Justin Wright Apr 2014

Sometimes I feel like I don't know how to feel
Like when Trayvon Martin got killed
Two sides of the story and I wasn't there
So who am I to say the verdict wasn't fair?
People judge what they don't know, until it happens to them
If you were under the microscope, what would happen then?
I turn on the tv and it's a story of the same kid
They blame his parents for the way they raised him
So they send him to another doctor office
So they can figure out what his problem is
Instead he turns to cutting and pills
So I write this when a beat gives me chills
Cause its the only way I know how to cope
It's my release, for me it's hope
And I wish I could fight for those who can't fight for themselves
You just say they're weak when they cry for help

I turn on the news, all they do is run their mouth
Telling people how to live like they got it figured out
But they ain't got a clue, they're just adding fuel
To the fire the one Billy Joel tried to tell you!
You never see Nancy Grace on sixty minutes
Ask Alanis, it's a little too ironic isn't it?
What about the damage the news media causes us?
We're supposed to accept that isn't where the problem is huh?
No matter how hard you try, people will think for themselves
I bet if you looked closer you'd see Dr. Phil needs help
What kind of person thinks everyone else is wrong?
So don't act like you know us all
Why is Kesha's song the number one on the radio
But if you go on YouTube it's barely getting played though?
It makes me wonder what I could do with money
Could I buy fame and pay people to love me?

Through these headphones
I found a way to escape
An outlet that could replace my hate

Through my words
I could paint my pain
A picture that could erase my shame

Maria Nov 2012

It was the whole universe on the surface area of the white wires that took me home. I like the oldies. Sometimes I’m just too tired to learn a new song. The old songs are just as good, just as beautiful, perhaps more.  And it’s not that I’m mad at you, I’d just rather hear Elton’s voice than yours. I know that your story is important, but I’ve heard it before. Yeah, I’ve heard his too, but his is more interesting, and I like it better. So please to don’t call me self- centered, like the uninteresting, dependent generation that I was born into.  So I don’t  think I’ll take out my headphones right now. I like hearing the music.

Alice Kay Apr 2013

I'll forget these stupid feelings for a while

and plug in my headphones.

Let the music take me to another world.
Jerome Revilla Nov 2011

I used to put these headphones on.
And at once, the whole world was gone
And the music did no wrong
Till I found myself doin’ it all day long.

But I still kept these headphones on
Because my headset drowned my strife,
Cut through it like a knife,
Till I was bound to the music for all my life.

I used to sit in earnest at my computer chair
ITunes and my iPod in hand as I prepare
Another playlist.
Indecisive between hip-hop and RnB
While I let humanity’s problems sit on a wait-list.

But I just left these headphones on.
Not a care or thought about global pollution
Amidst our world’s confusion
All signs pointing to a troubled conclusion,
But yet, me and my headphones ignore the solutions.

Why? Because music forever plays,
That even when solutions were raised,
I just sat there…
As the environment died everyday.

Because all I did was listen to these headphones.
As I laid awake in my bed,
Nothing running through my head,
Except music,
And I felt alive listening to the words that was said
When in reality Inside I was dead

But I still left these headphones in
So I can block out my parent’s groans when
I know that I have disappointed them
Maybe I’m just missing the point again.

And all the while my dads fist connecting with the door
As he has always done before, in the past
Choosing to ignore, with music full blast
I found myself more and more detached.

Not only my parents, but even the politicians are itchin’
To get me to listen,
Hopin and wishin that
This generation would eventually find its ambition.

I used to think that iTunes could do no wrong.
And that it was all I ever needed
Because all it was to me was a program full of songs
But I didn’t like where my life was headed.

And god it’s amazing, the word iTunes.
Such a fitting name
Because I tuned my friends out
And there is no one else to blame
As I tuned my parents out
Our relationship will never be the same
As I tuned the world out
Now look at who I became.

So now I’m taking these headphones off.
Because I don’t want to stay connected
Acting like I was totally unaffected
When in fact, the world around me I neglected
So I’ll change,
No longer will these headphones hold the reins
I am cutting off all of my chains
And I know a life ahead of me still remains
That without these headphones,
There is so much more to gain.

I wrote this on 12/2010 as a spoken word piece. During this time, I was in a low point of my life with my low grades, failing relationship with my girlfriend, and constant fights with my parents and my poor health due to living next to an oil refinery. I turned to music and relied on it to forget my problems. I soon realized that i cannot hide behind songs and i had to face and solve my problems instead of running from them.
Mouthpiece Oct 2015

This bus ride to work
Is terribly slow;
The traffic is loud,
And it fails to flow.
How could I forget
To bring my headphones?
Passengers talk;
'Round and 'round they go.

I'm conscious of every exhale;
The life it consists of so very frail:
Just like a speak of warm that brings relief,
Like a fleck of fire amidst a gale,
Which I elect to dismiss in disbelief,
And instead stay on the trail
That insists on breaking me;
But I'm homeless and have nowhere to be.

Through trees and bridges I have to bow;
My thighs and knees keep me upright somehow;
I'm stronger than I originally thought.
No longer am I no longer allowed.
To conquer this I have battled and fought,
Needs me alone and not a crowd.
Nearly free, there's the darkness into which I bought;
I breathe: don't give up after the distance you've walked.

This bus ride to work
Is terribly slow;
The traffic is loud,
And it fails to flow.
How could I forget
To bring my headphones?
Passengers talk;
'Round and 'round they go.

Here is the collection of pain,
Made of this and that--it's all the same;
It's completeness is menacing,
But the darkness I know is not the endgame.
This mess of love and hate is trembling.
My fists clench; there's a fire roaring through my veins.
Now there's a flurry of punches and I scream!
Into thin air it disappears,
and I awaken as if from a dream.

This bus ride to work
Is terribly slow;
The traffic is loud,
And it fails to flow.
But luckily
I forgot my headphones.
Passengers talk,
And they'll never know.

We would rather face eternity in a holocaust than a single moment with just ourselves. Never distract yourself from the fight. Never give up.
Old Blue Apr 2013

I sit there, my headphones in, volume up
And you dare tell me to turn it down
What you don't understand is that I need this
I need the volume so high that the screaming tangle of my brain is quieted down to a soft hum
So I'm not surrounded by an everlasting chorus of, "You're worthless."
So I'm not completely encompassed by these depressing thoughts
So I'm not breaking down when the cloud gets too heavy
So raindrops do not race down a pale-peach canvas

Reveling in my lips parting to mouth the lyrics written,
Written for somebody else yet they ring with my very soul
Written for everybody else yet they hear nothing
Except the turn of another page, another day, monotonous
An assembly line of nothingness
It's been broken for a while
It's been loaded down with disappointment for a while
You've failed again.
You've failed.

How dare you tell me to turn the volume down?

Alex Knight Feb 2014

I wear my headphones
so the voices aren't so loud

Beinghonest Feb 2016

Sound-blocking headphones are the greatest invention known to teenage boy.

Love them, omg, when it's just you and the music, damn, it's a whole new world!!!!

-just being honest
KitaRaizal Jun 2015

Pressed together
Like so
Little white
Ear Buds
Pressed Into her
Like So
Pink Lips
Slightly parted
Moving slowly
As she
Softly sings the
Emitting from
Her White
Ear buds
Pink Lips
Pressed together
Like so
The very existence
Of what we call home
Into a

* Summer-Skye *

Escape from reality
No where to go
As i lay on my bed
No where to go?
With these headphones i can go places
With each track is a new adventure
With these headphones its like time travel
Past. Present. Future.
You know you want to turn it up louder
The higger the volume
The deeper you go
Pause, play, pause, then play button
You are trying to groove
But cant help if you are needed
Wish these headphones could make me invisible
"Oh what do you want?
Im listening to my music."

LET Jul 2013

Plug in your headphones and listen
to your own

Sleepy Sigh Sep 2010

I like my headphones for the
Insulation. Sometimes my ears
Take in too much stray noise,
Dredge up too much disorienting
Mud from the depths of a TV
Screen or an iPod. Then I can
Always snuggle into my headphones
And be silent - and silence is a
Dear dear commodity, to be sure,
When every other scene-
Stealing, pudgy-mouthed buffoon
Has to put his ten cents in. So
Much sound should be a sin;
Background music, ambient noise,
Music for airports, and pubescent
Boys screeching from tinny silver
Speakers near the wall. I don't
Want it, not every bit, not all
The hate and the slippery tongues
That speak and salivate and don't
Say anything human. I want to reprimand,
To excommunicate them from
This Holy rite of sound. (And really,
I would be content to never hear
Music if I could block out the roundabout
Fights and the sultry nightlife descriptions
Gushing from my screen, if I could
Use my headphones to keep
That liquid crystal from pouring in
My too needfully silent ears.)
Maybe I'll follow a painter's path:
All visuals and open dripping wet
Wrath with a noisy race. I can be a
Terrifying girl. Cut off my ears and
Be deaf to the world. Wrap me in
Canvas and chase me back into the
Woods on a starry starry night.

you know the drill

Justin Wampler Mar 2015

Cover my ears with ignorance,
pummel my head with bliss.

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