Claire Walters Jul 2015
It was 1 night
But that one night happened 2 much
There were 3 of us
And it happened be 4
Almost 5 nights a week
Almost had 6 slices
But I want 7 of you
Ask me if you can come in so you can 8 with me
It's almost 9 every time I order
And sometimes 10
You are at least an 11 out of ten
You stop making pizza at 12
I wish I had found you at 13
It's been almost 14 days
I hope I'll see you again and in case you didn't know I'm 15
And I'm hoping that maybe you're 16
But maybe 17 that's what I'm guessing
Just please don't be 18
And please don't have a 19 year old girlfriend
Let's exchange our 20 digits between each other and give me a call
So we can spend 21 years together
But let's try to get past our 22 word conversation
Or more like 23 characters
Should I try to call you tonight on the 24th
Or tomorrow on the 25th
So I can get that slim chance to see you and my delicious pizza
Brandon Halsey May 2012
We sat together in your bedroom
Watching lesbian porn
You salivated at the grotesque display
Of the spread channel from which you were born

You once told me you were disgusted
By the male physique
You showered with your eyes closed
Or risked gagging over the bathroom sink

Among the girls you were popular
They stared at you to pass their day
Your mind was filled with their numbers
My mind filled with words I couldn't say

Senior prom snuck up on us
But you found a beautiful date, indeed
I asked an ugly girl to accompany me
And out of pity she agreed

We danced in the converted gym
Under a gaudy mirrored ball
I was stuck between you and her
With my back up against the wall

Afterwards we went to your house
Your parents were away
And their unlocked liquor cabinet
Only heightened our desire to play

Our dates removed their prom gowns
Then helped us get undressed
We drank till we couldn't stand
And fell to the floor in a heap of flesh

I finally saw you naked
A beauty my eyes could hardly see
You were a God among mere mortals
And even lesser men like me

My date's eyes were filled with lust
And I smelled the alcohol on her breath
I performed the perfunctory motions
And sank into her depths

As your date's head bobbed under the blanket
Your moans of pleasure steadily increased
I was energized by your proximity
Which was the sole reason for my release

We left our dates to sleep
Within their sated bliss
Already you wanted another girl
You could screw and then dismiss

In the kitchen we finished the bottle
And talked of our recent conquests
Together we shared crude jokes
Made at the expense of the opposite sex

An awkward pause followed
And you gazed into my eyes
I felt the alcohol take effect
And placed my hand upon your thigh

Your mouth then met mine
And our tongues were lost within
Your hands trembled as they explored my chest
You didn't know where to begin

In a mirror you caught your reflection
And fell from my embrace
You said I was disgusting
And spit right in my face

In anger you pushed me away
Asking for forgiveness I dropped to my knees
You said that soon everyone would know about me
Because in this town gossip spread just like disease

At home it hit the hardest
I was my mother's boy no more
My father called me a disgrace
And kicked me out the door

Rejected by friends and family
I have no reason to stay
I'll buy a ticket to another town
Somewhere I can keep my memories at bay

I'll rent out an apartment
And decorate my pastel painted walls
I’ll furnish my new life with a phone
That I know you'll never call

I'll find myself a new group of friends
Someone who understands
The exquisite pain of being
Of falling in love with an ignorant man

I wish that my dreams
Weren't haunted by your face
I wish that I could fall asleep
Without clutching a pillow in your place

I'll listen to bitter love songs
Because on pain I can rely
I'll learn to hide my emotions
And laugh when I really want to cry
alone again Oct 2014
No matter what you will love them
They may tease you or even break your heart
But, you know nothing could tear you apart
He is your guy friend, maybe not your best
But, you know you rather have him than all the rest
They can tear you down
But you know they'll always help pick up the pieces
A friend you can count on
A friend you can trust
Having a guy friend is an absolute plus
Paige Oct 2015
You should smile more.
It creates a rippling effect greater than that dark waves of your hair.
Your voice puts me in a monotonous trance.
It wakens up my soul yet could put me in a lucid dream.

That colorful sleeve on your arm reveals your true beauty
Although I cannot decipher it.
It has a way of speaking to me;
           Who you are.
Forgotten Heart Mar 2015
I can still feel
The warmth
of your touch

I can still feel
Your tongue
in my mouth

I can still feel
Those eyes
filled with
sexual desires

I can still feel
my body
for your touch

I'm missing you
every moment,
Your touch,
Your kiss,
your love.....etc
This is for you my dear sexy guy
Antionicia May 2017
Just like your handwriting
You’re a mess
You hide yourself
By cunning words
Trying to disguise how you really feel
But that’s okay
I see right through the facade
You are the type of guy
Who sometimes cries alone
In his room
The type of guy
Who teases and messes with girls
Making them feel awful
Because it’s hard to express how you really feel
You are the type of guy
Who never shows his inner thoughts
You don’t believe anyone will understand
The chaos in your mind
But that’s okay
I see right through it
I am the type of girl
Who’s willing to put
My heart out there
You are the type of guy
Who never sees
A girl like me.
Insane Reverie Nov 2014
He look at me,Smiles
I laugh at him,waving good byes
still's into me,that guy !
Sometime we girls can turn preety mean,when a guy approaches us.Its not that we hate'em but Sometime girls love to receive special treatment & attention. *giggles*
Danielle L Cook Sep 2015
I see you walking around
With your head held high
Like you're above everyone else
Because you're such a bad guy
That's why you got a tattoo, right
To remind us all you're dangerous
Well here's a news flash amigo  
You're as dangerous as my anus
laughing because I rhymed dangerous with anus

high school: thugs
TlvGuy Jun 2014
They have their inner beauty
I know what others say
But for your sake only
I ask just this: Lets pray
And when they sudden reach you
Nothing could bring you back
Cause when they sudden reach you
The rope is on your neck
Marisa Lu Makil Jun 2015
Tight hugs
Sitting close
Playful shoves
Eyes closed

Breathing in
Breathing out
Lips are silent
Heart shouts

My guy friend
Is a part of me
A part that you
May someday meet

The time we spend
Is so precious
My favorite memories
Are of us

I guess there's nothing
More to say
I'll think of something
Another day.
To my guy best friend: You never fail to make my day a little better. :)
Wonders Mar 2015
I knew he was special,
over what you call sanity,
he is still admirable.
                               Among his rejection,
                               I guess I just had to make sure that
                               craving him secretly,
                               was all I could possibly do.
I still adore him.
Lyra Sep 2015
Once upon a time, I had three guy friends,
whom on which I could always depend,
pair by pair we could've conquered the world,
with nothing but our little fingers twirled.

Chapter A:
The first boy, Boy One,
our journey had begun,
in a classroom of twenty four,
when both of us wanted more.

He was loyal and loving,
devoted and caring,
but everybody could see,
he was falling in love with me.

I started to put galaxies between us
the teasing and comments grew vexatious.
So, as expected, we grew apart,
the very first injury of my indecisive heart.

Chapter B:
Then after that came along Boy Two,
the second boy wasn't very good with rules.
But, I guess, that was what pulled us together,
here's to hoping this round would be better.

We used to be in love, Boy Two and I,
and after we were over, we never walked by.
We blamed each other for breaking our hearts,
but little did we know, fate didn't want us apart.

We reconciled after being thrown in a class,
but this time as friends, no longer treading on glass.
We became attached, inside jokes and all,
precisely why nothing prepared me for the fall.

The night before his birthday, I promised to call,
"I'll wish you at midnight, or not at all".
His careless reply hurt like a stab in my chest,
'Sorry, I'm calling her,' he confessed.

The betrayal cut through me like a knife,
I could feel him slipping through my fingers, not once but now twice.
Since then, I've been replaced as his best friend by her,
lesson number two has now occurred.

Chapter C:
Boy Three was the friend who was always around,
I'd see him here and there but he'd never seem to make a sound.
Suddenly, one day, we realized we grew on each other
addicted to thrill of walking the line between friend and lover.

Boy three and I would keep each other on our toes,
we'd savor the ships 'cause hey, whatever goes.
The romantic tension was obsessive and electrifying,
but it blew up in my face, and sent me flying.

During this period, I befriended a group of seniors,
who were all laughs & wits, it was nothing peculiar.
However, Boy Three got terribly protective,
we had an immense fall out, both of us too sensitive.

We somehow turned against each other,
silently stabbing and pushing further.
He'd spit about me to his clique,
making everyone doubt me, as we speak.

We said words we could never take back,
and hurt each other beyond repair.
In our hearts, we knew things would never be the same,
thus the third lesson has now taken its place.

This was the story of my three guy friends,
whom on which I could always depend.
Once upon a time, I had three guy friends,
but honestly it doesn't matter, I lost all three in the end.
Not a very good one, I'm afraid. Just a little something to let out the pressure building.
Jemma Jun 2016
I can’t do this. It’s not you it’s me. I think we need to put this on hold.
All things that girls say to him as their future relationships unfold
After being mistreated, abused, neglected, rejected and taken advantage of he just can’t take it anymore
Because these girls didn’t realize that for them, he would cross the seven seas, climb the highest mountain and so much more
He was the most dedicated person when it came to his relationships
Staying up all night, 5 am calls, thoughtful gifts and maybe even surprise trips
But even doing all of that, the girls didn’t realize how special he was until it was too late
He still didn’t let the hurt bother him because he knew that he would find his true love someday by fate
Until then, all of his relationships would end with goodbye
Because he was the unappreciated guy….
Dedicated to my best friend <3
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