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Lyn Defelice Jan 22
Speechless, ignored, could
You even miss me at all
If I fell away?

If I drowned like my
Words that everyone doubted
And learned to neglect?

A silent heartbeat,
With the silence you put to
Everything I say?

I wish a friend would
Like my company, I just
Haven't found one yet-
I'm quiet. I'm talked over a lot.
Haley Elizabeth Sep 2017
The river's current was supposed to be weakened by the barricade
but the bags of sand and the bricks of clay that once gave her closure,
reside years beneath her murky water.
Where do broken hearts go?
Do they get lost at sea?
Do they float?
Do they still beat?
Or do they find a home?
Perhaps it will reside with the girl
who thought her warmth could thaw he who was cold and stoned.
She couldn't, though,
because his alluring bed of rocks broke more than just her bones.
Because you see, her barricade that was weakened by the river
caused her lungs to fill with that murky water.
She wasn't lost.
She didn't float.
There was no longer a heartbeat,
so she no longer had a home.
When I looked myself in the mirror,
I couldn't help but choke.
My 1 AM thoughts, but I am not my thoughts.
haha get it, Damn like a dam?? also "damn" as in daaaammnnn that's dark. I think I am funny.
My pulse prayer is simple
With every inhale and exhale

Every red thrum-a-drum
Heartstrings from then and there

Move through the world with care
Be good to each other; then some
Freddie Ruiz Sep 2
I’ve been out of my mind lately.
You’ve been an emotional instability,
superficially ordinary,
feeding off of my vulnerability.
I should've known from the beginning,
but I got deceived by your beauty.  
You were bait for my wildest dreams,
they devoured you completely.

I should've realized you were a phony.
I shouldn’t have been so stupid.
Most likely you did it to hurt me,
it worked, you hurt me.
I’ve been searching for a remedy
for this venom you inflicted in me,
but it keeps poisoning every last part of me
and it’s killing me.

Every time I try to rise to the surface
something pulls me back down to the deep; it’s never over.
I’m drowning in despair.
It seems as if I’ll never wake up from this nightmare.

Inside I’m screaming, begging for it to be over soon.
How much longer can I endure this doom?
I feel helpless now, what can I do,
when every beat of my heart reminds me of you?

It hurts me in excess, but for some reason I can't forget her.
I’ve come across a woman that does not appreciate me whatsoever.
I wish I could take back everything I said, everything I did for her,
for every step I took for her, led to one mistake after the other.
I was sensitive to her touch and I haven't found the cure to heal this broken soul?
Can anyone throw me a rope and pull me out of this hole?
Everything changes of course; it’s time that I move on,
but what I do is bounce right back to the one thing I need to stay away from.
Written on June 2, 2005
Composition number: 210
English Jam Feb 22
The eyes of a supernova seeping into mine
So harsh, so hot, but so soft, so loving
Passionate but patient
So much in so few
It’s so warm

Cheeky grins and burning desire taunt me
So painful, so explosive but so comforting, so alluring
Painstaking but playful
Ablaze though we’re scared
It’s extraordinary

There’s no words to match this melodic image
So sweaty, so intense but so quiet, so calm
Dreamy but real
Like a fantasy
It’s blissful

The sensation of fire melting to stardust
Embrace it, taste it, love it, feel it
Crafted but delicate
Two stars colliding
His pulsating heartbeat needs me
My longing kiss needs him

He’s my lover boy
And I’m his
It’s so warm
m Oct 2017
I know these must be my hands
but I can’t remember what they do.
And is this a heartbeat
or an attempt to escape a body
that does not feel like my own?
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