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Sylvie Wild Dec 2018
Hello noise
Hello voice
Hello written
Hello choice
Hello vice
Hello might
Hello mint
Hello cello
Hello yellow
Hello find
Hello mind
Hello bite
Hello bruise
Hello nerd
Hello ****
Hello world
Hello heard
Hello hand
Hello match
Hello friend
Hello chance
Hello thunder
Hello melt
Hello riddance
Hello resistance
Hello stance
Hello flash
Hello mash
Hello mask
Hello fellow
Hello mellow
Hello bend
Hello mend
Hello Kitty
Good-bye man
Hello Darkness, my old friend,
The self-doubt that comes creeping in.
Hello Darkness, fickle and fiendish,
It is nice to see you again.

Hello Ambition, my old mentor,
The hunger that has me ceasing never.
Hello Ambition, controlling and unending,
It is good to see you again.

Hello Fear, my old companion,
The sickness that feeds my abandon.
Hello Fear, raw and uncut,
It is nice to see you again.

Hello Anger, my old lover,
The fire that never sated hunger.
Hello Anger, lean and strong,
It is nice to see you again.

Hello Lust, my old partner,
The taste that pushed me harder.
Hello Lust, empty and rich,
It is nice to see you again.

Hello Love, my old *****,
The red and gold double edged sword.
Hello Love, lying and cheating,
It is nice to see you again.

Hello Night, my old mother,
The love for which I killed another.
Hello Night, deceitful and peaceful,
It is good to see you again.

Hello Envy, my old rival,
The burning need for my survival.
Hello Envy, cold and hard,
It is good to see you again.

Hello Curse, my old bride,
The one who eats away my pride.
Hello Curse, persistent and pursuant,
It is good to see you again.

Hello Gluttony, my old coach,
The pain that ate away my hope.
Hello Gluttony, empty and barren,
It is good to see you again.

Hello Pride, my old brother,
I love you more than the others.
Hello Pride, full and robust,
It is good to see you again.

Hello Darkness, my oldest of friends.
It was from you that I was born.
Hello Darkness, come to swallow me again,
From the light I am torn.
Self-doubt and sadness
hello hello hello
what have we got here
a few ships assembling
with highly explosive

hello hello hello
who shall fire the first shot
into the Syrian

hello hello hello
America and Russia
are on opposing sides
the gulf in their opinions
very wide

hello hello hello
the world
shall see a drama
most potent
others in
the Middle Eastern
may get
involved too
that will be a show
which may mean
a powder keg
that can't be

hello hello hello
why have men
in power
always had a yen
to be war faring
and not think
of their fellow
men women and children

hello hello hello
this time the lesson
may come at an extremely high cost
for it may well
bring end
to all existence
on the planet
as we know it....
Kayla Dec 2012
I found my place
I've found your face
After all this time
Do you remember mine
I'm sorry
Are you sorry too
I've found someone new
What will I do
Remember you hurt me
I never told you
How they all knew
How I wouldn't admit it
I miss you
Cause me pain no more
It hurts me without you
I've never felt like this before
There's someone else now
They treat me well
Are you worth it
Is love worth living in hell
For the last time?
Will I ever say goodbye
roxy Oct 2014
hello my name is dyed red hair

hello my name is infj

hello my name is having a love hate relationship with different music genres

hello my name is crying during sad or happy movies

hello my name is an avid just dance player

hello my name is wearing black all the time

hello my name is liking the color blue best

hello my name is b math

hello my name is canadian

hello my name is sometimes not so happy with my weight

hello my name is a writer

hello my name is being afraid of being left alone

hello my name is captain of the volleyball team

hello my name is a christian

hello my name is q

hello my name is fashion lover

hello my name is making bad decisions

hello my name is loving to travel a lot
dedicated to jaide lynne, i really liked your poem so i thought i'd make my own
Emily Larrabee Nov 2013
Hello baby
Hello Love
Hello sweet heart

Hello meanie
Hello ******
Hello *****

Hello Daddy
Hello Sister
Hello Gramma

Hello me
Hello you
Hello all
Merrimae Oct 2018
Hello honey, hello darling.
Hello future, hello love.
Hello to the life
I’ve always dreamed of.

Hello handsome, hello sweetie.
Hello confidence, hello trust.
Hello to my one and only
We’ll last until all else is dust.

It’s incomprehensible,
The way I feel, when I think of you.
Happiness flutters through my being,
Whenever you do the things you do.

Hello smile, hello eyes,
Hello laughs, hello hugs,
Hello to my amazing guardian angel
Sent from above.

Hello kisses, hello voice,
Hello gentle caresses and sweet love.
You are my favorite hello,
And I wish to never say goodbye, Love.
Arcassin B Oct 2015
by Originally Nirvana
verses  by Arcassin Burnham

Lets lend a hand,  no words to say,
but all you've  planned,  doesn't ever stay,
vanilla girls,  they know what's best for us,
the world , it never rest,

Hello, hello, hello, how low? [x3]
Hello, hello, hello!

With the lights out, it's less dangerous
Here we are now, entertain us
I feel stupid and contagious
Here we are now, entertain us
A mulatto
An albino
A mosquito
My libido
Yeah, hey, yay

deal all your faults,  and all your dreams,
worth a penny, just wanna stay teens,
you could deal, making plans,
and taking risk,  you are the man,

Hello, hello, hello, how low? [x3]
Hello, hello, hello!

With the lights out, it's less dangerous
Here we are now, entertain us
I feel stupid and contagious
Here we are now, entertain us
A mulatto
An albino
A mosquito
My libido
Yeah, hey, yay

use to remember,  the signs,
I cross the lines apart, not known what was mine,
I took the gun, put it in my mouth,
and I,  just thought it out,

Hello, hello, hello, how low? [x3]
Hello, hello, hello!

With the lights out, it's less dangerous
Here we are now, entertain us
I feel stupid and contagious
Here we are now, entertain us
A mulatto
An albino
A mosquito
My libido
A Denial [x9].
Nirvana is one of my favorite bands and it is my pleasure to present to you,  my version!!!!
raw with love Apr 2014
Hello, hello,
you sweet little child.
Hello, hello,
you innocent soul.

Can you see me cry?
Can you see the demons
reflected in my eyes?
Can you see the scars
inscribed on my skin?
Can you see through my mask,
so feeble, so terribly thin?
Can you see it peeling off,
can you see me rotting?

Hello, hello,
you sweet little child.
Hello, hello,
you innocent soul.

Are you afraid?
Are you scared of the
big bad scarred monster
on your doorstep?

My scars relinquishing in
the devils inside me
caught in a ****** war,
the pain that's decaying
my organs, my soul,
my body crumbling
like pastries to dust,
my tormented existence,
my struggle through life.
Gnawed at by self-hatred,
praised by self-harm,
thriving in blades,
awash with blood...

Can you see this?
Can you hear them?

Can you hear the voices
roaring in my head,
screaming, yelling,
sweet little
"you're better off dead"

Can you hear
the cry of my veins?
Can you hear my blood
begging for release?
Can you hear
my gut-wrenching
cries for help?
Can you hear my screams?

Can you see the figures
scrutinising me
deep inside my head?
Can you see the pain
bleeding down my
and things?
Can you see me
ripping myself slowly
thread by ******* thread?

Hello, hello,
you sweet little child.
Hello, hello,
you innocent soul.

Can you recognise me?
Can you see yourself?

Don't stay, my sweet little girl,
don't stay,
run away,
my sweet little girl,
greetings from your
future self
on the path to decay.
Jacqueline P Sep 2012
Hello, she said, again
Hello, Hello, Hello.
Her voice is always there, it is tricky.
It is soothing but it never calms my nerves.
What do you want this time?
Hello, Hello, Hello.
Echo said hello.
Didn't she?
She was trapped forever.
Hello, Hello, Hello.
Trapped means birds
Birds mean feathers
Feathers that tickle noses and make us laugh.
Hello, Hello, Hello.
Robin Carretti Mar 2020
Hello! Its me always on the cell phone? I tunes
Hello Hello does anyone acknowledge
Someones hello do not disturb sign movies of art
Getting awards all hearts next role part
Hello private lives desperate house wives
Writers words that move us hello please don't leave us
A friendly hello greetings and deadline meetings

Please don't hurt anyone's feelings

Getting closer no impostor
Stars shine hello my dipper
Like the golden rule running like
A mule the competition
The compromising position
Just the hello- transition
Getting awards surprised

Say what you mean
Words should be
Crisp like lettuce clean
Cafe French roast hello mingle
No awards to be married or single
Instagram beauty
and the beast pictures to hustle
Climbing the diamond door
  Getting awards hello a title

Moving towards the winning line_

  Fast and furious "Valentine"
Computer hello apps trophy
Getting awards your happy
Over the Judy rainbow
Metal awards and plaques
Seeing monuments and hello
Hollywood graves
But no-one hears me

The "Yellow Brick Road"
Were off to see the wizard
Hello! Oz
Like a fantasy getting awards so comforting a smile a friendly hello be happy
Sara Murray Apr 2017
It's nice to see you
Across the room with your chin on your hand
Quietly listening, pensively waiting
For the time to end
On my end no thought is given
Ok, Maybe a glance from time to time, I must admit
"What do you know about him?
He doesn't seem too bad."

Its nice to meet you
This time in a different way
I make jokes and laugh it off
But I'm starting to notice more and more often
That I'm asking questions and talking more than I'd like
Just so you can look up and see me
Just see me, that's all I want
I haven't been like this in over four years
I forgot how this felt
and why I waited so long to feel like this again

It's nice to speak to you
for the first time since I first saw you
I pick up my spilled bag early so I can run out with the bell
Through the hallway on the opposite of my next class
like I do everyday
And everyday I wonder if I should say something;
"Did we have any homework?"
And you would answer
But I say nothing
And I always wish I did

I'd like to tell you
So many things that I know I never will
I never thought I'd pray for small talk
Yet here I am being put on hold
One conversation, one laugh that I produced is all I want!
I just don't know how to get it

If it's okay with you
Let's go somewhere alone
and pretend to be people we're not

Hello hello
If she's the one for you
That's fine but let the verdict be close
Second place is fine
But I'd like to be in the running

Hello hello hello
The things I thought were true
Don't hold up like they used to
You don't have to play guitar
Your job doesn't have to be a dream
Everything new I learn is suddenly fine by me

Hello hello hello hello
I'd like to be to you
A classmate
A partner
A colleague
An old friend
If that's what you need me to be
Just please
Don't let me be a stranger
Brianna May 2014
Hello Kitchen.
Hello chair.
Hello creepy wallpaper stare.
Hello floor.
Hello scratches on my kitchen door.
Hello Ghostly mumbles.
Hello, what a nice day to go out and play.
Hello to the outside from looking through the window as you keep me inside to play.
Hello broken barbie dolls.
Hello to all the dolls!
Hello to all that watch me.
Hello to the angels that protect me.
Hello creepy creaky house.
Hello from the inside and out.
Hello my love
Hello my friend
Hello my happy
Hello my sad
Hello my depression
Hello my sun
Hello my night
Hello my nature
Hello my drink
Hello my drug
Hello my woods
Hello my life
Hello to all
Hello again.
Not that good of poem but figure I post it anyway
mw Sep 2017
hello like a cup of strong coffee at 6 am.
hello like rain, that isn't really rain, but more-so, a dusting of droplets that only really wet my eyelashes.
hello like the yellowing bends of denim and every last loose thread on my father's hand-me-down jacket.
hello like getting drunk and taking all of my body piercings out.
like waking up the next morning and re-piercing them myself.
hello like poking through.
hello like blood.
hello like oxidization and my favorite brand of adoration, that one that turns to grit and rust on my tongue.
hello like, "yes i am ready for things to get better now".
hello like, "i have no idea how to contribute to things getting better now".
hello like learning the words to my favorite songs again.
hello like learning how to write poetry again.
doing it badly.
not really caring.
hello like this time, no one will say goodbye until i **** well say it's time to leave.
this is the year i cease being a revolving door for half-hearted apologies,
they taste like old chewing gum, these ghostly heart-beaten impressions i've collected.
from now on,
bring me something beating,
bring me something warm,
bring me something red.
bring me your hello.
blue mercury Apr 2018
i just want to be alone
with you
it's the only way
i'll ever feel at home

i just want to be known
by you
where the moon and stars
embrace us in their glow

in this place you can not erase the truth
look into my heart because it's filled with stars for you
all in all my heart it calls out into the blue sky
i look into your eyes and i know
that i can say hello, hello
to forever
hello (hello)

i just want to feel you close
to me
it's the only way
i think i'll ever feel whole

i just want you to hold
onto me
while our hearts race
and these lights are turned down low

in this place you can not erase the truth
look into my heart because it's filled with stars for you
all in all my heart it calls out into the blue sky
i look into your eyes and i know
that i can say hello, hello
to forever
hello (hello)

rip me to shreds i won't even mind
just swear you won't try to leave me behind
because love like ours only comes once in a lifetime
i still can't believe you're mine

i just want to be alone
with you
it's the only way
i'll ever feel at home

i just want to be known
by you
where the moon and stars
embrace us in their glow
i look into your eyes and i know
i can say hello, hello
to forever
hello (hello)
hello to forever, hello, hello
The stage was  set the little untalented ***** monkeys gathred
like bizzar attention seeking ******  all for the title
of  Hello Poetry's top poet.

But enough with the weird named carbon copy poets
who now **** the charts im just saying im a little bitter.
Lets take a look at the judges you silly little donkeys.

It was a who's who of people who actully were something
that what in the real world we like to call original.
Jack  yes the loveable kinda ******* ****** who deep
down would probaly have more in common with Jack the Ripper
than Lord Byron  im just saying.

Baths  yes the queen of Hello  and i'd  be a smart *** now but im scared she'd hurt me  and not in a good way  not that im into
pain dam you Marv  Albert    i never knew the tijuanna brass were so freaky.

Chris Smith  the poet  the model  the all  around  hansome devil
with a heart of gold  you go girl.

Phil Roberts  the silent  yet  down right evil  arch enemy of
all things  sweet and pure finally off probation and his meds.
Still the restraining  order was in full effect thank God  Barney
that devil worshiping dinosuar was no where in site  and as long as the voices in Phils head were happy we were all safe.

And the man the myth the pervert drunken *******  of Hello.
Just back from his recent vist   to  Shady Pines  resort slash mental
Gonzo  along with his court ordred doctor .
Dr Jerry  Who held many degree's in bartending,Massage therapy with happy endings,And chemistry yes  he was a real busy ******* slash drug fiend okay dealer.
What a girl has her needs.

Sitting at the judges table it was the usal chatter how are you.
Nice ***'s  hey Phil  put down the knife.
Jack  wear did you get that muzzle and straight jacket?
Baths  reminding me she didnt wanna have to use the pepper spray
like at the Hello christmas party.

Gonzo pouring his wild turkey.
Dr Jerry yelling  hey just what do you think your doing?
What are ya drinking by yourself?
Good point  you silly *******  so after four strong drinks
some lines of uhh  sinus powder from Columbia they dont just
make records  to my suprize we were off like lindsy lohan
on a drug I mean  well a drug run.

The first couple of guys read there genitic poems all of which
were like taco bell food.It  pretty much  would either give you food poisening or the ****'s.

Person after person read there poetry the drinks poured
people gave there opinions  Chris well the poem was great just maybe pace it better.

Baths giving another deep comment that was always welcome
that and the contestants outta sheer fear knew not to cross her
cause **** happens after dark around here and the Hello dumpster
is filled with not just bottles of wild turkey yeah remember Drew?

Jack gave a long muffled  comment  that must have surely been brillant someone should really remove that dam muzzle.

Phil  goddamed dinosuar  i'll teach him for playing hard to get.
oh yeah he'll like it he'll like it real good  oh look
a puppy dog.

Okay kinda weird  but well yeah.

Then the  attention turned to the attention grabing little *****
of Hello  no not  Gary ****** man.
the only G that matters beside's spot  Gonzo.

Well I think you need to lean more into the microphone  when you
read  and um well to relax  show more clevage.
And may I say if that was a samba   it totally ******
1 star.

The room and other judges must have been amazed by my depth
for they were all silent.
Dr Jerry aplauded  dam he really knew how to fill out that cheerleading outfit   we really needed to take a fishing trip im just saying
male bounding is okay sometimes  just ask Phil.

The people kept rolling in i slept through most of the mens readings
the women  because im a gentleman  and a scholar I had DR Jerry give my card  cause if Ican help inspire and guide maybe cuddle  fresh hot
young poets im all for it   I know what your saying yes I am  
giving back to the Hello community and not just STD's and hangovers.

But enough with the foreplay  finally  with the tension built up
like little catholic school girls waiting for there savior Justin Bieber to make a appearence   it was time.

Who was Hello's top new poet.
The short little **** *******  slash  napoleon of hello walked to the mic.
And after several  attempts at reaching it  one of his many  
assistants slash  friends with benfits of staying on the charts forever
assumed the possition.
So he could stand on there back and talk in the mic.
Get your mind outta the gutter.

The winner is  for there poem the Gentic.
There began a rumble beside me ******  Dr Jerry
stop jerking off were public man.

But it wasnt my dealer I mean doctor .
It was My fashion forward amigo Jack.
The rumbling continued slowley the straps began to snap
as his color changed to red once would have been to green
if not for copyright infrigement dam you king kong.

The red devil burst from his restraints  like a  stripper off
a four week ******* binge let loose  at Macdonalds.
tables flew  clothes were ripped.
Bathe's yelled  at the top of her lungs  look ****** I have a tazer
so if you try to cop a feel i'll use it.
Must have been talking to Phil or Chris.

I knew what to do  in this chaos i quickly ran with the special talent of Hello  to my dressing room  DR Jerry  emergency bring  wild turkey duct tape  a video camera  a inflatable swimming pool  some jello mix and  a Kenny G  cd  and some roofies .
Im kidding  I never listen to Kenny G.

The screams were that of a german shapard ripping a smurf to shreads.
Help me  plaese  mommy I almost felt sorry for Eliot.
But i did what a true gentleman slash long winded journalist does in these time's. Sat back with some cocktails and enjoyed some jello
wrestling  opps  I think  the tickle monster is loose.

Me first  me first  ******  Phil  well if it keeps the voices at bay
why the **** not.
We laughed we danced  Jack Horner  bathed in Eliots blood.
While Chris said please  stop including me in these ****** stories
While Baths  kept her tazer in hand  and dry white wine in the other.
Much like  a bad habbit I grow on you.
Jack looked at me as old brothers in shared insanity often do.
Hey Gonzo  when ya  gonna end this one mate?
Hey amigo  as soon as ya get that  *** on stage and close the show
with a lady gaga  preformance.

The *****, the *******,  the Brits,And Gonzo,
With his doctor slash roadie slash personal man servant bartender
who could ask for anything more than a purple dinosaur's head on a platter but enough about Phil.

Untill next time Stay Crazy  Kids.
Im back *******   and  back to being a true gentleman of Hello.
Okay more like the lovable **** slash drunken perve you all love
okay tolerate cheers
Arlene Corwin Jul 2016
To the Poets of Hello, Hello!

We write, we share.
We hope there’s someone there
To read
Perhaps need
Precisely as we
Say it,
Hoping that they see it
As we do.
(They seldom do, but
It’s the memo
Of the heart,
Our smattering of art
That matters.)

Hello, Hello,
My fellow poets.
I come to you,
Admiring, commenting,
Caring for the things you dare to share.

Over simplified, naïve maybe,
Never diva we,
The weavers of profundity.
Hello, Hello to poets and to poetry,
Its crystal-gifted company
And you who take in what you see

To The Poets Of Hello, Hello! 7.4.2016
The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II;
Arlene Corwin

Hello Poetry; a site encouraging one and all to submit & share their oeuvre.
Colin E Havard Mar 2014
Will I walk,
Will I talk -
Will I open up,
Or will I baulk?
Moved by time, unremitting;
Approaching disintegration - universal dispersal.
Emotional denial, fearing the inevitable.
Procuring the future by biological means;
Neglecting angst instilled in collected dreams;
Ever hopeful for intervention - role reversal.
Dancing betwixt light beams
Floating on echoed screams
Unsure what reality means;
Confronted by attitudes obscene
Lost amid chaotic scenes
Is anything what it seems?
Hello - How are you?
Hello - Can I help you?
Hello - Did you hear me?
Hello - Who are you?
Hello - Do I understand you right?
Hello - What'd you say?
Hello - Are you with me?
Hello - Did you see that?
Hello - Are you sure?
Hello - What's this?
Hello - I'm trying to communicate!
Hello - Welcome.
Hello - Come in.
Hello - I am...Friendly (and Curious)...
Too much angst
Too many sorrows
Too much fear
Too few tomorrows.

Too little, too late;
Too bad, too sad.

Too much waste
Too much greed
Too much gain
Too much need.

Too distracting
Too frivolous
Too complex
Too preposterous.

Too many scandals
Too many re-acting
Too muck shock
Too few enacting.

Too much terror
Too much blood
Too many agendas
Too much cud.

Too much goodwill
Too little done
You're 2 kind.
Thanks, mate.
Rhetoric or ridiculous?
Rude or risqué?
Right or righteous?
Ruling or ruining?
Revolving or resolved?
Revolting or revolutionary?
Repeating or reposing?
Revealed or reviled?
Rambling or raving?
Rising or risen?
Robust or round?
Rigorous or regressive?
Mardi Grass-E-**** - Hola!, Earlwood
Brian Turner Oct 2020
Hello Autumn
Hello cold start
Hello huddling cat

Hello red leaves
Hello friendly dog
Hello fog

Hello smell of fires
Hello winter pyres
Hello winter tyres

Hello sun breaking through
Hello winter dew
Oh....hello you
Notes from an Autumn walk this morning
Phi Apr 2016

Hello. Hello. Hello.

A greeting.
Bland. Used. Boring.
Heard every day
day in
day out


a stranger
a friend
a teacher
a lover
a colleague
a child


a meaningless phrase
heard every day
day in
day out




you thought it forgotten
never to be heard again


a father
crushed by fate
by a car
feared to be lost

but hello!

a greeting
a new beginning
a fresh start
with one word

I wrote this poem shortly after my dad managed to speak his first (assisted) word after over three months in the hospital after a bad car accident when we weren't sure if he could ever speak again.
nivek May 2014
everything is gently waving
hello hello hello
grown taller and outward
showing off their finery
a land of lush greens
all vying for recognition
gentle world of vegetation
hello hello hello
everything is gently waving
Tay Mar 2017
Hello World knocks on the glass
Are you there
I know your there
stares through the glass
Hello is anyone out there
looks out
Help I'm trapped in the delusion of my mind
People disappear as quickly as they appear
Things flash by
People Die
All before my eyes
Their eyes searching mine for any sign of distress
Help I'm trapped in my own world a glass ball
states out
Hello mind I know you are there
Hello World
I know your there
Your out there and I'm trapped in here
Hello World
I have no key you are the lock
You threw away the key
It's just a smooth surface now
No comfort or warmth from it
Hello World
You can't contain me
I  am free
Hello World
I found the key
You want to know what it is
It's what you will never have
It's Love
Your world is different than me
Yours is with Evil
Mine is Light
Yours is with Abuse
Mines with Compassion
Yours is Filled with Demons
Ours is filled with Angels
You report to Satan
I pray to God
Yours is ******
Ours is Justice
Yours is Painful
Ours is delightful
Yours is Lonely
And ours is Filled with love
Hello World
looks out defiantly
I'm not scared
You may have evil
But I have Light
You have demons I have God
You have Darkness I have Light
You have abuse  I have compassion
You have ****** I have justice
See now
Hello World
Are you listening
We're coming for you
World we are taking out the evil
Hello World
See I look from the inside out
But you look from the outside in
But where do you go
I can retreat you cannot
Forever time is frozen you on
That evil world
Hello World
Are you there?
Sometimes I wonder
Jack L Martin Sep 2018
Hello Mom
I miss you
you were so young
I was a terrible kid
I am sorry

Hello Dad
I miss you
You were so young
You were a terrible dad
I forgive you

Hello Uncle Jim
I Miss you
You were so young
You taught me honor and respect
Thank you for your service

Hello Cousin Tony
I miss you
You were so young
I can't hold a candle to you
Your funeral was impressive

Hello Nana
I miss you
Your heart was pure gold
You didn't deserve to suffer
You taught me more than I could ever repay

Hello Grandpa Tony
I miss you
You showed me how to fix things
Thank you for your service
Nana is with you now

Hello Grandma Pat
I miss you
You have a loving family
Your spaghetti was legendary!
Your son suffers no more

Hello Grandpa John
I miss you
You taught me how to play poker
Thank you for your service
Your loving wife is with you now

Hello Aunt Kathy
I miss you
You were always kind to me
Your jokes made me laugh
I see your face everywhere

Hello Grandpa Kuntner
I never met you
I heard terrible things
If it weren't for you, i'd never been born
For that, I thank you

Hello Grandpa Leon
I never met you
I heard nice things
I am a proud to be a stubborn ******
For that, I thank you
I cried while writing this
Teressia Jun 2014
hello poetry
hello poetry became my facebook
i use to wake everyday to check my facebook's new status
but since i found hello poetry
i wake up to check hello poetry new poems
hello poetry, where i meet people,
with the same passion as me, writing.
hello petry, is where i take all my happiness,
all my sadness, and all my creativity.
when i don't have enthusiasm to study for my exam,
i go to hello poetry and somehow i get pumped
when i fell in love, i go to hello poetry
when my heart is broken, i go to hello poetry
when i had a beautiful day, i go to hello poetry
when i had a bad day, i go to hello poetry
the world is a place full of happiness,
sorrow, obstacles and hardships,
i have learned to live and survived it
because i take it out on my writing.
we all have something to be proud off.
i always write anything, it doesn't have to always be a poem, but anything.
Star BG Apr 2017
Hello self, I know I'm sacred.
Hello day, I move with .
Hello moment, I am very grateful.
Hello heartbeat, I love to dance.

Goodbye doubting I feel my power.
Goodby ego, I am peaceful.  
Goodbye fears, I’m taken care of.
Goodbye sadness, I’m my own friend.

Hello God, I bond with spirit.
Hello life, I have a path.
Hello questions, I have the answer
Hello love, I feel oneness.

StarBG © 2017
Inspired by Rampant Lion

— The End —