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sara Jul 2014
the ***** tastes like
an untamed firework
which attacks my throat
but I like it

the ***** feels like
the reason behind
all the poems I wrote
but I need it

the ***** is like
glitter set in my veins
which helps me to float
and I love it

the ***** is you
and until you were gone
I just didn't know
we should not mix
divinity m Sep 2018
we are floating where the oxygen is thin
high above the clouds
and rising continually higher
with each drag we take
from the small harmless blunt

we are buzzing with the bees
more tipsy than the tulips make them
and getting more dizzy
with each swallow we take
from the burning liquor

we are happier than a blind person
who sees colors for the first time
even though we are losing vision
because we start to view the world
in only thin white lines

we are full of laughs and giggles
as we pump our bodies with more chemicals
than a pump puts gas into a car
because we are much too far gone
as we turn ourselves into a human pincushion.
Allan Pangilinan Nov 2018
My brain is on overdrive metathinking,
Knowing that these thoughts don’t matter.
Still, let me share how that harmless phrase marked my being,
As you’ve pulled me back from a place of feeling better.

Now I see them again — the imperfections,
How something will always be missing from me.
How cold I will feel in seasons and situations,
Those weird quirks I wish would leave and let me be.

You have stolen hours of my bedtime,
In an age when rest is rare and richer when real.
Freed a dark thought from my mind,
That wanders around striking mountains of sad deals.

I was no longer fighting for anyone,
Yet you managed to remind me that I have lost.
I really thought that the worst me has long been gone,
Yet on the mirror I see myself as clear and as cold as a ghost.

Now his face appears in the darkness again,
As I drift back to the shadows of night.
Those words started another one of my heaviest rains,
One that takes time to see even just a flicker of light.
Like a final catharsis;
 this alternative result resolves chance.
I'm naive; but it's a cure to my heartbreak.
Do you get my pain?
The drastic change, pointlessly grabbing at the air,
as my breaths get thicker and weaker.
I'm voiceless; my options are choiceless.
A final catharsis, warped by the carnage.
I'm seemingly heartless, this wasn't my target.
Now my mind's lethargic, at least it's harmless-
All feedback is welcome and appreciated!
Why pucker the Doll which does not puck back
Was what they told me through the Window Pane
A-thinks they see Clear, keen on what they Lack
The Gauntlet needed to smash such Glass again
That dare you cut your Friend's supposed Line
Just because he saw the Animals play
They are only Plastic; And Air inside
A Harmless Chapter your Youth needs today
Do you think I will Sing? And rend your Shame,
Whose Salary you know I won't enjoy
Good Lord, Man! Why must you label my Name
Like those Land Sharks who bite you out of Joy?
What do you need to tie the Ribbon Blue
That is your Colour; That should have been you.
#tomdaleytv #tomdaley1994
Robert Ronnow Jan 2017
Quiet morning.
Successful surgery.

No tv!
Watch weather.

Do nothing.
Be nameless.

Suppose cows.
Scare crows.

Harmless habits.
Armless robot.

Like a delusion.
A late night movie.

Expect to forget
and be forgotten. Information.

Toilet seat.

How soon after cryogenesis
can one cry or *******?

--title from a tune by Tommy Turrentine
Sul-E Jun 5
There used to be a bottle on the wall.
It was very green.
I'm sure it was the loneliest green bottle
that I had ever seen
It used to sit on the wall
all day and all night
And every day, when I looked out of the window,
it was always in my line of sight
Then one day, a cat came along.
Something was going to happen; I could tell
The cat then accidentally nudged it
and off the wall, it fell
When it had fallen off the wall
it had dropped with a very loud sound.
There were all these little pieces of the green bottle
all over the ground
Then the cat yelped
and I knew it had gotten hurt
I could quite obviously see its paws were caked in
blood and dirt
The bottle wasn't harmful in the beginning
it did not look the slightest bit treacherous
but after a nudge in the wrong direction
it became very dangerous
Now I look back at you smiling
next to me on the big armchair
Your fingers running through your soft locks of hair
You remind me a lot
of that green bottle
In the beginning, you were harmless
you were all sorts of fun
now you hurt me. Could you tell me why
as I don't quite know what I've done
Bison Feb 2016
The soles of my shoes are
more than skin and bone.
The holes in my heart are filled with
More than blood alone

Time is measured on a hundred million
Each in synchronous space
Rights are driven forward by a hundred million
Anger painted our faces
Love is given over to the lion
Like lambs in guarded places

I am leaving for days gone by
Time we shared
You are leaving for nights alive
Days our hearts bare
We are parting for a time
Fight this
For the end is near

This end is merely beginning
Find hope in loss
This beginning is merely an ending
My friend
For me weep not
I'll be here waiting for you in time
The end
Is not the end of us.
Corey Mar 2017
You always pull me
away from the harmless shore
to your mystery.

I ask of you,
the water that forever gives,
to stay with me.

Whose water is pure
but the goddess of the sea?
Safe and clean and yours.

The depths I can't see,
but the water can only induce
a wonder in me.

The oceans daughter;
Her waves echo and become
ripples in my life.

I seek the divine
in your pleasant, deep unknown.
It's you, I believe.

My future is bright.
Sunrise over the water.
Crested kissing sun.

The ocean is mine.
My beloved forever,
whom I do not know.

For love is to see.
I will marry the ocean;
for love is to sea.
Yanamari Nov 2018
Pained words
Heard at night,
Words rewind
Repeat, overlay
Become twisted
In the middle of the night.

Pained words
Twisted in the morning
Heard, back turned,
Nothing but empty tears

Pained words
Interested and
avalon Mar 8
i am a small girl and many think i am harmless. i am disarming. i am smiles and laughter and the way your eyes look when you feel understood. i am the light reflected in your irises.

i am a small girl and many think i am harmless. i am charming. i am small touches on your cheekbones and feeling your fingers interlace through mine. i am the warmth of a lie.

i am a small girl and many think i am harmless. i am alarming. i am your heartbeat when it falters and breaks in your chest. i am regret. i am the shaking of your voice and your hands when the anger inside you coats your lips and tongue in sand.

i am harming. i am salt in a wound that i created, i am the only cure that keeps disease aggravated, i am shards of glass in the water that keeps you alive.

i am a small girl and i thought i was harmless. it was a lie.
Vexren4000 Aug 2018
You did not need that much,
She did not need to do that,
Neither did he,
Too much of a good thing is bad,
Too much of a bad thing is worse,
Seems that most humans,
Forget the golden rules of living,
Everything in moderation,
No matter how harmless it seems

Anthony Esposito Aug 2017
These days our youth has so many excuses.
Girls so young doing things so wrong that older girls would never have done.
Boys loving boys,
And people marrying young.
What happened to harmless fun?
They keep their secrets safe from their parents.
But they always seem to know their bad deeds.
They plants the seeds so young,
Of bad deeds and bad decisions.
They've got the problem but it becomes ours.
Their scars are real but we keep brushing them off.
This story is real.
So real you could touch it.
Our youth is drowning, stuck in the mud.
Their heads filled with poison we feed them ourselves.
Zainab Ibrahim Feb 2018
Close your eyes,
Count to ten.

Tell me of your story.

Close your eyes,
Count to ten.

The Phoenix has risen.

Close your eyes,
Count to ten.

War is upon you.

You thought you were safe,
You thought you were protected.

Growing from the ashes,
You were razed to the ground.

Born from the ashes,
All things must return.

Close your eyes,
Count to ten.

Something so pure,
But so toxic.

Close my eyes,
Count to ten.

I should have known.

He looked so harmless,
I thought I was safe,
I thought I was protected.

Caught unaware,
My heart ripped from my chest,

The claws dug deep.

Ashes to ashes,
Dust to dust.

All things must return.

So here I am now,
Alone and shattered,
I return to you,
Everything I am.
Francie Lynch Jan 23
Fewer adults are laughing,
It's not funny any more;
We leaned on poles to direct our titter,
Quite harmless in its day.
And Engine 9's been derailed,
We're catching tigers,
But It's still okay.

We rolled our eyes at Jewish jibes,
And salesmen in the barn;
Or the Newfie warning,
Don't slip on the ice,
Don't ya know, bay, it's hard frozen

We've pulled our collective heads out,
We're sniffing old world air.
I liked the self-effacing glibs,
Affected with a brogue.
Now there's a hard line on a country bridge,
Across a brook, or penal school ditch.
It's just not funny any more.
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