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Alyssa Underwood May 2017
I saw a path and ran ahead
I nearly lost my way
Your mercy caught me by the arm
To Your side You bid me stay

I put my hope in my own plans
Which soon around me fell
You stopped me short upon that road
And said, "Rest and all will be well."

I'd surrendered all, but to my foe
Enticed into the briars
You turned his evil schemes instead
Into refining fires

I couldn't see my helplessness
Until my legs were broken
Till Shepherd's hands caressed my wounds
And healing words were spoken

You picked me up and carried me
And made me feel Your favorite
You held my head against Your chest
Until I grew to savor it

You tended me with gentlest touch
Then soothed all thought of fears
You sang forgiveness over me
And washed away my tears

There is no one like You, Lord
On whom I can rely
In loss, in danger or attack
You hear this poor sheep's cry

It's You Who keeps me from real harm
Who watches my coming and going
You shield me with Your strong right hand
From darts the enemy keeps throwing

You said to all who trust in You
You would give perfect peace
Enough for mind and heart to rest
To let all worrying cease

So, Lord, I trust You with my life
Your Shepherd's heart is pure
Your purpose for me's guarded well
And Your deliverance is sure

Please teach this sheep, Lord, how to wait
And strengthen me to stand
To put my hope in Your desires
And to love Your sovereign plan

You lead me into fields so green
Where streams of life are flowing
Where healing winds blow oft' and strong
And choicest fruits are growing

You set me free to hear Your voice
To follow at Your call
And even through the dark, cold nights
I'll know You've arranged it all

Yes, storms will come with battering rains
With hail and gusts and thunder
But these are meant to beckon me
To Your wings to pull me under

For it's in the darkness of the storm
My grip's most apt to tighten
And when my heart beats next to Yours
All earthly burdens lighten
Crow Sep 2018
the dark approaches as if it is an ineluctable storm
created by thoughts falling like dominoes

or explodes into existence in a breath
detonated by a word innocently spoken

an eclipse constructed of your fears
like locusts eating all the light

with hooks and claws they grasp the air
pulling it up from your lungs

fighting blind against attacks from every side
weapons fall from your trembling grasp

I still see you dimly, enveloped in despair
you no longer see me at all

I have become a phantom, intangible
dispersed into powerless anguish by your terror

my voice is only a murmur to you
a far-off echo, indistinct

defenses and barriers you have labored on
transform into spun glass latticework

shattering through them without knowing
shards left embedded in your skin

stumbling blindly in the darkness
you are swallowed whole into the void

once more you are ripped away
imprisoned in the Stygian, pitiless hole

the emptiness turns its gaze to me
mocking laughter blisters my flesh

I can only wait and call to you
how long till you return

to me
Spencer Arndt May 2016
How can one call for help
When they have no voice?

In this dark world
Helpless cries echo
Helpless cries echo throughout the night
Silence filled with fear
No one knows what's right
You say the end is near
You say you see the light
When you have no voice to scream
For help that you may need
The silence is taking over
A couple more pills and you'll be free

" I ran into a homeless man with a bag filled with
empty soda bottles and cans.
They amounted to fifty-five cents, i
took them out of his hands.
I saw the anger in his eyes, as he began to
shout out his why's.
I quickly told him. "I'm here to help."
The fear went away, as he started to cry.
We talked on the side of the road. A
lost soul from the Viet-Nam war.
I too am a Vet. He now felt very comfortable
with every word i said.
I then opened the door to my car, asked
him to hop in, telling him were not going
very far.
I noticed his fingers, tanned from nicotine stains.
So i drove him to the nearest 7-11 asking what
was his favorite cigarette brands?
Kools was his answer.
We left, and drove to Mc  Donald's to buy
We filled our stomachs, he lit a cigarette, and
said. "Thank you so, so much."
I asked if there's somewhere i can drop you
off? He replied." No, the outdoors are my home.
i'll be fine, and you Michael. You are one of a kind."
I do this, because it's the work of our Lord Jesus Christ.
It's such a blessing  TO DO!!!!!!
I feel hopeless
and mostly helpless...
I do admit-
I don't know how to do
all this on my own...
And I don't know how to ask
for some help...
Why does it have to be
so hard to be a single mommy?
I love my children
with all my heart!
I don't know who or where
I'd be in this life of mine,
without them...
I'm a Mommy
and now a Grandma, too!
But beyond those 'titles'
who am I...?
What is my life about...?
What is suppose to happen...?
What is suppose to be
of me...?
I find myself asking out loud
"Now what?"
And I'm asking it again now...?
Maybe I'm asking it
in the form of a Prayer...
But I still don't
seem to be getting any answers!
I feel lonely most of the time
and oh so lost...
I feel like almost
just giving up-
but my children keep me
strong enough!
I've got a lot of
wants for my life...
but I don't know
how to achieve what I want!
I dream of how I'd like
my life to be...
but I don't know
how to reach my dreams!
I don't think
my purpose in this life
is to feel so ****
hopeless and helpless...
I need someone's guidance,
but I don't know
how to ask for it
or who I can really go to,
who I can really call
'that one friend'...
I know I have friends,
but one to bear my soul to,
all my failures to,
open up all of my fears to...
I don't know if I have
'that one friend',
that is within my reach!


COPYRIGHT; Sabrina Denise Healey,
Egressx Jul 2015
Come take a walk
With me.

You know*
You are the one
I’d die for.

I just wish to
And suffocate myself
Inside your smoke.

But my eyes,
They have been dried
For so many

There is so much
I wish to tell
But love,
They have cut my tongue.

Besides, I would not
Where to even

There is a boy
in my dream.
With eyes oh so gentle.

He thanks me
For being born.

But in the morning he is gone,
And I have not seen him
Ever since.

And you,
You gently drape
Your arms
Around me

And ask
I would go for a walk
With you.

You know
You are the one
*I would die for.
I'm so sorry you're hurting like this
I never knew it was so bad
that you could feel
the ache in your chest
from where you're heart had been
before you gave it
so selflessly
to that girl
who lost it on her way into another's.

I'm sorry I'm not her
because i know I could give you what you want,
and fill that empty void from where your heart once was
because I know your worth.

It pains me
that you are losing your head
over someone
who doesn't deserve you
and will never see how special you truly are.

I see you crumbling over a girl
that wouldn't even know something was wrong
if you wept on the floor
desperatley cradling
your own bleeding heart.

I have tried to show you the reality
but it's too late,
you're already
far too blinded by the good
to ever see the **** truth.

And the sad thing is,
you are going to die loving this girl,
but you are aware,
and have accepted the challenge.
So I can no longer help you,
as I am already killing myself,
by trying to save you.
Umi Jul 2018
Eternally no word is spoken,
See it through your vision, this deserted shrine hidden within hellfire,
The dreams are fading into the slipping stream of time, vanishing,
In silence waiting seems to be alike an eternity, lonesome and sad,
If you believed you could try, all the same it's both the truth and a lie,
Silence, is what is called for in this abandoned, forgotten, rotten place
But if you were to spread your wings and were to fly,
Maybe then, you could reach high, rise from the fire and call through a voiceless barrier for help, but will the deaf understand you ?
This is, where all hope is lost to cause, where all words have come to pause, no message is delivered and prayers are sent by reticence,
So what makes you still look up to the burning sky the flames are controlling with pure rage and overwhelming fury beyond reason ?
Perhaps hope is something one can only lose last or frankly, never.
The feathers of your wings have burnt to dust and were scattered into the wind of the rampaging purgatory since a long gone past,
All you do is listening to your own voice in your head, over and over.
Bound to the ground, with no wings to fly.
Bound to silence, with no voice to cry.

~ Umi
carminayasmin Sep 2018
tonight when I fled from my cage,
I was secluded from my own head because
all it called upon was you. echoing and echoing.

like a mother aches for her lost child
I was
gnawing the skin on my fingertips
rustling the ends of my hair into knots
biting numbingly into my tongue
all so nonchalantly
like a fool.

who is so simply chasing his own tail
in circles and circles and circles and just such endless cycles

until they send themselves to sleep
there was just this endless river of words that had just been so congested inside of me and I don't know why last night it all came spewing out
Kim Essary Aug 2018
A heart beats and gives you the gift of life but a heart breaks and and leaves you lifeless with no sense of hope.
Feeling as though you have a gift to see in others souls, comes with the curse of sadness of bearing their pain as well.
Something I've got to be missing in this life, why would you be given a gift to see and feel what others do if there's no way of changing or stopping their pain and hurt then what is the good of knowing it and the purpose if feeling it .
It's like being caged and chained to a floor as you sit back and watch as life's are being destroyed and all you can do is speak to them what you see while your heart feels the pain and hurt of what their life has been and shall be .
I'm searching for the answers of what it is I'm to do , I cry because I know and feel not only my own sadness but everyone else's too.
Some call it being an Empathy and give description I fit so well , I call it for the most part a curse of living hell.
Sorry for the vent I'm lost and so confused having this all my life and never knowing what to do.
Lexi Aug 2018
Looking in the mirror is like a death wish
A glimor of hope before the horrid thoughts cime floading in
Screaming at the top of their lungs.
And the tears rush to the surface as I pinch my skin
Grabbing it tight
Pulling at it with all my might
Wanting for it all to dissapear just like myself
As i slowly turn and turn that small glimor of hope gone
Flushed away by the rotton words that captivate my body
Screamimg for me to

                     "STOP EATING"

I walk away woth a heavy heart sinking down to the lowest part of me
Hiding away frim anyone
Ignoring every word spoken to me.

My mind
My body
My whole being has been captured by those fithly words and throughts which are tormenting me and eating me alive
Without a word
A thought i move on frim the plate of fruit and the bowl of chocolates
Swinging with a heart heavy,
Yet filled with nothing

I act like it has no effect on me
Like it doesnt hurt at all
Everyday every glance at the hated mirror that only lies
Tyler Atherton Oct 2018
I'm the one you should be afraid of,
Don't try to come close and comfort me.
I fell in love with you
I got my heart broken but kept a blank face

I can't make you feel guilty about breaking me
If you don't realize you did anything wrong
It's not your fault, I guess.
I build things up In my head.
I start to believe the things I make up.
I still love you.
With all my broken, shattered and torn apart heart.
but I'll have to say goodbye.
Because I care about you,
and if you stay with me I'll end up breaking you.

© Copyright Tyler Atherton
for so long, i have been watering my own petals
aiding in my own growth
soaking my roots with positivity and love
growing to my fullest potential

and then you came along
and i thought you would continue to help me grow
but you put me into a drought
leaving me thirsty and gasping for air

now because of you
my petals are wilting away
from your harsh abandonment and apathy
and my soul will now rot
because of this terrible lonely drought
hindering my growth
and leaving me utterly and completely helpless and alone
how can i grow when you are pulling me back
Janna Jul 2018
There's a hole in my heart

A void in my mind

A deep desire for nothing but want

A need for something like fun

Adventure and thrills

Seekers and pills

Falling into a blackness

So dark I'm turning blue

Such stark it's only true

Helpless and innocent

Forgiving and iridescent

I bond with strangers

Act bold, I'm not the tamest

I am stuck, so stuck

I don't know how to get out of here

This place, this room, this hide

This mask, this facade,

This glass, this wall, this broken bridge

It is all burning up into flames

Watch it, sink

Down it goes deep into

Black Waters

- soulwriterj
Written in a state of fragility and lostness.
IG: @soulwriterj
Shane Feb 7
Hello my old friend,
Never thought we'd meet again.
In this place you call home,
I've now returned to claim as my own.

I remember it well,
The hallow pit where I once fell,
This deep dark alone,
I found truth in these walls of stone.

You warned of outside
The perils of hope
The deceit of trust
And promise's rope...
A noose to bind and hang in dread,
I've now returned, broken and dead.

Will you take me in and stay with me?
Take away the fear and the lies that be?
Keep me safe in our hidden lair
You're all that I have...
My friend despair.
My first post.
Matt Jan 15
No matter how much you try you fail
Pushing to the limits for everyone else
Only to leave nothing for yourself
Only left with a tormented hell
Tugging at every end
Incessantly and
Losing a lover and friend
How far can you push
Til the pull overcomes
And the darkness succumbs
The silence that hums so heartless
In the end, it’s never enough
Why pretend and keep up the bluff
You’re losing yourself, this whirlwind is swirling
Your mind won’t stop turning, the anger is burning
And all that’s returning is a yearning
That your heart and my mind will eventually stop hurting.
zebra Dec 2018
Who could be content
with this wretched world

religions bribe

death; bovine silence
tears at my beating red heart

without passions arc
there would only be rational thought
and grizzled earth
arctic cold

poetry beats the gravity
of this rock
deepens the mouth of inspiration
worming through
the machinery of desperation
like Jesus floats

eloquence it's revenge
a helpless idol
Lilly frost Sep 2018
Fury has fueled fire after fire
Now that rage has long since been retired
Swirling under the surface but now skin is thicker and walls our Higher
Rage bubbles into boiling tears
There's no place for anger
No place to speak
Feelings are forbidden
Listening's for the weak
What are you doing standing up you're supposed to be meek
Nothing to see folks
Nothing to see
Just little old me angry at would could be and what would have been
How foolish having feelings
Having opinions
I aspire to be a statue
Stone void of imperfections
Slow to chisel slow to break
I wouldn't mind a chip or flake
For what does one puny piece of my stony soul ruin for the show
Disastrous is my inability to write
And I have a lot more to write
My computer has just crashed
I cannot get it repaired
It is declared irreparable
And I do not borrow things
I can never afford a new one either
I am old and do not earn
I had given up wielding the pen long ago
And ever since
Lost the ability to write with an ink-pen
If I tried
My handwriting will be indecipherable
What must I do now
But cry
With the increasing use of laptops and desk PCs, we are forgetting the way to write and improve our handwriting.
jerelii Jun 2018
To love one’s self
To accept her flaws instead of thinking out why she’s helpless
Know that you are amazing
in you; you can find love
when you treat yourself better
you also treat yourself with the
love and care you deserve
Know that you are stronger
than any storms
and that we all
have different battles that we are facing
in our life everyday
But know that we can get through this
And learn to be mindful with the present
And step by step
begin to be grateful for yourself,
for the air that you breathe, for the food that you eat,
for the people that loves you,
for the nature that nourish
you to flourish.
And be your kind of love
because you do this for yourself
to accept, to love,
and to embrace who you are
because you deserve
the right treatment
to be your own uniqueness.

be your love
give and recieve love from yourself
because we need the right proper care and love
that we also owe to ourselves
because we sometimes forget to do this things from ourselves. Self-love is important
to give to yourself.

be kinder than to feel.

you deserve a treat of love & care
from you <3
Peter Jan 4
i'm walking down the street
bare feet, without a care
**** uber, metro, I hate public transportation,
i'm dirtying up this sidewalk, for a few years already
i'm writing down a will, in my mind, close to my eyelids,
because i'm on the wrong side of my mind
i feel sick, tasting the bitterness of humanity
when I wipe mankind on the side of the pavement,
at the very deep, there's masculinity mixed with *****,
i'm walking down a bridge full of empty shells
i pass hordes of girls who are smiling insincerely
and again, i feel a boost in my veins
and again, i'm louder than mirrors
and as in the mirrors, voidness space,
and it is me, who takes the best from it
i absorb this poisoned air.
In the ears of mine, i can hear electro heat,
i feel like one man one Jean-Michel Jarre,
rain is pouring through me, sticks to me like fog,
i wrap myself in the warmth of two MDMA's,
someone glances surreptitiously and steals my soul,
you have a backpack full of cash, i have a suitcase full of emotions,
i'm going on a journey through the cursed city
like a hermaphrodite with a broken rod,
streets, like stigmas, cry with hollow screams,
in front of clubs content abortions on the sidewalk,
let's leave this lie, like the walking dead
assertiveness and pride to the gutter washed away.
And again, this booster is kindling my veins
i'm dirtier than a new jerusalem
and similar to it, i'm sticking to everything
and so I'm taking the most out of my heart
and I absorb this poisoned air once again.
and so the booster flows through the aorta
it is flooding my tarred heart,
destination reached.
and my wallet is shimmering with bitter crystal
nothing will change the course of this chemistry,
betrayed. betrayed by their own bodies
vidi, no vici, veni on its own,
and i'm catching a laugh, standing still in the subway
i am still absorbing poisoned air.
i've seen enough.
today, in my city, sun rises in the morning.
you will remember this day forever or forget it for eternity.
That is actually my favorite poem of all
Heavy Hearted Jun 2018
The river winds in from distance lands
With mercyless power it turns stone to sand
Through its mysterious life, the very earth it commands
And Yet the fearful river still runs through our hands.
In torrents of furry where the deepest currents flow
The rivers wild waters surge with woe. For
Onward, forever, its destined to go
A permenant home it won't ever know.

The river runs from each of us
As a refugee of fear,
It knows in a blink it will be somewhere else
Its waves are really its tears.
It runs from the audacity  
Of the selfish human mind
As Its massive life capacity,
Of flora and fauna combined,
Are threatened by our antics and helpless to our crime
So the river runs on their behalf, from everyone, in time-

even within its whitecap foam
Water's yearning for a home

So roam does the water- endlessly,
till its long gone out of sight
The essential droplets of the river-
Nomads day and night.
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