Josh Jul 2014

I hate when I’m trying to be handsome,
and a more handsome man stands next to me and handsomes harder than I can.

''Surely you can handsome somewhere else,'' I say in a handsome passion, to the man dressed in ridiculously good fashion.

But he just stands there, handsoming harder than I could dare.
Even if I were wearing some Prada underwear.

So I turn up my nose and ''hmmph'' out aloud,
then handsome off to a less handsomeable crowd.

''Oh, what a success I've found,'' I say in a handsome murmer,
before handsoming away to be handsome further.

Sharina Saad Oct 2014

Handsome is not your dancing eyes
when you smiles
Handsome is not your sunny face
or your well built muscle
I have never been wrong..
in defining handsome
handsome is not your flesh
not your looks
but a little bit lower than your abdomen
Look down...
Its your fat wallet
in your pocket...
Thats handsome...

ZinaLisha Jun 2014

I have missed
out on the thrills
of being a soft place
between a rock
and a hard place
which is a bad boy

I was afraid
of becoming a toy
a welcome mat,
stepped on repeatedly
covered in dirt
and worthlessness

because of fear
I found myself
held hostage to boring love
with good guys
who in the end
only proved
to be ugly lies

which led
to my beautiful cries
in the end,
I should have taken my chances
with the handsome devils
who were at least good at dancing!

Never would have believed good guys could break hearts. Guess they were never good from the very start.
Trevon Haywood Oct 2015

I'm feeling so handsome.
Like everybody else does.
Love is always everywhere.
Except for my friends and family in Springfield.


taijarea darius Jul 2013

hey handsome with african features that brought me home
i used you for what its worth. hearts that never twined togather
kissing you was a pleasure of mine. growing weak with every moment
loving you never experienced. sex with you was me comparing
hey handsome with african features that brought me home
confused wanting to trust, love.  as i try to let go only pushed you further
we held each other hostage that night your hands touched my soul
hey handsome with african features that brought me home
its good bye for now until the stars line up and you are found

Whats it be to be handsome?
To have the attention of girls
and then some?
How do I measure self efficacy
when getting a smile
is still a victory?
Should I spend my money
on personal things
or have my wardrobe
bursting at the seams?
Whats the difference between
a lustful stare
and a rejectful laser beam?
Every girl can be hard to get
on welfare
"But there's still someone
for you out there"
Who can see beyond
the mirage at sea
to the core of personality.

Tearani C Mar 2012

The curve of your bottom lip,
The contrast of red on your perfect white teeth,
Under that tilted half smile.
You’re shining at me.
The rough surface of your hands,
And how perfectly mine fits.
The smell of you so sweet,
So different, so perfect and calming.
Your demeanor so charming,
The way I’m pulled to you ,
Matched with the way you never
Ever let me go, never leave me alone.
Never tell me to go.
I’m lost in your big eyes,
Wrapped up in your big arms.
There. Is. No. place. Better. Than. Your. Chest.
Your better than my bed at home.
You are better than all the rest.
And I trust you more than you’ll ever know.
I’ve fallen so far in love, grown so far up,
You have fixed me and you’ll never know
The way your soft skin catches light a
A soft glow.
And I know, better than you know,
That you are everything good.
Love you my handsome man.

Pauline Russell Jan 2016

Death looks very handsome today
Wonder if he'll dance my way
Hold me in his arms as we sway
To the rhythm of the dance
Maybe just by chance
At me today he'll take a glance
It would be a fine romance

Maybe today he'll give me a date
Save me from this wretched state
I patiently wait at his gate
I'm hoping he will take my hand
Lead me into his land
Where he stops times sand

Never to be sold
Never to grow old
Never to be cold

Death is looking very handsome today
I hope this is the day he takes me away

You are a
ton of rocky road but still

sheeba balan kpp Jan 2015

i do not know whether you are handsome
or whether i am beautiful
i do not know whether you love me
or whether i hate you
i do not know what i want to hear first
your heartbeat or your whisper
i do not know what should matter
or what matters now
i do not know whether you live by emotions
or whether i live by anything at all

Remember, that chaos first was a primordial deity,
Chaos; the nothingness from which all else sprang
headfirst and heartfelt,
half-naked and handsome,
hook, line and... halibut.

All of this,
every measurable moment,
every particle,
every object set forth in motion
sprang from a void so harmoniously
as if the absence of everything was kissed
by the presence of something.

Often depicted with wings, a bow, and a quiver of arrows,
Cupid, son of Venus - goddess of love,
son of Mercury - god of trade,
his story,
almost identical in Greek and in Roman
his story, about a couple of gods
who seem so inherently human by nature,
jolted by jealousy,
dumbstruck by beauty,
hellbent on immortality,
his story has been hallmarked
as red hot velvet rose petal fine wine
and symmetrical hearts.
Wrapped in tin foil red ribbons
bitter-sweetly sugarcoated
dipped in thin layer of chocolate
taste-tested and lover approved.

Remember that scene in Hook
where Tinkerbell leaves her footprints on Peter's chest,
well that's you and that's me--
touch me where my heart beats
because I don't ever wanna be a lost boy.
I wanna grow up like a good bedtime story
with morals
and purpose,
I wanna have meaning.

You might say that Cupid found himself.
You might say that Psyche found her soul.
You might say that Tinkerbell was just faking it--
with the clapping.
Truth is, we can never know the whole story--
the complete truth.
Problem is, we think we can
and act like we do.
So the only time we mean what we say
is the first time we say it,
every utterance thereafter is just an attempt
at recreating a moment.

I love you
is a paraphrase
that deserves three separate ellipses
because there's a lot left unsaid.

I (distinctively remember shadow-boxing with)
love (against a star-dotted sky anchored to a
moonlight so vibrant it can only be compared to)
you (and your tidal waves).

And that's where I fell
headfirst and handsome.

I (was punched-drunk by a kiss so breathless
that it spiked my dopamine to a volume
that can only be described as) love
(in that every time my neurotransmitters feel) you
(they spin themselves dizzy and dance to your science).

There was a moment in the absence of everything
when I was kissed silent by the presence of something.

Hold me to your breastplate.

I don't ever wanna go back to the void.


golden yellow scales
and a dirty brown shale

rings of age
and toes of talons

symmetrically so
with a dividing spine

petite tale
and soft pink tongue

dulcet eyes
as dark as night

positioned jaw
grinning manner

a lovely voice
and handsome barks

creasing folds
in wrinkled skin

great strength
with strong virtues

as mystical as wind

Turtles are little darling s

You were magnificent.
Everyone saw danger in
Black jeans with ink black boots
But I saw a handsome mystery.

People said that you were begging
For trouble and that you were
Going no where fast.

My friends said that you would break my heart
And lead me down a path that
Ended in a not so nice place.

You were my first love.
I remember the smell of
Cigarettes and alcohol clinging to you.

You were my first drug.
I injected myself with your presence
And gulped down your lies
Like the cheap beer we bought.

One midnight I creeped out
To meet you at that bar
Where no one in their right mind
Would go.

Smoke was heavy in the air
And sex was going on in dark corners.
Alcohol flowed freely and showed no sign of stopping.
It was there that we kissed.

Two turbulent years later
We had moved up to that section of the woods
Where people got high.
You stared at the stars but
You seemed to see through them.

It was there that I said,
"I love you."
Those little words danced on the wind
And quietly entered your ear.

At first you didn't do anything
Then you slowly moved your face
Towards mine.

The moonlight shone down and
The stars were on fire,
They were so bright.

You stared at me.
No, through me.
In that moment I realized something.

Everyone was right.
You were trouble,
On the fast track to no where,
And danger in black jeans.

My heart shattered to pieces.
I left you
And that dark path that you led me down.

Even now as I lay in bed,
Aching for your touch
I regret nothing.

You are still magnificent.
My drug in black jeans with matching boots.
My handsome,

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