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Perry Nov 2018
Why do I take this hit
Of great consequence

Darkest rooms surrounding me
Broken down, palace and dreams

Driving forever the wrong way
Not to mention, pressure's ubiquity

Kerosene fuels this crass plane
No one to siphon the gas away

Mask I wear to hide in the mine
Not knowing it has rendered me blind

Why do I take this hit
Of great consequence
Because no one ever
Explained the difference
Em MacKenzie Feb 1
I listened to all your problems
for years my ear was numb,
I had no input on how to solve them,
but a way out balanced on my thumb.
You inquired of how it felt,
and I was hesitant to describe,
how all troubles seemed to melt
and all the answers were transcribed.

We began with liquid form
as it tends to go down easy,
and for once we were warm,
though our surroundings were freezing.
We grabbed another glass,
and swiped another bottle from the store.
Back and forth our hands would pass,
‘cause that’s what friends are for.

Then I showed you all hues of green,
once it was our favourite colour,
hours spent glued to a T.V screen,
but the image kept growing duller.
It didn’t take us long to grow tired
when you’re always out and burned,
so we searched for a fill to get us wired,
oh all the ways we learned.

Seventeen years we’ve stood together,
starting at a concert’s mosh pit,
we’ve seen seasons change ignoring the weather,
though we sometimes lose touch a bit.
You get the lock and I’ll hit the latch,
together we can go through each door.
If you bring the gas, I’ll strike the match,
‘cause that’s what friends are for.

Finally we discovered nirvana,
the most beautiful of all the sights,
and though you took it to stigmata,
my airways clogged countless days and nights.
Sleep would eventually come peacefully for once,
and until then it was nothing but grins.
We’d converse back and forth with sighs and grunts,
discussing our secret sins.

And while I’ll forever fight that demon,
it seems long ago you stopped trying,
and for the moment I possess my freedom,
cautiously close you are slowly dying.
I didn’t guide you alone but I sure left a mark,
we walked the path together but I picked myself up off the floor.
so I’ll tie your shoes to walk into the dark,
‘cause that’s what friends are for.
I’m not the only one to guide her, but the guilt still eats me alive.
sara Feb 2015
if your mind is a warzone let battle commence,
i will send in my soldiers to fight

if your mind is a warzone the army i lend
will chase the demons from your mind

your mind is a warzone and as soon as i enter
there's no sound to be heard but silence

your mind is a warzone; i stand at the centre
to offer my few words of guidance

your mind is a warzone but i fall to my knees
when i see that you're under attack

your mind is a warzone, from here i can see
a mirage of tears you held back

your mind is a warzone and there in the corner
lies a pile of broken words

when it's one in the same: chaos and order
there are only whispers to be heard

if your mind is a warzone do not try to say
that you must fight this battle alone

because if your mind is a warzone then please do explain
why when i'm in it i feel like i'm home?u
the sacrifices you make for the people you love
Umi Dec 2017
Oh radiance of the sun, do not leave us and go
Illuminate the path and we will turn to guidance
Do not leave us
For darkness, no!
We'll be back

Light up, Oh sun of pride and beauty, with your radiance to provide the growth of the wonderful spring flowers whichs oud and fragrants we enjoy!

And then the night comes to break
We'll look at the horozon and make
A prayer that will take
all the darkness from the night
Make this world bright
Beautiful with the suns might

~ Umi
inspired by an nasheed which was on arabic though
it's my job.
to make it in life
it's my job.
to turn your wrongs into rights,
it's my job,
and I will shoulder your dishonor,
because I am your daughter.
Like a sheep bred for slaughter,
I will always be your daughter.
Walking along,
Stopping to pick the ripened berries
The sweet sour taste entices the senses.

Cars passing quickly
My feet stagger on
Slowly falling into the tempo.
My thoughts wander
My troubles arise.

I reach a split in this mental road
Should I go left?
Should I go right?
Should I just turn around and give up?

I’m at the dead end
Looking over a cliff to the rough water below.
Maybe I should just jump in.
Feel the cold daggers against my skin.

The water draws me in
Welcoming me
Beckoning me.
Telling me to jump.

Should I take this leap into the unknown?
Prepare myself for the worst.
In order appreciate the best.

I need some help,
A lighthouse in the distance
The light giving guidance
Offering peace
Breaking though the night.

Where is my lighthouse?
Is there one?
Or is this the dead end.
Riham Sep 2017
Here we are again reading at the same page
Same eye color
Same habits
Same laugh
Looking similar to each other
He did like my words and
I liked the way he did hold the book
We did avoid eye contact  
We both know what it will happen..
I wanted to Tell him that he
appeared in my dreams last night
That's why I don't look existed to see him after such long time
And I wanted to Tell him that i miss the pure moments that we did share
Baby laugh , angel touch
Talking about our dreams
Under his favorite part about the world "the Rain"
He used to tell me that the rain complete us as much as we complete ourselves ...
But After a year and a half everything has changed
The weather, the people , our laughs , our happiness , our guidance ..
Everything has changed
Everything ...

Jim Musics Jul 2018
We unfurled the Spring cloth above the table
Letting it float down with gentle guidance
Its patterns and colors so like the blossoms out back

Colors will fade over years and hours
Memories of tastes and scents last as long

I was stung near that tree last year  
I'm still mindful of the discomfort and sleeplessness that it brought

This year, we will inspect each branch for hornets' nests
Finding none will lessen my unease, but not all

When peaches are ripe
And we taste the flesh
Mix slices with white wine and ice
I will strive to be sanguine and unfettered
Fully immersed

You will bring me all the way there
about two weeks from now
Kara Jean Jan 2018
The throne she called home
His manipulative love
The legacy devided
Her life as red as wine
Her inner secrets confined
She is a mistaken flaw with no cause
She is the **** in refined
She is undecided  
She is unwanted
The woman with no weakness
Her guidance is useless
She is the devils spawn
Daisy Marrow Nov 2017
I'll give you the sky
if you give me a minute.
Just lay down on the grass
and grow with the flowers.
Learn to love the sun
that you barricade out from your window
because one day you'll get lost in the dark,
and beg for its guidance.
Clean your soul and be in love with your life, every detail.
All I want is to see you smile.
All I want is to be with you and guide you through the winters.
Take all that you know and learn more from there.
All I want is to lay in a field
surrounded by flowers and soak in the rays
and alone we'll be until the night crashes through.
So run with me through this crazy dream of mine
that you and I are the only two left.
Every morning we'll taste the sweet dew
and every night we'll sing the sun to sleep.
Low-Key Jun 2016
Waiting for the train to go or the bus to come
Or for the plane to go or the mail to come

Waiting for the phone to ring
Or for the day we become king

Waiting for it to rain or snow
Or for that river to gurgle and flow

Waiting for the answer yes or no
Or for the day we can visit the places we want to go

Waiting for the day we meet the one
Or for the time we make a home run

Waiting for the good news
Or for the day we don't make  an excuse

Waiting for the light to change from red
Or for the roads that lie  ahead

Waiting for our health to get better
Or for the that acceptance letter

Waiting for  the day we can retire
Or to feel inspired

Waiting for the right guidance to come our way
Or for the day everything will be okay

Waiting for those fights to end
Or for the day we won't have to pretend

Waiting for things to happen , we all have a queue
Or maybe we should stop waiting and just do.
All around the world , people are waiting for something to happen , for that one miracle , stop waiting for your life change , be the change
Kara Jean Feb 2018
I decomposed my head
My eyes smile death
Forgiveness, never read
Choosing complex,
**** is where it lead
My body represents guidance
My mind, violence
I feel no panic, only silence
I bind my heart into the earth,
God is wordless
I am now dirt
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