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Qweyku Oct 2018
YOU ARE so much more than your wounds,
but when you craft your signature,
your scars share the weight of your pen...

MORE than a conqueror

© Qwey.ku
Deb Jones Jan 2018
We all have battle scars.
We can heal the wounds on our bodies, but we can’t heal the wounds of the soul. The scars they leave are there forever. We have to learn to live with them. We have to choose to live beyond them.
PoserPersona Jul 2018
In the cusp of closing night, I look into your weary eyes;
once outshining city lights. I see no way to realize
the healing of this blight - I venture to make a phoenix cry.
Remedy of such mythos might, might just prove unjust lies.
Chance restoring your ere vacant sight - fighting soul’s primal guide.
As any chance to restore my bride, binds our fractured lives.

...No words to describe affliction already decided.
Aynjul Mar 2017
The day you let me go,
felt like I took off into space

With nothing left but memories and unaware of whats out there..

& now
you fuel
The rest
of my
Into the depth of time.
My love.
BlackHeart Sep 2017
I thought I was doing great without you
I really am
I haven't been happier since the day you left me
Months, weeks, days, minutes, seconds past
It gets easier
Then out of no where
I have one of those days
Those days where I break down
I let myself feel for a bit
Heal for a bit
Then I wipe my tears
Pick my *** back up
And continue to slay this world without you
Jen Dec 2018
If I followed
That path
Where would she lead?

The Aspen leaves
Cover this

The forest

Fall slow
To the ground,
Forest Found.

Covered Canopy,
Incapsulated Wound,
Time heals.
Osiria Melody Aug 12
I will never be happy.

And don't ever try to convince me that

Time will heal everything.

Please read from the bottom to the top.

This poem's another reverse one that only has three lines. And no, I ain't heartbroken.
zoie marie lynn Mar 2018
and i’m trying to not write your name,
you never appreciated my rhymes
maybe that’s why your name doesn’t rhyme with anything.
and i’m thinking of someone new,
someone better than you
i swear just one more drink then i’m through.
and i’m out of my mind,
head over heels for someone who’s not even mine
and once again i’m forced to leave you behind.
and your name makes me sick,
you’re such a
and i’m beyond over you and your heartless tricks.
and she makes me feel like i’m in heaven,
thank god you showed me hell
thanks to you my swollen heart's getting well.
i realize it all now but it’s too late,
you’ve already played your promiscuous game
thankfully she told me she loved me and stayed.

(god, in five minutes so much has changed)
it's a vicious cycle you see...
collecting hearts to mend your own
Nicole Alyssia Sep 2017
it's so easy
to harbor darkness
and tear others
to shreds
i suppose the outside
is a reflection of
the inside
and there's nothing
attractive about
my incessant need to
scratch, gnaw
and rip open
a scab
that hasn't fully healed
if only i could
just. stop. picking. at. it.

...i'd probably feel a lot
Natalie Feb 2016
You say you're sorry
Sorry for taking advantage of my kindness once again.
Sorry for ruining our chances at being close like we were.
Sorry for pushing us farther and farther apart.
When will you realize sorry doesn't heal everything.
It's not the tape you easily put on a rip in a paper,
its not the needle and thread you used to patch up your torn shirt,
its not the band aid you put on your open wound.
Because soon enough,
the tape dries
the thread loosens
and the band aid falls off
But don't worry, you can always say sorry.
By now sorry has probably set up a tent on your tongue, it seems to be the only thing coming out of your mouth.
When will you realize sorry doesn't heal everything.
It  isn't supposed to last a couple of weeks.
The more you say it, the less meaning it has.
I wont be around to wait for you to figure any of this out.
Akanksha Raizada Dec 2018
I have find the cure of my pain..
Now i have less pressure and strain..

As i accepted he is not mine anymore,
But that doesn't mean i am *****

Accepting we are not made for each other,
Accepting when he was mine is now a beautiful history chapter

Accepting that he is not mine,
Doesn't change my love for him

He was a beautiful memory,
now he is just a story

Accepting the fact i want him for lifetime,
But also accepting the fact that he can never be mine..
This way acceptance is healing my pain.
Piyush Gahlot Dec 2018
We have come too far she said,
too late to get back together,
But is it?

Been 9 months 9 days since we broke-up,
Stupid of me to let you go,
But my love for you has never been low,
Same feelings ,same me
but it's not the same you,
We have come too far she said.
Have we really?

You got a new bf ,
I am still alone ,
Not because I have no options,
But they don't make me feel the way that you do.

I accept my mistake yes i do .
Deep inside I am still waiting for you,
We have divine connection yes it's true,
My heart still groan ,
When I miss your skin and bone.
It's too late she said .
But is it?

YES it is,
I have tried enough,
I have cried enough,
It's time to let you go.
accepting you ain't coming back.
aneeshans Nov 2018
I trespassed into the woods
following the fragrance of a wildflower.
There was a spring of silence, birds,
and tall trees; silent indeed only
the winds sounded silent,
once I found her, she whispered...
Are you feeling dark and gloomy?
Black and empty as a dusty chalkboard?
Spooky like foggy lights falling along leaves?
Did you paint your walls with
Broken crayons?
Do you remember when we lay beside
each other, bodies warmed by darkness?

A lonely ache knocks. Asks how
far I will go to find you in me.
When everything cloaked in silence?

Wounds will heal as time flies
Call me melancholy
Tanzim Ahmed Aug 2018
The Battle always chooses me
Defeat me
Destroy me
And shatters my heart into pieces
Just to conquer my mind with dark thoughts
Once again.

But I never give up.
I heal
I rise
I fight
I win
Just to get defeated by my battle
Once again.
You win once, you get defeated twice
That's life :)
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Quinn Berube Oct 2017
When I looked into the sky,
The wave of blue that is the same shade of
Your eyes crashed over me.

My heart ached when saw that color.
It was like having to kiss you
All over again.

There was not a cloud in the sky, 75 degrees.
Our first date was at night.
I have not felt this warm in months.

I reached my arms out in front of me,
Palms toward the sky,
Basking in the heat that refilled me.
I was consuming the sun.
Heidi Franke Mar 2018
I thought
my thoughts
were bigger than anyone's.
Maybe I was bigger than anyone.

This served to isolate me
from the fact that I am small, not bigger and I am okay
with that.

When did it begin? Why would I need this mechanism of living?
Did it start at birth? Or when my cat died in our house fire?
When I lost my father to his mental illness? When he was taken away?
Maybe the ****?
When the trauma set in?

If I am a mass of cells, a living organism,
vulnerable to this world of others.
I need protection. There was none when little. Children need protection.

I developed my bigger-self by watching others. I learned to protect.

I learned to heal. I learned to forgive, but always, my thoughts
were bigger than yours. You didn't recognize so I appeared
aloof, angry, bitter, warming, smarter, friendly, volatile, politically correct, patient, intense, stubborn, caring, wistful, shattered and put together again. I was all over the map. I couldn't find my waypoint, until now.

This is life's way. Our vehicle is our thoughts.

I am not bigger in thought, in action or in self. I am tired of running away, of blaming, of being ashamed.

I no longer need protection other than from myself.

I am now relaxing in the part I could not have been taught. The idea that even experiences, over and over and over again, would teach me my lesson. You ask why people keep repeating
mistakes. This is our allotment. The price each of us pays.

It is my thoughts that save me now, wondering about my son, his illness, about my predicament
after years of hard work, unabashedly independent, procuring mindfulness, deliberating the Buddhist way, meditating on thoughts,
through a maze of my twelve steps
that I now for this moment am alone in.  My thoughts deconstructed. More connected, but not bigger.

My shoulders drop, my face unfurrows, my heart slows, a tear begins if I let it. I am released. I will not suffer further.

How can I tell you, I am not bigger any longer and I am at peace.
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