CV Apr 2014

A new start,
something fresh.
Friends look at you
with wide eyes
erasing all the previous
times you had met
with this new time,
all from something simple.
Something fresh.
A haircut.
Although going from
long flowing wavy
strawberry blond hair
to dark pixie short
brunette colored hair
is quite the difference...
but it's something fresh.
Something new.
Something great.

I recently got a dramatic haircut and I absolutely love it. Thought I'd share my thoughts about it here.
ajit peter Mar 2014

Strands of hair unruly way
Hair cut an adventure of the day
Scrolling through the models on book
pictures in mind to decide the look
Hair cut an adventure of the day
Through the times in a different way
young ones cry of the barbers scissor
A grim look of teen in the mirror
every hair cut in the heart a terror
Good or bad an haircut is an adventure

thinking of this in a saloon
winter Jan 2014

I got a haircut you would hate

My eyes framed now by only the dark circles under my eyes

This loss of sleep is worth it

I’m finding myself without you

And I am in love with the person I see

Andrew Johnson Jan 2014

I got a haircut a couple months ago
Just after I had the worst possible month of my life
And I guess it was almost symbolic
Because I was cutting ties and knots in my hair with what I had been killing myself over for the past year.

Mike Essig Apr 2015

Got it buzzed
back to GI days.

A quarter inch
all over, I said
to the dubious barber.

It took some
getting used to
when passing

But now I love it!

I call it
my Monk's haircut.

No maintenance.

Wake up, perfect;
Swim, perfect;
Stroll about
in hurricane,

Now I love
to feel
the wind
in my hair
that is
no longer

Grew a beard, too. You wouldn't want to take me home to meet Mom. :)
PenNameBree-Z May 2013

I remember when I cut my hair
Because you preferred it short
Now you're gone
And I'm sitting here
Wishing it was long again.

Something Quiet Sep 2015

My friend cut his hair.
Many weeks ago.
His hair was long,
But now it's short,
Much shorter than before.

My friend cut his hair.
It's softer to the touch.
I pat his head,
A gentle tap,
He didn't like it much.

My friend cut his hair.
It used to hide his eyes.
I see them both,
Like pretty jewels,
No longer in disguise.

My friend cut his hair.
It makes him different now.
His eyes light up,
His smiles are warm,
As warm as he'll allow.

A friend of mine used to have long, shoulder-length wavy hair and he got a haircut just before the summer holidays. I saw his new, much-shorter haircut in person a few days ago, and the change was so great I couldn't help making a tribute to it. A transition like that can really change a person.
Leah R Apr 2014

i had another dream about you and

i miss our nothing

you called me at 7am
and i still don't know why

~i tried too hard~

The New Kestrel Sep 2013

"A new person.
And she used to be

Her hair is shorter..."

I've always wanted to be different.
I got sick of being compared to
Other girls that all acted and looked the same.

I CRAVED being different.
I craved being the weird one.
I craved doing something unexpected.

Because the world needs a splash of color.

And with that splash,
A ripple effect will come.

It's been my dream to influence others to be themselves,
To be different.

And this is my chance.
At least...

For now.

Harsh Nov 2012

The kitchen scissors met my hair,
before the bathroom mirror.
I had run out of cigarettes.
He didn't text back.

This poem is the sole property of me and cannot be copied or used without permission. [Copyright G.H. Rodrigo 01/11/2011]

A Robin laid an egg in our backyard.
We can hatch it; we just have to keep it warm.
Your hair dangles on your shoulders when you run
so you should cut it, or stop running,
or stop running from the storm.
In the Bible, there’s a story about some people
who never knew they weren't living right.
Let’s break the chains we made together,
run into the weather; let the lightning
be our lava lamp tonight.

JR Rhine Jan 2016

Just a little off the top.
Drawin' a dotted line
'round the skull
takin' your shears
just above the ear.

Cuttin' a close crop.
Burrowin' into the skin this time
'round the skull
now your clippers
smilin' so chipper.

Leavin' a head clean smooth.
Whistlin' at a near-finished work
'round the skull
peelin' back the skin
bravin' a peek within.

Grabbin' that comb with its fine tooth.
Unfurlin' that pink mass of quirk
'round the skull
eyein' where tendrils append
trimmin' the dead ends.

Insanity/conformity. Memories of old barbers cuttin em all high and tight existing among memories I wish they'd trim off.
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