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Tanay Sengupta Aug 2018
Chirping crickets, unheard whispers and a lonely street light.
For a small town, it is such a typical night.
A sweet aroma blows with the breeze,
Perhaps, coming from one of the flowers or the trees.

Red flares and moonflowers blooming under the moonlight.
Adding more grace to this beautiful night.
Peace and serenity rule in this silence,
There is no noise, there is no violence.

There are just sounds of heartbeats, deep breaths and whispers.
Just sounds of heartbeats, deep breaths and whispers.

Tanay Sengupta, Copyright © 2018.
All Rights Reserved
This is rather recent, I hope you like it. Happy reading!
h a r Nov 2017

in the quiet of stillness
I can hear a snowflake
gently land
upon my cheek
a flurry of gossamer
frozen lace lilts ~
the ennui
of chilling silence
into a wilderness symphony

thank you to all
for stopping by to read
"The sound of a snowflake"

written by:  h.a. rivers ... 11/13/2017
ryn May 2015
I stand at the feet
of this stunning sunset,
The sparks in my eyes,
light each star.

Rhythm of each twinkle,
          synced with that of my own.
          Strong and sure,
          albeit few and far.

Nameless wind brings to me,
stories of silky clouds
I pull your smile deep in my heart
and finally can breathe.

Familiar words
          without cloaks nor shrouds.
          Just words...
          Yours and mine to reveal what
          our hearts would unsheathe.

What day is this?
Perfect to find
the rebirth of
freshly dewed dreams.

It isn't yesterday
          nor is it tomorrow
          It's today...
          Where the sun would see us
          weave our tapestries
          through promise-bound seams.

I feel deep in my heart,
a fluttery stirring,
A hope,
a strength to reach out to you.

This hope you speak of...
          Tethered by no thread or string
          Mending my universe
          and making it new.

          So now I stand
          at the end of this set...
          Seeking the beacon
          that I had known.
          I'd again brave through this day
          Just so that I could hear your heart
          that beats with my own...

     *Dajena M

Kiara Malig Dec 2017
If Silence were a song, it would’ve been your favorite.
You’d play it again and again, like notes that beckon,
And you’d always hum along.
You live in this world where everything you see turns into a weapon-
The sun smiles at you and rips out your light with its sharp teeth,
A suicide note with your name on it tears you, cuts you, and reads you, when it should’ve be the other way around.
You are all alone on the streets,
You are all alone in your room,
You wonder if anyone hears your heartbeat,
You wonder if they hear the clocks tick more than they hear your heartbeat,
You wonder when it’ll stop.

If your heartbeat were a song, you’d hate it.
You’d want it to stop playing,
But it’s always the last song you listen to.
They hear theirs everyday, but fail to listen to yours,
They don’t hear how it screams, “Don’t leave, I need your help”,
Your life falls out of your grasp,
And you are left asking yourself what the hell have I done,
You are left with only two choices.

Teach yourself the art of fading.
Slowly, but surely.
Before you fade,
Make sure they at least notice you fading away.
Leave a sign,
Leave it in the bathroom,
And keep the door open.

Teach yourself the art of holding on.
Carve your name on every person’s back so that they won’t ever forget of its importance, or even of its existence.
Then sort out everything in your closet, keep the clothes that don’t fit you anymore as a reminder that you can keep things that you don’t want anymore, but hold fragments of your past.
Listen to your heartbeat.
Play it like the only music that doesn’t seem absurd,
Play it- a violin that always hits the right notes,
Always wounds the strings just a little,
But still manages, to make something beautiful.
ryn Apr 2017
Kiss me asleep
with your obsidian lips.

Protect my ears
from the cacophony nights would bring.

Fill the void
between heartbeats that skip.

Take me into the lull,
and into the siren song that you sing.
Natalie Jan 2018
my heart races for you,
it goes the extra mile for you,
it passes the finish line for you,
it does all these things for you
and you aren’t even there to cheer it on from the crowd
soul Jul 2018
Searching for the mind to react
To find how to act
Blank mind like a empty road
Searching for the one left untouched
Even not a bird crossed it
Leaves like heart left uncrumbled
Breeze makes them walk
Slowly and slowly reach the soil
Where they become one
I dont really know why i wrote this but my hands were working on its own
as this poem describes the medd inside me right now
Carmen Jane Mar 30
My heart traveled all the way to you
As my eyelids pressed my soul
It lay upon your chest, above yours,
And stole your heartbeats.
My hearing stayed behind
As it was easy to remember,
The sound of your  gentle breathing.
A shiver traveled in waves,
Upon my skin,
Wearing the memory of your touch.
My stupid lips, were begging again
They were starving for your kiss,
I bit them, to feed them something,
My toenails, scratched the floor
To distract my ears
That taunted the returning heart
That weeped,
Cause it came back,
Without your heartbeats.
mt Apr 2018
u used to like the way i listen u liked it more when i'd speak
i'd fall asleep to ur voice and find heaven in ur heartbeats
missing u hurts my core, makes me think feel and cry
tell me if my hands didn't still shake when i see u would u allow urs in mine
He still lives with demons
that once held him tenderly
when no one would
be able to find the words
to say that fill the glass
as it is tipped back
and slowly emptied
of the liquor that stirs
memories from the headwind
that blew the lovers' hair back
on the drive through autumn
windy, windy mountain paths
as another Queen song plays
on the radio and the raindrops
on the windshield tap along
with fingertips against the steering wheel
to Freddy Mercury and shared heartbeats.

The truth is he is lying
there like an open wound
as he begins to measure self-worth
with texting tempo and memories
of last summer being too hot
to cuddle with one another
though it was more than enough
to hold feet under the thin sheets
that remember the glass
once again filling with words
as another drink is emptied
and his head burst through clouds
leaving him to hydroplane
through windy, windy mountain paths
as the raindrops on the windshield
applaud with the demons
that beckon tenderly for his return.
Kurt Philip Behm Jul 2018
To die without rhythm
  and bleed without rhyme

Each wish left unspoken
  in coupling divine

New heartbeats unwritten
  that call from within

Their cadence restructured
  all verse—now a hymn

(Villanova Pennsylvania: May, 2016 )
ryn Jul 2015
Lend me your eyes.
So I could fill them
with the bursting stars.
Telling tales of the spellbinding universe,
singing songs of exploding suns...
and of splintering quasars.

Lend me your thoughts.
So that if I may,
write of them.
Fantastical scribbles of love
and praise.
Meticulously lined
and carefully stitched...
with immaculate lace at the hems.

Lend me your breaths.
I'd catch them as they fall...
between the words you would say.
Merging mine with yours...
introducing colour...
and vigour
to my monochromatic world of
black, white and grey.

Lend me your heartbeats...
for mine thumps erratic.
As if beating in silent mock.
I depend on the steadiness in yours.
So they could usurp
the ticks of worldly clocks.

Lend me your hands.
Palms up as a sign,
perhaps as an invitation...
for me to take them.
And maybe...
hopefully fill them...
with mine...
Saltnoon Apr 2016
i saw the veins on your hands as you carried me to safety
I saw you slouching with your back as you waited patiently for the doctor's words
I saw you feeding me rice when I could barely say 'grandmother'

And now I'm watching you sleep on the hospital bed
I am as worried as you were when I was too sick to breathe

Your inconsistent heartbeats brought my mama to tears
But I'm still here
remembering how much you told me to stay strong
get well soon, grandma..
Alex Jones Jan 28
I'm feeling drowsy
Not really tired
Just feeling lousy
Not quite wired

Don't want to die
Can't really live
Don't wanna lie
Can't quite forgive

Time moves too fast
Heartbeats too slow
Time leaves us last
Heartbeats must go

I can't do this
Neither can you
What to do
What to do
Chrissy Ade Aug 2018
On Monday we met, our eyes fixated on one another, eager to know more
On Tuesday we talked, twiddling our thumbs, fidgeting in our seats, pondering on the right things to say
On Wednesday we hugged, your arms held me close, heartbeats in sync, I felt myself floating
On Thursday we kissed, our lips gravitated towards each other, like the moon and the sea, the connection was natural
On Friday we confessed, three little words wrapped around our ears,
forever tattooed in our minds
On Saturday you disappeared, no note, no call, no text
not a trace of you left that I could still hold on to
On Sunday I cried, my heart still beats, but never the same way,
would you ever give me a reason if I ever asked "Why?"
Just a cheeky poem about first love... :P
Constructive  Criticism and feedback is welcomed and appreciated :)
Akira Chinen Aug 2018
She lives in his heartbeat
nourishing his blood
feeding it
keeping it warm
comforting it
walking through its halls
and chambers
telling it fables
only the stars
of the night sky know
in a language only the roots
of eternities flowers understand
keeping it safe
in the hours of sleep
holding it close and tight
through its moment of dreams
snuggling deep in its blanket
after a long
and well earned yawn
she closes her eyes and sleeps
then he walks through her heartbeat
and tends to her dreams
and nourishes her blood
bringing with him fairy tales
of warmth and comfort
anxious to yawn
and rest in her chambers
snuggled deep in her blankets
ready to dream of her
dreaming of him
dreaming of her
walking hand in hand
through the fields of forever
tending the flowers
found in the palms of eternity
ryn Mar 2015
This smile that makes your day...
This undaunted smile that seem to say.
Show me yours too so we both could play,
On a plane where everything is fine...
Everything's okay...

This smile that reaches out to you...
With nothing but invisible arms.
Caresses your eyes and draws you in.
Entices you with the sweetest charms.

Whispers you tales of a brightly lit future;
Where we're trapped in dance with each other...
Lifting and,
Seducing one another...

Let the music ring clear,.
Over the thumping of our heartbeats...
Aggressively segmenting, framing the dance into seconds that would elapse.
Like two duelists entranced into committing tender jousts and retreats.

But know that...
This smile screams only lies.
For it is but a routine mask.
So well worn and adequately rehearsed...
You'd never see the need to ask.

Instead you'd just allow yourself be taken,
To a place where the tide gently beats...
Upon the shore our two ailing hearts.
A place where earth and sky would meet.

When in fact,
It hides the turmoil and agitation.
Guarding the storm that brews incessantly.
Continuously threatening
To breach this shared sanctity with me.

A haven would've then be erected.
That very instant we allowed...
This dance of smiles
From time of first contact to the time we bowed.

This smile... Only took a second
To paint a peaceful picture upon my face.
Free from the pressures building behind my pursed lips.
Just take this smile so that in that second,
We could get lost in the promise of a heavenly place...
Elizabeth Zenk Jun 2018
You’d never understand the emotions
of such a pitiful being,
but you know what's its like to injured.
Shaking body
Cold acid boiling at my skin
Words branded into my horrid flesh
Putrid bile sloshing inside my stomach
Knife-like stings shooting through my fingertips
Icy cold numbness throughout my limbs
Pigment in my face turning ghostly pale
A hollow pit where my intestines should be
Rapid heartbeats, and quick breathing
Fatigue at the thought of living
Dizzy and disoriented
Wanting to sleep forever
Wanting to wake up from this nightmare
Lora Lee May 2016
I am hungry
and it is reflected
in the contours
of every inch
                  of skin
every cell a-flutter
tiny wings and heartbeats
activated within
right down to
the ribosomes and
right up through epidermis
woven as threads
of softness penetrating
your inner hard, dark parts
causing them
to melt into
                my light
I am craving
to feel your
absolute heart's
raging core
my aching flesh burning,
my heart, wrapped in
a love
              so pure
My need to be
devoured surfaces
in smoothness,
at a glance
You feel it acutely,
no room for doubt
or subtle chance
               I am ravenous
for muscle-worked arms
(arms that could easily
try to break)
to be supremely
gentle as you part
my thighs like the ocean
and sacredly partake
the slickness of your tongue
in my feminine grace
the stains of my love
                your noble face
your eyes on mine
as I sharply breathe
         need to hold your
head stroke your
           hair know that for me              
the king takes off that
garland of gold
breaking free of
all symbols of status
the only real treasure
the queen who
gives to him,
and who he now pleasures
     and I let myself be consumed
with the reverence
of a psalm
my love pouring into you
healing your hurts,
               like a balm
in this private landscape
we are the most
ferocious of tender
in an eternal vista
in this hour of somewhere,
the sea hauls us in
like ancient creatures,
     bringing the fossils
back to life
in lustrous foam
as they
         inch their way
into the spirals
    that we
feel we could
Appropriately attuned with "Alternate World" by Son Luxe...yes in an alternate world, so much could happen
and, for the mood:  "Hazey"by Glass Animals
Kyle Enorio Aug 2018
a thousand miles in between
yet thoughts like those of twins
in sync, hearts beating
melancholic, yet a delightful feeling
a fool, but glorious king
Lorraine Cinco Jun 2015
It was the same overwhelming night when the first time he told me that he loves me.
The only difference was when the second time he told me this.
I never believed him.
I want to love him more.
Love, pain. Love, pain.
Echoed million times in my head.
Heartbeats like drum rolls.
No air, breath in, breath out, I couldnt bear.
A cut connections trying to fix like the way he tie his shoe lace.
Shall I trust him?
Shall I believe him?
Never again to the same man.
But I am like a child.
No matter how deep the wounds.
I still play this game of love.
Stained memories were hard to forget.
Uninvited yet kept on coming.
But I took the chance.
Fell in love again.
After all, no days I never did.
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