Andrea Zapiain Jun 2014
drink me up
like bitter medicine
the taste will make you convulse
take my words, mark them
on a calendar
wait for them
to come true

I will not
be shut down
until you see exactly what it is
to be second class
second guessed
second, second
seconds go by
as I wonder why

pretty eyes
make up
all that nonsense
I could still beat you bloody
but I won't
violence is a coward's weapon

I use my intelligence
but you will second guess

Have the nerve to tell me
my words are not valid
because I'm a woman
I'll chew your words
and spit them
in your face
David Bojay Oct 2014
Life's hack's a pill
Fall back for a minute, what's the deal?
Building love in a still
Sharing love on the web instead of showing care in the real
Burning bridges and we build
Overtime I lose the guilt
Can't enjoy if the worries are the bills
Spending time making things better, by the little
MsAmendable Oct 2015
Today, I looked up, And saw
a tiny stain in the shape of a bird
Pressed to my ceiling.
How ironic, I thought
That such a moment of freedom
endlessly trapped,
Is still so free for the bird.
I was looking at videos of black holes and how someone on the edge of one appears to stop moving (like a pause button) to any observers, but to the person it is just a moment passing before they move on. But in that one moment, they will live forever.
PrttyBrd Aug 2015
The if and then
Of now and again
Has waged a war in words
Of joy and pain
The sadness reigns
Though nothing has occurred
To beg and plead
Yet not succeed
Can break the strongest heart
Though they tease
The subtleties
Enhance the miles apart
wordvango Sep 2015
what I needed for seven years
after I broke the mirror was
not electricity, not a word from
my kinfolks, not water or
a dry place to sleep.
Food and cigarettes were
needed but gave way if
they got in the way
of me getting high.
All I needed then was another
imagining I was getting high.
As I peeped through foil curtains
and waited impatiently when
the buzz wore off for the next hit to knock
on my door. I am surprised
now by how I ever made it here,
looking back at how I was
a total mess. How a few good people
saw me as potentially good.
I don't know how they and me made it
Tiffany Apr 2014
His lips were velvet soft and his voice a smooth caress
The words he spoke were so enticing, charged with a magnetic pull
I knew it futile to resist, and gave in to his finesse

I let him take control and he stole me from my bed
He took me to a place, of the likes I’d never seen
And with his arms around me, I listened to the words he said

“Let me take you from this world, into one you never knew
You’ll never want for anything, and your desire will be quenched
Come my sweet innocent, and I’ll prove my words to be true”

So I let him take me away, from this earthly corruption
And I’ve never come back to this day
Who would’ve guessed Death, to be *the master of seduction
Mia Marie Jan 2012
I never would have guessed,
but neither would have you,
that love can somehow make sense
when it comes down to just us two.
shiv Dec 2017
Peal back my skin,
Tear through my ribs.
Find my heart
(Rotting, rotting, rotting)
Inside me after all.
Lure Pot Nov 2017
I am so sorry my friend
I have felt it wasn't good
I feel so sad
Like I'm so bad
It's just a mistake
Forgive me, turn me back
If you smile then I will be glad
I'm sorry for being a disappointment.

I am sorry, really so sorry
I didn't think you wouldn't like it
I erased it, so don't worry
I feel like I'm creepy, take out bulkshit
Promise, I'll never let you be angry.

You didn't forgive me, you still think
You feel like you're not talking to me
Poetry is not going to work
Maybe you guessed I was dark
     I'm just upset, it's not very good
     You know I'm not pretty enough but shy
     I am still hidden, that is probably why.

    I cannot forget about it; you were rude
  Anyway probably I'll think about it later
I cannot forgive myself, sorry forever
Have a look at your smile; it's not nude.
sorry forever probably
Kate Lion Feb 2013
in a room full of peacocks
i am now an ostrich
and i don't know if any of you know how it feels to be a splash of grey in a room full of brilliant blues and greens
it's like being a lonely, pitiful cloud against a blue sky with leafy trim
maybe i have my head in the sand because i don't want to be shallow
but you'd be right if you guessed it's because i actually don't want to be seen when my face looks like this
which is such a cowardly thing to do
(i really shouldn't care)
i read Journey to the Center of the Earth in middle school,
and the only thing i remember is that it was the volcanoes that erupted (like the hives that erupted across my face this past week) that led them to find it-
the heart of life and natural beauty; more breathtaking than the flawless plumage of the peacocks
CapsLock Nov 2014
I should've guessed, I should've known.
If there's a lightning, thunder will come.

That I was a guest, this wasn't my home,
but I was just too afraid to be alone.

Winds might change after tomorrow
and the sea my pain could somehow swallow.

But today there's this mountain of sorrow,
that blocks the sun, and makes me feel hollow.
A digit on the digital
trying to escape the inevitable
they say
is possible
I wait to be convinced.

You must think on this:
time travel will
and happen it did
hid from mere mortals
by Gods.

if it's going to go
it already has.

These things are always this way
like Thursday always comes
on Thursday
I'm not surprised, not anymore
in fact the fact becomes a bore
wish that there was...
....but that wish has been
wished before.

the analog ticks on
unaware its time has
almost gone,
but not quite
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