Caitlin Fisher Oct 2014

Forgive me, my love
I could only stand-horror struck
I watched, yet I didn’t, the crocodiles of the raging Nile maul your bloody corpse

My love, my love forgive me
That wretched day; that cursed hour, the very hour of our return
To see you breathe your last was akin to feeling a knife in my back
They had to hold me down
The hated guards who couldn’t save you

Forgive me, please, forgive me
I can do nothing more than carve your face into cold marble now

Antinous forgive me, forgive me please
I couldn’t save you; no one could

Antinous, forgive me

Midnight Rain Feb 21

There were rivers
Streaming down her face
Great deltas in which he swam
Till he reached the shorelines
Of her wounded eyes

he stayed in the rim
Just out of sight,
In the curve of black
Where the day kissed the night

She could never see him
And he could only hear her pain
Her agony in loneliness
It ached for them to be apart
But he knew it was for the best

He could never reach her
But he thought if he might
It would be in her dreams
Where the day kissed the night

I look beyond and see
everything unknown to me

from atop this wall
I think of the fall

to where no man, should be
to the land of danger and mystery

I looked at my sword and shield
past to those ominous fields

I was nothing
just my fists and spirit I could bring

a man
a gnat, before the fan

of desire,
turned to fire.

and so I laughed, and there I go
forward past, all I know

Hadrian Veska May 2016

They say a picture is worth
A thousand words
But without the words
And stories behind it

A picture is meaningless

-Hadrian Veska

Sia Jane Jul 2014

Maybe those afternoons,
were meant for,
that simple meeting,
amidst the quiet,
breviloquent chatter,
raw, uncompromising,
blissful uninhibited emotion.

Resounding cups,
mismatched china,
jasmine, rose, lavender tea,
celestial gardens,
plants; leaf-bearing
chinking lipped tea cups,
saucers pooling.

Immaculately intricate,
of Hadrian Denaruis silver,
an eighteenth century delight,
for ladies; un salon de thé,
sound waves wander as tea diffusers,
ritual & routine,
friendship & freedom.

© Sia Jane

I miss reading poems here so so so so much. I am so busy and too busy to even write at the moment. BUT I will be back around soon once things slow down. Miss you guys xxxx
Hadrian Veska May 2016

If you walk with a purpose
Your feet will never tire

-Hadrian Veska

Timmy Shanti Nov 2013

Loading my hadron collider
With hampering Hadrian Wall.
What on earth am I doing!?
I know nothing at all.

I add some tea to my sugar,
Putting the kidneys in stone.
Getting chased down by a cougar -
My wishful thinking at home.

Feeling betrayed by my conscience,
The time is quarter to three.
In a world full of pretence,
I prefer to be free.

October 2013

Hadrian Veska May 2016

Don't seek knowledge, seek truth.
For only in truth can wisdom be obtained.

-Hadrian Veska

Hadrian Veska Dec 2016

An artist should never
confuse themselves with art.
They are merely a vessel,
From which art pours.
Sometimes they are empty
And other times full.

- Hadrian Veska

Hadrian Veska May 2016

Anger is not an emotion
It comes from the inability
To handle other emotions

-Hadrian Veska

Hadrian Veska Dec 2016

I chased love for so long
Only to realize,
It isn't something you catch
But rather,
Something you get caught by.

- Hadrian Veska

Hadrian Veska Dec 2016

The moment we conquer our mortality,
Is the moment we stop being human,
And become the very things,
That we taught ourselves to hate.

- Hadrian Veska

Hadrian Veska Nov 2016

A man without internal conflict
Is either a simpleton,
Or heavily indoctrinated

-Hadrian Veska

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