in the stables he read philosophers

i loved him to such an extent that one day i decided to
                                                              ­                   crucify him
but his noble anatomy countered such a feat

he bosomed the position of consul with dignified apathy
he held power to the helm with a cupful of water
spilling none in a drunk waiter's swagger,
meaning he used none of it with the entitlement

it was impossible to make him bow to long lasting bonds of love
with mt second wife caesonia
alas no lineage of future caesars arose - centaurs

that's why rome crumbled

i decided to nominate him a god
but on the ninth day before the calendar days of february
cherea cornelius sabinus and other fools obstructed these godly intentions

with calm he received the message of my death

thrown out from the palace and sentenced to exile

he accepted the burden with dignity

he died heirless
butchered by a thick-skinned butcher from the township of anzio

of the posthumous fates of his meat
taticus is silent with regards to.
David Nelson Nov 2013
"Master Of The House"

My band of soaks, my den of dissolute's
My ***** jokes, my always ****** as newts
My sons of ****** spend their lives in my inn,
Homing pigeons homing in
They fly through my doors,
And they crawl out on all fours

Welcome, Monsieur, sit yourself down
And meet the best innkeeper in town
As for the rest, all of 'em crooks:
Rooking their guests and crooking the books
Seldom do you see
Honest men like me
A gent of good intent
Who's content to be

Master of the house, doling out the charm
Ready with a handshake and an open palm
Tells a saucy tale, makes a little stir
Customers appreciate a bon-viveur
Glad to do a friend a favor
Doesn't cost me to be nice
But nothing gets you nothing
Everything has got a little price!

Master of the house, keeper of the zoo
Ready to relieve 'em of a sou or two
Watering the wine, making up the weight
Pickin' up their knick-knacks when they can't see straight
Everybody loves a landlord
Everybody's ***** friend
I do whatever pleases
Jesus! Won't I bleed 'em in the end!

Master of the house, quick to catch yer eye
Never wants a passerby to pass him by
Servant to the poor, butler to the great
Comforter, philosopher, and lifelong mate!
Everybody's boon companion
Everybody's chaperone
But lock up your valises
Jesus! Won't I skin you to the bone!

Food beyond compare. Food beyond belief
Mix it in a mincer and pretend it's beef
Kidney of a horse, liver of a cat
Filling up the sausages with this and that
Residents are more than welcome
Bridal suite is occupied
Reasonable charges
Plus some little extras on the side!
(Oh Santa!)

Charge 'em for the lice, extra for the mice
Two percent for looking in the mirror twice
Here a little slice, there a little cut
Three percent for sleeping with the window shut
When it comes to fixing prices
There are a lot of tricks I knows
How it all increases, all them bits and pieces
Jesus! It's amazing how it grows!

(Oh, sorry love
Let's get something done about that)
I used to dream that I would meet a prince
But God Almighty, have you seen what's happened since?

Master of the house? Isn't worth my spit!
Comforter, philosopher' and lifelong ****!
Cunning little brain, regular Voltaire
Thinks he's quite a lover but there's not much there
What a cruel trick of nature landed me with such a louse
God knows how I've lasted living with this ******* in the house!

Master of the house!
Master and a half!
Comforter, philosopher
Don't make me laugh!
Servant to the poor, butler to the great
Hypocrite and toady and inebriate!

Everybody bless the landlord!
Everybody bless his spouse!

Everybody raise a glass
Raise it up the master's ****
Everybody raise a glass to the Master of the House!

Writer(s): Jean Marc Natel, Herbert Kretzmer, Claude Michel Schonberg, Alain Albert Boublil
Copyright: Productions Bagad, Alain Boublil Music Ltd., Boublil Alain Editions

Gomer LePoet ....
I had  the wonderful experience of seeing Les Miserables performed by the local community playhouse actors this past weekend. what a performance :)
Jayne Blackman May 2015
Silver fox. Artist. Poet
W.H. Auden, flowery guff
Charming but lecherous
Stampeding to the ****.
Figurative drawings, posing
Who wouldn't be impressed
"Such a pity you have to get dressed".
A long time in the waiting
Eventually, " off with that frock"
Puzzleing slow process
Just let me inject me ****.
Hellfire! That's a novelty
Haven't heard that one before
Fifty shades lighter
Running for the door.
Four years on 'I like you'
Like is underestimated
Emotionally stagnant
Good job I was wasted.
Artist. Poet. Peter Cook wannabe
Lecherous small **** pervert
Loitering at the school gates
Tacky little Herbert.
Seventy four you craggy *******
Bet it still doesn't function
Roll up **** for breakfast
Bet you still ain't up the junction.
In one bright, rainless, warm, non-sombre and cloudless morning of April 2014,
Skirmishes began at ten in the morning, among the roaming street children
As if they were only playing hopscotch among themselves, and their mates,
It was an unfolding in the dust filled non tarmacked streets of Lodwar town,
Town located in the savannah desert belt of north western Kenya,
A non local police man who was on patrol shot dead a rioting local,
A hungry local had attempted to ****** a shot-gun from the policeman,
He shot him twice in the head, scattering whitish brain tissues all over,
He shot another local sympathizer of the riot in the leg, in the heel,
The remaining riff-raff of rioting locals took off on their heels, like rats,
Once picturized in the word-smithing power of James Herbert,
The hoards of local rioters, most of them motorbike riders, rushed back,
To their places of abode, known as Manyatta,
                                                  or poor hamlets, more sorriest than ghettos,
They pulled out their fellow manyatta dwellers
For military reinforcement
They came back in throngs
All armed with rusty guns
Swearing to **** all
By the brute guns,
All the non locals
Not from their tribe.

They rampaged a whole town
Mercilessly looting and plundering
Each and every shop, business vessel, all outlets
Of the non-locals, all the migrants; black and white,
Chinese and Arabs, Indians and Somalis, Just but to mention,
They looted while singing tribal war songs, shooting all the non locals
Identified by differences in outfits; especially loincloths, Ekijolong, etc
They shot non local women, children and vandalized their trade wares
Those with guns holding the police station hostage, those without guns looting shops
Some tried ******, but their uncircumcised ***** proved a snag in this satanic venture
With a sardonic remorse they stopped the terror of **** against womenfolk of non natives
Women folk of non local ethnicity, but still not safe as shooting followed without ruth,
Puncturing the *******, ****** and bladders, spilling and splashing blood on each gunshot,
Human wailing, crying, hysterical running, farting, falling, and brute of the gun’s cannon
Gripped the town in a flower of curling dark smoke from burning tires,
Gunmen walked from door to door in a feat of amok anger,
Asking names of each person on their way
To decipher out the tribe or the clan
Lest they mayhem a native son
Instead of the non- local
Which they are bound to ****
By dutifully releasing
Deathly bullets
Into the head
Of emoit.

— The End —