NewAgeOfAnarchy Sep 2014

The path to freedom is prove with broken promises and hardship.

©2014 Michael Cross
Trinity Jones Aug 2014

You don't suffer
from depression
until you let it change you

There is no battle to fight
unless you let the enemy in

Nothing is lost
if you hold on

After all
this is your life
you call the shots
call 'em right

LaDi OyediRAn Nov 2013

Conquered by the cause of confidence
Cluttered by the cost of distraction
Cut off by the clause of equal and opposite reaction
We endure
We Procrastinate
We suffer
We live on

Andrew Durst Feb 2014

I don't
Anyone is a
To hardship.

    But if you are...

    What a
You must

I dedicate this to Bukowski.

Give me one more push
Before thy hands, swing into despair
Give it One more chance
A seed to grow
A love to ferment
We haste to want
We slip from the top;
Loaded with immaturity.
Sharpening your edge takes time.
Be patient with me;
I will improve.
Don’t give up on me;
The luggage on my soul, heavy.
Hold my hand for a little while and
Be my eyes, before I go missing,
In this dark jungle.
You promised, you were in for a long haul;
The fear in your eyes, sounds like
A racing horse, without a rider.
My code is red hot endurance, to the end of the rope.
I am in, and there is no turning back,
from what is rightly mine.
- McDaniels Gyamfi

Thoughtful Apr 2015

stop telling me it’s going to be okay
as if some phrase can make me feel better.
that if i use red colored fabric to cover
the holes in my heart
that it would beat the same as yours.

Kenny Kimberly Jul 2014

Do not let our love be forged in sweet ease,
Nor should vanity be used as our base.
Let not our joy be a product of peace,
Nor should we dwell on our warmest embrace.

Let our love be a product of roughness,
Let it be steeped in our tears and shed blood.
Let our anger be the source of toughness,
And we will stand against the coming flood.

Let all the others take their unearned love,
With its ease and hugs, and their flowers, too.
So that when, as always, push comes to shove
We will stand as one, not apart as two

The flood will sweep away all the others
As we stand as the only true lovers.

NewAgeOfAnarchy Oct 2014

We are not defined by our victories, but by are hardships.

©2014 Michael Cross

Still soaking from the malady
I almost drowned in
I'm chased
yet by another one.

Moonlight Jan 2015

The thoughts in my head uncertain
My heart hides behind a curtain
And to those of you who know
I can think of no greater foe
For when my head is filled with grief
I can not think to start a beef
I only wish I could know all
And not make such a blundering fall
For my words left unspoken
I only ask for one simple token
Of love
And most of all...
A friend like you

Here is one for you L. I`m sorry about today and that things came up. :(
Rockie Mar 2015

I didn't realise
What a hardship it would be
Until I truly felt it
Heaving on my shoulders like a boulder

A man has to make decisions
He never wanted to make
The hardest thing is facing reality
When you know you must make the decision
But everything is in the way
What do you do?
You must be a man and make the decision.
Life was never meant to be easy,it will always be rough at times.
I'm not the best at coping, but i will learn to be better
It won't get easier from here.

Tonight has been very hard for me. I must be a Man and do what i know must be done even when i don't like it. On top of graduating etc etc. It's been very hard.
Sam Shoyer Apr 2015

They made me a racehorse
Blinders and all
Huffing and scuffing my hoofs
Impatiently at the dirt
The open track ahead
But against my chest a wooden board
I heave and pant but it won't break
I wish it gone but here it stays
Twisting turning, turning red
Hot air balloons within my head
Wet steam rising from my nose
My chest is raw and splintery

But I will break it
Break through to the open track
Spreading my legs as long as I can
Forward, sideways, any way I want to go
Heaving and panting just the same
But free, this time

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