Shofi Ahmed May 2017
My feet may be stuck on earth,
but my mind is a realm of Eden:
the heavens’ wonder.

The sky is round,
fits around the earth,
with the sun swims
in the dew on the rose.
Still the giant earth falls short
to hold onto a man for good!

Not the sky nor the mundane
can encompass a man,
only fits within a man.
A buzz saw a buzzing
Looking back through time
It's no longer the problem
That I thought it was

The tap-tap-tap of hammer on nails
Sitting here smoking a cigarillo
Drinking iced coffee
And thinking of my prime

I make few friends
Sometimes I can't even trust those
Often they drive up
And want to stay which way and when

I'm having oral sex with my trumpet
While holding hands with the dark
I shout out to the heavens
My eyes so full of stars

I dropped a letter to my Doctor
Giving him my order
Soon I will be flush
Not bothered by anything

I always go through them
Way too fast
Then I sit there in the corner
Licking my wounds
Shofi Ahmed May 2017
On the eye to eye, it streamed down.
From the unseen but the one is all seeing.

Far from the Mars from the Neptune
far away from all the giant planets
only down onto the earth fell a teardrop!

Every angel in the heavens' shore
has heard of the lore.
It’s spot on, mesmerising beautiful.
Far from the blue harbour sky
hunky dory is delights to the eyes
the stunner is made to measure.

Like a tear in the corner of the eye
diagonally weighed down
with 360-degree open looking sky.
Close within a fingertip comes the Moon
still is a sea ahead of the flow untouchable!
You may try to hide

But I seek you

I can feel your heart

As if it was my own

I know when you

Carefully shield

It from view

But, I pierce

Through the clouds

And I can see

A light that shines

Brightly for me…

No more doubts

Because I trust

That the heavens

Always get it right

I find humour behind

The irony…and

I do know

A spark remains lit

Even as the days lag long

I tune into the love

That is waived throughout

This novel story …

It didn't start good for the girl in the moon

it went very well for her brother

He grew up to be the man in the moon

She went in search of their mother

'Tell her I love her!' the little boy said

'Say there is nothing between us!'

The little girl hugged him and then ran away

She ended up living on Venus

Amongst all the stars and the red planet Mars

they looked out and saw one another

this beautiful girl hotter than hell

the Sun, high in the sky, was her mother

There they both glowed and the Heavens bestowed

pure love in the arms of each other

The man in the moon, well you'd hear him croon

'Mother there's nothing between us!'

'I hold you all dear, thank God you are near"

'I love you and the woman in Venus!'
I had to chop off my hair-
Rosemarie explains, a hint of France
and adobo sewn into her voice-
the stress, the worry, her
café in shreds, the storm left hands
unneeded- so instead- they pulled at roots.

with little in our pockets to offer,
we opened up our arms-
we laughed with Rosemarie
we held her close and we kissed
her sweet, leathered cheeks
and Lord above- I found her!
Don’t you see? I have no
need to dig caverns
and swim with dolphins
and heavens- can’t I hide from
your never ending opinions
of my steps? Left right and left left right?

remember when you believed in something
without the sole intent of proving
some obscure superiority?
I remember
I remember the patio
and who knows- John 1:16?
and silly jokes and deep Irish breaths
and no need to prove ourselves
with a fervent- I know! I know! I know!

You see, Lord - it’s all about Rosemarie
and her sweet plantains, her hidden
song, a dance of worry, a dance of-
I read in too far, sure,
but you made sure
my search
would find you
and I know
your language
and Lord knows
I know your kind-
and I needn’t prove a thing.
elaine Jun 16
What would occur if gravity failed me and I was lifted far into the heavens,
Past the clouds and into the dark abyss of space?
I would have nothing with me but my mind to reflect the world we all know.
I wouldn’t think for long however,
I would be to busy dancing around with the planets, to remember the harsh words that were said that night.

I would be found hopping around on Saturn’s rings, giving her all the love I could.

I would be found  talking to the Sun,
telling her how we all missed her when she went away for the nights, without her we lay restless and cold waiting for her return.

I would be found comforting Pluto,
See he as well was easily forgotten.

I would meet all the stars that make up the night sky,
and say how we are all inspired by the beauty they give off,
how we all glance up at them at our greatest moment of weakness and remember we aren’t alone, whispering to them all our troubles knowing that they will always be there to listen.

And while everyone goes to sleep, I will finally join them and dream of never coming back from this world that I have entered.
I will finally forget you and the lies you told, laying restless no longer.

So if you need me to contact me,
I can be found  floating across galaxies, talking to the asteroids, sharing stories of how I thought it would be the end if you left, laughing about the fact that everything was actually better.

I will be among the stars, searching no more for love, because I am loved by the planets and all the stars. I no longer dread on not having the love of another, because there is far more love out there then in you.  
The Earth still spins and the Sun still shines, the only difference being I don’t love you anymore.
I caught a glimspe of a beauty down on earth tonight as she turned her teary gaze upward
Imagine my delight as she fixed those wide eyes on me
I watched her head open up and all the mysteries of the universe spill out, spiraling in majestic flames downstream
It was a sight i thought i would only see up here in the heavens
Tonight i learned that stars not only dwell in the night sky
but down there as well
I pray she looks up again
At me
So i can see creation unfolding through her sunroof
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