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zumee Jul 2018
A is for Alpha
B is for Barbie
C is for Couple
D is for Destiny
E is for Engagement
F is for Fancy
G is for Gullible
H is for Happy
I is for Illusion
J is for Jealous
K is for Kingdom
L is for Lonely
M is for Mistress
N is for Nagging
O is for Often
P is for Pregnant
Q is for Question
R is for Rejecting
S is for Suicide
T is for Traumatize
U is for Understand
V is for Vaguely
W is for Whisky
X is for Xanax
Y is for Yesterday
Z is for Zombie.
Sylph Mar 26
If someone off the street offered you a piece of candy
Would you honestly take it????
He said with rain running down his cheeks from anxious eyes

Open your eyes
Not everything in this world or rarely anything is all cupcakes and rainbows, Sweetheart

I dont want you to get hurt
because of someone taking advantage of someone so pure
Desperation and vulnerability peeking clearly behind that mask he would wear
as he plead to her

Open your eyes to the way people are
there is good
But only 50% percent of this world chooses to use it

I cant lose you...
It would be all my fault..
What would i even do?
Im going to be honest
i think i would have to end what i have
what is this life worth to me without you in it?
She looks up at him
A Gullible
                              A Vulnerable  
                                                 ­                   Little Girl

They embrace each other
still crying their silent tears
I cant explain....
silas May 2015
they weren't wrong when they said
nothing lasts forever.
you promised me forever,
and left your empty promise at the bottom of the ocean
with the rest of the decaying memories from my head.

how gullible i was to think things would work out.

happiness doesn't come easy.
the hollow ache in the pit of my stomach will never go away.
these are just things we learn to accept in our lives and move on.

why do i still miss you?
for jason. i ******* hate you, yet i still love you and that's what hurts
patty m May 2014
The train chugs into town, its smoke
rising over trees, black
against the setting sun's spread of
blue and tangerine.
And still the pale and exhausted clamor
aboard dust and soot covered,
until the train slides forward exhaling.

Golden hawk your broad circles stretch the moments
until your talons touch down,
while the train recedes into mountain's
violet haze.

Old Simon, a fisherman
from a neighboring town
rolls a cigarette and looks around
then proceeds to tell
one of his stories.

He tells them in segments,
holding each of us enthralled
as he puffs and blows smoke
in the eyes of gullible youngsters.


Smoky mountain sunset
the train of thought
comes rolling in,
no arrivals or departures
just miles of rail going nowhere,
clickety-clack clickety-clack.
Yenson Aug 2018
Its a scam, its a scam, see the Crimson Gang deftly scamming them
They by sleight have befuddled gullible masses Moral Compass
Made them see wrong as right twisting their brains from the stem
With deceitful guile they shepherded them all to the fools' campus

Slander and fake News galore fed to vacant hungry masses scrum
Knowledge is power the reprobates declares, do not let it pass
We're the majority the bullies screams, knowing they're just scums
Worthless charlatans who rob successes and **** without cutlass

They take a foregone conclusion and coat it with fool's gold crumb
A victim with no intention of going after an uninterested lass
Dumb masses fed fake news fooled into harassing actions dumb
A non-event becomes a show of the controlling might of our class

Crimson gangs interpret a non-events from his deluded sad drum
Creates a warped sick drama round a hapless victim for laughs
Gives street theater actions to masses, these will oppose and numb
Whilst poor victim subjected to 'voiding' madness wonders past

The Crimson leaders laugh so much like pirates drinking ***
Look how we manipulate the masses, they are so simple and crass
With our devious twisting propaganda they eat out of our ***
We simply use them to nail and crucify our victim to the cross
Gang stalking is simply a form of community mobbing and organised stalking combined. Just like you have workplace mobbing, and online mobbing, which are both fully recognised as legitimate, this is the community form.
Gang stalking is organised harassment at it's best. It the targeting of an individual for revenge, jealousy, sport, or to keep them quiet, etc.

It's organised, widespread, and growing. Some describe this form of harassment as, "A psychological attack that can completely destroy a persons life, while leaving little or no evidence to incriminate the perpetrators."
BoringBoy Nov 2018
I'm complicated
And Insecure
The Gullible
A Troubled one
Full of bad thoughts
Not at all cool
A sensitive
A full story
I'm not unique
Kind of a geek
Sometimes silly
Yet Shy
I really try
Sometimes I cry
I know I'll die
Life is no phase
I couldn't lie
Em Sep 2018
I'm super gullible  

and you're a great actor.

I really thought you loved me

karin naude Jul 2013
a very nice lady
that greets me with hugs
asked me to prepare a final thought over you
a last summary for as long as forever can last
you have been the subject of s many poems
the pain you cause has been inspiration for many pen paper relationships

i think of the unspoken promise between your heart and mine
of love un-wavered for eternity
to create and keep a safe haven
teaching me to sail rough seas
i'm left holding this promise letter
it will never be fulfilled
it leaves me longing, endless searching for comfort
makes me gullible
that have lead me to the gate of hell more times than i care to remember
you never gave me a home
just emptiness,pain and endless regret
a bitter price to pay for not my actions

the best gift you ever gave me is strength
from taking beating after beating
yes i am an abuse survivor and i am proud of it
i made it this far
crawling and scraping, thanks to god
with him by my side i will keep going
L B Dec 2017
The world is flat
That's what they told me

...and I always take people at their word
Nice people like at The Acme Company
always believing what they say

I am a gullible fool
to trust, to love, to hope
to get ground down that way

I cower
I yelp when kicked

Running, madly
scramble over edge of ice
(New concept of Antarctica)
Missed the sign
for The Acme Map Company
and that dead end
Loaded down with Acme Explosives

Cartoon coyote
Always sees “that painted tunnel”
as possible place to hide
shows up again--
just a little fried
smoke rising from my scalp
small white flag in hand
says, “HELP”

Scramble over that ledge of melting ice
and crumbling shame
Clinging by my fingertips

You'd think something would finally do me in

Me and "Wile E. Coyote--  Genius"

Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner are classic cartoon characters that date back to 1949.  They've been popular ever since.  I think the sound effects, music, and the timing of the animators are elements that make them so good.  Their expressions just **** me.
My favorite cartoon character of all time.  Used to get ******, watching with friends, laughing our ***** off.  

Wile E. is probably my spirit animal as well.  :)
Osiria Melody Jun 20
Here I am, drink in hand
I've gone cold
He's gone mad
We're emotional trash
I'm tired of this mess

I don't want him
Knocking at my door
A barrier between our love
Always keeping my heart shut
No key will ever open my soul

All the love in the world falls short
I've had enough of his woven lies
That stitched up my gullible mind

I don't want him anymore
Even if he tears the door down
I don't want him anymore
Even if he promises to change
I don't want him
I don't want him
I don't want him
I don't want him anymore

I don't want him
To be my smooth superhero
A try-too-hard lad who ain't enough
Couldn't rescue myself
When he broke my heart

All the love in the world falls short
I've had enough of his woven lies
That stitched up my gullible mind

I don't want him anymore
Even if he tears the door down
I don't want him anymore
Even if he promises to change
I don't want him
I don't want him
I don't want him
I don't want him anymore

I don't want him anymore
Even if he tears the door down
I don't want him anymore
Even if he promises to change
I don't want him
I don't want him
I don't want him
I don't want him anymore

I'm not heartbroken over anyone since I've never been in a relationship. It's been a while since I last posted a poem, so I'm finally back.

My mother lied to me today
When I found out I had to say
Oh Mother why’d you tell a lie
and from me this thing try to hide?
With a coy smile she looked at me
and spoke in a voice so softly
My dearest son it is my job
to keep you safe, away from harm
At times that may in fact include
in order to hide or seclude
the things in life you should not see
because you’re simply not ready

You may discover on your own
Much later in life when you're grown
But when you're underneath my wing
Your one concern is just to sing
Life’s worries I will take for you
The stress and hurt I will shield too
Life asks a lot and has its pains
and slowly these things you’ll be trained
But in due time; Have patience son
Life's not a race, no need to run
So take your time; stop and enjoy
One day you will not be a boy

Out in the world; learn on your own
Keep with you all the things I've shown
And piece by piece on each you'll build
For you I wish a life fulfilled
There is still much you need to learn
I shield from you all the concerns
It's somewhat understandable
You might be slightly gullible
Because you're simply not aware
So many things from you I've spared
Allowed you distance as you grew
But always kept an eye on you

I gave you room to let you fly
To stretch your wings; explore the sky
And you may not have seen me there
but I did not just disappear
No matter the heights you could reach
I always had more I could teach
So even though at times it seemed
Untethered and were not a team
Could not be further from the truth
Clark Kent changing in a phone booth
When needed became Superman
If duty called I lent a hand

Free range to fly all on your own
Solve problems with the skills I've shown
A carpenter; I gave the tools
But up to you how you would use
My hope that given in due time
the skills you had would exceed mine
And there you'd fly so high above
As I look up; heart filled with love
Amazing heights I know you'll reach
This life we live is up to each
of us deciding what to do
And I'll always believe in you

And just remember as you fly
Wherever you go or how high;
Into the world I've sent you off
to learn life's lessons as their taught
So when you look you might not see
Think I have gone; Can not find me
But whether up or down below
I just want you to always know
You are my son and I love you
No limit to what you can do
The distance might be further now
But since your birth I kept this vow
That you would be under my wing
To keep you safe and watch you sing

Obviously I meant to have this ready
and present it yesterday but it
just didn't work out that way.

Written: May 10, 2018

All rights reserved.
FIDELITY?  I've always been a strong believer in fidelity until i met him.
He was nothing like the other men, there was an aura about him that pulled you to him, the man was an enigma, sexuality had never been so portrayed by a man but this man was special!
ADULTERY! This man had charmed his way into my life and boy did i not know what i was in for! He was married yes, i was entertaining young men yes but i was overwhelmed by my feelings for him that i embraced it and loved the fact that he was married and i had a man, men? i really didn't care.
*******! The first time he took me was on his office table, we didn't make love, all we did was ****, he was rough and would say the nastiest things, i felt like a ***** and i loved it. he wouldn't even bother closing the door, made it more intense. we would be at it for hours but still, i wanted his filthy **** after we were done, plunging in so deep, filling me with his seed, spending time in his office in the pretense of working. Well he was working me and i was rocking his ****.
LUST? Lust was all i felt for him, it wasn't love. i wasn't so gullible to think so because when i woke up i couldn't even remember his name. maybe it was a dream showing me how the other half lived.........
Brie Pizzi Jan 2017
you may be difficult to love but that doesn't mean you're any less deserving of it

he can break your promises

you can't force change

each time you love, you love harder

each love you have will be different, incomparable (but you may try to)

you create your own limit on forgiveness

he will help you see your beauty, but that doesn't mean when he leaves it leaves with him

love alone isn't enough

distance will affect a relationship

you will be gullible when it comes to love

love should not make you weak, it should empower you

head vs. heart is a real thing

boys will trick you into thinking they are genuine. When you discover they aren't, don't blame yourself, leave

you can't force him to be anything more than what he is

people express love in different ways

time will pass, and you may still feel the same

keeping yourself busy will help, but not for long

one day you will wake up and it won't hurt anymore

he can love you, and still hurt you

you can love him, and still hurt him

not all relationships are meant to last

just because you haven't been alone doesn't mean you can't be

love should be selfless

love can make you angry, angrier than you ever thought was possible

sometimes it's easier to just forgive him, even though you know you shouldn't

you can love someone, and still break up with him/her

you can't control how you feel or who you fall for

sometimes staying will hurt you more than leaving

break ups will show you who's really there for you

you will try everything in you to believe his words even though deep down you know they aren't sincere

sometimes we want what we want even if we know it's going to **** us

he will feel hurt, and try to hurt you back

you cannot grow too dependent on him because he can leave

never settle for anything less than what you deserve

Your mind may trick abuse for love

Sometimes old love comes back; that's not always a bad thing

Time alone makes you realize who you need in your life

Some nights will be good, others will be bad

Always go with your gut feeling

You pictured your life once without him, you can do it again

Don't drag someone along when you have no intentions on keeping them

Love doesn't always make sense

Sometimes you are the problem

Be brave even when it's hard

Never settle in order to make others happy

You can always start over
I've tried to teach myself life, but it has no textbook,
It only has the words of dead men who never heeded themselves.
All things wrote on life only add up to a vague definition, like trying to describe color to the blind.

Tonight, drink after drink, I tore down my maps, and I burned all I wrote.
I tossed out those history books, and I collapsed on the bathroom floor.
Rising, gazing at the reflection in the mirror through sweat-matted hair;
Living had come to deliver its answer.

At that moment, I decided to live;
I'd thrive on the ignorance of men and myself.
I'd learn to unlearn, to accept lies as truth, to be human and gullible.
To exist without existing, pointless, meaningless, narcissistic and cruel.
To be virtuous but be aware of my virtue so that it would be no virtue at all.
To be kind, yet aware of my affection, to be unhappy, yet aware of my sorrow. I chose to learn to contradict myself as living is a contradiction.

I look out over the hectic nighttime streets, full of living entities in various states of self-destruction and triumph.
Totally unaware of myself, I lend my eyes and ears to the city, ready to learn.
Eva Aloezos Nov 2018
Mother Theresa, flying on Keating’s jet

Mother Theresa, finding beauty in the suffering of the impoverished

Mother Theresa, funded by the Duvalier’s

Mother Theresa, seeking out advanced medical treatments....for herself

Mother Theresa, accepter of the nobel peace prize,

all the while chaining the mentally ill to windows.

Mother Theresa, just another evangelical luring money from the pockets of the destitute and gullible
Chris Neilson Nov 2018
He's a manchild
it's in the vulnerability of his eyes
emotional with a low pain threshold
driven by an empathy that never dies

He's an adult boy
sensitive to criticism of any kind
a beautiful immaturity all too real
an inflammatory flawed life set on rewind

He's a grown up infant
needs protection, gullible and prone
needs daily comfort from life's travesties
never more distressed than when all alone

Where will it end with these traits of character?
an assertive struggle with meek and mild
best left to his own devices, after all
He's a manchild
Blueish clear waters.
Pebbles on the bottom.
Green leafy bits to the side.
A castle built for one?
Never caring about their surroundings.
Clam and quiet.
Ever so often blowing bubbles.
Swimming and sleeping.
Taken advantage of for being so oblivious.
Never given the love they deserve.
Unintentionally forgotten.
Takes what they get, lives with it.
Alone in a fishbowl.
Feeding ourselves often.
Loving each other freely.
Wishing to be in an ocean full of gold fishes.
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