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Robin Lemmen Jul 2018
When you smile I come undone the threads of these carefully picked out lies start falling apart and it scares me to give in when for so long these wounds have kept me busy and occupied so I did not need to worry about living life too constrained with keeping them clean hung up on survival my rearview mirror guiding broken bones set on mending energy spent tired eyes shut life, passing by.
ChildofGodyay Jun 2018
You should never hate yourself.
You should never sit in a crowded room and feel lonely.
You should never feel abandoned in a group of friends.
You should never change yourself because of other people's opinions.
You should never think you are not enough.
Please don't hate yourself.
Please don't feel lonely.
Please don't feel like an outcast.
Please be yourself.
Please, you are enough.
If you ever think no one loves you,
just know that the King of kings, the Lord of lords, loves you so much.
But I know sometimes you will feel this way.
I understand, but maybe I don't.
Just, please.
Don't hurt yourself.
In any way.
Well, you should never ever feel these way.
love yourself and stay true!

wow wow wow, i did not expect this to happen, but anyways, i really hope all of you are blessed and that this poem helped you!! God bless yall! truly humbled...
RL Canoy May 28
Umiibig akong matapat ang puso,
sa iyo, O Sintang pithaya ng mundo.
Dilag na bulaklak sa harding masamyo,
sinuyo’t pinita ng laksang paru-paro.

Tinataglay nila’y mararangyang pakpak,
subalit ang nasa’y tanging halimuyak.
Iba sa bagwis kong luksa ang nagtatak,
sa mata ng iba’y isa lamang hamak.

Ako’y dahop-palad, niring mundo’y aba,
sa utos ng puso, ikaw’y sinasamba.
O! ang saklap naman, umagos ang luha,
pagkat lumilihis ang ating tadhana.

At niring landas ta’y lalong pinaglayo,
nang ikaw’y nabihag ng hari ng mundo.
Buong taglay niya’y di tapat na puso, 
tanging hangad lamang ang puring ingat mo.

Sinta ko ano pa ang aking magawa,
kung sa ngalan ng Diyos kayo’y tinali na?
Daloy ng tadhana’y mababago pa ba’t,
panaho’y balikang ikaw’y malaya pa?

Bihag ka na ngayong walang kalayaan, 
hawak ang mundo mo ng lilong nilalang
Waring isang ibong ang lipad may hanggan,
at ang yamang pakpak, dustang tinalian. 

Paano O! Sinta yaring abang buhay?
Ikaw’y tanging pintig nitong pusong malumbay.
Kung ikaw ang buhay ng buhay kong taglay,
Sa iyo mabigo’y sukat ng mamatay.

Subalit nasa kong lumawig sa mundo,
sapagkat buhay pa niring pag-ibig ko.
At ikaw O! Sintang namugad sa puso,
napanagimpan kong pinaghintay ako. 

Sa harap ng hirap na di masawata,
tanging asam ko’y lalaya ka Sinta.
At itong pagtiis ay alay ko Mutya,
mula sa puso kong nagdadaralita.

At maghihintay ako sa pagkakahugnos,
sa tanikala na higpit na gumapos,
sa kalayaan na lubhang nabusabos,
at mariing dulot, galak na di lubos.

Ang aking paghintay akay ng pag-asa,
lawig ng pag-asa’y kambal ang pagdusa.
At ang dukhang pusong batis ng dalita,
tila pinagyakap ang pag-asa’t luha.

O! aking minahal ako’y maghihintay,
kahit walang hanggang paglubog ng araw.
Magtitiis ako sa gabing mapanglaw,
hanggang sa pagsilang ng bukang liwayway.

Yaong sinag nito’y ganap na tatapos, 
sa dilim na dulot ng dusa’t gipuspos.
Sinag na tutuyo sa luhang umagos, 
niring mga matang namumugtong lubos.

Yaong pamimitak ng mithing umaga,
araw na mabihis ng mga ligaya,
ang buhay kong abang tinigmak ng luha,
mula sa kandungan niring Gabing luksa.

Maghihintay ako sa gitna ng dusa, 
kapiling ang munting kislap ng pag-asa.
Magtitiis kahit sanlibong pagluha,
hanggang sa panahong muli kang lalaya.

Maghihintay akong di hadlang ang pagal, 
kahit ang panaho’y lalakad ng bagal.
Magtitiis ako pagkat isang banal,
itong pag-ibig kong sa puso’y bumukal.

Maghihintay kahit dulong walang hanggan,
na pagdaralita’t mga kapanglawan
Kahit di tiyak kong muling sisilang,
ang bukang liwayway na tanging inasam.

©RL Canoy |2019|
Tulang nagsasalaysay tungkol sa kabiguan sa pag-ibig at pag-asa't paghintay na muli itong makakamtan
Tommy Randell Sep 2017
Sunday's always slow on HePo
I guess it's the morning after the night before
Poets on a binge downing cocktails of words
Knocking back shots of full strength adverbs
Roaming the streets looking for a Slam
Mixing it up with other writers on the lam

Authors and Copywriters, Journos and Hacks
Having a night off to get their mojo back
Mixing it up with the masters of Rhyme
The kings of metaphor and the fast ... punch ... line
A quick iambic with a Martian twist
Getting it down with the New Formalists

Can't blame them for having some fun
For not getting that daily poem done
But Hello? Poetry! Is now my goto place
When I wake up to my Hello<Poetry face
I don't want Sunday to be quiet and hung-over
I'm in bed and I'm ready and ******* I'm sober!

Tommy Randell 17th Sept 2017
Playing with all kinds of things here as well as referencing HePo's seemingly random ubiquitous titling games :
'Martian Twist' is of course a reference to Martian Poetry (qv) followed by another to The NewFormalists. Overall, the fact writing is some kind of drug for us with the (often) letdown after a writing binge!

'<' is as usual pronounced 'less than' 8-)
arubybluebird Dec 2017
Look at me. Really look at me tonight. Take me in. All that I unfold here before you. I'm the girl you could potentially learn to love. I'm the girl that you possibly do, already love. Open your self to me, you'll never be the same, we'll never be the same from here. Look at how beautiful this has the potential to be, our shared existence in this solemn universe, in this swollen universe, so filled with possibilities and love. Indulge yourself, immerse within, the welcoming of my open heart.
wistful, cheerless
used to be brave and fearless
liars, haters
have been walking around me these days
charming, well educated
that's who you showed to me
before you shoot me
cherries, blossoms
that's what I want to see in spring
but why
why can't I see
I thought you were charming
I thought you were well educated
I thought you needed me
it's all gone when you left me
I was just looking for some friends
now I'm only looking for the real ones
couldn't realize which ones were fake before
when did "hello"s start to be called as "goodbye"s
after some while, I know which ones are

can't stand this anymore, faded
feelin' so alone in this crowded world
can't love like this, it has exceeded
feelin' like I've overdosed, I'm wasted
even if i can't find one
I'll be the one,
one friend of mine

every color is taking me back to you
every mark is pushing me away from you
it is not spring in this place
it is not warm at all
just cold with sadness
dark with secrets
strangers with lies

charming strangers are everywhere
they've always been
they look like venus or mars
but inside they're just black holes
pluto who I've always been
a crazy person?
an outsider?  
no, no, no
a survivor.

Muhammed Emin KUŞASLAN
Hey guys.. Thank you for reading.

To see my other poetries you can check this link. It is my poetry blog.

My instagram: @eminkusaslan

Take care -E
em Oct 2016
Hello Monster,
I don’t know what you look like here.
But I can feel you coming back.
I knew you lived in his hands
Because it hurt
Whenever he put them on my hips
You sharpened my inhales
and they cut my heart on their way
to my lungs.
I knew how you poisoned my name
when they came out of her lips
because it sounded
like someone who looks better
with cut wrists.
she was broken anyway.
I grew to know you quite well.
You let go of my throat
and seemed to hold my hand
We were friends you
and I.
Maybe all it took was
a change of scenery.
My hair grew longer
and so did your claws.
And now I can’t see you until
I’m already bleeding.
I didn’t know how his eyes
on me, would make me
want to be skinny.
Until you were cutting away
all the parts around the edges
that had grown soft since
we stopped fighting.
Bony is beautiful
you whispered.
I didn’t know
you were in her back
until you showed me
how it bends when
it turns away from me.
I didn’t know you were in my knees
that ache now as I chase
and crave someone's lips
on me in the dark.
Because maybe someone will
want me
when they can’t see me.
When they can’t see us.
You’re back inside of me.
I know you are.
And it scares me.
Because I’m starting to see you again.
You look just like me.

it's been awhile
Kevin J Taylor Sep 2015
Hello, Ron!
We're here!
We've come to join you!

We've held your lines
Upheld your dream for All
Our hopes, our dream—
The goal of Total Freedom!

And in your quest beyond the sky
Beyond the stars that trim the night
We've come—All for All

To join you
To help you
To thank you for the Bridge to Total Freedom!

Thank you!


When L. Ron Hubbard passed away I wrote this poem to say hello instead of goodbye. Hello to the spirit who is Ron.

The Bridge to Total Freedom is the legacy Ron left us in Scientology.

Just because Ron's body is no longer around doesn't mean that I don't talk to him. I do. We're still friends.

noise trauma, unnecessary drama
everyone wants to be an alpha
race of fame and goals to gain
end of the nature and crazy bane
after this I'll never be the same

relationships have a journey
which starts, goes and ends
I found one has no ends
GOD is my best-friend.

Muhammed Emin KUŞASLAN
Hey guys.. Thank you for reading.

To see the full version of "God is my best-friend" and my other poetries you can check this link. It is my poetry blog.

My instagram: @eminkusaslan

Take care -E
Lizzy Nov 2015
It's a darkness that surrounds you.
It covers your eyes,
And swims in your ears.
To keep you from seeing light,
Or hearing laughter.

Instead you see everything
In a dull and dark way.
Colors are no longer vibrant,
And lines seem to be blurred.
There is no more beauty in a sunset,
Or majesty in the ocean.
It's just water now.

And every sound is muffled now.
You can't differentiate your favorite song
From any other anymore.
The sound of laughter is more bitter than sweet.
Every song is the same bleak humm.
And laughter just makes me wish I was deaf.

The darkness even dulls touch.
A kiss doesn't make your heart beat fast anymore.
And contact seems nauseating.
A kiss is just a reminder
That nothing good lasts.
And most other interaction makes my skin crawl.

But now the darkness is in your brain.
In here, sometimes it's not dull at all.
Sometimes the darkness
Takes the shape of a monster.
A monster that whispers terrible things
And just gets louder when you try not to listen.
Sometimes the darkness
Feels like war inside your mind.

But yes, again, the darkness is dull.
Sometimes there is no monster,
No war,
And no yelling at all.
Sometimes when the darkness gets in your mind,
It becomes a silence.
I can't make out a clear thought,
Because all there is
Is silence.
The darkness takes the shape
Of death.
The silence, the nothingness of death.
And it becomes part of you,
Making your mind nothing but silence
And nothingness.

But the worst part about the darkness
Is my inability to communicate its existence.
I can't make anyone understand
The many shapes it can take.
How it can be torturous and loud
But comfortable just the same.

It's easy to talk about the monster,
Because it's something foreign and
Something present.
But everything else,
The dullness of senses
And the silence it becomes,
Can't be expressed.
Because in these forms,
The darkness is absence of life.
It's absence of color,
And thought.

And it's so hard to paint a picture
Of something that isn't even there.
I can paint a picture of a monster
With ****** teeth and devilish eyes.
But I cannot paint the nothingness
The darkness so often is.

And to me, nothingness is the most dangerous.
I can fight a monster.
But I cannot fight nothing.
Nothingness will swallow you.
It will take over your senses
And thoughts,
And eventually will to live.

Life is colorful.
Life should be loud.
Life should be funny.
And sometimes painful.
But when the silence,
The nothingness arrives,
There is no color.
There is no sound.
No laughter.
Or even pain.
There is no life at all.
                    I've been taught
                      To only tread
                  in shallow waters
      But his eyes were oceans of blue
    and I was ready to take the plunge.
       Never mind that I've forgotten
                      how to swim.
     If in return, it is he that leaves me
  Let it be that I covet air for all eternity.
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Thank you all , The HP designers, am happy to be one too:))♥️
Chris Jun 2016
A painful obsession with impressing
Is controlling me.
Tickling my throat to move,
To beg for your attention.

I'm far too worried with
What sounds better,
Hey or hello?
Or is hello too stiff?
Maybe hi...
There's no words I could write or say
To undo that last goodbye.

But figuring out
What to say
Is wasting the entire night away
And you're already leaving
And I'm still, already choking
I'm so scared I'm
Bumming a drag or two.
I thought I said I'd stopped smoking.
I guess it's hard when smoke-filled lungs
Are right at home with thoughts of you.

I wish I could let the impression
That impressing matters
Swim free.
But I'm caught up
In a dead sea
Of thickening greetings
Thought up too quickly.
Hus J May 2018

Sitting cross-legged in a Subway
Doors open and close repeatedly
Footsteps resounding every now and then
A pair of daily sport shoes stopped.
Saying something for sure is human language
Listening with full attention, well understood.

You should go?

Stood for awhile in silence and handed me a ticket
Stretching out a hand, and feeling the warmth coming from the other end

You should go.

Begging the heart not to tremble upon whispers that just speak to the delicate night.
The spark that crushing my mundane life.
Thank you.
Sarah Isma May 2018
Day by day you'd pass me by,
and at a time i'd think
it's a norm seeing you smile
I said hi but today
you replied with my name
For a second then,
i never realized that my heart would beat
a little bit faster than it usually did,
I never thought
How good it sounded coming from you
and i never realized
how everyday was like that after,
i'd be falling slowly,
a little bit deeper than i should be,
deeper in love with you
of course there is this boy, in which i think may become a series, where we met and i thought he was handsome but i thought id never get anywhere with him but as time goes by he started talking to me, and acknowledge me and until one day, he said my name, far from the crowd- just to make me say hi to him back. I feel like im starting to swim in dangerous waters now
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