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ArielMarriel Aug 2018
Beware of the emoji man
Who has no real emotions
So he borrows those
Cartoon ones
And thinks that you won’t notice.
Ashleigh Black Sep 2014
I'm in love with a mother's son
with brown hair and brown eyes
with a husk in his voice
and gently pursed lips
in just a t-shirt and blue jeans.

Now, you see, it's been years
since we've spoken or even seen each other
but I can still remember what it feels like to
touch the stubble on his face
and feel his fingers interlaced with mine.
ha. ha ha.
Kelly Weaver Feb 2018
Your seething tides churn in my mind
As my shaky hands subside
And though love can be caustic,
You are sweet-tempered.
Your voice could calm even the roughest storms.
I wish I had enough time in the day to tell you of how many times you've kept my heart beating
Or of all of the times you've interrupted the steady streams of woe escaping my bloodshot eyes
All without even trying.
I wish I could thank you for holding my hand while I puked up roses, and drying my eyes when I choked on the thorns.
for my darling boyfriend, who I love so very much
Daniel May 11
He´s the guy having fun
rolling down the fresh green
and ignoring the aftermath.

He´s coloured with
the brightest reds
of european sunsets

and has a smile
so bright
it shines all your problems

Özcan Sh Mar 17
She stabbed my heart
With a sharp knife
And wonders why I smile

She didn’t  know that
I feel her feelings
Through the pain I get

Tears fell from her eyes
The knife was still in my heart
And still I held her tightly
In my arms.
We need to finish this
But I don't know what this is
Is my heart yours?
Or, is it his?
My heart is breaking
I don't know what to do
After two weeks
I thought I was over you
Why did you do this to me
You locked me in your eyes
You smiled while you spoke
You will be my demise
We've had this unspoken thing
Why couldn't you let it end
It could have gone away like it never happened
But you drew me in again
It's been almost a year
That I've had these feelings for you
If this doesn't end soon
Who am I being married to?
Sleepz Mar 2014
"I'll Be that guy for you, I'll be whoever you want me to be.  The one to love you, the one to break you, the one you cry for, the one you will always think about, but as long as I am all these things -  No matter how much I have broken your heart, I will be what you want me to be, I will be your prisoner, the one you can't let go, the one you'll hate, the one you'll wish you've never met, the one you will talk to your friends about.  And if you ever thought you were the one to break mine, don't forget that I never had one to begin with.  Which is why I'll forget the fact that you ever even existed."
True Pride
Dedicated to a person I know.
J Rodriguez Mar 2017
A women can only take so much until she can't take it anymore and becomes the bad guy....
Natalie Oct 2018
my feelings are so deep,
so strong
with you.
your feelings are so weak,
it feels wrong
for you.
I turn the other cheek,
I spent so long
on you.
my heart,
once warm, now bleak
no longer belongs
to you.
why do you love to mess with my head
Anne Feb 14
he reminds me
of sunshine bottled
up in a jar.

the furthest i’ve

was probably
trying to c - a - t- c- h
that bit of warmth.

when bottled up jars

once tightly shut
never opens.
"the furthest I've fallen"
Jordan LC Murphy Sep 2018
Be a emotionless robot.
Work really hard in life while others take the credit.
Have children so they can be slaves for others.
Be nice to everyone and receive nothing back.
Continuously take out loans and debts and pay them off so the fattest cats don't starve.
Pay taxes so the royals eat well.
Pay rent, road tax and insurance and the military'll say thanks.
But most important of all pay your Tv license so you can watch them spend all of your ******* hard earned money.

Jobs a gooden.
Normal ****
Clare Veronica Dec 2018
What happened today really made me
realize a lot of things
about you
Who you really are

I listened to your every word
Like you spat diamonds
But you barely listen to anything I say
All that matters to you
Is your words

I remember the last time
I asked God if I could just marry you
and be with you for the rest of my life
In His reply, God was curt
Because He knew that I knew it can’t happen
He’s told me so many times,
“You know it yourself and in your own heart,
there is a better guy for you.”

And my God, God was right.
My gut is always months ahead accurate
My heart will always protect me
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