lauren Jul 2016
I remember when memories
were crop dusted into epiphanies
and even the slightest hope for redemption
was begged for.
I remember when bones shivered
at the very thought of forgiveness
because I, myself
was terrified at the inevitable idea of truth.
The sweltering silence of the dispositioned room
led me to a melancholy state.
I fished for a slightly logical reason
to be entranced by these somewhat
fleeting moments that had led me to feel
a perpetual love in the eye of the beholder.
So to seek,
I hummed broken words and arranged them
onto paper to behold even the slightest thought of intuity.
As if i had played my imagination to be
the unchanging sea and thinking
I had opened over 1000 doors,
and was perplexed at the thought of which to close first.
Oh but even more terrified at my sustaining comfort
of never learning how to sail.
As my heartbeat scraped along
my unadaptable and inadequate lungs,
I came to the exhausting realization
that every “afterthought” of pain and suffering
was somewhat comforting
because even
in the desolating yet squandering end,
I remembered.
Poetry is found in the incoherent thoughts.
like a needle jumping across boundaries (grooves)
a wave pattern, synonymous with the beat of my heart.
It’s a little ways to Heaven
but the farthest place to travel—
out my window
through the alley
where you found me, collar broken;

there are mirrors in the attic
that you placed there to remind me
that a ghost can
haunt a dwelling
with a body and a heartbeat

well then maybe the horizon
stretches further than my bedroom,
past the street signs
and the shoreline
of the ocean, past the islands

where I thought I saw Orion,
on a hunt, perhaps, for something
and priceless
he could take back to Poseidon

in the end he came up empty,
(there’s a lesson in there, somewhere)
which is why I
haunt the attic—
I never cared much for the sea.
My life is so bright
As I am enjoying the moonlight
For the moon every night I wait for
I know it will come up for sure
I can see my beloved in the moon face
With my eyes I hug and embrace
Can you imagine the sky without its moon?
It is like a nightingale that lost its tone
The moon is a witness of our love up in the sky
That makes our hearts flutter and fly
The moon sometimes appears and sometimes can disappear
After joy and happiness, life is full of fear
Go ye moon and ask her
My only love and dear
Why she let me in her love to fall
And before her I didn't know love at all
From my love stars and moon learn
To keep awake shinning and burn
If I can open my eyes for all
I will look at you and never blink at all
For your love I always long
To you my heart and soul they belong
Although your love sometimes gives me pain
Pains that I can't explain
I love the moon for your sake
I adore it and can never forsake
Go ye moon ask her if she loves me or not
Whom I love and to forget I can not
I will always be faithful and steadfast
As my love for you will always last
How I can the fear frame to destroy
And escape to your arms and my joy
Your love is carved in my heart and soul
Your face with the moon I always recall
Go ya moon and ask her
If she deserve all my care
If her love is really sheer
Why she is always far not near
Since I knew her, I knew what the meaning of pride
Since then I have affection and tenderness beside
There is something inside my heart
Tells me never go, never depart
If forget everything may I
Never forget your eye
I love you, I confess
Nothing will change my love more or less
Go ye moon and tell her
She owns my heartbeats and always has my care
I love you….I swear
You own every heartbeat I bear
Since I have known you, my heart began to blow
For sincere love and cure
I will always be your angel guard
From any difficult times or hard
You have changed my love my dear
I have known true love after pain and fear
Go ye moon and ask her
How all this love in my heart to bear
Oh my only love and true
You deserve a river of love to flow
When you leave me my heart cries
Waiting for your love and sighs
Every heartbeat for you I send
As your love has no limit, has no end
Don't leave me, never say bye
Don't let the moon leave its sky
Go ye moon and tell her
She of course deserves all my love and care
Her pulse rate
Please match me
"Bee's high"
Those money flies
Honeycup fingers devour it
The yellow- brick road pours it
The Van Gogh yellow
Honey Queen Bees follow
their fellows
Am I Waiting? 12345_*

The first mate
he ain't got my sting
The others  don't mean a thing
The headset swirled to pitch black
I turned over to bright yellow
wanting her back
Too many honeycombs
spoiling his ring,
I felt lonely his one and lovely
His honey like some hot disease
What an increase in salary
month of June
All the Kingsman double sting it

On the ebb, to triple play it
It's a  Lil- Deb on the ebb
buzzing the personal
Up close the sting
One of a web kind
He makes his move
"Google it" checkmate

Miss Butterfingers her
clicks get stuck
He caught her act
What a stinker

He checked her off the fate
of a singer

To update, on the ebb bees
Sting Shrine what's mine why on your time?
That parking meter swarms build me a buttercup
On the ebb of my interns the
a seduction that's no crime

The Queen of Cherchez
So the lemon square
touch and sting me lime
bring out the sting
My sunshine
He took the bait
La Femme au-fait
Post date, 
 The ebb bees
miles and expressive smiles 
two lips stick like beeswax
The ebb of everlasting
land of the Nile

Her nest of romance the
"Les of the Mohicans"
He left quite a buzz
of her most desirable
words he narrates,
The honey-blush trees

Bees on his proposal knees down
The Queen's bees money

Money for nothing and your
checks for free our freedom
Dire Strait music to your shrine
Sunshine Gold free state
She donates her heart he awaits

Battling out her dreams at night
Like 100 degrees hottest light
Like shinning sting shrine
armor shield
Bees were coming to America
Oh say can you see by the
Dawn-Sting Night
armor truck stealing hearts

His overflow
His soul the magnitude
every heartbeat
extremity on the ebb of destruction
Became the reality of the world
On the edge of our sanity web rated

Taking a long devouring breath
Like it came at birth
Ripleys believe it or not
forget me not flowers bees
Love was true never to
be false eyelashes

He touched her skin
He goes deeply drawn in
Sting shrine all the envy of mine

Ebb of the darkness her virginity
like a novice
The sting buzzes shes the naughty novella
His sunrise spread with his pocket knife
That honey (Goddess) sun Italiano
The outskirts of the Positano Islands

Sting shrine like Valentine her Spa treatment

To be raised in the
Amazon Honeybee hands banana chips fly

Facebook take a look everyone is an open book
On her ebb of the Emmy multiplying
I hear the bees sexy seduction

Like the multiplicity
Geology is the Bees Queen hot Sting
Her impulses she tried to hold back
But went forward with her
desires of him
Impulses joined both of them
Twin Cities
Her draws whats inside
She was the drawback
Wanting her ringback
Honey eyes were set back
And I'll be back to slingback

Asteroid Ebb of her hub sexual
The ebb the end of fate  
Wicked impulses being

The wicked concert prose
The fragile sting moment
Like the smile increased
her face value
All body textures of virtue

What a pressure body point
Attuned to the sting shrine
The Monk the bees are alive
with the sound of
music modifying her sting Gods
Got reckless Moms whats the odds
Like a shock of eternal love, I'm sold

Toxicity facing our reality  
That's the jungle of publicity
Duplicity like the twin city
Both smiled bright yellow and black
Dress Bumblebee sexuality
To its authenticity

Her color of lips
build his sexuality
Beehive sanctuary
Playing the flute
The Maestro  flowed into
the ebb of masters golden kite

Her name is Brooklyn beehive of hair
Her narrow-minded brain got
Of craziness ebb of horrors sicker
Heres the bride of
Changed to better
brains of Einstein
That eternal love like no other place

They both stare face to face
Her ebb of the tip
of her bosom with Grace
We earned this day
Be happy I crown you
Queen each and
every day
On the ebb of seduction or darkness, we need more circuits to react to get more into the Godly light or be on the ebb of your seduction and fight a better education just see how far you can go
The music is proper to the time
a pulse echoing within the soul
reminding all of their tasks
to move a groove deep inside

allegiance shown to task at hand
none should despair in consent
nothing more than conjoined bliss
rhythm felt and then expressed

that heartbeat pulsing in between
prompting contact few may dare
now inevitable by nature’s nod
quick response to the notes heard

the music varies every time
some recorded, some is live
sometimes only heard within
still the motion moves a groove.

© 2018. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20180714.
The poem “Moves a Groove” is a poem about dance, specifically forms of social dance.
When it thunders
My anxiety fades
Into the urgency of the world in that moment-
The sky matches my unease.
The universe is fracturing, roaring along with the rhythm of my heartbeat
Until my turmoil has completely dissolved into the distant rumble
Like streams converging.
I can no longer divide them.
The feeling is no longer mine.
I am unburdened.
My heartbeat's gone all wrong
A stuttering flutter of rhythmic butter
Something this organ's been slipping on
And what is the tempo marking, dear?
Quarter note equals freakin’ infinity
It's come to my attention, I fear
I never breathed a note this long

— The End —